An Examination Of 5PT (Fifth Political Theory) European-Preservationism

An Examination Of 5PT (Fifth Political Theory) European-Preservationism
July 19, 2017 Admin

Greetings men-

Our friend Kadphises linked to an excellent site that deals with the situation in Europe and the West as a whole through the frames of geopolitics, European-Preservationism, 4th Generation Warfare, and- his own creation- 5PT or “Fifth Political Theory”.

Here is Kadphises comment:

Talking about networking between European preservationists instead of old-school nationalism: are you familiar with the 5th Political Theory, which, as I understand it, favors an adaptation to diaspora life and tribal networking for preservationist Whites over electoral politics but also over a direct involvement in violent conflict with Muslim invaders?
It would be very interesting to hear your thoughts on these ideas.

I had never stumbled across the site before but as Kadphises intimates it is an absolutely fascinating one dealing with much the same issues as we do here on ECW.

The basis of the site is- as noted- the author’s theory of 5PT, or “5th Political Theory”.

Graphic from the 5PT website.

Graphic from the 5PT website.


That author-  who goes by the nom de guerre of “Titus Quintus”, describes 5PT in the following manner:

The Fifth Political Theory (5PT) seeks to conceptualize a non-nationalist approach to the perpetuity of Western people(s) and their cultures in our world. When completed, it is my hope to have formed a sound theory aimed at reconciling our heritage and the legacy of our empires and nation-states with our most viable future prospect, which is becoming a stateless diaspora people or peoples.

Per Alexander Dugin, the first three political theories are Liberalism, Communism, and Fascism. In brief, his Fourth Political Theory (4PT), while deliberately not an -ism, contains elements of communism, fascism, and pan-nationalism(s) lumped together under the label of Tradition and the cause of opposing Westernization (which to him is a chimera of secularization, imperialism, and capitalism). 4PT is tied to Eurasianist geopolitics (Russia as the center of the world) and similar to the idea of “the autarky of great spaces” that also has currency among the European New Right, particularly Guillaume Faye’s work. 4PT conceives of vast civilizational blocs and a multipolar world, but does so from the perspective of promoting peace and preserving the diversity of traditional cultures against what is considered capitalist- and imperialist-driven homogenization. In that sense 4PT diverges from the more popular geopolitics of Samuel Huntington, who theorizes these blocs as primed for war with one another rather than forming a system to check the advance of Liberalism.

What makes 5PT an innovation upon this, localized to the specific needs of Western peoples (rather than Russians and Middle-Eastern peoples), among other things is chiefly that the national or pan-national approach is replaced by one of diasporic tribes, both sub-national and trans-national. That is to say, due to the intellectual and political trajectory of the Western world, we exist not as peoples with states, but inside them. And among those who have cultivated a mindset of “saving” their nation, the hardest pill to swallow is that they will only be able to save those who elect to save themselves—to form a diasporic tribe rather than being dissolved into the homogenizing mass of consumption and nihilism. 5PT is about studying, defining, and implementing the ideal of the diasporic tribe.

Apart from literature to this end, the long-term goal is to create our own inter-connected communities and networks that would exist independently of whatever empire happens to nominally rule us, under the assumption that we will need to endure for a very long time without a sovereign state or states.

I agree with much of this. It is evocative to me of what William S. Lind says (and what I feel he is correct about) regarding the fact that the 21st century will be marked by the waning of nation-states and the Westphalian/Nation-State system.

While this nation-state system has ruled the world for several hundred years at this point, that was not always the case. There are previous eras where citizenship was defined not by lines on a map but by religion or other such “non-physical” factors, and it seems that in the increasingly globalized (and virtual) world, we are returning to such a paradigm.

The Jewish geopoliticist George Friedman has also written about the 21st century being defined by the waning of the nation-state.

The geopoliticist George Friedman has also written about the 21st century being defined by the waning of the nation-state.

Therefore I agree with Titus Quintus that for us as European-Preservationists an excessive focus on individual nations and politics can be unhelpful.

This is also because the modern Western “democratic” system has become a tool of globalism.

Indeed, Titus Quintus points this out in a manner I had never quite thought of, but which brilliantly captures the reality:

Under the demo-bureaucratic state we find in any Atlanticist country, political power is an abstraction. It has been intermediated through an electoral process in which powerful interest groups delegate the authority to perform state functions to temporary bureaucratic administrators. The election serves as a secularized initiation rite, one in which power is recognized rather than genuinely invested or conferred.

