A New ‘On The Ground Update’ From Germany (Wherefore Goes Germany?)

A New ‘On The Ground Update’ From Germany (Wherefore Goes Germany?)
January 11, 2017 Admin

Last summer, we published a piece here on europeancivilwar.com called “An Exit Strategy For Traitors (views on the ground from Germany)“. It was a re-posting of an article that appeared on Club Orlov by the same name, written by one “Alex” (a pseudonym, as the author feared reprisal if he used his own name).

The anonymous update was very interesting, and provoked a good amount of discussion on this site (as well as on Club Orlov). Today- as we were alerted by the esteemed Dashui- Club Orlov published an update from “Alex” ten months on that I am pasting below. I have added links and underlined what I feel to be the most important parts.

It is equally interesting, and I encourage everyone to check it out in full. It also provoked some very interesting comments on his site. Club Orlov seems to be the rare site that attracts a political continuum, or at least an audience with varying views and knowledge about the situation in Europe. As a result the responses to these ‘red-pills’ Orlov has now twice published show the scope or progression of awareness that exists regarding the situation in Europe.

The original update from “Alex” was published on this website with Mr. Orlov’s express permission, and I am going to assume* his blessing for us to republish this update.

Here it is below. I would love get people’s feedback on it, as it attempts to answer many of the questions regularly analyzed on this site.




Wherefore Goes Germany?

About a year ago, in of a mood of despair and a sense of looming danger, I wrote an article, which Dmitry was kind enough to publish on his blog, titled Exit Strategy for Traitors. This article is an update. Nothing has changed fundamentally, but a lot has happened, and the situation has improved in just one single respect.

The daily influx of migrants heading for Germany through Turkey and the Balkans has dropped off significantly and the pressure on Germany has became manageable again, giving us some breathing space and making any sort of immediate civil war very unlikely. But we are still experiencing a steady deterioration in our security and our mood. The nation formerly known as Germany is dissolving before our eyes and being replaced with a half-assed dictatorship. The mixed bag of euphoria and shock of 2015 has turned into vicious trench warfare between the leftists, the ignorant and the rest.

Broken Borders

The borders of the EU remain wide open for any freeloader, criminal or terrorist who is halfway ambitious, and the numbers of the incoming are now at record levels for the sea route.

Frontex still picks up “refugees” by the thousands close to the African coast and brings them to Europe—the diametrical opposite of their original mission. People-smuggling is now happening on an industrial scale but is not paid for by the people being smuggled. Gone are the times of simple wooden floating coffins packed with dead migrants. Now well-equipped operatives now make sure that the invaders reach their destination. I wonder if any so-called “tragedy” with drowned migrants ever really happened. Remember those professional-quality photos of capsizing boats? What a nice coincidence that was—a disaster at sea and a photo op all in one!

In Spain, invaders violently storm the fortified borders by the thousands, yet no one does what once was a commonsense tactic in defending a border: shoot into the air, then take aim and open fire.

Deportations—once the proper procedure for those who manage to get through illegally—simply fail to take place. A short while ago, with major mass media fanfare, 50 Afghans were about to be deported by airplane. Leftist groups protested viciously. Only 35 got deported, the rest crawled back into the woodwork. Some of those who had been flown to Afghanistan immediately announced their intention to storm their way back into Germany. As this “mass deportation” exercise was running its course, some 3,000 new invaders landed in Italy; about 350,000 for all of 2016. Is there still any need to explain these are no refugees and that this is a deliberate, organized operation? The EU could end it within hours, but the standing orders say otherwise, because those in charge want them in.


There have been many more robberies, violent attacks, sexual assaults and murders to keep track of in 2016. A very small fraction of them is still being reported by the Refugee Crime Map. According to a recent official BKA report, the invaders are committing an average of 800 crimes a day. The counterintelligence operation, Hoax Map, did not last very long, quickly becoming overwhelmed by this reality.

