Austria: Post-Election Conclusions For Resistance

Austria: Post-Election Conclusions For Resistance
May 25, 2016 Admin

Hope regarding the Presidential Election in Austria was replaced with horror for identitarians across the occident Tuesday, as radical left-wing activist Alexander Van der Bellen was declared winner over Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer. Hofer had looked poised for victory after the first round of vote-counting, but last minute tallying of postal ballots put Bellen up by .6 points, and he has officially won the election with 50.3% of the vote versus Hofer’s 49.7%.

Many people are discussing the question of vote-counting irregularities, and positing that the traitorous Austrian government illegally “nudged” Van der Bellen across the finish line. Hofer himself has played down such accusations however.

Our corner of the Preservationist movement obviously believes that the state of affairs in Europe is far “past the voting stage” as Nick Griffin recently declared, and with that being the case this result is not necessarily as horrific. If violence, unrest, and revolution must come before Austria’s future can be ensured, then Van der Bellen’s victory is somewhere in the territory of either irrelevant, neutral, or even a net positive. Yet it is still instructive to consider what lessons can be taken from the result. The following, therefore, are our conclusions.


The election was just about the most representative choice any European electorate has had between the two futures in store for the continent.

With the two main parties that had ruled Austria since 1945 both losing before the runoff election, the choices Austrian voters were faced with represented the radical (or honest) Left on one side, and the “Far-Right” (or rational) Right on the other. Hofer, on the right, was anti-immigration, rural, traditional, pro-gun, anti-EU, and dedicated to the survival of Austria both as a nation-state and a culture. Van der Bellen, on the other, is a chain-smoking environmentalist and activist, who has called Austria “Sh*t”, and who believes in a “United States of Europe”-type EU, in which individual countries have little or no power. He was a huge supporter of mass-immigration throughout the campaign, and seems fully in support of the complete demographic replacement of native Austrians by Muslim immigrants.

The two choices Austrian voters had were therefore almost perfect representations of the two potential futures Austria must choose from. With that being the case it is instructive to look at the reasons why various voters cast the ballots they did.


The Religion of Negationism/Cultural-Marxism won the day.

The Guardian did a story in which they asked various Austrian voters to explain their rationale for choosing the candidate they did. I believe 8 out of 10 of those profiled in the article voted for Van der Bellen. They did so for the following reasons:

Because of… “….Hofer’s extreme views on immigration.”
Because… “The Freedom party operate with hate.”
Because…. “Victory for Norbert Hofer might have meant disruption and instability as well as irritation abroad.”
Because they want…. “…[greater] responsibility towards refugees and other marginalised people, more social justice and more income equality.”
And to give…. “signals to the less privileged that their worries are taken seriously.”

Their thoughts on the outcome included the following tidbits:

“Almost 50% of the electorate voted for the far-right candidate, something that is very worrying.”
“I’m absolutely happy with the result. Unifying, humanistic values have trumped fearmongering and divisive commentary.”


Freedom Party optimism is misplaced.

The same Guardian article from which the quotes above were taken also included the thoughts of two Hofer voters, each of whom expressed marked optimism in regard to the Federal Elections two years from now, in which the more important post of Chancellor will be elected. This mirrored the hopeful tone that many in the party- such as Heinz Christian-Strache and Norbert Hofer himself- took in their post-election loss speeches. As noted by the BBC:

Freedom Party campaign manager, Herbert Kickl, hailed Mr Hofer’s performance, saying: “There are many Norbert Hofers in the Freedom Party and we are very, very well placed for parliamentary elections.”

Nor was this confined to Preservationists in Austria:

France’s far-right National Front said: “This historic performance is certainly the precursor of future success for all patriotic movements, both in Austria and around the world.”

The unfortunate truth though is that these hopes are highly naïve. They are understandable, yes, given the historic showing the FPO earned. And yes, they did truly earn it, through extremely hard work, and having the correct positions on the issues that Austria is confronted with. The sad truth however is that the left-wing Suicidalist parties are working faster though immigration than the right-wing Preservationists could ever hope to work through electoral politics.

The New Observer lays this out in their article located here. As they explain, White voters in Austria- real, actual “Austrians”- DID vote in Hofer to the position of President. Or at least, they would have. The problem was that all of the “immigrants” and “refugees” voted against him in huge numbers. By the time the election in 2018 rolls around, there will be even more of these non-White, non-Austrian “Austrians”. Indeed the pace looks to only quicken, judging by what is going on in other Western European countries. In Germany, for example, as outlined here, the government has just begun the process of giving out permanent status to “refugees” after 3 years, meaning that the German electorate will continue getting less and less German, and more and more Muslim, at a dizzying pace.