The last sentence absolutely nails it in my opinion. I do think that ‘surprises’ can still happen in our politics, and I do think Donald Trump’s election was one of these, and that it sort of upset the above process, however it is abundantly clear that the above description correctly describes how “Democracy” works across the modern West, and highlights the meaningless of the ballots that we cast to effect any real change from the globalist-progressive system.

Sides Of The Conflict

Likewise, Quintus and I separate the populations of modern Occidental nations into the same three groups.

As he states:

5PT theorizes the tribal composition of Britain—like most countries in the Western European/North American/British Oceanian bloc—is broadly made up of the following three categories:

  1. De-nationalized Europeans. Loyal to the managerial state. Believe in liberal cosmopolitan paradigms about identity. Politically dominant in the demo-bureaucratic system but complacent.

  2. Ethnic minorities and immigrants. Loyal to the managerial state in most cases. Believe in their own identity and are not required to relinquish it in order to fully participate in the society. Well-represented in the demo-bureaucratic system and the most motivated to seek change.

  3. Ethnocentric Europeans. Skeptic of or opposed to the managerial state. Believe in their own identity but are viewed as heretical outcasts. Almost entirely locked out of the demo-bureaucratic system, and whatever politicians they may have seated are mostly ineffective or held at bay by a cordon sanitaire. (In Michel Houellebecq’s novel Submission, the inflexible continuation of this policy going forward leads to the election of an Islamist prime minister in France’s run-off elections since the remaining candidate is a nationalist and the other parties will always vote for one another over nationalists).

This mirrors the sentiments I have and that I have written about. In the frame of 4th Generation Warfare, we now have three groups within modern Europe (and much of the West), all three of whom are at war with the other two.

We have: 1) the globalist elites and those who benefit from them being in power (the ‘De-nationalized Europeans’ above), 2) the foreign invaders who, while potentially benefiting in the short term from the policies of the globalist elites- are in the long run desirous of conquering them and taking power, and 3) European-Preservationists, who wish to preserve their nations in the same form they have existed for long centuries previous (the ‘Ethnocentric Europeans’ in the above breakdown).

It is this third group that brings up the major delineating line of the author’s 5PT Theory, which is the question of national borders and “nationalism” in general, and what the aims of Identitarians should be.5pt 2

As he states:

It is becoming anachronistic to speak of ourselves as belonging a particular nation, since those nations do not even care for their own existence. This is a dangerous paradigm to remain trapped in, but the diaspora model is a way out. We should embrace this de-nationalization in recognizing that ethnocentric Europeans and Eurocolonials who want to have a future are an unconscious stateless people who we need to awaken into the Western diaspora.

5PT, unlike most other political theories, will not focus on wielding power on the international stage or directing it at other groups internally, but on creating spaces for our people which are capable of resisting the trends that work against us. Rather than engaging in theories of global conflict or coexistence, of more interest is finding ways to live with the conflicts inside countries (or civilization blocs) that threaten our existence, and to use power we acquire to secure our interests as a tribe.

Instead of a preoccupation with nationalism, statism, or electoral politics, 5PT is about the self-selected tribe, no questions asked and nothing owed to others unless necessary for its perpetuity. It is not about the capture and direction of a state but the creation of folk communities and ethnic networks both sub-national and trans-national, capable of enduring under any state that would tolerate them and able to assist those living where they are not tolerated. As these communities and networks develop, they will allow us to be more influential in both world affairs and our own self-governance. Such will be the essence of the diasporic tribe.

The higlighted portions above are from me, and I selected those which I think most likely to cause debate amongst those of our mindset.

Overall I agree with most of his sentiment, and it reminded me of Jack Donovan’s “Becoming The New Barbarians”, where he argues that modern Occidental men should take their cue from the liberals who call them barbarians and separate themselves from regular society in exactly that manner, purposefully becoming such barbarians.


Violence, War, And Occupying Territory

These seem to be the subjects that generate the most debate on Quintus’s website, and there are some very good discussions about them in the comment sections.

The question of violence– which Titus Quintus specifically says he opposes (not as a way of virtue-signalling, I should add, but from a utilitarian perspective in that it doesn’t have a positive impact on the situation) would probably be one departure between my thinking and his.

Now, I should preface this by saying 1) this site doesn’t support violence or illegality, and 2) I’m always hesitant to appear too “LARP-y”, but there are two reasons I would differentiate my thoughts on this issue from his.

