‘Battle’ In Greece And Muslim Vigilantism In Germany Show Rise Of Mannerbundism

‘Battle’ In Greece And Muslim Vigilantism In Germany Show Rise Of Mannerbundism
November 22, 2016 Admin

As we all learned in The Way Of Men, men forming themselves into gangs is ‘the most natural thing in the world’. It has happened across continents and across millennia as our species has explored the globe. This organic process of men forming into such separate ‘gangs’ or ‘tribes’ is the pre-cursor to warfare.

Modern Europe had largely succeeded in eliminating this phenomenon by the late 20th century, but through the religious/Progressive fanatacism of its leaders, decided to demographically transform the continent through mass-Muslim immigration. That decision has had fateful consequences, one of which is the rebirth of the Mannerbund, and the burgeoning separation of men back into aggressive, militant tribes.

This is seen in two stories today. The first is in Greece, and concerns pitched battles between the Muslim immigrants living in globalist-supplied tent cities, and the native Greeks suffering through the concomitant violence, rape, and demographic eradication.

To quote Martin van Creveld, mass immigration is just warfare through other means, and it is interesting that these tent cities are nearly identical to the ones that troops have been housed in for over a 100 years. Certainly it seems that the local Greeks view the tent-cities’ inhabitants as just such a threat.

To get the story from two different perspectives, I will quote both The New Observer Online and Al-Jazeera below. Much thanks for those you who notified me about this story.

From The New Observer Online:


Hundreds of nonwhite invaders have fled their camp on the island of Chios after Greek patriots carried out a devastating retaliatory counterattack with Molotov cocktails and rocks.

The invaders initiated the conflict by stealing fireworks from a local store and firing them into the Greek residential area the previous evening.


The attack followed another violent incident the previous night, according to police. That clash started after invaders from the camp broke into a nearby store and stole hundreds of euros worth of fireworks.

These fireworks were then fired at Greek locals from inside the camp, provoking the locals to retaliate. Riot police were called out and 37 invaders were arrested, including three Algerians and a 40-year-old claiming to be an Iraqi.

From Al-Jazeera:


Thursday’s attack followed another violent incident the previous night.

According to the police, refugees allegedly broke into a nearby fireworks store on Wednesday, and then let off fireworks from inside the camp into the surrounding area. Riot police arrived at the scene and detained 37 refugees following clashes. Four were eventually arrested.

But volunteer sources told Al Jazeera that the refugees launched the fireworks only after massive stones were thrown into the camp from the nearby ruins by suspected far-right individuals.

“After the intervention of riot police, all hell broke loose – women and children were in a panic trying to find a place to hide,” Marios, a 23-year-old Chios-based solidarity worker, told Al Jazeera.

“Later, a group of locally well-known far-right individuals was waiting outside the camp and hurled abuse towards the detained refugees, and some of them physically attacked them.”

Aid workers also told Al Jazeera that they believed members of a far-right group were responsible for at least parts of the violence in Souda.


According to UNHCR, there are roughly 2,000 refugees currently stuck in Chios – 60 percent Syrians, 20 percent Iraqis, 10 percent North Africans and 10 percent other nationalities.

The overcrowding, coupled with poor living conditions and severe delays in the processing of asylum claims, has resulted in growing tensions and uncertainty, exacerbated by a series of Balkan border closures and the controversial EU-Turkey deal in March aimed at stopping the flow of refugees into Europe.

“These people have been stranded on this island for six months, and they have no hope,” Whelan said.

“So there is already frustration, there is already tension, destitution and sadness – and now, in addition, they are faced with Molotov cocktails, rocks and hatred.”

It is an interesting story because I think it shows the all-around suffering that has been caused by these idiot elites in Europe and their corporate paymasters. These Progressives thought they were acting like a ‘humanitarian superpower’- to quote the phrase Sweden loves to bestow upon itself- but really all they have done is caused mass suffering on both sides.

The suffering those immigrants are inflicting upon the native Europeans far outweighs the discomfort of tent living though, and that violence- and the overall anarchy mass-immigration has catalyzed- are quickly causing both sides to coalesce into ‘gangs of men’.

We see that in the next story, from Germany, where the German government has ruled that “Sharia Patrols” are legal.

From Breitbart:


A German court has thrown out a case against a group of extremist Salafist ‘sharia police,’ for the second time, claiming they have not broken the law.

The vigilantes were led by convert Sven Lau who is simultaneously on trial for backing “a terrorist group” fighting in Syria.

Mr. Lau and six accomplices took to the streets of the western city of Wuppertal in 2014, telling people not to drink, listen to music, attend nightclubs, or gamble.