With all this being the case, it leaves the goal for “awakened” Austrians the same: the overthrow of the corrupt traitorous government, and the expulsion of all Muslims from the country. If such a goal is to be achieved through destabilizing the corrupt left-wing governments and engaging in 4GW tactics which force such governments to act in increasingly poisonous, “anti-native” ways (thus highlighting their traitorous beliefs and removing their legitimacy), then a left-wing Bellen presidency seems to bring Austria closer to the place it needs to be for such tactics to be successful.

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  1. Dashui 2 years ago
    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Excellent article Dashui.

      I think the article points to something we have talked about before, which is that the normalization of it, and the slow and consistent march, is the worst aspect. Obviously there are the Cologne’s and terrorist attacks, and everything is there for anyone to see, but so many people just don’t take note because from one day to the next everything looks the same. It is only when you look at things in periods of 5-10 years that most people can see how radical the changes are.

      I do think things are getting better as far as awareness of White Genocide and the insanity of leftism/Cultural-Marxism, but at the same time my greatest worry is always that Western Europe just steadily becomes Muslim without things ever actually progressing into large scale 4GW in which native Europeans are FORCED to act. I don’t rationally think that will be the case (a slow capitulation and enslavement/exodus) but it is always a worry in the back of my mind.

  2. Troy Vilhelmsson 2 years ago

    Can’t disagree with anything you’ve stated here Julian. Anti-European/anti-Aryan parties in Europe have been doing for years the opposite of what Trump has been doing in the USA with his campaign, only the treacherous parties in Europe actually mean it.

    Unfortunately no part of Europe can act in isolation when it comes to taking the actions that will bring us back from the brink. If Nordfront in Sweden successfully committed an armed coup, NATO would simply send in the troops and they’d all be at The Hague after a few years incarceration in high security prisons. The entire matrix needs to break down somewhat before our militias of the future can take authority over large territory and HOLD IT PERPETUALLY.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Troy- appreciate the comment!

      Yes I think you are absolutely right about NATO. What I think we both agree on though is that it would still be highly worthwhile for them to attempt it. I certainly am not going to say they should attempt it, since I am not there trying to do so myself and hesitate to advocate things I am not able to do/that I am actively trying to do, but if they were to attempt a coup I would wholeheartedly support that. For 1) such an action would be the “right” thing to do, and 2) because it could inspire similar rebellions across the rest of Western Europe.

      I agree however that I think it will need to be in the short to moderate future, when things have fallen apart even more, and the Western European governments have lost even more legitimacy and governing ability. I would support any attempts at effecting the same now however.

  3. mario 12 months ago

    Fellow Austrian Voter here! I must admit, this was a very well written article, but there are some mistakes you made.
    In alexander van der bellens homestate, tirol, he had a very big share of voters (up to 70%) in tirol, and in many other rural countrysides, where he made a lot of advertising, the fact, that there is a muslim majority in the biggest cities of austria, like vienna, graz, linz, and salzburg, is simply not known that much. or the people on the countryside think, that these muslim immigrants are perfectly integrated society members, who just happen to veil themselves because of their religious beliefs but in all other cases are perfect little new austrians. little do they know.
    the fact, that you said, most hofer voters were austrians and most VDB voters were foreigners is in fact, untrue.
    a lot of the immigrants in the biggest citys (especially vienna) from the balkans (christian values, orthodox christians mostly) voted hofer, because they knew, that the muslims are nothing but troule. and i’m talking about a percentage of hofer voters from the balkans, higher than the percentage of the austrian voters. and most “german austrians” from the countryside, that do not know better, voted van der bellen, because, they think they can “stop hate” and make everybody happy and such.
    the social democratic party of austria has some very disturbing connections with islam groups and such, and therefor made a big effort for the (usually not interested in democrazy) muslims in austria, which already have austrian citicenships. its what made the difference. the social democratic party of austria has of course vital interest of staying in power. they are, in fact, in power since 1955. vienna is red. super red. social democratic vienna is a lie. its pure socialistic vienna. and it’s slowly changing.

    the most danger for democrazy is going to be, when there will be a muslim party. this will draw muslims to the voting cabin. (and of course some liberal cucks.)

    take care!

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Hello Mario- thanks for the comment! Such perspectives and firsthand knowledge are always highly welcome. While I am obsessed with the goings on in Europe today I am still far away and do not have the clarity folks like you on the ground do (hopefully to be remedied soon).

      It sounds like you are saying the Green party in Austria is mostly supported by naive/far left native Austrians, and the Social Democrat party has more of the lock on the Muslim population? This seems to vary country by country where in some of them the Muslims have infiltrated the Greens to a large extent, while in others they mostly vote SD. It certainly does seem to be the case that many of those voting for the left wing parties across the Occident are White people from rural areas whose ‘privilege’ (to steal a word from the liberals) has insulated them to understanding the negative effects of mass immigration on the cities. We see that same phenomenon here in America, though thankfully the rural areas provide a more K-Selected environment which tends to influence folks toward conservatism.

      Any thoughts or predictions you have for Austria’s near term and farther out future would be highly welcomed! Thanks again for the comment-



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