“6.6 Million Migrant’s Poised To Cross Mediterranean And Enter Europe”

“6.6 Million Migrant’s Poised To Cross Mediterranean And Enter Europe”
May 25, 2017 Admin

Die Welt has a new article claiming that a confidential German government report states that 6.6 million ‘migrants’ are in North Africa and the Balkans getting ready to travel to Europe.

The Google translate version is below:

The number of refugees striving for Europe has grown significantly in the countries south and east of the Mediterranean since the beginning of the year. The Bild, which contains the paper, is a document classified as “Confidential” (“VS-NfD”) by the German security authorities.

According to this report, up to 6.6 million refugees are waiting for their journey to the North African, Jordan and Turkey regions (as of the end of April 2017).At the end of January, it was only 5.95 million, an increase of almost twelve per cent up to the end of April.

According to information from the newspaper, 76,000 refugees are found on the Balkans route (January 2017: 78,000), 62.500 of them in Greece alone. Italy is the most affected by the boat landings of the refugees on the Mediterranean route.

By the end of April 2017, some 37,300 refugees had arrived there (2015: 181,500). According to the newspaper, 55 percent come from Nigeria, Bangladesh, Guinea, the Ivory Coast and the Gambia.

The CDU wants to make “picture” information as a reaction to the development with the fight against the causes of the election. In the draft of the security policy part of the 2017 election program (title: “Safe and free living in Germany”), the party wants to agree more deals “on the model of the Turkey Agreement” – especially with North Africa.

People who are “rescued from drowning boats from drowning boats” should be brought back to the coast, where they will be provided with the countries.


The translation is a little choppy obviously, and perhaps one of our German readers can look at the original and shed some light, but it seems to suggest some parts of the ruling CDU party are hesitant about letting in 6.6 million more Muslims. Not because of mass-rape and terrorism of course, but because it might hurt them in the voting booth.

One really does get the impression though that the powers that be in Brussels and Berlin basically have these migrants almost set up like a water tap. They can loosen it a little bit and allow a few hundred thousand in, then tighten it a bit if political pressure grows. Then once they think things have become normalized they can go wild and let a mad dash of several million come across.


Utter Insanity

These are truly the most momentous and disastrous events in all of Europe’s history.

In the future they will look back on this with complete and utter disbelief.

Merkel and the other childless sociopaths ruling modern Europe must be stopped.

Hopefully the European economies will collapse soon and allow a window of opportunity to form.




Finally, one of our esteemed readers has created an excellent Youtube channel. Below is its first video. I think it provides an inspiring reminder of how our ancestors would have viewed these developments.



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  1. dashui 8 months ago

    You ever read Camp of the Saints?

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      I haven’t actually read it but am very familiar with it. Seems it was more Indians in the book but same difference really. Have you read it?

      • dashui 8 months ago

        Yes, it’s an amazing book. It’s actually a dark comedy.

  2. jrackell 8 months ago

    Sorry to nitpick. The Balkans is Europe!?

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Oh did I make it sound like it wasn’t? lol

      If we’re only talking Albania/Kosovo it practically isn’t 🙂

  3. SteveRogers42 8 months ago

    Well, it’s understandably inevitable. I mean, the poor Euros only have this to try to stem the tide of leaky rowboats and rusty freighters:




    With only four aircraft carriers and a couple dozen submarines between them, you really can’t expect France/Spain/Italy to accomplish too much…

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Excellent post from AnonCon as always. Appreciate you linking to it Steve.

      I agree that there are probably some percentage of EU leaders who are just utterly naive and brainwashed and stupid, but that there are other ones who know exactly what they are doing and are just evil, heartless individuals.

      If only Enoch Powell had survived to see the truth in his words… it is beyond tragic knowing that he advised Britain to end immigration and begin repatriations and that that could have been done had the country saved rather than destroyed.

  4. SteveRogers42 6 months ago

    The term “GI” is accumulating a new and equally=honorable meaning in the new millenium:


    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Beautiful. I don’t see how any rational person can read that article and not see the logic in the Identitarian’t thinking. At least people with any real perspective on what’s going on. I think the European Identitarians are hitting just the right “sweet spot” from a culture war/overton window perspective. Brilliant.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Yep. Beautiful chart. I am very glad whoever made that did so as I have seen it popping around in a variety of places (including normie sites).

      That fella deserves a trophy if we could find out who he is.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Hungarian Jewish boy escapes Holocaust due to British and other allies invading Europe, sacrificing untold lives.

      Rootless young cosmopolitan man goes to America, travels world, earns and is given millions of dollars by brethren.

      Rootless, cosmopolitan investor makes billions shorting the British Pound Sterling, breaking the bank of England.

      Billionaire globalist oligarch uses said billions to launch invasion of England and other European countries by unending swarm of African and Middle-Eastern invaders.

      Billioanire globalist oligarch succeeds in destroying England, France, etc, etc, etc.

      Quite a strange, tragic story….

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