Introducing the “1/5th Rule” (Another day, another Muslim gang-rape)

Introducing the “1/5th Rule” (Another day, another Muslim gang-rape)
February 5, 2016 Admin


One of the things I have thought over the most in the early days of this new website is the question of rape reporting. With the constant new rape cases coming out across all of Europe, on a daily basis, one could legitimately have an entire website dedicated to nothing else. I have written about the monumental nature of the European rape-crisis at Counter-Currents, and determining the relationship between it and this website has taken up a large part of my thinking.

Muslim rape 4 blonde girl and crowd

The mass rape of young white European girls, many of whom have not hit puberty yet, is one of the most visceral examples of the war against our people. It enrages all of us beyond measure, and is one of the foremost reasons we are so focused on the situation in Europe. Every rape story we hear of causes our blood to boil with anger and our adrenaline to surge, and instills in us an even great fortitude.

However, posting new rape stories every day, as we see on many news websites like Breitbart and RT News, etc, is not the right course for websites such as this. This website is meant to be proactive. It will do us no good to merely wallow in the horror of what is going on in Europe. We must rather think, analyze, organize, coordinate, raise money, and engage in other actions which will have a legitimate impact upon the situation in Europe, and for that reason the intention of will be to keep news of rapes to an appropriate amount of space.

To that end we will attempt to limit ourselves to the aforementioned “1/5th Rule”, in which for every one story on Muslim Gang-Rape we have 4 stories on organization, culture, resistance, and other things that will help our people combat the destruction and war that is being perpetrated against the European people’s.


From Belgium, another story of Muslim Gang-Rape. From RT News:

Belgian police investigating a tip-off about the possible radicalization of a 14-year-old male student have discovered a video implicating him and six others in the gang rape of an unconscious girl. Five of the suspects are Iraqi immigrants.

The video was shot on a phone camera and reportedly shows the assailants laughing, singing and dancing around their victim, who has passed out after drinking too much alcohol. The men pulled the girl’s pants down then groped and raped her, police told the Belgian media.

Muslim Rape 5 blond finnish girl

Police officials in Ostend, Belgium’s largest coastal city, discovered the evidence of the sex crime as they were investigating a 14-year-old student of the Ostend Technical Institute, who had been seen showing his friends a photo of himself wearing military garb and holding a sub-machine gun. The gang rape video was found on the boy’s phone.

Of the seven people arrested in connection with the gang rape, two are Belgium nationals and five are Iraqi immigrants. The oldest suspect is 25 years old.

“She has nothing to complain about. Women must obey men,” one of them reportedly told the police.

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  1. Matt Edge 2 years ago

    In order to protect our women from rape we European men must, collectively, and once and for all slap that offensive feminism smirk off our women’s faces and utterly subjugate them to male authority.

    If White men are too isolated, cowardly, selfish or apathetic to do this, then the Muslims will do it for us turning our feminist harlots into Sabine women and infusing new vigour into their jihad.

    I read your Kindle book and it was excellent. Rather than going to the homosexuality Jack Donovan for a definition on masculinity, I suggest you see the free e book on for a much clearer and elegant treatise on this vital matter.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Matt thanks for the comment and the kind words on the book! I cannot agree with you more regarding your comments on the relationship between feminism and Islam and Europe. There is much to be depressed about but I have also taken comfort in those Swedes we profiled who cleared out central station, and especially in the wording of the pamphlet they passed out, and then secondly, women/girls like Bibbi Wilhailm and Ibin Thranholm starting to call out the European men around them for their spinelessness. I also think the noun isolated you used is also crucial. I am working on an article right now about how we can each proactively respond to the war in Europe on an individual level, but part of that has to be reaching out and building consensus and friendship with other men, both on the net and in person. The Muslims are ahead of us to a large extent because of the strength of their real life male gangsmanship, if that is a word.

      And then I have just logged on to and am checking it out. Will let you know what I think! Please hit the site back up with thoughts/comments/questions/submissions in the future its appreciated tremendously!


  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    White men need to form gangs, which is something Donovan prescribes (if I recall correctly). Biker gangs could be a key model here.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Laguna Beach Fogey glad you chimed in! Yes from my reading of Donovan he does advocate for that, not in the criminal reading of the term gang, but in terms of being more loyal to the fellow members of the gang than to external factors such as countries, etc. Donovan talks a lot about the importance of real life male friendships. I quote him quite a bit in Fistfights. Have you read his articles on the Wolves of Vinland? They are a male honor group/gang in Virginia (and across the country I believe) that modeled their organization on biker gangs, just like you said.

      And then re your last comment the article it prompted me to write is just about done but I will actually be submitting it to another site first, and then whether or not they publish it I will post it here. It is a little broader than your specific question, but to answer what you asked more succinctly I think basically fighting/working with European-preservationist forces would be relatively easy, anyone interested in doing so would just need to pick somewhere in Europe to move to and then find a like minded group of people or a pre-existing group such as the EDL or Britain First, etc to join up with.

      So far we have seen the rise of many more politically oriented groups vis a vis Islamization- Pegida, EDL, etc, but I think 2016 will also see the continued rise of more male-centered “self-defense groups” as well. Another couple posts I want to write soon would deal with the Balkans in the 1990’s and how the formerly unified Yugoslav society fractured into ethnically Balkan-ized 4GW groups, and what that metamorphosis looked like, and then similar analysis of Lebanon, as those are the arenas most similar to modern Europe and thus most applicable socio-politically.

      If you ever have any other thoughts on Europe you want to share or things you would like to see on this site please hit me up. Also if you have twitter please follow/shoot me a message.


  3. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    I look forward to reading the piece. Funny you mention the Balkans. I’ve been toying with creating the European Volunteer Guard (EVG) made up of foreign Whites, based in part on my reading on the Greek Volunteer Guard (ΕΕΦ) in the Balkan wars in the 1990s. I’ve looked at creating EVG insignia, patches, and uniforms. This project of course would face several key challenges, which I won’t go into here. One challenge is making contact with Nationalist forces in Europe and facilitating our arrival in the area.

  4. Matt Edge 2 years ago

    Thank you for your response Julian. I will comment here more.

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