No-go zones occupied by the invaders, where the authorities fear to tread, are spreading in Germany, but compared to France, Britain or Sweden the situation in most German cities is still far better. Nevertheless, over and over again people go to the police are told that their reports would not even be taken, or that women should just dye their hair dark or stay home at night. In other words, the authorities are unwilling and unable to help us. We are warned not to resort to vigilantism, but we are not informed of our right to self-defense. Days after the terror attack in Berlin the EU ratified a new law to disarm everyone in Europe even further—even gamekeepers and sport shooters. To which I say, those who respect laws that kill them do not deserve pity.

Then again, Germany is not quite Syria yet. Germany is small by territory, but it is no small country by population, and it is not yet overwhelmed by the sheer number of invaders. Because of that, Germans can continue live in denial even now—until any one of them becomes a victim. (And when you do, you better keep quiet about it, or your own people will call you a racist!) It is much less safe anywhere you might go, at any time of the day.

Some of my less able-bodied friends have no sense of danger while in public. I do, and so I never leave the house unarmed, if not for myself, then for the not so unlikely case that I would need to defend someone else. I consider them negligent, but then again, my situational awareness by now is certainly on a nearly professional level. Most people are simply not cut out for coping with this sort of situation.

What is nowadays considered a normal week would have been thought of as a national emergency in 1980. Anyone my age, in comparing our childhood to the current reality, should recoil in horror and disbelief. But social norms are malleable, and the younger generations cannot even see that there is something wrong with having unguarded, undefended borders, because they have been taught that borders are outdated and a nuisance. Why should they long for national sovereignty and unity if they have never experienced them? Instead, they are being taught to accept crime, terror and forced Islamization. Those who refuse to accept this state of affairs are persecuted for being racist, fascist xenophobes.

Lügenpresse—German “Fake News”

The press in Germany remains borderline useless, but unfortunately we are still dependent on it for the raw information. To be fair, reports of crimes by invaders and government failure to obey the law by prosecuting them appear far more frequently now.

Even though the raw data is more available, every interpretation or comment we hear aims to obscure the Islamic invasion, play down its effects and to belittle its catastrophic consequences for the country. No one dares call it what it is—an invasion—let alone demand that it be brought to an end using the simple means that have been known for millennia.

The anti-German sentiment routinely expressed in German media is simply staggering. Just like the contempt routinely expressed for Trump’s supporters by the mass media in the US, they make no effort to hide their hatred and contempt for the average German citizen. The anti-white, anti-male, anti-child, anti-western, pro-Islamist tone of the commentary is the same in Germany as in much of Europe and the US, pointing clearly to a centrally organized and well-funded propaganda operation designed to support the invasion and to neutralize anyone who might oppose it. Women in niqabs and burkas now get airtime on talk shows, appearing alongside leftist “experts” endlessly recycling the same bogus talking points: why Islam is “a religion of peace” and has nothing to do with anything (and not at all a totalitarian political ideology); why Merkel was right to let in the invaders (and did not commit a horrific blunder); and why anyone unwilling to go along with the leftist, pro-invader agenda is automatically a dangerous racist, fascist xenophobe.

This line of reasoning is not popular with most Germans, and some publications, such as Spiegel, are now in dire financial straits because of their blind obedience in following the pro-invader program. But state TV and radio are directly funded by illegal taxes, sucking about 8.1 billion Euro per year out of our pockets, and will keep cycling through the same failed talking points regardless of how much the audience vomits. But our choice is between “fake news” and no news at all.

When the beautiful daughter of an EU politician was brutally raped and drowned by a migrant in Freiburg last year, Tagesschau, the flagship newscast of state TV channel ARD did not report it at all and was forced to justify this two days later. They then called it “only a case of regional interest,” making an even bigger mockery of themselves, because by then even the Washington Post took up the story. Similar things have happened on several similar occasions, and in each case the exposure the story received through social media made these events into running jokes. So, not reporting the news at all will not work any more, and it is time for Plan B: actual, real censorship of social media.

