On Self-Overcoming

On Self-Overcoming
May 21, 2016 Admin

On the heels of the recent survey which found that only 2% of young men feel “masculine”, this article is on the subject of “Self-Overcoming”. As the saying goes, women are born women, but males must “become men”. Mere biology is not enough to define one as a “man”, as an entire generation of young men are finding.

But how then does one “become” a man? Hundreds of pages could be devoted to this question, but at the heart of it lies the process of “self-overcoming”. This process was written about by Nietzsche, and can best be exemplified in that most inspiring symbol of masculinity, Teddy Roosevelt. For Roosevelt, who would as President practice Judo in the Oval Office, swim naked in the Potomac on cold fall mornings, and reminisce on battling Spaniards in Cuba until his old age, began his life with a far different disposition. He was born a sickly child, “terrified” of the world and everything beyond his nursery. Roosevelt’s father set him on the right course however, when he challenged young Theodore to embrace his fears instead of hiding from them. Through “pretending not to be afraid”, eventually Roosevelt was able to conquer those fears, and become the great man he longed to be.

This is highly relevant for the situation in Europe, and for modern Europeans. For Europe, as the seat of Western modernity, and of left-wing Negationism and Cultural-Marxism, has created a society, and large numbers of young men, very similar to the young Teddy Roosevelt. Men become men through being tested, but in modernity, real tests and real trials typically lay outside our grasp. The maternal nature of our societies, obsessed with safety and comfort, leaves us weak and afraid, as we are never forced to confront our fears, and discover the heights of bravery contained within our hearts. Furthermore, the political indoctrination of Europe and the modern West forces us to stifle many of our instincts. These include the desire for aggression, the desire for triumph, the desire to protect women, the desire for brotherhood, and the desire to experience danger. With these instincts thus muffled, it is no wonder we find it difficult to act with the fortitude and valor of our ancestors, who explored these drives to their full measure.

So if the journey of “self-overcoming” is a large component of becoming a man, how does it happen? And how might one consciously attempt to chart it? This essay will posit three answers.

The first is to develop a healthy relationship with fear, and learn to test oneself. For if we were to examine a large cross-section of society, and evaluate their life, their success, and their greatness as members of our world, we would find each individual’s relationship with fear at the heart of their standing. Those who never take the courageous step, to woo the girl, to throw the punch, to quit their job, to chase their dream; are the ones whose lives end up as tales of mediocrity and bitterness. But on the contrary, those who embrace their fears, and consciously strive to test themselves- the “men in the arena” as Teddy Roosevelt called them- are the ones who attain greatness.

Such testing can come in a myriad of forms. Everyday events can suffice. Young men might find cliffs to jump off, purposefully get into a fight, ask a beautiful woman on a date, or sail solo across an ocean. They can start a business, climb a mountain, give a public presentation, or any number of other things. It is okay if these choices seem pedestrian. For the act does not matter as much as the fear that such an act provokes within the man. Indeed, for young men especially, even small opportunities for testing oneself are critical. I plan to write a book someday about this subject as it relates to public high schools versus homeschooling. For homeschooled male teens are often, tragically, the most effective object lessons in this subject. Confined at home all day, surrounded only by their parents, they are crucially denied a chance to ever test themselves in a meaningful fashion. As a result they are often sullen, afraid, socially awkward, and depressed. On the opposite end lie those young men who attend public high school. They are not necessarily better off however. As public high school students they have myriad ways to test themselves, but few if any healthy ones. Therefore while in school each day their lives are little different than when they were in kindergarten, at night they dive into the most reckless and self-destructive ways to test themselves, and often this leads them to great trouble, and they end up in rehab or in jail. The middle ground between these two experiences is therefore key. But if that is the case, where might examples of it be found? I will give several examples here:

Teddy Roosevelt as a young man was deathly afraid of large animals like bears. Yet instead of shrinking from this fear, he embraced it and learned big game hunting, eventually killing many of the bears that formerly terrified him.

