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Greetings men-

I often criticize mainstream GOPe publications, which have, as bastions of conservatism, failed to conserve anything these last fifty years, including the ladies’ room, as Mike Cernovich memorably puts it.

These publications are the literary version of our favorite Republican political candidate, ¡Jeb!, shocking in their capacity to produce both frustration and Schadenfreude.

Yet I must give credit where credit is due, for the Weekly Standard just published an excellent article on the events in Berkeley last week, which I have to rate as one of the better political pieces I have read in awhile.

The article is worth analyzing for a number of reasons.


Dead Neo-Nazi, race indeterminate.

Dead Neo-Nazi, race indeterminate.

What Rough Beast

I knew some kind of Antifa riot thing had happened in Berkeley last week, but had not really focused on the events there, as none of the authors or thinkers I follow had anything to do with whatever event or protest precipitated everything.

Yet actually, after learning more about what happened, I think the events in Berkeley last week were even more important and thought-provoking than those in Charlottesville a couple weeks before them.

The author of the Weekly Standard piece is Matt Labash, and the title of it is: “A Beating In Berkeley: Antifa Mayhem And Malice In Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park”.

The piece begins by introducing readers to the young man behind Patriot Prayer, which is apparently the organization that put on the rally that the Antifa showed up at and turned into a riot.

Labash writes the following:

As white supremacists go, Joey Gibson makes for a lousy one. For starters, he’s half Japanese. “I don’t feel like I’m Caucasian at all,” he says. Not to be a stickler for the rules, but this kind of talk could get you sent to Master Race remedial school.

And it gets worse. The founder of Patriot Prayer—a Vancouver, Wash.-based operation that sponsors rallies and marches promoting freedom and First Amendment rights along with all-purpose unity—also spews hippie-dippie rhetoric like “moderates have to come together” and “love and peace [are] the only way to heal this country.” Joey tends to sound less like an alt-right bully boy than a conflict-resolution facilitator or a Unitarian Sunday school teacher.

For his late August “Liberty Weekend” in the Bay Area, which was to include a free speech rally in San Francisco followed by a “No to Marxism” rally in Berkeley (headed by a local “transsexual patriot”), Joey advertised that “no extremists will be allowed in. No Nazis, Communists, KKK, Antifa, white supremacists .  .  . or white nationalists.” (So much for free speech.) Likewise, the advertised docket of speakers was to include “three blacks, two Hispanics, one Asian, one Samoan, one Muslim, two women, and one white male.”

Despite all this, you’d have thought from the avalanche of alarmist walk-up stories that Gibson and friends would be dancing in a “Springtime for Hitler” kick line.

This brings the author to our Antifa buddies:

Antifa have shown up at one right-leaning gathering after another this year to administer random beat-downs with everything from metal poles to bike locks to bear spray, causing multitudinous injuries and large-scale property damage. Back in February, they literally set fires on the Berkeley campus, smashing windows as they rampaged through the city streets, to prevent Milo Yiannopoulos from appearing, even though the professional provocateur frequently speaks about his penchant for sex with black men, which used to count as a social-justice twofer during less polarized times.

But when it came to Joey Gibson’s Liberty Weekend, enter Nancy Pelosi, who seems to be pining for girlhood activism days, as she’s billed this “Resistance Summer.” Gibson secured a permit for his free speech rally to be held at Crissy Field, a former Army airfield next to the Golden Gate Bridge. But Pelosi loudly suggested the permit be pulled, saying the National Park Service should reflect on its “capacity to protect the public during such a toxic” event, which she termed a “white supremacist rally.” The fact that over two-thirds of the event’s scheduled speakers were minorities, that race wasn’t being discussed, and that the event was billed a “day of freedom, spirituality, unity, peace, and patriotism” didn’t seem to cut much ice with her.


Image from last fall.

Image from last fall.

The author then moves on to describe the motivations of Joey Gibson, the aforementioned leader of Patriot Prayer.

