Best Political Ad To Save A Dying Country?

Best Political Ad To Save A Dying Country?
February 12, 2017 Admin

The Sweden Democrats have released a new ad. I have embedded it below.

The gentleman walking around throughout it and narrating it is Jimmie Åkeson. He is the leader of the Sweden Democrats and is 37 years old.

Jimmie Åkeson and his fellows have sacrificed far, far more than I have in the battle for Europe’s future. With that said though, I think their ads could be a little bit better. Its not a bad commercial aesthetically. Its well-filmed, professional, and articulate. However, its not overly persuasive, and seems to suffer from a massive reluctance to actually name Sweden’s problem. It indeed seems to bend over backwards to appear ‘just like any other’ campaign ad.

Compare it to Donald Trump’s final campaign video, which can be seen below:

Obviously the ads are from two different countries with substantially different problems, but Trump’s ad is masculine, direct, and pulls no punches. I find it far more persuasive than the SD one.

Viewers will also notice that the SD ad includes a few politically-correct tropes that aren’t really accurate and seem forced or obligatory. Trump didn’t feel the need to make such statements in his ad just to be politically correct however, and I see no reason why the SD’s should have either.

With that being the case, it makes me wonder what a Donald Trump ad would look like were he running for office in Sweden?

It seems to me that the most effective political ads are either 1) catchy or filled with ‘persuasion’, and thus meme-like in their ability stick with folks, 2) fear-inducing, like the infamous ‘Daisy’ ad that derailed Goldwater’s campaign back in the 60’s, or 3) moving, in terms of precipitating emotion.

This is really an issue of tremendous importance. With such ads one could say that the Sweden Democrats are basically attempting to ‘red-pill’ their brainwashed countrymen, and as always, how to most effectively accomplish such red-pilling is the prime question. The internet and Identitarian media is the capitalistic, meritocratic ‘meme-market’ where the most persuasive red-pills inexorably rise to the top. I hope that in this year of crucially important European elections, those parties who seek to prevent Europe’s destruction take a page from our resident Persuasion experts like M. Bismarck and M. Murdoch, as well as Donald Trump’s campaign. Even if the elections in Europe this year can’t help things on their own, every such person that is awoken is another person on our side for when things really hit the fan.

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    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Lol that is classic.

      I might have to keep that on file to show some of the yuppies near where I live. There’s this little ski resort town up in the mountains about an hour and a half away from here and I swear to God one out of every three cars has that sticker on it- the ‘coexist’ one. All Jeeps and Subaru Foresters of course too.. bunch of filthy self-obsessed baby-boomer liberals the lot of them 🙂 All moved to an all-white town in the Rocky Mountains with zero crime and then lecture the few remaining locals about their ‘racism’ and ‘bigotry’. This story would do them good I think.

  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 10 months ago

    Weak words on the eve of war.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      And this is the ‘Nazi’ party according to most Swedes… can you believe it?

  2. Rick 10 months ago

    I think both of these ads are effective by provoking emotional responses but with different approaches.
    I would say the SD ad plays to fear and a sense of loss, and this is probably more relatable to the average Swede, who wants to see him/herself as good hearted but practical.
    The Trumpian piece plays more toward the natural aggression and desire to fight back that is inherent in American culture.
    The Walt Bismarck video is an instant classic, and brings to mind the unity between the Alt Right & Alt Light, that existed prior to the election.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      You make excellent points as usual Rick. One does have to meet people where they are I suppose. It does seem like the brainwashing among Americans is a little more skin deep. I think you can take a ‘moderate Kentuckian’ and turn them into a raging nationalist quicker than you can a comparable Swede.

      To piggyback on your last point, the Bismarck video is interesting at this point for combing a variety of figures who might not always ‘go together’ now. That fits my thinking more actually though. I think in 100 years people will back at our ‘movement’ as one common bloc, encompassing figures as disparate as Milo and Richard Spencer, Jack Donovan and Vox Day, Tomi Lahren and Greg Johnson (and I absolutely do think this ‘movement’ or ‘phenomenon’ will be in the history books). I think that some of these ‘feuds’ that seem to rest on valid issues or logical divisions now will just strike folks then as weird, sort of like reading about Tolkien disliking one of the other inklings, or two Confederate Generals that couldn’t stop butting heads.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Dashui I can’t open it as I don’t have facebook… Googled the Stacy Dooley gal though and imagine it must be a video of her returning to Luton and encountering the new reality of life in Britain.