Pat Tillman, the pro-football player and Army Ranger, built his life around the concept of self-overcoming. Even after becoming a pro football player, he would go on pilgrimages to the woods every summer, and jump across canyons into the canopies of trees, where one small misstep would have plunged him 50 feet down to his death on the rocks below.

Johnathan Gottschall, a contemporary writer and college professor, was increasingly confronted with the existential question of “Am I a coward?”. Yet instead of stewing on it, or rebelling against “outdated models of masculinity” like most of his colleagues, he joined the MMA Gym across the street from his office, and eventually competed in an amateur MMA Fight.

These men also lead us to the next component of self-overcoming I would note, which is the importance of tracking one’s progress. Gottschall took detailed notes of his experience that he would eventually use to write a book on it. Tillman kept exhaustive notes and journals. Roosevelt tracked his progress and his masculine journey in notes and writings throughout his lifetime. The importance of doing this is great, and I take pains to emphasize it. For it is in understanding our power to improve, that we gain true self-confidence. I would encourage men to track everything they possibly can. They should lift weights, and track their progress and personal bests. They should track what they eat, and measure their muscles and their fat. They should track their expenditures, and measure their finances and net worth. Such practices are not vanity, but rather a key component of success and manhood. For once a man knows he can direct his own fate, once he knows that anything he sets his mind to he can improve upon and conquer, then he knows the sky is the limit, and that his dreams are attainable if he works hard enough.

Finally, it seems clear from the studying the lives of such men, and other great men throughout history, that an additional component of the equation is the importance of having a guiding force, or a “why”, behind it all. This force can take multiple forms.

It could be one’s God, as we have seen throughout history. Indeed, the two fastest growing faiths of the last 200 years, Mormonism and Islam, have been spread far and wide precisely because of powerful men motivated by a fierce desire to serve their God. In the modern West however, religion has largely been abandoned, and while I would welcome a reembrace of historical religions in Europe, it seems doubtful that that will be the catalyst that spurs Europe’s men on to battle and victory.

What one views as their ‘mission’, however, can be just as powerful a motivator as one’s God. Teddy Roosevelt is said to have driven himself to such heights of heroism in large part out of shame at his father’s failure to fight in the Civil War. He considered his father “the greatest man [he] ever knew”, but suffered a horrendous inferiority complex his entire life over the fact that his father had sent a replacement to fight in his stead during the war. This was a huge part of the impetus behind Roosevelt’s obsessive drive towards manhood and danger.

In our case, and the case of young men across Europe, a personal “mission” of vast importance looks squarely back in our face. We have our ready-made mission right in front of us: to turn around the suicidal decay of our societies, to topple the corrupt genocidal governments delivering us unto our doom, and to do battle against the Muslim hordes quickly overtaking our lands. This is the most powerful mission, the most powerful driver, towards self-overcoming I can imagine. It is a huge part of what motivates me and give me strength to overcome and persevere. Were this side of the equation not enough however, there is one more big “why” to touch on, which is of arguably of comparable importance.

This is our ancestors. While not a subject ever brought up in modern education, media, or politics, how our actions reflect upon our ancestors and their legacy is a question we absolutely must look at. Throughout all of human history, this question has driven men to great heights. The Macedonians conquered half the known world trying to live up to the mythical deeds of their ancestors. Caesar conquered half the world again trying to live up to the example of Alexander. Our Viking forebears in Northern Europe, some of the toughest and most heroic men who ever lived, engaged in intense ancestor worship that buoyed their sails to foreign shore after foreign shore. As far as I am concerned this is more than enough “why” for us today. Each and every one of us in modern Europe and North America are only here because of countless generations of Europeans that came before us. They built civilizations in some of the most inhospitable places on earth, they fought in countless wars, they tamed fire and beasts and forests and seas, built great fortresses and towers, sailed vast oceans and fought alien tribes, and survived the worst plague in the history of the modern world, all so that we would be here.