Joey, the author explains….

…was radicalized after watching online the aftermath of the June 2, 2016, Trump rally in San Jose, where departing rally-goers were hunted down, egged, and beaten like dogs in the street by vicious mobs. For those who thought Trump rallies got violent—and they occasionally did, with hecklers getting decked and candidate Trump sometimes rooting on the deckers—there are hours and hours of online footage of Trump supporters catching sustained abuse from “liberals,” assuming that term any longer applies.



Spiritus Mundi

The author also introduces us to Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, a 6’6″, 345 lb Samoan, who is Joey’s best friend and fellow Patriot Prayer organizer.

These two men, a giant Samoan and a half-Japanese dude, obviously do not seem like Nazi’s. It seems ludicrous that the Antifa (and thousands of other left-wing protestors) could think of labeling them as such- and not just that, but attacking them physically over the idea.

Yet attack they do, as the author sees when he accompanies the men to the protest that Saturday:

From the moment we hit the square, the “Nazi” catcalls start. Whatever’s happening on the stage seems to cease to exist, and the energy around us turns very dark, very fast. Joey, Tiny, and Pete start walking with greater purpose, on the balls of their feet, almost like fighters entering a ring or Christians entering the Coliseum, except instead of facing one lion, they’re facing thousands. As the chants rain down (“Nazis are here! .  .  . F— you! .  .  . F—ing fascists!”), we near the stage thinking we might find some kind of buffer zone, since the police knew that some of Joey’s original rally-goers would show up. But there isn’t one. Our progress is halted when we run up into a small clearing snug up against a barrier. And behind that barrier, near the park’s “Peace Wall,” is a wall of human blackness.

A hundred or so masked-up antifa ninjas and affiliated protesters seem to simultaneously turn. It looks like we’ve interrupted al Qaeda tryouts. Joey, Tiny, and Pete all raise their hands high in the air, and flash peace signs, a conciliatory gesture. But nobody here wants peace. Not with fascists on the scene. As Joey nears the barrier, one of the ninjas swings and misses. Then the barrier topples, and they pour over, chanting, “Fascists go home!”

As I’m reading the action into my recorder, antifa slides around me on all sides, nearly carrying me off like a breaking wave. The boys are about 20 yards off and walk backwards. Pete catches a shot right on his stars’n’stripes dome from a two-by-four and goes down, blacking out for a second. Tiny, trying to protect everybody, pulls him up with his massive Samoan hand and pushes him out of the scrum. The mob ignores Pete, as he’s just an appetizer. Joey is the entree.

First he catches a slap in the head, then someone gashes him with something in his ribs. He keeps his hands up, as though that will save him, while he keeps getting dragged backwards by his shirt, Tiny trying to pull him away from the bloodthirsty ninjas. Someone crashes a flagpole smack on Joey’s head, which will leave a welt so big that Tiny later calls him “the Unicorn.” Not wishing to turn his back on the crowd, a half-speed backwards chase ensues, as Joey and Tiny are blasted with shots of bear spray and pepper spray. They hurdle a jersey barrier, crossing Martin Luther King Jr. Way while antifa continue throwing bottles at them. The mob stalks Joey and Tiny all the way to an Alameda County police line, which the two bull their way through, though the cops initially look like they’re going to play Red Rover and keep them out. No arrests are made. Except for Joey and Tiny, who are cuffed.

I’m made even more sick when I look down the road and see a punching, kicking mob form a circle around a new victim. By the time I roll up on them, an older man in camo-wear spits out from the maelstrom. As he runs to safety, an antifa thug runs up behind him, sucker-punching him as hard as he can in the back. I will go home that night and watch several more cold-blooded beatdowns on YouTube that I didn’t personally witness.



The Scourge Of Neo-Nazism. (Photo credit to Helena Zemanek)

The Scourge Of Neo-Nazism. (Photo credit to Helena Zemanek)


The Blood-Dimmed Tide

Just what on earth is all this crazyness?