  1. Is the fact that there still might be countries in Europe that could end up in the Hungary/Poland/Czech Republic camp IF they are able to push back just a little bit more. Such examples might be places like Spain, Finland, maybe even Denmark or Norway…  Also certainly some less urban areas within eastern Germany, Austria, and northern Sweden and Norway. If any of these areas could- through the use of force- push themselves to the place where Hungary or the Czech Republic are existentially and politically/demographically, it would be worth it. This wouldn’t have to be an all out conflict either, it could be the same kind of 4GW ‘soft-warfare’ we have seen in the Ukraine and other places, where minor violence and the threat of violence is used to achieve political ends. This brings us to the second reason, which is…
  2. The ‘moral’ side of 4th Generation Warfare. While Quintus is completely right that the idea of armed revolt by small groups of Brits or Germans or Frenchmen is ridiculous from a vantage of point of Clausewitzian politics (attaining actual political power through violence), it can still be valuable in shifting the “moral” level of war, and making those governments look like evil “Goliaths” amidst a broader swath of their native citizenry. I wrote about this subject extensively in this article, and I think it applies now more than ever. Basically, by fighting back and nobly losing against these all-powerful globalist governments, those Preservationst 4GW-actors become ‘David’-like in the popular consciousness and turn more of their fellow citizens against the government. beautiful europe 3

On the question of nation-states I think there is much to chew on as well. On the one hand I think Pontus makes fantastic points about Occidentals needing to think more like the Jewish diaspora does, in terms of visualizing themselves as a unified, high-asabiya, diaspora force that will ensure its success irregardless of borders.

However, at the same time, making up 1-2% of society can be hard as a white person today because the cultural-marxist idea that whites are evil has become accepted in many swaths of the globe. In this manner being part of a minority white ‘diaspora’ is only advisable (in my mind) in places like Korea and Singapore, and not so much in Angola, Nicaragua, or Indonesia. (I would in fact say it is far easier for those of Jewish background to be in such a role today as anti-semitism has- outside of the Muslim world- become so rare and untolerated).

Titus Quintus is absolutely right though that our people will do far better if we begin to think of ourselves as parts of a worldwide, united tribe that is something bigger than individual nations. As he states:

Remember, this is not your country and not your system. You are the outsider, and yet you have been trained to be loyal to a master who does not value you. You are the sons and daughters of a civilization that has fallen. Your task, should you take it up, is to build a stronger and more resilient tribe than all the rest, with its own culture and institutions in order to navigate the world we live in.

I agree with him- someone from Ireland or Iowa or Croatia should have their chief loyalty be to their ‘people’ overall, rather than any national identity. While some will say Pontus and I are foolish to argue this since nationalism is so ingrained in Europeans, I disagree completely, and think that this is absolutely the direction we are moving in on both sides of the Atlantic.


If the ultimate goal is reconquest though, I think it is dangerous not to keep the goal of occupying territory high on our list of objectives. Yes, our nation-states are today ruled almost entirely by hostile elites, and yes, this century will be defined by a waning of nation-state power, but it does now follow from that that territory does not matter – because if we don’t fight to hold territory we will eventually find fewer and fewer countries in which we can survive as a diaspora, as the fact is we have very passionate enemies who wish to eradicate or enslave us.

I don’t think Pontus necessarily disagrees with this, I think it just comes down to tactics and strategy more than anything. The question is how will reconquest/survival/ascendance come to pass?

There is very good comment I noticed on his site that matches my thinking on this question perfectly, by someone named ‘Rusty’. It goes as follows:

Everyone can start building up himself and his tribe, clan, network, etc. today. There are no downsides and it is something anyone can do. It requires personal discipline, development of leadership and other skills, involvement, compassion, reading, physical training, etc., things everyone should be working on anyway. Real-life tribes can be used as examples of what works and what doesn’t.

This perfectly matches my thinking that our struggle is ultimately an individual one first and foremost. We all have the knowledge and the models from our ancestors and history, we know how revolutions and historical victories occur and how wars are won, it is just a question of our combined individual willpower to make it happen.

This interestingly enough matches the Muslim concept of the “inner jihad” very well- the individual struggle against oneself- against one’s lack of willpower, courage, drive, etc.

My ultimate conclusion follows from that: that the “greater jihad” of reconquest is ultimately nothing more than a larger manifestation of our collective “inner jihads” within our own minds. Only by each of us triumphing in our “inner” jihad is a reconquest of the Occident possible, and while macro-level strategy is absolutely important, our greatest efforts should each be directed at the inner jihad.

ConclusionSacrality 1

In the comment section of another article on the site the author makes a statement regarding the idea of waiting for the collapse and then “taking power”, which is close to the ‘best case scenario’ often painted by us here on ECW. He states:

So then there is the “take power” idea. I am not sure what this means. If it means waiting for a collapse then ethnocentric Europeans will not be the only ones looking to take power. They will also be among the worst prepared and have no friendly territory to operate out of.