With such being the case, it makes even more disgusting those progressive revelers in filth and decadence, wasting their lives in self-hatred, reveling in the bacchanalian excesses of their carpe diem existence. For all the while these civilizations our ancestors fought for disappear, and are subjugated by the same alien invaders they once repelled through great sacrifice.

We, as a civilization, must self-overcome these issues that confront us. That will start with each and every one of us doing it individually however. Such a task is, doubtless, of vast measure. However, our ancestors have left us detailed maps and models. If we as European men follow these examples set down for us, we can rise up, inject glory and valor back into our people’s hearts, retake our lands, and leave a legacy worthy of our people’s history. Therefore, within that framework, every act of self-overcoming that every European man engages in, is another drumbeat toward victory.

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  1. Troy Vilhelmsson 1 year ago

    You are fundamentally incorrect to put-down homeschooling. The homeschooled child who is “confined at home all day, surrounded only by his parents” is a BADLY homeschooled child, and most definitely the exception. The fact is, public, state schooling is destroying our children, and the main reason our boys have no strong male role-models to look up to is partly due to the public school system (it’s also to do with the prevalence of weak, effeminate fathers, but that’s another story). Today, sending your child to a typical public school in Europe is tantamount to child abuse.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Oh public school is a terrible, terrible evil… in both the US and modern Europe. And then re: homeschooling you are absolutely correct, the kind of homeschooling I referenced is very bad homeschooling. I have huge highly detailed thoughts on all this but for the purpose of the article I just sort of skimmed over it since that wasn’t the articles focus. I am negative on public schools all the way, on homeschooling I would say I am neutral, because while most homeschooling in America unfortunately fits the above quote (I do not know how it is in Europe), there are also great homeschoolers out there, and secondly you could say it is the only real option left to parents. I also like the idea of Waldorf and Montesorri schools.

      I think the perfect medium is some soft of independent homeschooling type set up, but one in which the kids DO get tested (as per the article), and in a myriad of ways. Honestly for young to middle age children I think the best thing one could come up with would be for 1-2 mentors/teachers to just take a group of them out into nature every day, and through experiential learning build their knowledge/spirit/real life skills/thumos/love of learning/masculinity/etc/etc/etc. In all reality if you instill personal discipline and a love of learning in a child, then with a basic foundation of reading/writing/math should be able to learn everything else through autodidacticism and passion, and go on to reach whatever heights they set their mind to.

      This is an area I am absolutely fascinated by and would love any more thoughts you have on it!

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    It’s a constant conflict, a personal Kampf. This war is our purpose in life.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      I agree completely Laguna Beach. These are teh days that will be written about in the history books, and I do believe we were put here to protect our people.

  3. Matt Edge 1 year ago

    White men have no loyalty to one another, and any solidarity they may enjoy is purely of the circumstantial sort. They are on the same wrestling team, same fraternity, support the same sports teams etc… But the second these circumstances expire then so does the solidarity.

    It’s pathetic really, no one has your back, “you’re on your own, it’s a cruel world, up by your boot straps, only the strongest survive, back in my day” etc etc…

    The blue pilled and delusional see this individualism as some sort of strength. But in the real world of third world immigration, ethic networking, religious fanaticism, and foreign rape gangs this individualism is a contemptible weakness fully deserving of the eradication coming its way.

    Something aggravating this problem to the nth degree is feminism. Feminism pits men against each other as we go into a hostile world of alpha studs vs beta cucks–and the message is clear to the majority of men: you’re not good enough, you’ll never get a hot girl, just settle for some fat, blue-haired, tattooed SJW bitch.

    Patriarchal societies do not have this problem, as the women are controlled and the sexual act is redirected into monogamy. Competing isn’t so necessary when you are almost guaranteed a wife, the women follow civilized codes of conduct, and your fellow man ceases to be an enemy.

    Only then can the men turn to greater tasks such as fighting for group survival, building communities, and establishing culture.

