4GW Lynchings in Mexico Shed Light On Europe’s Future

4GW Lynchings in Mexico Shed Light On Europe’s Future
January 24, 2016 Admin

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From Mexico comes this story of two employees from a private research company who were, apparently, mistaken for kidnappers and burned alive.


The incident took place in Ajalpan, in the south-eastern state of Puebla. The two employees, who incidentally were brothers, were in the area studying the tortilla consumption habits of families with children, when a rumor spread through the village that they were kidnapping children.

After police sequestered them in a small room, townspeople began ringing the church bells, before a mob proceeded to tear them out, douse them with petrol, and set them on fire.

As the government of Mexico has continued to lose legitimacy over the last decade, and its war with narco-gangs progressed, such vigilantism has gathered steam.

There were 78 lynchings in Mexico last year, a staggering example of increasing 4th Generation Warfare (4GW) in a nation whose government has lost the trust of much of its people.

This is relevant in a discussion of Europe because Mexico is an example of where many European countries will likely be in the near future.

Less than a decade ago, such phenomena were rare if not unheard of in Mexico, but as the drug wars ratcheted up, and government impotence and corruption were increasingly regarded as the norm, citizens began to give up on the state for protection. Since then we have seen the formation of large scale community self-defense groups, who have armed themselves to resist the violence of the drug gangs, as well as the lynchings and burnings discussed in the above article.

We see this same loss of government legitimacy in Europe every day. We see it in Cologne in the police cover-up of the massive New Years Eve Muslim-perpetrated sexual assaults, and we see it across the rest of Western Europe as well. In Sweden, it has emerged that the police and the media were involved in a cover-up of mass sexual assaults at a concert festival in 2015, in which large numbers of Swedish girls- 14 of whom were under the age of 15- were sexually assaulted by Afghan men.1

Already the first rumblings of vigilantism are appearing, as they should. In Rotherham, where 1400 white British girls, many of them pre-pubescent, were gang-raped and in many cases tortured by Pakistani men, the Britain First organization has begun enacting patrols and demonstrations. In Finland, the group Odin’s Warriors is serving a parallel purpose.

What makes the potential for 4GW violence in Europe so much worse than in Mexico however, is the very fact of multiculturalism. In Mexico such 4GW violence is gang-based, or otherwise intertwined with criminality. In Europe by contrast, it is based on ethnic and religious divides. We have seen the end result of such divides in places like Lebanon and the former Yugoslavia, and know the horror that comes with such societal Balkanization.

With spring and summer fast approaching, and the season of mass migration soon to be upon Europe again, we can predict with surety that such violence will only be escalating.

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