      • Author
        Admin 10 months ago

        Lol nevermind I just got it. That was classic wasn’t it. Goofy broad is lucky they didn’t gang-rape and crucify her right there if you ask me.

  3. SteveRogers42 10 months ago

    The Swedes have their work cut out for them, (as do we all).

    The role of feminism in this whole debacle cannot be overstated.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Lol yes. And you know those women are all the types to throw some massive stink if a male colleague looks at them funny or tries to hold the door open for them too 🙂

      • SteveRogers42 10 months ago

        I think it’ll all work out OK if the women just stay inside.

        But after awhile that will just lead to home invasion rapes as the enemygrants put the John Dillinger dictum into practice:

        “Why do you rob banks?”

        “That’s where the money is.”

        • Author
          Admin 10 months ago

          Very true. Its tempting to think that might finally wake the Swede’s up, but that excerpt Meet The Chechnyans I published on here would seem to suggest otherwise. Still took the Russians 5-10 years to learn better even once the Muslims started pulling them out of their homes and killing/raping/torturing them.

  4. Philip 10 months ago

    I am beginning to wonder if ‘Viking’ warrior is nothing other than a Hollywood creation and some anti-pagan propaganda by the early Christian Church. To most outsiders looking in it appears to be a country run by feminists and eunuchs. According to recent opinion polls despite the country’s travails the Swedish Democrats have not increased their percentage of potential voters. In fact the only party to increase in percentage terms its popularity was some pro more immigration party which was at 12%. The Swedish voter must be confused when the ‘far right Nazi party’ according to the Lugenpresse is indivisible from the average Liberal party in other parts of Europe. I say this having listen to a Swedish Democrat representative on BBC radio. To quote the current alt-right vernacular he was a cuck and snowflake, he offered no resolution to the problems just we cannot take any more refugees, nothing at all about deporting huge numbers of them and bringing in martial law which should be the minimum starting point. I know because of your antecedents Julian you hope for better but it truly is a country beyond saving as the population doesn’t wish to save themselves. Lemmings jumping off a cliff come to mind. Swedish extinction will come quickly.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Very good points Philip I cannot dispute them. I still retain hope though. Human beings are highly malleable creatures and I think every single one has a stone cold killer inside them somewhere. The Swedes are practically the same genetically as their neighbors across the Baltic in Poland and Russia, so with the proper stimuli I think they can eventually demonstrate a similar fortitude.

      And in the case of the SD’s in particular, one has to look at the context too. While it is is for me to call for more ‘hardcore’ talk and solutions from across the Atlantic in Trump’s America, the Sweden Democrat politicians just saying ‘no more immigration’ has TREMENDOUS consequences for them socially. All those folks are foregoing a chance at regular employment ever again, probably getting bugged by the ruling government, etc. We’ve seen in Germany what can happen just from supporting an anti-immigration party. Things may actually be better than they seem.

      Then again my wife always tells me I am the world’s foremost optimist…

  5. SteveRogers42 10 months ago

    Maybe the Sweden Democrats could try this one:

  6. SteveRogers42 10 months ago
  7. SteveRogers42 9 months ago
  8. SteveRogers42 9 months ago

    Hey, if there are any Vikings left, here’s an idea that the immivaders are making good use of: “hand grenades are classed as “explosive products — not weapons. Therefore it is not considered arms smuggling to bring hand grenades into Sweden”. I’m sure they will close that loophole soon, but until then…

    Is that a country, or what? No guns allowed, but grenades are A-OK! Wonder what else is considered “fireworks”?


    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      The hand grenade epidemic is indeed symbolic of the modern Swedish situation isn’t it? Very evocative of Palestine and the Intifada too.

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