I agree with him completely on the second half of that statement, however… if our people are successful in his own idea of building transnational post-state power, and becoming an effective and connected global diaspora, then we would be prepared for such an eventuality.

Secondarily, being prepared for such an eventuality is something we should strive for purely because it is inherently right as well. The vision of post-reconquest European homelands is in part based on the very sacredness of those lands specifically.

Therefore I think in conclusion Quintus and I share about 80% overlap on these ideas.

If I understand him correctly he envisions a future for our people where borders and land no longer have any great significance, whereas I see a future where they do, but where they have merely been sublimated behind the greater unifying factors of culture and heritage.

Considering all the horrors we see in modern Europe, I think both are very positive visions.

All in all I heartily recommend checking out his site, and sincerely hope he keeps formulating and sharing his ideas!



Editor’s Note:

Men: I would very much like to get feedback. What are your thoughts on these questions?

-Should our people focus at all on electoral politics now?

-How important are land and borders compared to power and size? If we could somehow magically double the number of Identitarians in the Occident today and double our people’s birthrate but instantly give up all of Scandinavia to Islam, would that be worthwhile trade?

-What do you think of 5PT? Does it mesh with your view of the situation in Europe?

-Should white Europeans embrace the Jewish diaspora model of transnational power/influence/tribalism, and put less focus on nationalism and nation-states? Or do you disagree or see the question differently? Or is this all way too philosophical and you want to just go bust some heads?





Comments (30)

  1. Titus Quintus 6 months ago

    Thanks for the review. I think we’re very much in sync on a lot of questions here. In fact I have some notes on “inner jihad” per Evola I was planning to work into a future essay.

    The issue of what the future state will be I think is what divides most people on the “alt right” and that is probably true of us as well. Of course the most popular idea floated seems to be ethnic nationalism or the more specific white nationalism. I think these are narrow visions and moreover they are improbable in most of the Atlanticist countries which intersect the Western diaspora for a variety of reasons I intend to constructively discuss in the future. (If we were going to “save” our nation-states we should have done so already; the longer we wait the less there is to salvage). Not to sound too verbose or hair-splitting but an archaeofuturist sort of neo-Venetian republic (central city-state commanding a network of formal and informal colonies inside other states) to me seems more plausible than a revolutionary Romantic ethnostate. Depending on how the future unfolds, the Venetian republic may end up having lasted longer than the Italian nation-state. An archaeofuturist republic may someday outlast it as well.

    Are we really trending towards ethnic nationalism if we have more in common with “patriots” of any Western nation than our own co-ethnics? Or is that some new (yet historically speaking not unheard of) structure? And what will it look like in another few decades? The search for our Zion-Shambhala continues, as does fantasizing about the future. Which is why I strive to emphasize the present, what we can currently do to advance our interests and build potential.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Hey Titus thanks for the response!

      I agree regarding the present.

      Also I think it is definitely true that native Europeans identity far more on a national, country by country basis than they do as “whites” overall, however I that was also the case in America at one time, and I think the very process of globalization and liberalization we are all opposed to has helped make more Occidentals think in terms of a broader “meta-ethnic” identity than a purely national or nation-state one. This process seems further along in the new world than in Europe, but I think we will see it there too.

      Yes, the “inner jihad” aspect is one of the most fascinating parts to me. I have never read any Evola though and need to do so desperately! (although I am certainly aware of his contribution to many thinkers in our movement).

      Look forward to talking more in the future!


  2. SteveRogers42 6 months ago

    This seems like a practical suggestion regarding small-scale tribalism:

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      That was fantastic, and I agree with the author heartily.

      I don’t think its an accident that such pubs and taverns featured prominently in LOTR. And I don’t just mean because Tolkien spent a lot of time at them in real life. I think there is something intrinsically connected about our people and such places (loved the pictures in the article too), probably because of the specifics of high northern hemisphere life we all come from and evolved in, that necessitated such places to keep life and the communities humming, unlike in say equatorial africa where you can bed down anywhere for the night, it never gets cold, etc.

  3. Unknown 6 months ago

    I am very impressed by these insights. Thank you!
    My comments:
    There is a learning from the invaders going on, as they are strongly organized in tribes and networks, instead of nations.
    It is an adaption to the managerial state to quit loyalty and save identity by means of diaspora and tribes. It is a getaway strategy.
    I believe it is not possible to live an european identity without control over territory. Just some nostalgia could be uphold.
    Engagement in political elections does not cost much and still has some effects. We should not forget about this lever.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Thanks for the comment Unknown.

      I agree completely on the learning from the invaders.