This plan is now in play, with the Merkel régime threatening to heavily fine social media platforms for… “fake news,” of course! The Ministry of the Interior is about to create a Disinformation Defence Center, to battle “fake news.” If you think that it sounds like Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, or the MfS in the old East Germany, that’s because it is. To be located very close to Merkel’s office in Berlin, this center is supposed to “react very fast” to “disinformation” on social media, especially with an eye toward the general election in 2017, because fake news could “influence” said election and avoid the predetermined outcome (by making the voice of the people heard).

How effective this will be remains to be seen. The East German secret police (STASI) can’t be reconstituted overnight, but with full cooperation from Google, Facebook, Twitter and others, who seem ready to succumb to political pressure, the DDC could turn out to be quite effective. It would then become the second most effective part of the German government, after the tax collectors.

Loss of Control

If you take a look at the state of the German national government and its executive from a historical perspective—say, that of the 1990s—it now seems to be in total disarray and an advanced state of decomposition. Take, for example, the terrorist, allegedly responsible for the truck-based terror attack in Berlin in December who was, of course a “refugee.” He was the second suspect, after the first one was found to be “innocent”—just an illegal migrant with nine false identities! He was released, never to be seen again, probably collecting benefits using identity number ten.

The “real” perpetrator was Anis Amri, a Tunisian. He came from a “safe country,” Italy, where he had been sentenced to four years in prison and was released 2015. He had been denied asylum in Italy and in Germany, but deportation had been suspended, because most conveniently he had “lost his papers.” He has had at least fourteen false identities and probably collected benefits under each. He was constantly being observed even as he tried to buy automatic weapons from an undercover agent, then tried to get other Salafists to become suicide bombers. Yet the police saw no reason to arrest and deport this drug dealing, violent criminal and wannabe terrorist.

Even after he killed 12 people in Berlin, he somehow managed to get away. A full day after his attack his mobile was “found” in the cabin of his truck. It then took another day to “find his papers,” in that same cabin of that same truck. One day after that the police “accidentally” announced their intention to make a raid in North Rhine-Westphalia, an easy six-hour drive from Berlin. The press arrived there first and waited for hours for something to happen, but nothing happened because the police screwed up the arrest warrant. So, astonishingly, they did not get him, and the chief of police announced that “he is gone.” During the first two days the police made available a “wanted” poster of the terrorist with his eyes pixelated to—wait for it!—to protect his privacy! Only after Twitter and Facebook took over and released proper photos did they they change theirs, but then used an outdated photo, and put a 100-thousand-Euro bounty on his head. After making some number of detours across several EU borders he was eventually shot dead in Italy by some properly incentivized Italians.

Many people in Germany cannot make up their minds whether to be happy with the death of a terrorist or to call the whole story a pathetic farce/false flag/blunder/fabrication. Or all of the above. It is becoming harder and harder to tell truth from fantasy and incompetence from willful sabotage. But if their orders were to display complete incompetence, the German authorities could not have possibly done a better job.

When once in a while the police do a good job, our traitors in office now consider this to be rogue behavior. During this New Year’s Eve security measures in Cologne and other cities were extreme, in an effort to prevent the mass sexual assaults by migrants that had happened last year. Nevertheless, thousands of Migrants, mostly North Africans, drifted in from all over the country, and even from France and Switzerland, to “celebrate” again with the local women. Many of them where kettled early on by thousands of policemen, but even then the operational command was worried that the situation would again spin out of control. This was a clear case of “reconnaissance through hand-to-hand combat” conducted by the invaders.

The only acknowledgment of these events by German politicians was in the form of a harsh critique over the use of racial profiling against the North Africans. For every problem there is now a diversion, while solutions are not sought after at all. With the press docile and the social media about to be gagged, nobody will be able to ask any hard questions. If something is wrong, then it’s probably because of “Russian hacking,” and if somebody doesn’t like that, then it’s probably “racism.” That ought to be enough to keep everything afloat.