Charlottesville at least made narrative sense, in that you had white guys on one side, fighting against Antifa on the other side and black people on the third side. While obviously unfortunate, it was comparable to scenes replayed over and over again in human history.

These scenes from the above videos are just nuts however.

I’m not gonna repeat the obvious contradiction about Nancy Pelosi and the Antifa labeling an Asian and a Samoan ‘White Supremacists’, as that is just the tip of the spear of this insanity.

Instead I’ll offer some additional thoughts:

1. The Labor Market

Those who gravitate toward Antifa are part of the permanent class of underemployed Americans. We sometimes like to think that they are all rich college kids, but while there are certainly some rich college kids among them, they are only a small minority. Most are the semi-homeless population that couch-surfs and lives off a moderate level of government welfare, along with panhandling and various semi-illegal acts. It is a very tragic existence, as evidenced by the saga of the young Antifa-lady who had a run in with Nathan Damigo- who, the world learned afterward- had resorted to nasty porn site modeling at a site called ‘ATK-Hairy’ for income-generation.

The fact that reports arose that many of the ‘protestors’ in Berkeley were being paid 25$ an hour for their services is thus very interesting.

In this way, the bifurcation of the labor market that serves the interest of the globalist-progressive oligarchy is also providing them their shock troops of modern intra-society 4th Generation Warfare. Quite convenient for them.

2. The Center Cannot HoldTing ming 4

This follows from point one, above, about the fact that the George Soros’s and Nancy Pelosi’s of the world are egging this kind of thing on. Indeed, we’ve printed links to reports proving that Soros and many European governments fund Antifa in Europe.

But it seems clear that these folks have created a Golem that is rapidly getting out of hand. Look at the images of those Antifa protestors in the above videos. Certainly some of them are spoiled little Sorosian manlets themselves, but many others are angry young Tyrone’s who would gladly tear Soros and Pelosi limb from limb if they somehow appeared in the midst of the rally.

One could make an argument that this doesn’t matter, as such oligarchs can hire private security, etc, but still, to continue the Second Coming theme of this article, I don’t think the falcon is still listening to the falconer at this point.

Furthermore, many other protestors are La Raza types, who while more politically-focused than the Tyrone’s, aren’t keen on the future Mexican Republic Of California being a philo-*cough* state, and thus in very little regard loyal to those currently instigating them to fight against ‘fascism’.

Many others are just testosterone-filled young men whose masculine aggression has not been channeled in any positive direction, and basically want an excuse to “f*** sh** up” and get in fights. Normally, the specter of law and order would keep such urges in check, but in the elites’ drive to instigate political violence for their own purposes, they normalize such destructive behavior and end up drawing out all these other apolitical but aggressive young men as a result. Its sort of like the ‘Broken Windows Theory’ we have all heard so much about.

3. Archeofuturism

The esteemed Guillaume Faye wrote about the idea of ‘Archeofuturism’, or a future that is in some ways more ‘futuristic’ but also in other ways more like the past than the present.

The scenes from Berkeley are to my mind perfect examples of this. They serve to offer a prelude to one version of what America’s future could look like- vast seas of angry disgruntled non-Europeans, all atomized and separated in the remnants of the ‘melting pot’ that no longer exists, fighting each other with sticks and bats and knives over the divisions that existed in the past (“Neo-Nazi’s”, “Fascists”, “Americans’, etc).Gangs of new york 2

Its kind of like Gangs Of New York, only in reverse.

4. Slouching Towards Bethlehem

The funniest thing (or most tragic) in the wake of these events was the disavowals by liberals like Pelosi and Paul Ryan and Joe Scarborough a week or two after the violence.