      Just said this in another comment but it bears repeating, that this process of globalization and and the process of mass muslim immigration do have positive effects, 1) in the learning from those immigrants, as you point out, and 2) in breaking down the national or nation-state based identities among our people and coalescing them into more meta-ethnic overall “occidental” identities.

  4. Dashui 6 months ago

    Seems like if you want whites to re-tribalize than we have to marry within the family, like the old aristocracy. Its a way of concentrating wealth, and increasing trust. I remember 15 years ago some Mormon cult out west was practicing polygamy, marrying cousins and nieces, the family had an estimated $20 million net worth. Of course the Gov. came down hard on them for polygamy, and arrested the patriarch.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Ahh Dashui, you know how to get my thoughts humming…. I could talk all day about polygamous Mormons. I grew up near a community of about 500 of them. MUCH MUCH MUCH we can learn from those FLDS types. Indeed if you take away the metaphysical aspects of it all their beliefs are pretty close to ours.

      They are also (the leaders at least) EXTREMELY financially literate. Indeed I would argue polygamous mormons in the West probably have a greater pound for pound propensity towards asset accumulation, business and real estate ownership, and all the other related financial arts than any other, ahemn, *specific* religious communities that exist across the West.

      Mennonites too for that matter…

      I would be down for our future Identitarian homelands to adopt any and all of those communities’ customs.

      Gotta get our birthrates up and there’s one foolproof way to do that.

      • dashui 6 months ago

        Actually my father was a loan officer in a bank. A Mormon business man came in for a loan. My father was amazed, On the financial statement he was worth 10 million dollars, with no debt.

        • Author
          Admin 6 months ago

          Yeah its amazing man. They are smart dudes. You could probably argue its intergenerational inherited K-Selection from all the hardship they went through during the first four years, freezing half to death in Utah and getting murdered by Iowans or whatever the heck. Especially the Brigham Young era (which is probably my favorite).

          Also they may have figured out a good trick to avoid the buildup of r-Selection within all the new generations by having them go on missions. Certainly not like fighting a way but still, extremely difficult, and does expose you to the ‘realities’ of human nature.

          They have been against consumer debt for some time too… sort of pre-empted Dave Ramsey in that regard.

          But yeah man we could do far worse than to follow the lead of the Mormons that is for sure!

  5. dashui 6 months ago

    Also think of all the extra productive time you would have in your life, if you didn’t drink and have next day hangovers.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      I am happy to say I have already stolen that wisdom from the Mormons! Drank on and off from ages15-25 and then decided to go full Mormon and become a teetotaler 🙂 It has been a huge boost to productivity. Not as big as throwing out my television though- that was the best decision I ever made productivity-wise I think… although I miss Lost like crazy sometimes lol.

  6. El Cid 6 months ago

    As student of the Spanish reconquista, especially the formative first 200 years I would say that terrorty matters! Here are some things we must learn and adapt from their success which really apply to the current effort to resist. And a provide a blueprint for expansion.

    1) Survive.Seek strategic advantage: the Spanish retreated to the mountainous north, (Asturias, Galicia, Cantabria and the Basque territory) an area because of its formidable geography was a perfect safe space. Their weak military position, compared to invading Muslims, was multiplied by the strategic advantage of the mountains and sea. The in accessible mountain valleys provided multiple nodes of resistance. These areas by no means was totally safe, they were subject to continual attacks. In spite of being totally destroyed many times, it created a safe space where no matter how hard the invaders tried the Spanish could never be totally eradicated. After the Muslims retreated resistance would spring back to life and rebuild  It guaranteed their survival.

    2) Ideology, Almost from the beginning the Spanish monarchs. Created greater goals other than survival. Even in the those dark early years they put forward the Idea that their struggle was more than just survival but the reclaiming of territory that was once thiers. Early on the Spanish kings would claim to be monarchs of the all the territory even the parts under Muslim control.

    3) Unity, consolidation of the institutions. Just after the conquest, much of the Spanish establishment and the church, surrendered and collaborated with the powerful invaders. They cucked.The monarchy quickly consolidated and enhanced the part of the church that resisted and made it the official church, while ignoring and punishing the cucks.

    4) freeing the society to be productive. The older Roman inspired slave based system was discarded for an economic model of locally rooted productivity. Peasants were freed to claim land make productive and improve there economic status. The noble classes were limited and redirected to form an elite warrior and managerial cast whose mission was to enhance the stability of the society and be the military elite which lead the peasant solders.

    5) empowering the population with economic and judicial freedom. The monarchs offered free land and the opportunity to form cooperative economic units organized around villages and with there own legal systems which gave the peasants a secure and just economic environment in which to prosper. The result was boost in economic activity, prosperous farms, surplus of agricultural production, the creation if local industries and an increase in the standard of living. The Christian north won the reconquista by unleashing European productivity which over the centuries would boost its demography and also attract European refugees from the Islamic south.

