BBC Scum Sink To New Low

BBC Scum Sink To New Low
May 11, 2017 Admin

The BBC has made a three part dramatic mini-series about three young girls who were groomed and then gang-raped/trafficked in Rochedale.

First Breitbart‘s take on it:


The BBC has made a drama about girls affected by Muslim rape gangs – with no mention of Islam in press releases or the trailer, the writer claiming “there was no religious basis for this”.

Three Girls, which will be aired 16 May on BBC One, tells the story of three children from Rochdale targeted by a gang of Pakistani and Afghani origin Muslims between 2005 and 2008.

The case resulted in the 2012 conviction of the nine men for serious sexual offences, including rape and human trafficking, inflicted on girls as young as 13.

“The drama will look at the way in which these girls were groomed, how they were ignored by the authorities directly responsible for protecting them, and how they eventually made themselves heard,” the BBC explained in a statement.

Speaking to The Guardian, the series writer Nicole Taylor, insisted: “There was no religious basis for this, but a wider discussion about why this was, and is, a distinct pattern would be welcome.”

She said she “didn’t want to give these people [the English Defence League] an opportunity”, by telling the story, adding: “But that’s not a reason to do the drama.”

However, sentencing the men at the time, Judge Gerald Clifton bluntly disagreed, clearly stating that religion was a factor in the case and part of what motivated the men to treat the girls as they did.

He said the men treated the girls “as though they were worthless and beyond respect”.

“One of the factors leading to that was the fact that they were not part of your community or religion.”

The BBC insisted they had done extensive research and worked with victims to tell the true story as accurately as possible.

Charlotte Moore, the Controller of BBC TV Channels and iPlayer, commented: “BBC One has the ability to tell challenging and timely stories of national significance.

“The team behind the award-winning Five Daughters have spent three years talking to the girls, unravelling the shocking scale of abuse, the horror of what they’ve been through and the enormous courage it’s taken for them to speak out.”

Writer Ms. Taylor added: “Whatever I thought I knew about what had happened in Rochdale, I knew nothing until I met the girls and their families.

“Listening to them was the beginning of understanding – not just of the terrible suffering they experienced, but of the courage it took to persist and persist over years, in telling authorities who didn’t want to know, and ultimately participate in the court proceedings that brought justice.”



Let’s take another look at that quote from one of the writers/producers:

[We] “didn’t want to give these people [the English Defence League] an opportunity”

That statement right there is a perfect summation of the abject insanity and evil within the BBC.

While these girls- and hundreds of thousands just like them if we look at the current estimates across all of the UK– were being viciously gang-raped, trafficked, sexually enslaved, tortured (tongues nailed to coffee tables, doused in petrol, etc) the English Defence League (and the BNP) were LITERALLY the only people talking about it and trying to stop it.

And not only that- it was the BBC themselves who were denying it was occurring, calling the EDL and the BNP racist for suggesting it, sweeping every ill committed by Muslims under the carpet, and facilitating the environment in which these horrors occurred, and STILL ARE OCCURING, as reports indicate this epidemic continues unabated today.

The Show

I have obviously only seen the trailer for the show itself that is embedded below, but in watching it- and in reading articles on the mini-series on BBC news and a couple other places, it looks like the writers and producers are engaged in a complete re-telling of history, in which these girls were victims of ‘misogyny’ and that it was the evil police who wouldn’t believe them who were the true villains.

As the Breitbart article from above explains, there is not a single attempt to connect these heinous crimes to Islam, despite the fact that it has been proven time and time again to be the chief motive/catalyst.

Complicity And Evil

As the UK government themselves showed- in the report they were forced to conduct despite all mainstream politicians willfully ignoring these evils- the biggest contributing factor to the massive nature of these rape gangs- which were 100% made up of Muslim men who purposefully targeted White, non-Muslim children- was that all of those who knew about it- social workers, police, etc- did not speak up because of fear of losing their jobs and being labelled ‘Islamophobic’.

There is no institution in the UK that has done more to make regular people afraid of such allegations, no institution that has done more to intellectually justify mass-Muslim immigration, the mass-rape and enslavement of native white British children, and the destruction of the UK by Progressivism and Islam- than the BBC.

Rather than making Potemkin village revisionist history programs about horrific crimes they themselves were complicit in, the BBC’s editors and writers should be on trial themselves for their role in these horrors.




Note: I am embedding the trailer for the program below. Below that is a video on Tommy Robinson’s current harassment by UK authorities that Steve linked to recently that is definitely worth watching.

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  1. RichardJames 8 months ago

    Excellent article Julian. Thankyou for writing this and exposing the devious corrupt BBC and this so called writer woman.
    When I heard they were planning this a while ago, on a radio programme R4, I knew it would be twisted.
    Many thanks.

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Thank you Richard I appreciate that.

      It is indeed sickening. Its like the Turkish government commissioning a film on the Armenian genocide or something for God’s sake…

  2. SteveRogers42 8 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Your link just sent me on an hour long rabbit hole of research lol. That is VERY interesting stuff. I think I might do a post about it. VERY interesting…

  3. jrackell 8 months ago

    Julian, here is a great review by Morgoth of the series. 180 degrees different from yours, which you will find interesting.

    Here’s the money-quote:

    On social media a common criticism of Three Girls came from the Alt-Lite, Civic Nationalist, Counter Jihad camps because Islam was never mentioned at all. But this is just a sign of their own cowardice, what was frequently mentioned was race and ethnicity, but they’re afraid to mention that, their anger needs to be mandated by them rolling out their fave collection of violent passages from the Koran yet again. These ‘Pakis’ are not devout Muslims raping for Allah, they’re a coke snorting , vodka swilling hostile racial group degrading and destroying the females of ”The Other”.

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Hey jrackell thanks for linking that to that, just read the entire thing and all the comments as well.

      I am a big fan of Morgoth’s but had not seen it.

      I also hadn’t and still haven’t seen the series itself, so my article was more on just the sickening temerity of the BBC making such a drama in the first place when the BBC- in my mind- shares immense culpability for what happened, in that they helped create the system where folks were afraid to speak out for fear of being called racist, helped to push for mass immigration of Muslims, and demonized the BNP and the EDL which were the ONLY groups speaking out about this.

      If the series really does tell it just as it is- paint an accurate picture- and allow viewers to understand the whole 360* of the situation and hopefully even the liberal complicity, then that is a) stunning, and b) kind of hard to know what to think about.

      I was going to compare it to the possibility of CNN making an accurate and compelling documentary on black on white crime in America or illegal immigration or something, but honestly the contradiction is even far beyond that. The UK grooming epidemic is arguably THE greatest evil done by modern leftism and the BBC is one of THE most foremost organizations within modern leftism, so its hard to know what to think. I guess if it red-pills people and makes them understand the evil of mass immigration and the evils of progressive anti-white thinking that is good.

      I definitely agree with Morgoth on the Counter-Jihad types. While I do think Muslims are more LIKELY to do something like this, there are plenty non-Muslim blacks and other groups doing or similarly horrible things in Europe (and in the US), and we should strive for ethnic homelands in Europe that don’t have any of them.

      I guess if I were to synthesize my thinking it is this: the Muslim men who did this are of course culpable, but if they are the equivalent of a pitbull that rips apart some beautiful 3 year old child, then the BBC and their compatriots are the equivalent of the drunken thug that owns that pitbull, taught it to be vicious and angry, and then let it alone with a 3 year old child despite it being obvious what would happen. Perhaps not the best analogy, but it sort of explains my mindset on the subject.

      Thanks again for linking to it.

      What are your thoughts on the whole situation?

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