Ryan, specifically, wouldn’t come out and denounce the Antifa until AFTER Pelosi did, even more pathetic given that Pelosi (as the above article describes) was the one calling this a “Neo-Nazi”, “White-Supremacist” event, despite the fact that the organizers were almost entirely non-white people themselves, who were preaching a hyper-tolerant, ‘lets come together’ message that had no connection with right-wing thought at all, let alone racism.

What’s tragic though is that if such politicians are denouncing Antifa violence as bad, just wait until things get 10 or 20 times worse in the future.

These politicians are the ones who have created the recipe for this kind of anarchy, and the low-trust, atomized society that it erupts from.Paul Ryan 1

They flooded the nation with immigrants from random, disparate cultures, and- using the entertainment industry and academia- destroyed the traditional culture America once had. In doing so, they have set the stage for violence far worse than that what we are seeing now.

5. Hypocrisy

The Weekly Standard is willing to point out the idiocy of leftists calling Asians and Samoans “Neo-Nazi’s”, since the idea is quite obviously moronic.

Yet the Weekly Standard calls white people Neo-Nazi’s for equally silly reasons all the time, and therefore while I do laud them for this story, I think they should take it as a chance to widen their self-awareness as well.

Is it really any less silly to call people like Nathan Damigo, Peter Brimelow, or Greg Johnson “Neo-Nazi’s” than two guys like the ones in the above article? None of them have any interest or connection with Nazism or Hitler or Third Reich whatsoever. If the Weekly Standard is willing to point out the idiocy of calling a Samoan and an Asian “Neo-Nazi’s”, they should quit doing the same thing themselves with any white person who dares to advocate for European interests.

Obviously today, anyone of any race opposing the Progressive-Globalist orthodoxy is going to get tarred and feathered with such terms. If we are to save the West we are all going to have to work together, irregardless of what insults the media and the Antifa throw at us.

As always brothers,

Deus Vult.









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  1. Dashui 6 months ago

    Must see:

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Man… that guy is my role model. 100%.

      Very inspiring all-around. I think even the Vice reporter ended up sympathizing against his better judgement.

      I sincerely hope to have the privilege of attending such a camp sometime in the future myself.

      Interesting that it is in Poland too- the whole thing almost perfectly matches the predictions you and I and others were talking about a year and a half ago about training camps in Visegrad nations for Western Europeans.

      • dashui 6 months ago

        I checked out their website. Your Swiss survivalist friend Pierre is training with them.

        • Author
          Admin 6 months ago

          Aw, very cool. Good for Mr. Giorgio!

          Do you have the link for their site?

  2. SteveRogers42 6 months ago

    Any RealAmericans who attend one of these blue-state rallies expecting to engage in a civilized discussion of the issues is not plugged into reality. If one must attend one of these fist fests, one should not go as “one”. Gather a team of men who are ready, willing, and able to defend themselves, and train your team in tools, techniques and tactics like those suggested by James LaFond and posted here under “Battle of Bautzen” (On the Ground). If the “good guys” do not begin to do this, soon we will see fatalities inflicted on Preservationists by the jackals of Pantifa.

    For speculative purposes only, if I were writing a novel about this situation, I would hypothesize a group of Trads who dress like Pantifa (including masks) and hang around the rear echelons of the Pantifa mob. Then, when the commies are fully engaged to their front, this group of covert actors would drive into the rear of the lefty mob using speed and surprise to adjust some attitudes.

    Another alternative is the organized “flash mob” style that the GI’s have employed so well in France. Note once again, that they physically train to prepare themselves for action, and that they have coordinated plans and work as a unit. Training and planning have always been the hallmarks of The White Man’s Way of War…

    The one positive note from the above essay is the involvement of a Samoan on the side of Truth and Justice. With their close-knit extended family structure and their well-documented love of throwin’ down, I could see a group of cousins, brothers and uncles show up to help “Tiny” at the next event, since the poor little fella is such a puny specimen himself. If this happens, I suggest that we extend honorary-European status to Samoans in the future, and welcome them into the game just like the British did the Ghurkas.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      All extremely well put Steve.

