Powerful Video – Zukunft fur Europa

Powerful Video – Zukunft fur Europa
February 13, 2016 Admin

The presence of the below video is credited to Berrocscir’s Blog, where I first found it.

It was made by Identitare Bewegung Deutschland, the German wing of the European Bloc Identitare Movement. The Bloc Identitare is a youth movement in Europe dedicated to European-Preservationism, the transmission of information related to it, and guerrilla-protest and other forms of demonstration aimed at raising awareness of the plight of modern Europe.

They have been forced to endure arrests, as well as accusations of Islamophobia, racism, and Neo-Nazism.

The Lambda is a symbol of the Identitarian Movement in Europe

The Lambda is a symbol of the Identitarian Movement in Europe

Much thanks to Berrocscir’s Blog for bringing the powerful video to our attention.

We recommend the blog itself as well and would direct readers there via the following link: http://berrocscirsblog.blogspot.co.uk/

The description of its content and purpose is found on the home page:

A BLOG WITH A RADICAL NATIONALIST PERSPECTIVE. FOR THE NATION – NOT THE STATE. This blog supports ALL political currents opposed to globalism, neoliberalism, world monoculture and the neocon agenda. This blog advocates autonomous tribal communities, localism, secession, National Anarchism, decentralism, distributism, regionalism, subsidiarity, Traditionalism, agrarianism and green movements. Supportive of the AltRight, Neo-reactionary and Identitarian movements. For frugality – make do and mend!

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