2016 End Of Year Update

2016 End Of Year Update
January 1, 2017 Admin

Today marks the end of 2016. This has been one thrilling year for all of us Preservationists, and much has been accomplished in it.

I have spoken about what 2016 has meant for our movement, and what the future might bring over the next 12 months, but also wanted to make a point to post a personal update regarding this site, and my own writings.


Europeancivilwar.com started on January 25th, 2016, and thus today also marks the end of its first year.

Since its inception we have published 241 posts, with an accompanying 2,053 comments.

Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity
also came out on January 25th, 2016. My initial goal/hope/dream had been to sell 1,000 copies, and I can happily report it hit that milestone earlier this year and has only kept going up from there. I have kept it at .99$ this whole time because my primary purpose with it is raising awareness, not making money, but even accounting for this low cost the total saves are far more than the average ebook sells in a year, as well as the average commercially published non-fiction book. (Editor’s Note: I have raised the price since this post was published.)

We also came out with a soft cover version of it finally, and it is my goal in 2017 to produce an audio version as well.

I- Julian Langness- also had 8 articles published on Counter Currents, and got to speak at the Northwest Forum in Seattle. Huge thanks to Greg Johnson for both of these honors. I was also interviewed on several podcasts (see below), and had my book reviewed on a variety of sites.


I am immensely grateful to be able to write about the situation in Europe, and attempt to raise awareness and build momentum for resistance and reconquest.

I am also immensely grateful for the support and readership and brotherhood of all those individuals who regularly read this site and share their thoughts. I consider you all brothers in arms and am humbled to get the chance to observe, analyze, and strategize with you. I look forward to the day when we live and work together in a post-Reconquest European homeland (as well all the struggles that will precede that day!).


I of course have many goals for the next year. They include:

Publish next book

I am working now on my next political book which I posted about here. I am dedicating as much time to it as I can, and hope to publish it by next summer.

Keep writing about Europe

I plan on continuing to write on the situation in Europe of course, and hope to regularly submit articles to Counter-Currents and Traditional Right on it and other political issues. Mostly I will be posting articles, news stories, analyses, and other things on Europeancivilwar.com. I think my posts on ECW have improved over the course of the year, mostly in terms of my ability to use the medium to make things readable and aesthetically pleasing, etc.

I also plan on continuing to interview important writers, organizers, and leaders within our movement. This massive collection of talent and its significance is one of the main themes within my next book, and cataloguing this significance is something I feel compelled to do even if the interviews don’t always perfectly line up with the site’s focus on the conflict in Europe (although usually they do).


I plan on continuing to prepare myself physically, mentally, and spiritually for the struggle our people will face over the next 15 years. While we and I get criticized for focusing on ‘the coming war’ and all that kind of stuff, I feel our outlook is entirely logical:

1. Anyone who is sober realizes massive conflict and anarchy is coming to Europe (whether ‘civil war’ or otherwise)
2. To not go to Europe and attempt to do one’s part would be cowardice at best
3. Therefore one should ensure that he is as prepared as possible for the myriad scenarios that helping our people in Europe through that crisis could entail. As George Soros himself just said this week: “Western Europe is going to be going through a period similar to what the Soviet Union did in the early 1990’s”. If that is the case, it certainly justifies preparation.

To that end, I will work towards achieving my goals of:

A. Running a 7.5 minute mile (basically the equivalent to Army Ranger minimum (they require a 15 minute two miles), I am at ten minutes right now)
B. Doing 85 pushups in two minutes (this is the Ranger recommended amount, their minimum is 55, I am at 65).
C. A 20 inch neck and 19 inch arms (I am currently at a 19 inch neck and 17.5 inch arms)
D. Proficiency in self-defense
E. Proficiency in public speaking (I think I am a decent public speaker now but getting really good as one is something I am going to be working on for a variety of personal and political reasons)

In Conclusion

If the aforementioned Soros article (which we recently analyzed) is any indication, 2017 may be an important and fluid year. I look forward to analyzing and following it with all of you reading this, and long for the day when we can avenge the evils that have been perpetrated upon our people, and create new societies that will honor our ancestors and descendants for many centuries to come.

Happy New Year brothers!





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  1. VivatEuropa 12 months ago

    One of the bright spots of 2016 for me was the appearance on the scene of a bright , knowledgeable, articulate, courageous young man named Julian Langness, who shares my love of, my absolute passion for, Europe, and, as it necessarily follows, its survival and flourishing. How much poorer the world would be without Europe and its legacy is incalculable.

    In 2016 I think we came to fully realize something we already knew, but was “in the backs of our minds.” We had regarded terms like “racist” as hollow and meaningless. Their overuse and abuse had rendered them so. “Define that term for us,” we thought. “What does it mean, exactly? Everybody seems to have his own convenient definition of it.’ Ah, but it’s NOT really without meaning, not by a long shot.

    It means a “white” (European) who is not a suicidalist who welcomes and encourages the displacement and eventual extinction of his own people “as a moral imperative,” as they (“moderns”) would say nowadays. THIS is the agenda of the left, NOTHING LESS. Those fainting over Trump’s accession to the presidency, for example. The agenda has been a little bit derailed. The majority, who happen to be white, asserted their own interests for once. Their existence had to be acknowledged once again. (“Ooh, what a nauseating development, I think I’m going to faint! “) The agenda of the left is ANTI-…. America, Europe, Western civilization, have to go, have to be dismantled, torn down. The most outrageous is the idea that Europeans IN THEIR HOMELAND, EUROPE, have be snuffed out. It’s “racist” and brutally oppressive for whites and their civilization to exist.