    6) empowering the population to fight. Out of need everyone was armed and the pesants where required to defend themselves and formed very effective militias based on the local villages and towns.

    7) attracting refugees to build up the demografics. Not only was the new kingdom open to fleeing Christians from the occupied lands, who were welcomed, they also organised expeditions where small mobile armies of on horse back would raid deep into Muslim territory with the aim of free tens of thousands of Christian who were being held as slaves.

    8) being aggressive and hitting the enemy even from the very beginning

    9) unifying the different ethnic groups

    10) networking with other areas of resistance in Europe.

    All of this created a positive dynamic that allowed them to

    1) prosper
    2) defend
    3) cosoludate
    4) expand
    5) reconquer
    Build a strong ethnic state
    Many lesson to learn here for the future resistance.

    • shadowman 6 months ago

      *Excellent* post, El Cid – I fully agree!

      I should mention (briefly) a group that I admire – the Amish. They have one of the highest fertility rates in the world, averaging around 7 children per family. *They* know how to live in the countryside.

      As you have said, territory is very important. Having said that, there may also sometimes be a place for “strategic withdrawals” – pulling out of an area for a while in order to consolidate elsewhere. This is particularly the case if the land temporarily ceded is vulnerable to 4GW – guerilla attacks. Not attacks for their own sake, but attacks that *achieve something*, weakening the enemy’s hold on an area. Sabotage of Muslim-held power and water plants comes to mind.

      “Survive, seek strategic advantage. Ideology.” All very good points. Even the almost-lost country of Sweden has a *vast* amount of almost-empty countryside – much of it mountainous, heavily-forested and very cold in winter. *Abundant-* food resources (esp. fish), all the water that Preservationists could need and massive building (and fuel) resources from the forests. This countryside is also the sort of territory that the Muslim enemy *hates* – being much more used to hot climates and desert plains.

      Everyone knows that Muslims play the “long game” well, but **we too** can play that game – and it can be played even better than they do it.

      Key to our ideology is to pass on good solid values to our families and children. Not only that, but tell them of the evils of Islam AND the left-wing (socialism). It is socialism, after all, that is responsible for the brainwashing left-wing education system that has (via the “long march through the institutions”) led to Western Europe’s downfall.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Hey El Cid thank you for the comment that is fantastic-

      I think our movement is starting to do #2 pretty well… Maybe I am more of a sucker for the high-falutin “this is our purpose… we must achieve reconquest…”/greater meaning stuff, but I think that is really starting to achieve some traction among folks like us as a whole…

      On the economic front I think things look bleak for us now BUT(!) they will look far better in the future. I think as the Baby-Boomer all get into real old age it will make labor far more valuable and way more young Identitarians will be pulling in six figures . I also think more wealthy people will begin to feel the pinch of mass-Muslim immigration they will be more likely to donate money, etc. Those are maybe small examples but I think they are representative of what will be a shifting and growing dynamic.

      Anyway you make so many good points its hard to note them all but I am very glad you shared your thoughts they are fantastic….. what are the best books or resources you would reccomend for learning about that period ? (I confess I am pretty ignorant on it and I shouldn’t be…)

  7. shadowman 6 months ago

    Just a few more comments.

    1 – I believe it’s good to have a “long game” mindset. The enemy has had this for centuries and it has paid rich dividends for them. Along with being a good strategy, it also helps to avoid “burnout”.

    2 – Don’t underestimate the power of “psyops” – information campaigns. These should be focused on the fact that Muslims’ **own** texts say that the Quran has been corrupted – missing verses, missing parts of verses and so on. Info campaigns can be carried out for a *long time* at quite low risk – even rockets that disperse leaflets could be used. Think of this stuff as “the sea eating away at the foundations of a castle”.
    Those who *do* heed the message of psyops campaigns could be encouraged to destroy mosques, Islamic schools etc. Always good to stir up trouble in the midst of the enemy.

    3 – Remember the “Battle of Teutoberg Forest”, when a group of Germanic tribes destroyed three whole Roman legions. ( Ok, this goes against my “long game” approach but it shows what can be achieved when you fight on your own ground and you make the most of strategic advantages – forested valleys in this case. )

    I believe that the Muslims will eventually be beaten by a combination of –
    a) fourth-generation warfare
    b) psyops showing the corruption of their “perfect holy book”
    c) Bad luck – plague, influenza, internal warfare.
    d) The Russians and/or Chinese getting completely peeved-off with them and crushing them themselves.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Hey Shadowman-

      Thanks for the comments very glad to get your thoughts on the article!

