Best Websites And Resources For Preservationist Patriots

Best Websites And Resources For Preservationist Patriots
May 10, 2017 Admin

Greetings Brothers-

In commenting back and forth with Steve I had the idea to add more posts to the ‘Favorite Posts’ bar on the right side of the home page, to showcase some more of the pages on this site folks seem to derive value from.

In addition to that I just got an email from a smart young Preservationist named Joe asking for advice on other good websites focused on the situation in Europe/Identitarianism, etc.

As a result I was inspired to do an entire post listing out such sites, as well as other online resources, that I will then add to that right side-bar as a sort of permanent ‘work in progress’ resource for the site.

I’m always amazed at the excellent content folks link to in the comment sections here, so if you are reading this and know of good sites that I am missing please note them in a comment. Same with any really good specific articles, other online resources, etc.

I have broken down the list by topic, as you can see below.





Counter-Currents – my favorite site within our movement and the one I submit the vast majority of my articles to. Very well-thought out, intellectual, very deliberate, to use my favorite word.

Atlantic Centurion – Lawrence Murray, in my opinion the best Identitarian author out there currently.Defend Europe 4

Red Ice Radio – primarily videos, current events, the CNN of Identitarianism and European news.  You can also catch them on Youtube, or watch their interview with me from last year.

VDARE – Peter Brimelow and company. Most professionally done Identitarian site in my opinion.

Amren– an institution. You wouldn’t think they would do too many stories on Europe but they actually do. I will be speaking at their next conference this July. Would love to see some readers of this site there.

The Golden One – Marcus Fallon. We profiled him here.


Right-Wing politics in general

Breitbart – best mainstream site for honest news about Europe.

Anonymous Conservative – nom de guerre of specific conservative author. We interviewed him last year. Populizer of r/K-Selection Theory. Very smart guy(!).

Vox Popoli – Vox Day is ridiculously prolific and seems to have blogging down to an art and science more than anyone I can think of. Also has the uncanny ability to come off as moderate while saying things that would normally be considered extreme. I am trying to learn the same skill.

Blonde In The Belly Of The Beast – has good videos on the psychology of Millenials and the interplay between that and our politics/Identitarianism/current events. Will be quoting her a couple times in my next book.

Les Brigandes – If you have never heard of them, check out our interview or my favorite song of theirs, The Jacobin Lodge (also embedded it at the bottom of this post).


Situation in Europe

Gates of Vienna – the prototypical ‘counterjihad’ website. Very high quality stuff, very well done. No criticisms they just don’t approach the situation in Europe from an Identitarian perspective but focus on Islam specifically. Still very valuable and worth reading.germany-1

Fria Tider – Swedish site. Folks who run it are or were affiliated with Sweden Democrats in some capacity or another. You have to use google translate to read it but it has by far the best on the ground news from Europe.

Western Spring – Excellent stuff. Please check out this in-depth article/interview we did on them with Richard, very much worth reading.


Other Stuff

Writer’s Harbor – this is the site of Francis Meyrick, good friend of ECW. He is writing an ongoing novel about the war in Europe, which we profiled here.

Wall Street Playboys – could go under masculinity, or economics. This is a good making money/financial literacy site for younger guys (age 18-35) who want an un-PC, red pill take on self-improvement and money/women/etc.

gandalf 2

Nxx14 Portal – Amazing portal by our friend Nxx. Very well put-together, links to tons of good sites plus an awesome ‘armory’ of quotes, memes, etc. Site seems to get a lot of traffic (I get a number of visitors coming over from it every day). Its all done by algorithms so it updates automatically and always has brand new content from all sorts of different sites.



Jack Donovan – The Way Of Men will still be read in 2500 a.d. in my opinion.

Art of Manliness – I don’t go here that often anymore but the site had a tremendous impact on me and is superb.

Chateau Heartiste – Unique focus I haven’t seen anywhere else.

The Pressure Project – I used to listen to MC and White Boy Pat a TON and learned an immense amount from them.

Didact’s Reach – putting him here but he could go anywhere really. I interviewed The Didact last year. Very impressive fellow. Excellent writer. Unique insights.

Danger And Play – Mike Cernovich. Although he now posts more on Medium if I understand right.


Geopolitics and Economics (combining these two) Defend Europe 1

TraditionalRight – home of William S. Lind. SUPERB. I have written articles for them in the past and hope to write more in the future.

Zero Hedge – my current online ‘obsession’ that I spend the most time on.

Rich Dad Radio – Superb. Any young men reading this who want to build wealth MUST read and listen to Robert Kiyosaki. Original book is Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Life changing in every way.

Capitalist Exploits – excellent. I referenced the author’s statements on Europe just the other day.


Fake News (to find out what the bug-people are thinking)

Huffington Postur-Western Suicidalism and cat-ladyism. Berlin 4

The Guardian – same but for Europe. Once in awhile they surprise you though.

The Telegraph – just as bad as the Guardian. Used to read. Can’t stomach any longer. Also went to a subscription model so you can’t read 80% of the articles.

The Local – Bonnier central. English language news in Western Europe. Different editions for each country.



Note: This is a very impressive list and only makes up a fraction of all the good Identitarian/Preservationist stuff out there. With that said, I think the one thing all of us can do daily is attempt to create/support/facilitate/build more Preservationist media, art, and platforms. I think we gotta do other stuff too like connect and built IRL infrastructure, prepare for the bad times, etc… but I think creating an Alternative Media that is more powerful than the mainstream globalist media is of CRUCIAL importance.