The Political Situation

How does German public opinion change in in light of all this? The normal political process has ceased to exist, replaced by complete political polarization. There is no longer any middle ground: either you pray to Holy Merkel, or you are an enemy of the state. Either you go along with every lie they tell you, or you are a Nazi. The government makes no effort to win the consent of the governed; instead, they rely purely on intimidation. Merkel is a de facto dictator, just because nobody challenges her in any way at all.

During the last party conference she faced allegations from party members that she was attempting to create a cult of personality, holding hands with migrants, yet they reelected her as the party leader by 89.5% of the vote on that same day. Merkel does not even refer to us as citizens or Germans any more. She repeatedly referred to us as “those who have lived here for quite a while.” The obvious implication is that we do not have any rights or privileges superior to “those who have not lived here for quite a while”—i.e., the invaders.

For reasons that should be perfectly obvious, this cannot possibly work. You cannot govern, even by force, by proclaiming your own citizenry to be the enemy. Hillary Clinton tried that, referring to half of her would-be constituents as “a basket of deplorables.” And where is she now? Same place Merkel is going. Total alienation of the Germans from their political class can have only one end result: total replacement of Germany’s political class.

Once voters becomes fully aware of the situation, they are lost to the old parties forever. That is the reason why resistance is building so slowly: most of the voters have to break with practically every political belief they have ever held, actively destroying their false sense of security, giving up on the backing they had once received from the state by being good, law-abiding citizens and by voting however their parents had voted because the government would always be on your side in the end. It is now very clearly on the side of their enemies—the terrorists, the rapists… the invaders.

But even those who no longer believe anything that the mass media dishes out shy away from talking about it in public out of both imaginary and justified fears for repercussions. Public denunciations are very common. Speak your mind just once, and you may never be promoted, or lose your career.

For those who do decide to leave the old politics behind, it is a bit like going underground. It certainly feels a lot more serious than just entertaining an alternative opinion. We are not complete outlaws yet, but if the ANTIFA [the “anti-fascists”] beat you up or burn your car, do not expect any sympathy.

There are some fringe groups that are working to form an underground resistance. Apart from the more international national identity movement, which is quite active in Germany, most of them aim at a new constituent assembly. Of course, this can only come to pass once the current political landscape has been overturned. Social media is full of well-meaning but for the most part powerless people. It is a giant Revolutionaries Anonymous that helps its members cope.

For those of us preferring the difficult, democratic path to reform, there is still only the AfD [Alternative für Deutschland]. The party gained massive support over the last year. By the end of 2016 they counted 25000 members and 300k friends on Facebook, and garnering about 16% of the votes nationwide. But compared to the behemoth CDU, with its 400k members, it is still very small. In perspective, however, their influence may become enormous.

But why should we rely on politics when our opponents are not really politicians at all but traitors—our mortal enemies, hellbent on destroying our country, ruining us financially, promoting Volkstod [national death], child marriage, acceptance of Sharia law and replacement of the population with criminals and work-shy trash imported from failed states? To me, their Cultural Marxism is now nothing but a mental illness. Those who practice it are sick and dangerous and do not deserve our consideration or even our condescension. We should work to expose them and their agenda as toxic to any society. To believe that a nation, or even the white race, should be made to cease to exist by violent means and be replaced by third-world semi-society, must not be given a pass as an acceptable political viewpoint. That is called suicide or genocide, and those who espouse it should be banned from public life.

That’s why I believe we must fight them asymmetrically, on every level, and not only through the democratic political system. Everyone can and should do that. Completely ignore their hysterical attacks, and counterattack their every advance viciously. Exclude them from our midst, defining them as insane. Ridicule them at every turn, and never vote for them again, ever. Do not hope against hope that the miracle that happened in the US with the election of Donald Trump would happen here before the damage becomes irreversible.