      I think the second paragraph sounds like quite wise ‘speculation’.

      Does Pantifa refer to panties or am I missing the subtext? If not that I’m sure its something obvious that’s going right over my head lol.

      I agree the Samoans have attributes we can learn from. I think its very interesting that American football caught on to such an extent in Samoa. Strangely those coconut colored pacific islanders are almost like a tropical version of big tough Wisconsin farm boys in a lot of ways.

      I hope to have the chance to attend such an event myself in the near future!

      • SteveRogers42 6 months ago

        That was just me making light of the “antifa” name, since in old-school vernacular they would be considered “pantywaists”.

        Guess I’m not as funny as I think I am…

        • Author
          Admin 6 months ago

          Lol no that’s what I figured… there’s so many esoteric references and nicknames in our little subculture though I’ve learned that half the time I am missing something.

    • shadowman 6 months ago

      “….I suggest that we extend honorary-European status to Samoans in the future, and welcome them into the game just like the British did the Ghurkas.”


      The Samoans are wonderful people, very much into the church, and they take no s**t from anyone, believe me!

      • SteveRogers42 6 months ago

        It’s just a shame they’re so small and fragile 🙂

        • Author
          Admin 6 months ago

          They’re sort of the opposite of another noted group one often hears of…

  3. Philip 6 months ago

    Anyone who has moved in rugby circles in the UK will have encountered Pacific Islanders viz. Fijians, Samoans, Tongans. Most, if not all, are devout Christains, family and community orientated, loyal soldiers, and tough as old boots. I have personal knowledge of one professional Fijian rugby player and coach who never drank and read the bible before a match. He was also dismayed at the moral corruption he saw around him in England and said it would not be tolerated back in Fiji. I hope he’s right as degeneracy liberal style has a way of pervading all societies. I wonder if their societies mirror the Mormons. Any thoughts Julian?
    As a footnote famous Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson who wrote ‘Treasure Island’ ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ amongst others, settled in Samoa and took a Samoan name and is buried there. He also involved himself on the Samoan side in their wars of independence and was greatly revered there.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Actually its really interesting you say that Philip because there are LOTS of Samoan Mormons now. You go to Salt Lake and you see a pretty high number of them.

      That’s why Utah and BYU often have a higher than normal percentage of Samoan college football players.

      I didn’t know that about Robert Louis Stevenson at all, that is fascinating. I’m gonna have to pick up a biography of him.

  4. Dashui 6 months ago

    Look inside a Serbian migrant camp:

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Interesting. That was an excellent video. I “sub’d” lol. How can you not support a channel called ‘Squatting Slav’? I love it.

      The whole situation is just so insane. In 300 years those history books are going to have to write reams of wordage to explain the insanity.

      And I don’t think all the immigrants are bad. I think of those ones he interviewed, most look like pretty average dudes. I think I would probably have a different mindset though. I would either 1) want to stay in my native country and build it up/help it achieve greater glory, or 2) go to Europe but be clear and honest about my intention of conquering it and turning it into an Islamic caliphate. These guys were just kind of ‘meh’, France, France, UK, Gibsmedat. Not super ‘thumotic’ so to speak.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Interesting. That was an excellent video. I “sub’d” lol. How can you not support a channel called ‘Squatting Slav’? I love it.

      The whole situation is just so insane. In 300 years those history books are going to have to write reams of wordage to explain the insanity.

      And I don’t think all the immigrants are bad. I think of those ones he interviewed, most look like pretty average dudes. I think I would probably have a different mindset though. I would either 1) want to stay in my native country and build it up/help it achieve greater glory, or 2) go to Europe but be clear and honest about my intention of conquering it and turning it into an Islamic caliphate. These guys were just kind of ‘meh’, France, France, UK, Gibsmedat. Not super ‘thumotic’ so to speat.

  5. John Smith 6 months ago

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