    And none but a society that has lost its marbles would ever take them seriously.

    Happy New Year, comrades! May 2017 be an even more momentous year.

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Thank you for the kind words VivatEuropa, they are very meaningful to me.

      Your final line is certainly accurate- already in this first week of 2017 the violence in Europe is legion, and heralds the arrival of war. The suffering of our people professes the truths that caused Brexit and Trump’s victory. It is interesting though that despite Trump now occupying the presidency, his views on borders and the need to protect western civilization, and all those other areas we share beliefs within him on are still considered fringe positions.

      I believe you are right that 2017 will be even more momentous and I hope by its end those positions will ring true with an ever greater subset of our people!

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Mr. Hyatt- much thanks for the link. Is that your first post on the website? How did you stumble across it?

      I think the article speaks to an interesting truth, which is that eventually Merkel and other leaders like her will crumble under the very civilizational divide they have wrought. On the ‘left’, radical Islamists will become more and more emboldened and powerful as a result of what she has wrought (by the power she gave them basically) and begin to demand rulership themselves. While on the right, those forces of ‘reaction’ as she would call them- who wish to preserve Germany, will also be rising up. She will end up in the middle as the two vast tidal waves wash over her.

  2. Nxx 12 months ago

    2016 marks the turning of the tide. It turned because JL and the rest of the Alt Right infowar brigades kept fighting even as all hope was lost.

    Now that hope is rekindled we must resolve to fight even harder. May our righteous fury well forth and thrust us into the breach.

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Beautifully said Nxx. I suspect that you were as responsible for the turning as the tide as any though, and that your anonymity hides great deeds this important year.

  3. Philip 12 months ago

    May I endorse everything that was said by ‘VIvatEurope.’

    It came as a surprise to read that this site only started on 25th January 2016. I came across it during the last quarter but cannot remember how, I had assumed it had been running much longer. You have achieved much in year one Julian and that bodes well for year two. The year 2016 was a game changer and I expect the ‘surprises’ to keep coming in 2017.

    To all identitarians I wish a Happy New Year.

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Thank you much Phillip. It was certainly a manifestation of ideas and obsessions and malice that had been percolating in my brain for many years previous.

      2017 shall indeed be full of surprises I believe!

  4. Rick 12 months ago

    Great update Julian, I’ll also endorse everything that was said by ‘VIvatEurope.’
    I’d like to get your opinion on a couple of things as well if I could.
    1) What do you think of Martial Arts Training centers/dojos as a form of outreach? I think you might agree with me that a major problem we have is a societal mindset to fear confrontation and avoid aggressive people. Rather than starting with organizations that are political in nature I wonder if it would be just as good to start with an organization that builds confidence, skill and discipline with grade exposure to “Red Pill Philosophy”
    2) Which of the Alt or Identitarian media do you think is really leading the way in terms of reach and organization? Red Ice Radio, Fash The Nation etc…

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Hello there Rick- great questions, they have got the wheels turning in my brain this early morning lol.

      I think you are right that outreach through MMA/Martial Arts centers would be highly effective. I am sure we both feel that anything like this would be great, be it martial arts or anything other such groups, but that martial arts is extra-appropriate, for the reasons you outlined.

      I think it just comes down to having that logistical base and the manpower and funds to do it on an organized basis. I have an interview coming out with one of the guys from Western Spring in the UK in which he talks about that. Their organization seems to have a well-thought out take on such things, and they have had some success sponsoring or co-hosting youth training events (almost like summer camps seamingly) in the UK in which young men (and perhaps women) learn self-defense and related skills.

      As far as Identitarian/Preservationist alternative media, I often think of it in terms of ‘replacing’ various mainstream sources, so in that regard I think Red Ice Radio is almost becoming an ‘Identitarian’ Fox News, while I think of the DS as almost like CNN for Occidentals, just in that it is constantly being updated and is up to the minute news (although obviously in article form not video). I don’t think this means that our media needs to just copy mainstream examples, quite the contrary actually, but just that they are trying to steal that ‘space’ in the 3D news/metapolitics environment.

      One thing I find highly exciting is TRS’s real life groups that now exist. In the part of the U.S. I live in they seem to have very healthy real-life groups that are doing campouts, dinners, all sorts of stuff. I make mention of it in my next book I am writing, but when I went to the Northwest Forum and met these 60-100 other Identitarians it was a very affecting experience. I would say about half were from these real life TRS groups, and were highly impressive individuals. As a long term Mormon-lover, I found that the people I met seemed to also possess so many of those things I have always liked about Mormons- their welcoming attitudes, their decency, their goodness, morality, sense of fun, the primacy of natalism and reproduction, etc. It truly felt like ‘coming home’, and I believe all of the people there probably felt the same.

      I think all these various forms of alternative media and content creation will only take on added importance over the next few years. May write article about it soon but ‘meme warfare’ seems to increasingly be on the radar even of nation states, etc.

        • Author
          Admin 12 months ago

          Hey Dashui great link! Read it in full plus a number of other articles I found on the site. Had never heard of it before.

          Anything else interesting you are reading nowadays?

          Still getting through Turchin, finding some good ideas and quotes for next book.

          Just listened to the below author interviewed on Sean Hannity. Seemed to be talking not just about cyber warfare/hacking type stuff but also information warfare and what we would call metapolitical warfare. Interesting stuff. I guess the mainstream has recognized that the dankness of certain memes can be a prized military asset. Perhaps we can all get jobs in Trump’s D.O.D.!

  5. Moggy 12 months ago

    It will come to a lot more than fist fights.

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      I am sure such fistfights will pale in comparison to what is to come sadly… wish it could have been different…

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