This is the style that Trump embodies, and it is exactly what we need right now. He is no great statesman, and perhaps never will be, but he can and does speak clearly and without any restraint, bypassing mass media filters and ignoring the ensuing hysteria whipped up by establishment mouthpieces. He can be a shining example for others and will be, in my view, the most important ally of the people of Europe over the coming years.

In conclusion, I feel vindicated in almost every aspect of my last report. The trends are all still all there, but whether their final outcome will be war, social collapse or revolution is a question that remains as open as it was a year ago. Germany has been changed forever, and unless we undo everything that Soros and Merkel have done to us and become a conservative and self-aware country again, our prognosis will become increasingly dire.

By “Alex”

Comments (31)

  1. RichardJames 11 months ago

    Thankyou “Alex” for this report.
    The situation in Germany is indeed dire, as it is elsewhere. However it’s only a shock to the system, a disruption of everyday life and routines, thought patterns are changed.
    Germans are noted for their efficiency, accuracy and obedience to authority.
    Couple those qualities with the seventy odd years of cultural marxist brainwashing and a big dollop of zyklon B stories to instill ethnic self hatred and you get the modern German.
    These shocks in the form of rapes and terror attacks send waves throughout families, into outside society, where previous politically correct taboos become useless, because grief and mourning are primal and can only be suppressed for so long.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Good synopsis of the German character, and potentially suggests their resistance could end up being the most effective. Indeed the PEGIDA Demonstrations have seemed to outlast the outpouring and manifestations of nationalism in many other countries.

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 11 months ago

    Germany is NOT changed “forever.”

    These things can be reversed, whether it be through policy, deportations, and/or civil war.

    Don’t lose hope, comrades!

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      That is a good point Laguna Beach. There are certainly other swaths of the globe that have been taken and retaken by opposing sides many occasions. Sicily and Spain are two classic examples, as are the Balkans. This will be Islam’s greatest conquering of European territory yet, but who is to say the tides will not have turned 180* by the time our children or grandchildren are our age. Even if it great-great grandchildren 400 years from now that is enough to provide hope.

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey 11 months ago

    Germany Hunts For Huge Neo-Nazi Underground Movement


    “Various smaller far-right groups have been forced underground and are posing the beginnings of an organized force, seeking weapons to solve the problems they claim Berlin refuses to address…Reports claim that those who incline toward far-right extremism are establishing channels to acquire weapons.”

    This confirms what I’ve been hearing.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      I saw that too but couldn’t remember where. Glad you linked to it! Very, very interesting. I was struck in the above post from ‘Alex’ about him talking about ‘underground’ groups and then on the exact same day we see the above story. That’s certainly a quick way for Merkel to beget civil war. That was the one thing the establishment had going for it was that all the regular native Europeans had so much going for them they wouldn’t want to risk losing it, but pushing them underground removes that advantage quite quickly.

    • VivatEuropa 11 months ago

      Why are German nationalists, even right-wing ones, necessarily, automatically, mandatorily, Nazis? Because they’re German? Well, I hate to have to inform you of this, my beloved seekers of truth working in the media: the “Far” Right, in the form of either another leader like Franco or a return to monarchy, is Germany’s – and the rest of Europe’s – only hope. Before this is over, Europeans will come to hate the current political system, “democracy,” that led to this.

      • VivatEuropa 11 months ago

        “…a new constituent assembly. Of course, this can only come to pass once the current political landscape has been overturned. Social media is full of well-meaning but for the most part powerless people. It is a giant Revolutionaries Anonymous that helps its members cope.”

        That’s great! I don’t think anyone has ever pegged us so well. We are a couple of generations of men who suffer from a decline in the inherent male tendency to and capacity for ACTION. We do pretty well with the communication part, but what is required is communication AND concerted ACTION.

        Europe suffers from a dreadful, debilitating lack of leadership. Gangs, guerrilla bands, street fighters skilled in martial arts, hit squads, and arsonists are not going to get it done. It needs to be on a much larger scale, maybe even pan-European. It will require real, moral, responsible leaders.