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  1. shadowman 8 months ago

    Hi. I have a number of **must-read** sites on Islam (which is my area of expertise, having studied it (informally but in-depth) for the last 15 years or so. – A *gold-mine* of information about Islam on an easy-to-read page.
    One of the top sites for newbies to learn the TRUTH about Islam.

    “Modern day Trojan horse” –
    An outstanding review of the book “Modern Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration”.
    This page is an in-depth look at the Islamic doctrine of “hijra” – migration (invasion) that we see in action right now in Europe, the UK and elsewhere. This page shows why it is so STUPID for Europeans to be as foolish and naive as they are about this issue. – Another info-packed site about Islam.

    “Answers to objections when you talk about Islam” –
    This site is a great resource for heading off the standard, predictable questions when you talk about Islam.

    “Everything you wanted to know about Islam (but were too PC to ask) –
    An outstanding site with countless indexed links to information on Islam.

    Master list of concessions to Islam –
    A chilling site showing how much ground the West has already ceded to Islam.

    “Inquiry into Islam” –
    A site that takes a softly-softly approach to newbies wanting to know about Islam.

    “Statistical Islam” –
    A must-read site. Has proof that Islam is an ideology and that a huge amount of the Islamic texts are about US, not Muslims.

    “The religion of peace” –
    Needs little introduction! Good to see that this page refers to Islam as an “ideology” (which is exactly what it is).

    “How strong is the Arab claim to “Palestine” ?”
    Not strong at all, as very well shown by this site. Not about Islam as such but about this ongoing Islamic issue.

    “Palestinian” myths –
    Another good site on the “Palestinian” issue.

    • ProLepanto 8 months ago

      I would hope “informally”, otherwise you would have done so in a madrasa.

      Joking aside, a fine collection, thanks for posting them.

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Excellent list in indeed Shadowman- thanks for adding those!

      What are your thoughts on Robert Spencer? I have never read anything of his but I see his books pop up as suggested titles for me on my Kindle all the time. He seems to be the quintessential ‘Counter-jihadi’. Have you read anything by him?

      It is indeed insane the extent to which we in the West are absolutely and completely going along with the Muslims’ plans. They have learned to take advantage of our emotions (well, not us, but most people) so well now its incredible. They play us like fiddles man…. I can only imagine what the history books are gonna say in 200 years.

      • shadowman 8 months ago

        Hi again –
        Robert Spencer is *outstanding!* His knowledge of Islam is encyclopaedic, it really is. Yes, I’ve read a book by him called “The Politically-Incorrect guide to Islam and the Crusades”. Very good it is too! Spencer knows more about Islam than almost any Muslim in the world. He can quote Koran verses off-the-cuff and I don’t know of any Muslim who is brave enough (or foolish enough) to debate with him.

        You are absolutely right in the way that Muslims play us like fiddles. I have often thought – people laugh at the legend of the “Trojan Horse” but people today are actually *more* stupid than they were in those days. In those days, stupidity got you killed. Nowadays, you can be stupid and you’ll still survive.

        • Author
          Admin 8 months ago

          For awhile, at least 🙂

  2. shadowman 8 months ago

    Whoops – I forgot about this one. This part of WikiIslam is *awesome* in helping to demolish the “official Islam” that the idiotic MSM feed the naive masses –

    – shadowman

  3. dashui 8 months ago

    What’s up with this alleged plot by two German soldiers to do a false flag?

    • shadowman 8 months ago

      I hadn’t heard of that! Interesting…….

      It’s a real pity that they didn’t have a go at Merkel. Anyway – I hope that this may be a sign that there is deep dissatisfaction brewing in the German military (and hopefully others too).

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Very interesting Dashui. I was only just reading about it.

      I don’t totally understand the false flag part of it or whatever they were talking about about blaming migrants. Who knows though. Tough to know what to think in these situations because it could all be blown out of proportion or could all be lies from the Merkel government anyway.

      I would be surprised if the are aren’t some warm blooded guys in the army who realize what’s going on and are desperate to fight back.

      Will be very interesting to see how things progress in Germany over the rest of the year…

  4. Sven Longshanks 8 months ago

    We cover all of that here, from both British and American perspective:

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Mr. Longshanks-

      Thanks for adding the link! Glad you stumbled across our site.

  5. Rick 8 months ago

    Is there an aggregator site like Drudge but for identitarian or alt right sites?

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Hey Rick-

      That’s what that ‘Alt Right Portal’ website I mentioned is- its very similar to Drudge.

      It even gives the stats for how many viewers all the biggest sites and other stuff like that. Its extremely cool.

  6. shadowman 8 months ago

    Another good site here – “Discover the networks” –

    This subpage of that site gives an excellent overview of the left –
    “Defining and understanding the left” –

    As well as those pages, I encourage people to read up on “cultural Marxism” and people like Antonio Gramsci and Rudi Dutschke. Dutschke is the source of the “long march through the institutions” slogan –

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      Another good point. The ‘long march’ cannot be overstated in importance. The left absolutely rules the entire college system now. Its scary. Especially considering the racket they are a part of with the left wing politicians who guarantee the student loans, which basically just throws money at the colleges. Totally crazy.

  7. Nxx 8 months ago

    Thanks for the shout out! I’ve been pressed for time lately so I haven’t been able to keep the blog and meme collection up to date- they’re waiting on my next round of free time coming up July.

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      For sure Nxx- I hope you are well!

      Any time you get a chance please reach out, would love to know your thoughts on things and find out what interesting/productive things you’re up to!

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      HA! I actually beat you to an article for once Dashui 🙂 Just posted thoughts on it!

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