Report Shows Windfall Profits In Swedish ‘Refugee Industry’ As Country Deteriorates

Report Shows Windfall Profits In Swedish ‘Refugee Industry’ As Country Deteriorates
October 4, 2016 Admin

We talk alot about the insane religion of Progressivism/European Self-hatred that is propelling Europe’s descent into darkness. This is a well-deserved focus, for without this horrific ideology I do not believe the same evils would be befalling the land.

What deserves equal notice though is the financial side of the ‘refugee crisis’, and the base corruption and evil that contributes to it.

Additional light on that side of the equation has arisen in an unlikely place this week, as Aftonbladet, the most insanely Left-wing publication in the entire insane asylum that is modern Sweden, has released a leaked or semi-leaked report detailing the obscene profits of social services companies involved in the ‘refugee crisis’.

Their interest in releasing it was probably the inverse of ours: to shame those involved from profiting over something that is ‘humanitarian’. To us, the report is relevant for different reasons though, as it obviously confirms something all of us have taken for granted: that multinational companies, along with traitorous native Europeans and foreign businessmen, have contributed to the scale of the ‘migrant crisis’ based on the profits they are generating from it.

I don’t mind people making money of course. I am a small-businessman and a capitalist myself. I believe in such a system, as long as it is small-scale bourgeois capitalism and not globalist multinational-corporatism.

I know firsthand the interplay between social services and capitalism however, because before I left the wage-slave world I spent a couple years running a medium-sized mental health provider. The services we provided were entirely funded by Medicaid. We had to be able to provide those services at a profit, but presuming that was accomplished, the only way to make more money was to spend more taxpayer dollars.

As a manager and later regional manager, and as someone who was ambitious to build my role within the company and help it (and my salary) grow, the way I went about that was getting more people into services, so that we could bill Medicaid for more taxpayer money. Now, in that very specific situation I feel that we also did a lot of good, but it was a perfect object lesson in how government expenditures rise over time as the companies contracted to provide government services grow their businesses larger and larger.


In Sweden, already a basket case country which has been overtaken by an extreme and dangerous religion (Fundamentalist Progressivism/Cultural-Marxism) this same process has obviously gone far out of control. Indeed, as the leaked reports show, these social services companies in Sweden are making profit margins that are in the stratosphere.

Fria Tider reports on it thus:

The Social Democratic tabloid got hold of a report by the red-green government, which was presented in March this year. In the list of the profit margins welfare companies have their asylum activities.

Several of the companies had in 2013 and 2014 really good margins of up to, and in some cases over 50 percent. The record was struck by Defakon Renting Company Limited which, according to the figures reported Aftonbladet had a margin of incredible 2,000 per cent in 2014.

The reason that companies earn so much money is the high daily cost per asylum seeker. The price ceiling is 350 per asylum seeker and day, which many companies strive to be on.

An asylum facility that Bert Karlsson Hanöhus in Blekinge, with room for 350 asylum seekers, can thus pull in nearly 45 million every year. Last year, Karlsson was aiming at a turnover of one billion total for all of their asylum accommodation and a profit of between 60 and 80 million.

The idea of a company like this earning 2000% profits in a year is so beyond the scope of reality its just perverse. That is the kind of thing that happens in Banana Republics in Africa, not in modern economies in Europe.

As we also see, there seem to be shady tax loopholes in effect as well:

Several of asylum companies use tax money to cover deficits in other activities. Bert Karlsson Jokarjo AB is one of those who funneled money into a loss-playground and adventure golf course. Other companies, like Attendo, are also able to use the profits elsewhere in the business.

Beyond that, it seems that the previously-alluded to foreign business interests and immigrant class are heavily involved:

Civilian Minister Ardalan Shekarabi tells Aftonbladet that he is critical of the tax billion used in this way.

– Here in this investigation, we see the tax money, unfortunately, is not used to it as they are meant for, he says.

It is far from the first time Shekarabi is in trouble in connection with the tax money ends up on the wrong track. In 2005, when he was chairman of the Social Democratic youth organization SSU, he was forced to resign after he was accused of embezzling money.

The conclusions we must reach seem simple to me, and match what I presented at the beginning of this post: traitorous Left-wing politicians, of whose sort we know very well, are colluding with multinational-companies and immigrant businessmen to get rich importing millions of Muslim immigrants into Sweden.

I don’t find this discouraging necessarily. As I said before, its evocative of things we see in places like Mozambique, Suriname, Haiti, or Lagos. That suggests Sweden is just getting closer to all-out collapse. As soon as that happens, I like to believe that Swedes will rise up and start fighting back. That may be naive, and it is of course possible Sweden limps along for another twenty years without full-scale anarchy erupting, but I still think this is the most plausible future scenario.

Editor’s Note: Any thoughts on this? Do you think this points to quicker destabilization or prolonged government ethnicide? As we can see in the below video, courtesy of Nxx and the excellent, some of the Swede’s southern cousins are beginning to awaken. Let us hope such scenes only grow.

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  1. Dashui 10 months ago

    Everyone needs to check out the “PeterSweden” feed on twitter.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Dashui- thanks for the tip! I checked it out- seems like a pretty cool dude. I don’t have a twitter account so I could only see his tweets. One of the times I went on it it seemed like he was tracking all the Muslim violence/terror type incidents too. Still debating restarting Twitter!

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