Antifa Attack London Forum In UK, Female Soldiers Of Odin Affiliate In Sweden

Antifa Attack London Forum In UK, Female Soldiers Of Odin Affiliate In Sweden
January 9, 2017 Admin

This weekend saw two different incidents- one in the UK and one in Sweden- of Antifa attacking and battling against nationalists.

The first incident occurred in Jönköping, where an adult Swedish woman who is affiliated with the Soldiers of Odin was violently attacked.

Fria Tider brings us the story:

A 41 year old woman in vigilantes Sodliers of Odin was beaten Saturday night by a group of left-wing extremists from the Antifascist Action (AFA).

The assault occurred at half past one o’clock in the night outside the old match factory in Jönköping. The venue is now used as a tax-funded cultural center. It was reportedly where Afa gathered before and after the beating.

Civic Guard was during the night out on some kind of patrols in Jönköping. According to social media, Soldiers of Odin have sought out Afa on the grounds that one of the Citizens’ Guard members earlier this week got his car uppeldad. Afa is accused of being behind the fire bombing.

Members of the Soldiers of Odin writes on one of the Guard closed Facebook Pages to the left extremists armed with batons and iron bars. They should have first struck the woman and then continued to beat her while she lay down on the ground. Among other things, she was kind of the ribs and the spine.

According to Free Tider sources is the battered woman is not known to the police earlier.

When the Free Times talks to Christer Wiktorsson is duty officer at Jönköping police he confirms that it was the Soldiers of Odin and Afa involved in the altercation.

– You could say that it is confirmed that it was the two, he says.

– Otherwise, I have no comment because it is the prosecutors who had taken over the investigation.

Police arrested a total of 12 people on the occasion of the event. According to police web site was established a total of three complaints of mistreatment, but Wiktorsson can not answer for the other two battered belong Soldiers of Odin or Afa. He can not answer which groups the 12 detainees belong.

Free Times has sought Soldiers of Odin for more information.

In a similar incident, the London Forum- a well-known and semi-regular meeting of UK nationalists and European-Preservationists- was attacked by Antifa as well. The attack took place mid-meeting, just after the commencement of the first speech.

The incident seems to have been quite exciting, and I will let the description by Max Musson of Western Spring stand for itself:

An Antifa gang attacked a meeting of the South West Forum this afternoon, in an act of terrorism that backfired on them and left them running bruised and battered from the venue with their tails between their legs.

The meeting had commenced slightly later than planned and the first speaker Kevin Layzell had just finished speaking when a hail of rocks came flying through the windows showering the audience in glass.

As we looked round we saw approximately a dozen black clad figures with hoods and scarves around their faces kicking and punching two nationalists who had stepped outside momentarily.

Immediately audience members rushed out to confront the attackers and a fist fight broke out in which several of the Antifa thugs received a sound battering before escaping and running away. Much to the surprise of the Antifa thugs, the nationalist audience was made of sterner stuff than they had anticipated and several older nationalists of pensionable age were seen to get the better of their much younger adversaries.

Several of the nationalists received minor injuries, but thankfully nothing serious.

Sadly the management of the venue did not want the meeting to continue following the disturbance as glaziers needed admission in order to repair the broken glass.

The meeting organiser, Julie Lake was punched during the fighting, but was bullish afterwards, and vowed that she will beef up security for further meetings, but will not allow this cowardly attack to divert her from her mission.

Following the proscription of National Action at the end of last year, we wonder whether Amber Rudd will be inclined to ban Antifa as an organisation that both encourages and commits acts of violence for political purposes.

Three cheers for the brave men of the London Forum for their strong defense! Their response should come as no surprise. The valor of native Europeans defending themselves and their homeland should naturally trump the mercenary violence of confused young men, paid by the likes of George Soros and the British government to pave the way for their own society’s destruction.

Beyond acknowledging the pride and excitement implicit in the idea of Identitarians battling such foes, it is of course unfortunate that our people must even battle them in the first place. Therefore the actions of these Antifa in attacking the London Forum brings mixed feelings. One the one hand, it is tragic that it must take up any of the time of men like Max Musson and others, for that detracts from the time they can dedicate to fighting the Islamic enslavement of their nation.

Yet, such threats of terrorism, mass-rape, and Islamization would not exist in the first place were it not for Soros and the corrupt suicidalist elite, and as the Antifa are their paid frontline shock-troops, perhaps such battles with them are more representative of the underlying conflict after all.