  4. Phil 11 months ago

    Fantastic and lucid article on Germany’s current situation..very well written..not much to add right now but the fact there are people writing such truth and sites like this putting it out makes me believe we are far from lost.. the narrative is turning in our favour and 2017 is the start of something big…I’m English and the Brexit vote is seismic…Trump to..Watch this space!!

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Thanks Phil- I agree completely ‘Alex’ did a very good job. It gives me hope too not just for the content of the article but for the fact it came from Club Orlov which is far from a ‘right-wing’ site.

  5. Ezra 11 months ago

    It’s the zionists, no question about this and Obama. Will trump help?

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Oops the below comment was a response to yours Ezra. The first part of your comment- about the Zionists- reminds me of some article I saw recently… I would link to it but I am having a complete mindblank on the location. It was about the massive amount of power the Israeli lobby has in the UK (like far more than even most people think). Can’t remember for the life of me where I saw it though but it was quite good.

  6. Author
    Admin 11 months ago

    I think Trump and Putin need to hack into Merkel’s emails and engineer a coup.

    I try not to go too overboard as a Trump fan and remain at least somewhat skeptical, but I gotta say- refusing to take CNN’s question today and calling them fake news reminds me all over again why I was so psyched by his campaign.

  7. DaShui 11 months ago

    You know speaking of fake news. I watched something from the bbc that purported to show migrants in desperation jumping out of their boat and swimming towards the reporters boat, purportedly out in the middle of the med. however in the corner of the frame for a few second there was a sailboat obviously anchored, meaning the depth was no more than 30 feet or so, close to shore, meaning the reporters were faking the whole thing. Makes me wonder just how much bs is shoved down our throat every day.

  8. Ezra 11 months ago

    The Jew uses every possible means to undermine the racial foundations of a subjugated people. In his systematic efforts to ruin girls and women he strives to break down the last barriers of discrimination between him and other peoples. The Jews were responsible for bringing negroes into the Rhineland, with the ultimate idea of bastardizing the white race which they hate and thus lowering its cultural and political level so that the Jew might dominate. For as long as a people remain racially pure and are conscious of the treasure of their blood, they can never be overcome by the Jew. Never in this world can the Jew become master of any people except a bastardized people. That is why the Jew systematically endeavours to lower the racial quality of a people by permanently adulterating the blood of the individuals who make up that people. The Star of David steadily ascended as the will to National Self-Preservation declined.”

    Who said this?

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      That’s a quote by someone you mean?

      Your always killing me Ezra you post these Nazi screeds and I am forced to either not approve the comment, or approve it but respond in a way so people know I don’t endorse it. Your always making my life difficult lol.

      Just playing around, although in seriousness that approach is definitely not my cup of tea. I do appreciate you commenting though.

    • aandrews 10 months ago


      So which section of Mein Kampf does that come from?

  9. Francis Meyrick 11 months ago

    Excellent article. One thing baffles me. Actually, no, many aspects of this European tragedy baffle me, but let me comment on one item: (QUOTE) “the pressure on Germany has became manageable again, giving us some breathing space and making any sort of immediate civil war very unlikely. But we are still experiencing a steady deterioration in our security and our mood.”(END QUOTE). He then goes on to describe a scenario which is well documented and supported elsewhere, and which -to the American Liberty loving mind – represents Merkel Government INSANITY, and some kind of mass-delusional Left Wing “Anti-Fascist” ZOMBIE VIRULENT DISEASE. It’s NUTS. So WTF…? And now Germans are disarmed even further? Women had better just die their hair black, and stay at home at night? Child grooming scandals, rape, robbery, welfare abuse on a Galactic Scale… hey-ho, look the other way, folks! Nothing to see here! Have you European males lost not just your marbles, but your spines and TESTICLES while you are at it..? And you European women, screaming hysterical abuse at PEGIDA supporters, have you ANY IDEA what happens to women and gays in Islamic societies? WTF…? In Triplicate. In Quintillion dimensions. GET A GRIP. The Technology is available to create your own firearms virtually overnight. All you need is 1) access to CNC milling technology, widely available in Germany. And 2) THE WILL TO DEFEND YOURSELVES. And 3) The realization that “IF YOU WANT PEACE, PREPARE FOR WAR.” Underground manufacturing facilities turning out AR15 style rifles and 1911 semi-automatic pistols could do so in huge quantities in a matter of a few weeks. You are facing an invasion. An assault on everything you hold dear. F#@k the ‘politically incorrect’. Get GOING.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      ZOMBIE VIRULENT DISEASE might be the best description I have yet heard of it all 🙂

