Europeancivilwar.com is a website dedicated to tracking the evolving situation in Europe.

We do not predict or hope for ‘civil war’ in Europe in the literal sense, but rather understand that Western Europe is entering a period of profound destabilization and violence. This will escalate soon for a variety of reasons, until ethnic violence and anarchy are common in countries such as France, Sweden, and Germany.

As horrible as this is, we recognize that- tragically- this scenario is preferred compared to the alternative, which is submission and complete Islamization. This is not hyperbole but is borne out by demographics. Already in some Western European countries the male 18-29 year old demographic is near 50% Muslim. As the native European Baby-Boom generation passes on, and as mass-immigration continues, the overall demographic picture will look just as alarming.

As Europeans living on the continent and in the worldwide European diaspora, we would be remiss individually and collectively to not do everything humanly possible to prevent Western Europe’s destruction, as engineered through its suicidal, Cultural-Marxist elites; and as effected through mass-Muslim immigration.

This site is an attempt at 1) documenting the situation, 2) analyzing it, and 3) fighting back.


This site is edited by Julian Langness, and contains articles by both him and other writers.

Julian Langness is the author of Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity, a book of essays entitled The Coming War In Europe: Essays On Europe’s Impending Destabilization And Internal Confrontation With Islam, and the upcoming book- due out in the winter of 2017- Identity Rising: How Nationalist Millenials Will Re-Take Europe, Save America, And Become The New ‘Greatest Generation’.

The following are speeches and interviews given by Julian Langness, as well as a book trailer (at bottom):


Get Caught Up To Speed

These are links to various articles on the site about the situation in Europe, by category/purpose. To visit one just click on the title or description.

A brief primer on Europe today:

View On The Ground From Germany
Swedish Police At ‘Point Of Collapse’, Must be ‘Total Collapse Before Things Will Change’
Sweden Arrests Man For Typing Word ‘Negro’ Online
Bibi Wilhelm Video On Life In Modern Germany
Powerful Video: Man Raped 15 Native French Women At Knifepoint Because He ‘Hates White People’

Root Causes/Sociological Analysis
Jack Donovan Video on modern society
Video by Black Pigeon Speaks on ‘Diversity’
Article on modern European ‘Religion’ of Cultural and Ethnic Suicide

Europe’s Future:

How The War Could Begin – Hypothetical outline and description of start of 4th Generation Warfare in Sweden
New York Times Discusses War In Europe – Good overall article on the situation now and how things will develop going forward
Future Foreign Intervention – Article on how nations around the world might respond to increasing destabilization, anarchy, and violence in Europe
Geography and Resistance – The different roles different countries have in the resistance
The ‘One Thing’ That Will Save Europe

Fighting Back

Ten Everyday Things You Can Do To Help The War In Europe (originally published by Counter-Currents)
What Causes Red-Pilling? Reader Feedback Desired
What Would Enoch Powell Do?

4th Generation Warfare

Violence and Vanguardism Part I – Analyzing the relationship between violence, terrorism, Islamism, and the Resistance in Europe
Meet The Chechens



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