Abu Dhabi Says German Mosques Too Radical

Abu Dhabi Says German Mosques Too Radical
November 18, 2017 Admin
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As ECW Mannerbunder VivatEuropa succinctly sums up, this comes from the “Bizarre Headlines We Never Could Have Imagined We’d Ever See” file.

Sheikh Nahjan Mubarak al Nahjan, the minister for tolerance in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has said that inadequate surveillance of mosques has led to Islamist terrorism in Germany.

“You can’t just leave a mosque open and allow anyone to go there and to preach. You need to have licences,” said al Nahjan in an interview with DPA.

He added that the problem existed in Germany, France and the United Kingdom, arguing that Muslims were becoming radicalized in mosques where the authorities were not exerting strong enough control.

“We have always offered our help, we have always said we would train people,” said al Nahjan, adding that no European country had ever accepted the offer.

In the authoritarian UAE, mosques are comprehensively controlled by the authorities. The tiny oil-rich Gulf state claims that the extensive powers it has given to its secret services have allowed it to prevent terror attacks by radical organizations such as Isis.

“We also think that something needs to change in Europe,” said al Nahjan. He said that European states had good intentions in allowing “these people” to set up their own mosques, but argued it was necessary that people have training in Islam and a licence before they are allowed to preach.

“After all no one is allowed to simply go into a church in Europe and preach.”

In Germany the state does not interfere in the selection of preachers at mosques, nor do mosques need a licence in order to open.

Nonetheless, Germany’s intelligence agencies are actively surveilling dozens of mosques across the country, while police have closed down some of the most radical Muslim places of prayer over the past year.

After an Islamist terrorist drove a truck into a Berlin Christmas market in December last year, killing 12 people, Berlin authorities closed down a mosque in the north of the city which the terrorist was known to have attended.

Also last year, police in Lower Saxony arrested a man who was suspected of being Isis’ “ambassador” in Germany. The man, known as Abu Walaa, preached at a mosque in the town of Hildesheim.

Germany Islamization 2018

There can be no greater indictment of German Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s reign of terror than the fact that a minister from the United Arab Emirates is now scolding Germany for its overly-radical mosques.

Indeed, in the UAE the government exercises strict control over who can open mosques and who can preach at them.

The German government is equally strict in some respects. Not with mosques or radical Islam, but when it comes to raiding the homes of individuals who question mass-immigration on social media.

Angela Merkel arresting immigration critics


Continued Deterioration

Here’s an everyday German (with face obscured due to fear of government retribution) describing daily life in Merkel’s Germany to Youtube makeup instructor Lauren Southern:



Sadly at this point, it seems Islamic terrorism and the growth of Salafism in Germany will only stop when the population finally becomes majority Muslim and a government like that of the UAE takes charge.




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    Of course germany is guilty of islamization, not the muslims.

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      Heelocawpters Unkown, we need Heelocawpters

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