    The keystone to building this is dominating the woman. Do not let the Western whore go free in her insolence. We must resurrect a brutal patriarchy to punish the whores and bring order back to our men.

    Short of the Jewish question, the feminism question is the next thing that provokes the most visceral reaction from our enemies. This is where they hurt the most. This is where we must aim if we’re talking about self-improvement.

    All other self improvement is masturbation compared to the task of repossessing our wayward women.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      I agree completely about the feminism thing Michael. That is one of the areas I am most optimistic about though. If you look at all of human history, feminism (either the modern ideology or maternalism and de-genderization in society in general) is nothing but a cosmic joke that has crept into societies for a few decades or a century or two for a total of maybe .1% of all of our species history.

      Feminism only pops up in societies where the prospect or risk of physical harm has been drastically and artificially diminished, such as the modern West, imperial Rome to some extent, and certain Polynesian Islands during periods of peace, etc. Feminism cannot survive the real world. It dissapears as soon as the prospect of physical harm arises. As various modern/Western countries move past these atypical periods of peace and economic prosperity that have resulted as a result of very rare demographic and economic happenings, feminism will die away as people have to re-confront what it means to live and survive in this world (which requires separate gender roles among other things).

      I am not sure if you would agree with me, but I really don’t see it as being ‘radical’ on either end, in terms of men dominating women or feminism dominating men. I grew up around tons of Amish and Mennonite families who live exactly as our ancestors lived for centuries, and I think it was pretty darn natural and peaceful and beautiful really. The women are treated very well, loved, protected, and even sometimes work in various stores or help with farm work, etc. But everything is traditional, the community is patriarchal, and the gender roles are the same as throughout most of history, where the men work, plan, build, lead, and the women nurture, clean, cook, have children, etc. The men live (to a certain extent) by the masculine tactical virtues of strength, honor, courage, and mastery (although granted a little less so you could argue because of the whole pacifism thing… I am not trying to glorify Mennonites, just compare them favorably to SJW’s and Swedism), and the women live by the feminine virtues of beauty, nurturing, and studiousness (self-control). It is exactly how all of Northern Europe used to be before they went crazy (along with the rest of the Occident).

  4. Michael 1 year ago

    It is without doubt that Western men will have to fight there fear when the invaders rise to take charge of our lands and possessions. When that day comes we will have the choice to fight or die, no alternative is worth considering. We have a short time to plan our approach and prepare for the event. Our ancestors had similar conflicts to face and the very same choice. It will soon be our time to face the challenge

    • Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

      I was just talking about this with my gf this morning. We both noticed how many foreigners there seem to be, and how so many of them look and act suspicious, and how we would take them out if there were race riots. One of the many drawbacks of multiculturalism is that we now have to be on our guard and ready to strike 24/7.

      I’m off to the gym now to train.

  5. Author
    Admin 1 year ago

    Good for you Laguna Beach. Are you doing any weapons training yet? I am still planning on starting it.

    • Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

      With handguns, yes. I go to a local range to practice and blow off steam.

  6. SteveRogers42 8 months ago

    I think you are right about the general product of home-schooling. The kids I’ve seen (at church) are very advanced intellectually – tending toward the pedantic – and scrupulously polite, but they are timid and socially awkward and seem to lack basic vigor or “life force”. IMHO, the solution to this problem is serious involvement in competitive sports. Probably the most famous home-schooler is Tim Tebow, and looking at his bio might provide some answers.

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Yep. Distinct lack of thumos.

      I sort of had all three experiences: public school as a social nightmare with no friends being teased, public school with tons of friends and very popular and artificially emotionally stimuatling as a result, and finally home schooling. I think all three were bad lol. We need some totally different alternatives for our youth, but I think we will get there with them.

      I actually think the new ‘sharing’ economy may totally transform education too. It will be like the ‘uberization’ of school where we end up with more home-school/group school hybrids. Going to write about it sometime (its on my list!).

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