      Up above where you talk about the Amish I couldn’t agree more. Absolutely legit man they are amazing. Probably have the closest lives to true ‘Tolkienism’ as any group I can think of.

      Its interesting you included this:

      b) psyops showing the corruption of their “perfect holy book”
      c) Bad luck – plague, influenza, internal warfare.

      I have seen two articles in the last week that pertain very much to those things. Both dealt with male Muslims in Europe using gay tinder hookup type apps and then murdering or raping their male sex hookup partners. Totally nuts. Seemed to suggest that many the Muslims ARE being swayed into Western degeneracy after all! Guess the progressives are having some success… Which could bode well for us if such trends continue 🙂

  8. shadowman 6 months ago

    Sorry for commenting again but anyway…..

    We have one massive advantage (and the enemy has one huge, massive weakness) – the whole ideology of Islam is based on LIES. The “uncorrupted Quran” (which of course can be shown to be very *much* corrupted).
    That *fact* (shown by their own texts) needs to be pushed into their faces relentlessly, decade after decade.
    That advantage is like having an **endless supply of ammo**. It will never run out.

  9. Author
    Admin 6 months ago

    You know that is an EXTREMELY good point too that I probably don’t think about enough… modern rationality and science and materialism killed God in the West/killed Christianity, so really there’s no reason the same thing couldn’t happen with Islam…

    And in many ways it is even easier to ‘pick apart’ the Koran than the Bible. interesting to think about…

  10. E 6 months ago

    Transnationalism would eventually fail. As an example, Ashkenazi Jews are waning. They really only exist in America, as they’ve interbred with the Mizrahi in Israel, and here in the states they are assimilating and intermarrying to an extent. It’s slow but eventual.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Hey E-

      Thanks for the thoughts- is this your first time visiting the site?

      You make a very good point. I actually just read an article on Bibi Netanyahu that talked about him ‘giving up’ on the liberal, American Jews because (beyond just their politics) the writer said that Netanyahu probably felt like they would have fully “bred themselves out” of Jewish politics through intermarriage with other groups.

      With the Jews though it seems to some extent in America such intermarriage has been a purposeful thing though. I don’t know what would happen with transnational occidentals. If they were of Identitarian politics it is possible they would avoid such a fate, just as the Amish and Mennonites have succeeded to the larger extent in staying distinct groups and not intermarrying (beyond a small degree at least).

      All very interesting for sure…

    • Kadphises 5 months ago

      Ashkenazi Jews have preserved their cultural and racial identity for about 2000 years in the European diaspora. I think that’s a pretty successful model.
      Recent intermarriage with Sephardic or Mizrahi Jews in Israel is no argument against the success of this model, as Israel as the fullfillment of Zionism is an ethnoreligious state for everyone considered a Jew, and modern Israelis have their own Israeli-Jewish identity, which is a continuation of their ancestors’ Jewish identity, but renders a strict separation of different Jewish groups, which can be considered the product of living in the diaspora, obsolete.

      As for intermarriage with gentiles in the U.S.: Intermarriage rates are probably overestimated and exaggerated by ethnocentric Jews:
      Orthodox Jews usually marry within their group only and have extremely high birth rates.
      And many of the Jewish-gentile intermarriages in deed appear to have strategical purposes or are at least compatible with a strategy to acquire more wealth and influence and render the gentile environment less hostile to diaspora Jews:
      In summary: intermarriage can only threaten the persistence of a group if
      – it is not compensated by high birth rates within the group
      – it involves a large proportion of ingroup females (which naturally reduces the birth rates within the group more drastically than ingroup males marrying outside the group)
      – it involves outgroup members of low genetic quality or compatibility, especially if the offspring of those marriages is considered as full ingroup members and integrated into the group

      • Kadphises 5 months ago

        Nevertheless, the answer to Julien’s question “Should white Europeans embrace the Jewish diaspora model of transnational power/influence/tribalism, and put less focus on nationalism and nation-states?” is only partially yes.
        – Yes, we should put a stronger emphasis on transnational White European identity than on 19th century nationalism
        – Yes, we should possibly reenforce this common identity with a common religion/ideology, a common set of rules of conduct and a common sacred language
        – Yes, we need to be prepared for a diaspora situation for European Identitarians in formerly White countries in large parts of Western Europe and former European colonies, and also be prepared to form small communities outside traditionally White countries
        – Yes, we need to have a strong network connecting these European communities and a strategy to acquire power and influence to reach our long-term goal of reconquest and leadership
        – we must never give up whole European countries and let them be ruled by Islam or totally abandon our European subidentities. Instead we should form political alliances with Civic Nationalists and any reasonable political groups which do not want an Islamization of Europe nor a war with Russia. And we should strengthen regional identities and movements which can help to build bridges across borders, like Celtic, Catalonian, Basque etc.
        – we must not believe that we can preserve our race by adopting a Semitic, dogmatic, intolerant mindset. We are natural leaders, explorers and truth seekers, which is very different from the Jewish idea of chosenness or the Salafist idea of the only one true pure religion
        -we must not adopt Jew-like double standards and hypocrisy as our strategy; if we form communities in a traditionally non-White country, this must be for the mutual benefit of both, us and the host population, and should not negatively affect the right of self-determination of other peoples