      As far as the second half of your comment, I find myself with the same feelings quite often Francis, although to be intellectually honest, we as Americans passionate about this stuff must admit that it would be just as easy for us to get on a plane and go to Germany and do what we are calling on them to do as it is for them to do it. If we consider Europe to be our own home as well and consider it worth fighting and dying for, we are equally as culpable as the German’s if we don’t actually follow our own advice. I’m not encouraging you to go do what was in your post lol, but you get my drift. As always “this site does not encourage violence or illegality”. Best to leave it at that, but on an emotional level I sympathize and agree completely.

      At this point most of the Germans have as much to lose as any of us here, and the choice between risking jail or death vs immigrating to Australia or the Czech Republic and carrying on your comfortable life is not one to underestimate. Our ancestors who faced invasions didn’t have such choices, and it certainly changes the dynamics. The hope is that enough of them (and enough of US I should say) ultimately choose the former, and somehow save and preserve as large a chunk of Western Europe as is possible. Because ultimately, we as modern Westerners will run out of new countries to flee to.

      Ideal scenario is that Identitarians/Nationalists help to catalyze the downfall of Merkel’s government, and the resulting vacuum attracts many similarly-minded people who then carve out/’reconquer’ territories which are then used to reclaim additional territories, etc. We see a model of such resistance already in the Visegrad Nations.

  10. Phil 11 months ago

    Trump calling out CNN as fake news is pretty ground-breaking for a US president and we will without doubt see more of this live and on his Twitter feed which is also ground breaking because he will avoid the filter of the msm and go straight to the people so to speak!! But skeptism of Trump is essential because personally I believe the perception of what Trump is as opposed to what he really is in the eyes of the people is what matters here.. It Still is pretty incredible Trump is president and whatever the future holds a big shift has taken place for the good!

  11. Rick 11 months ago

    This is great to hear, I take it as a massive “white pill” if there is that groundswell of discontent.

  12. Drew 10 months ago

    Support our new President Trump! God bless Donald Trump! All hail God Emperor Trump! We love you! http://www.GodTrump.blogspot.com

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Thanks for the comment Drew 🙂 Couldn’t agree more.

  13. Dana 10 months ago

    President Trump really kicked ass yesterday with his amazing speech. IT IS TIME TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Watch his full speech here

  14. Maxima 10 months ago

    Donald Trump is going to save America and stop all of these 3rd world immigrants from turning America into a 3rd world craphole. If you are against President Trump, then you should be ashamed of yourself. If you support President Trump? Then God bless you. http://www.GodTrump.blogspot.com

  15. Gregorio 10 months ago

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  16. Valentine 9 months ago

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  17. Mohammed 9 months ago

    This video is called “Not ALL Muslims Are Like That” and it is talking about how racist white women are complaining about Islam and trying to paint Islam as a misogynistic, “woman-hating” religion. Sorry ladies but you are wrong. Not all Muslims are like that!!!

  18. Elina Tamashiro 9 months ago

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    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Your comment does not look like spam… but Google Translate translates it as:

      “Here lambskin is very suitable. This fabric is especially soft and gentle on the horse.”

      Did I misunderstand? I would think it was a spam bot but there was nothing being advertised or logical purpose for it.

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