However, prosecutors have said they are struggling to build a case against them.

The case centres on the claim the men breached a ban on political uniforms after they donned orange vests bearing the words “sharia police.”

The law was originally brought in to criminalise organised Neo-Nazi and Brown Shirt patrols in Germany.

According to the judges, however, the Islamic patrol was not illegal because the uniforms were not “suggestively militant” and did not have an “intimidating effect,” Die Welt reports.

The same court threw out the same case last year, but was overruled on appeal by a higher court, which agreed with prosecutors that the ban on uniforms could be applied in this case.

Monday’s verdict is not yet final and could still be appealed.

Germany has seen a spate of organised sharia patrols, with witnesses claiming an Islamic State-linked sharia police unit had formed in the northern city of Hamburg in August of this year.

Earlier in the year, a number of bars in Denmark reported repeated harassment by sharia patrols.

They claimed certain areas of the capital, Copenhagen, had become “sharia zones” with property vandalised and abuse shouted at government ministers.

In London, “Muslim patrols” or “modesty patrols,” linked to Anjem Choudary’s now banned terrorist group Al-Muhajiroun, walked the streets from 2013 to 2014.

They targeted people drinking alcohol, couples holding hands, women they considered to be dressed immodestly, and harassed men they perceived as being gay.

Three patrol members were convicted and sentenced in December 2013, pleading guilty to charges including assault and using threatening words and behaviour.


I can think of few things bound to provoke war in Europe faster than allowing Muslim immigrants to carry out ‘Sharia Patrols’.

Those young groups of Muslim men going on such patrols are a prime examples of Mannerbundism, and how it crosses all cultural and religious bounds.

We do not know who the fighters in Greece were who bombarded the Muslim tent city with rocks and fireworks, but if history is any guide there is a 99% chance it was also young men.

As always, Europe’s greatest danger seems to be time. For within the not too distant future, there will be far more Mannerbund-age Muslims than native Europeans.


Editor’s Note: No word if Angela Merkel will make such Sharia Patrols a proud component of her newly announced campaign for a 4th term as Chancellor. Hopefully a native-German Mannerbund will rise up to prevent such an outcome however.

Also: The below video is an RT-news story from 2014 on Sharia Patrols in Germany.

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  1. DaShui 1 year ago

    I hear u made hell of a speech at me forum!

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey, yes, thank you for saying so. I was going to mention it on the site but was waiting to see CC or MW mention the forum first. Did you hear about it in that podcast the two of them did on it? The event itself was extremely cool. Hadn’t known what to expect meeting so many people in real life, but they were all mostly young kids (18-32 mostly), it reminded me (in a good way) of a Evangelical or Mormon Church Youth Group meeting. All very good looking, northern European-seeming, well-spoken, intelligent, conservatively dressed folks. Lots of gals included.

      It was great getting to give a speech too- I think I am actually going to join Toastmasters just for the sake of improving my speaking ability too, just because it is a skill that I want to build up more.. add to my ‘skill stack’ as Scott Adams says 🙂

  2. DaShui 1 year ago


    Why are there Bangladeshis in Italy,? Seems they should be Arabs.

  3. XR TR 1 year ago

    I think something horrible will happen in one of these islands(Chios.Lesvos) in the coming time.I have lived in another island in the aegean.I knew guys that had uzis and kalashnikovs,and every house has atleast a hunting rifle.At new years eve,i can hear the machinegun fire from my home.If the greeks get too mad,there might be a shooting there.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey XR, thanks for the comment-

      Are you a regular reader of the site or did you just stumble on this article?

      I did not know that greeks on those islands had such a strong gun culture. I agree completely that those are the folks most likely to ‘get the war started’ so to speak. Sounds similar to my understanding of Corsicans, and as we have highlighted on this site the Corsicans seem to be at the tip of the spear re aggressive opposition to Islamization/multiculturalism.

      • XR TR 1 year ago

        Im a regular reader of this site for about a year.This site contributed into red-pilling me,so thanks for that. This site is a glimmer of hope.PS this is a video from crete,the strongest example of gun culture in greece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBcwOEXJeJo

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Lol that is a great video. Interesting in that it reminded me not just of the Corsicans but also of Yemenis. Must be something with these sea-dwelling folks where its warm. Then again I grew up way up in the mountains in America and the gun culture was the same.

          But yeah very good, pleased to hear you are a long term reader. Thanks for commenting and please share your two cents all you can! Also if you ever want to share your overall red-pilling process that is great too as it is a topic I am writing about in my next book.


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