        • Author
          Admin 5 months ago

          Hey Kadphises-

          I totally agree that we are a distinct people with our own cultural inclinations, etc.

          I don’t know if you saw that Seinfeld “Jewish joke” that has gotten so much media attention lately, but that really summed it up. As a white business owner myself I ALWAYS say “great” when asked that question, and the the joke goes to the heart of a VERY BIG point of delineation between our two peoples.

          Indeed it is quite amazing all the effects (mostly ill) that have arisen out of a result of that separation of temperament.

          Here it is:

  11. El Cid 6 months ago

    Adm. There are very few works in English that describe the reconquista. I have translated from Spanish some writting if you find it interesting. I can send it so you can use
    for your future writings.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Hello El Cid- yes that would be great!

  12. Kadphises 6 months ago

    Although quite late: Thanks a lot for the great post! I was very curious to see your take on 5PT.
    I agree that it is a very thought-provoking and well-argued site. But in my opinion, it is more of a political strategy than a political theory, and one that is complementary to other strategies, not mutually exclusive.
    So, I would see it as the 5th, but probably most important, part of an overall strategy for European survival, reconquest, and finally leadership:
    1. Shifting the Overton Window (with irreverent memes and humor, with Roman salutes and ancient Hindu sun symbols, but also with serious historical revisionism and research into genetics, evolution and human behavior); that’s what most of the current Alt-Right appears to be about
    2. Political action to limit immigration into White countries, especially of Muslims and Sub-Saharan Africans
    3. Preparation for the coming civil war, which will come in those countries where multicultural “liberalism” implodes as the natural consequence of its inconsistencies and its unsustainability
    4. Political action to avoid a military confrontation of the West with Russia, which would be a disaster for our peoples
    5. Building strong and healthy European and Eurocolonial communities with high birthrates and a world-wide supportive network structure
    These strategies should go hand in hand. But if I had to set an order of priorities, it would be the reverse order as listed. It’s obvious that if we don’t reproduce and raise our children in a healthy spirit (5), all other things are useless. It’s also obvious that if we got a WWIII with Russia, the losses for our peoples would be so great that any success in the parts 1-3 would be irrelevant.
    And any political strategy to limit immigration or to convince people of our positions reaches its limits where the brainwashing and social conditioning has been so strong that the best rational arguments and evidence don’t help. Sometimes, even direct experience of terror, rape or other kinds of “enrichment” doesn’t red-pill these people. So, it is better to be prepared to fight and win, whatever it takes, than relying on having the truth on our side.
    Now to some of your questions:
    -Should our people focus at all on electoral politics now?
    It shouldn’t be our sole or major focus, but we should do our best to get people elected who will reduce immigration and work for a peaceful, stable relationship of the West with Russia.
    -How important are land and borders compared to power and size? If we could somehow magically double the number of Identitarians in the Occident today and double our people’s birthrate but instantly give up all of Scandinavia to Islam, would that be worthwhile trade?
    Yes and no. In theory, if it is clear, that it would be just a temporary retreat with the clear aim of reconquest in mind, and for some reason giving up Scandinavia would really strengthen our population in this way, yes. In practice, no. It might be better to temporally give up many of the larger cities in Western and Northern Europe. But no White country, and especially none in Europe, should be given up in its entirety. It is not necessary and it would be detrimental to our morale and self-respect.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      I couldn’t have said it better myself Kadphises.

      I need to do a new ‘best quotes’ post so I can get the above and some of the other better quotes out there for new readers to read.

  13. Thomas 5 months ago

    Never Give way to barbarians. No territory shall be ceded without an aggressive and beserker like resistance. You must change you thinking. We cannot avoid bloodshed and casualties.

    Either to victory or defeat, but glory none the less

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      “Either to victory or defeat, but glory none the less”

      Extremely well said.

      Better than death and glory than life with the death of Europe and the enslavement of our children.

      What will delineate victory from (partial) defeat though, that is a key question.

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