Certainly pitched street battles between Preservationists and Antifa is significant, and may perhaps mark the escalation of what will hopefully be a 2017 Reconquest.

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  1. VivatEuropa 11 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Fantastic link VivatEurope- that is excellent journalist on their part.

      I had of course heard that the Antifa were paid by Soros, the government, etc, but I had actually never seen proof. I am going to keep that link and use it when talking about Antifa from now on.

      I do think the author is absolutely right that and that the Antifa will one day be looked back on the way we look at the Pinkertons in 1800’s America, or the way some look back on the Brownshirts now.

  2. VivatEuropa 11 months ago

    Not to make EXCUSES for the deplorable (the REAL “deplorables” – the Germans?) psychological, or shall I say spiritual, state of today’s Germans, “in the Germans’ defense,” as we might say, this article sites the mainstream media’s refusal to report the full extent of Germany’s migrant rape crisis as a possible major reason for the lack of German public outrage over it.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      I absolutely do think there are still some Germans- especially ones in rural areas that have not yet encountered mass immigration completely- who buy the government narrative. As you rightly said, its getting harder to make excuses for them, but its hard to overestimate the totalitarian nature of the media in Germany and just how censored everything is, at least from everything I read and hear from people on the ground.

  3. VivatEuropa 11 months ago

    I commend the author of this article, M. Jaggers, for saying so well some things that needed to be said in order to maintain a proper perspective on things, considering people’s tendency to become accustomed to and resigned to living with things they shouldn’t, things that are TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE, and UNNECESSARY.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      That is indeed an excellent article.

      Made me think for a second too about the ‘escalation towards civil war’ question I am always wondering about. I (and we) have a tendency to always view it as an x/y question – civil war or no? But if you look at it on a continuum, Europe is certainly closer now than ten years ago. If we were to compare 2006 and 2016, I do think the trend line is upward. Turchin believes that destabilization is going to swiftly escalate and peak in the 2020’s across the West (and the world in general if I understand correctly). This might be farther off than we would like, but does seem to match said trendlines.

      Thanks again for the links VE!

  4. Dashui 11 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey Dashui thanks for linking to that! That’s the sequel to the one the guy posted on there last year that I got permission to repost on here. I am going to do the same with this one.

      I found the comments particularly noteworthy too- did you read them? There were numerous folks- the majority it seemed like- who objected. I am not that familiar with Orlov’s audience, do you think those are the sort of left-wing Bernie Sanders alternative energy types? The types who like both Hugo Chavez and Putin, and think that Florida will be underwater in five years.

      What did you think of his update?

      • DaShui 11 months ago

        Orlov is a pro Putin , Russian Jew which is rare.
        His interviews on you tube are worth a listen, dry sense of humor.
        Most of his vocal followers are leftist environmentalists probably because he criticizes the USA and modern capitalism heavily, although from a traditionalist viewpoint. His rightist followers probably keep quiet.
        Russia has a long experiance dealing with Islamic minorities so they know what’s happening.
        Btw The archdruid said a couple of weeks ago, Europe has to choose between either Islam, or being a Russian vassal.

        • Author
          Admin 11 months ago

          Interesting… I would certainly choose Russian vassal if that is indeed the choice… could certainly see it coming to that. Or perhaps Poland and the Visegrad countries end up as the real power brokers with little hotbeds of native Europeans in the west as their vassals, and all of them counterbalanced against Russia yet not really opposed to Russia ideologically. Sad it all has to come to such lengths anyway.

  5. Laguna Beach Fogey 11 months ago

    Getting closer! Note to self: be patient. lol Events are in motion.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Yes, I have a friend in Sweden who is always telling me the same thing. He thinks they need more time to wake up. Until we invent some way to broadcast red pills from space patience is unfortunately a necessity in some regards :/

  6. SteveRogers42 11 months ago

    Perhaps the Soldiers of Odin and the London Forum should take up the game of baseball for fun and exercise. They could carry balls, gloves and BATS wherever they met or walked JUST IN CASE THEY SUDDENLY WANTED TO PLAY A GAME.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      I had some Antifa scum comment on this article making fun of the guy who was killed in prison, celebrating his death, etc. Marked it as spam. It said ‘didn’t he know God was Jewish and hates bacon?’. Not sure if that gives us any insight into the mind of an Antifa but your comment made me think ofit .

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Aww yes I saw that today (or rather heard it on the radio). Hopefully Trump can wear off on her and she can get more aggressive again.

      If Trump goes to France to campaign for her it will be an immensely proud day as a Trump voter.


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