Book Of Essays To Be Released Soon

Book Of Essays To Be Released Soon
May 16, 2017 Admin

I have mentioned my coming book of essays several times on the site, and wanted to formally announce that it will soon be getting released.

The cover is completed and can be seen below:

early version ebook cover saved off net












I still need to format the actual manuscript aspect of the book from word into ebook format but as soon as that is complete it will go online!

It will be available at Amazon, as an ebook and in print, as well as in ebook form on a variety of other platforms like Nook and Kobo.

It will be free in the ebook form because the main purpose of it is to bring awareness of the situation in Europe.

It does not contain any new essays so regular readers of this site will likely have read most of the ones in it already, but I am hopeful it will be a good ‘medium red pill’ that will serve to take individuals who are somewhat or moderately cognizant of the situation in Europe and fully awaken them to a complete understanding of the horrors and implications at play.

The essays and sections contained within it are as follows:


Part I: Reality

“Just How Bad Are Sweden’s Demographics?”

“Spotlights In Heroism: Eric Zemmour On The Horror Of The Coming Civil War”

“Gathering Storms: A Review Of Guillaume Faye’s ‘The Colonisation Of Europe’”

“How The War Could Begin”

“Taking Back The Truth: A Review Of Hasta La Vista Europe”


Part II: Commentary

“Why Today’s Turbulence Is Different Than The 1960’s”

“Mormons And Jihadi’s: Parallel Revolts Against The Modern World”

“Identitarians In The Sandbox”

“Anarcho-Tyranny And The Logistical Class”

“Ginny Weasley In Rotherham, Dementors And Police Officers”

“Predictions For The Coming Year”


Part III: Resistance

“Violence And Vangaurdism”

“4th Generation Warfare And White Preservationism”

“Ten Everyday Things You Can Do To Help The War In Europe”

“The ‘One Thing’ That Will Save Europe’

“Mindset And Reconquest: A Review Of MAGA Mindset: Making YOU And America Great Again”

“Sisu, Eucatastrophe, And The Future Of Europe”


This will be my second book I will have released, and will be followed sometime soon by my third one: ‘Identity Rising: How Nationalist Millenials Will Re-Take Europe, Save America, And Become The New ‘Greatest Generation’.



Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity is still doing well and is up to 40 reviews on Amazon. I wanted to very heartily thank all of you who have reviewed it online, linked to it, and otherwise helped it succeed!

If anyone would like to write a review of it I would be honored to send you a signed copy of the print edition for doing so.

Or, if you already have written a review and would like a copy that is cool too 🙂 OR if you bought it early on and got the ‘glossy’ version, please know I have switched to the ‘matte’ version now, which I feel is much nicer. If you already bought it but would like a matte version just let me know too 🙂

Deus Vult my friends!






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  1. Rick 8 months ago

    That’s awesome Julian, are you including readers comments? I think it would be interesting and a time capsule of sorts to see the comments that reply to historic events and/or see how they change as the situation deteriorates

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago

      That is a fantastic idea… I had not thought of that at all..

      I am eager to get this one out there so I don’t know if I will have time, but that is an excellent concept for another book. Maybe have something called ‘Observations On The West’s Decline’, or ‘Stories Of Red-Pilling’ or something like that, and include a combination of comments from this site, quotes from other writers, quotes from nutjob progressive politicians in Europe, etc.

      I want to publish a bunch of books in the next year or two actually. I am thinking of doing some other political ones and then I want to do some business/self-improvement ones as well (possibly via a different name).

      I think not just with this site but across our movement as a whole there is just vast untapped potential for books and other creative endeavors. Once I am wealthier and can hire people to help me out I would love to just put out massive amounts of content. The biggest barrier is just the logistical side. However Amazon makes such content monetizable at least so that helps out immensely. I couldn’t imagine trying to wage metapolitical warfare in pre internet days. But I guess there were advantages then too..

      Keep shooting me any other ideas you have Rick.

  2. Rick 8 months ago

    I definitely will Julian, I’m actually working on a book myself working title is: A Powerlifters Guide to Business, so if you have any tips I’m all ears!

    • Author
      Admin 8 months ago


      Glad to hear you are doing that Rick- that is absolutely fantastic.

      If I remember right you are quite the businessman already, so I would just apply that skillset and knowledge base to it.

      Figure out what the best practices are for the industry, find the top 2-3 podcasts on self-publishing and learn everything you can.

      The cover and the formatting are the two primary costs dollars wise. I am still navigating all that, but on fiverr there are a lot of talented but low cost folks. Or the next step up from that are people with their own websites you can find through googling ‘cover design service’ or whatever, which is more like 700-800$ for ebook plus print cover design and formatting. All depends on what you want to spend but the cover is crucial. Formatting is an art form itself and once you start learning about it you’ll notice it way more in ebooks.

      As far as the actual writing I always like to outline first. It just saves time and allows for greater clarity. I also keep separate files of quotes along with their source, for easy access when inserting into the book.

      The disruption of the publishing industry through ebooks has shifted the average length dramatically and I think 200-300 page non-fiction books actually do WORSE now compared to shorter books. I could be wrong and of course it depends on the book in question but I guess I’m saying don’t worry about making it seem ‘long enough’. If it has value that is all that matters. From 2.99$ to 9.99$ you get a 70% royalty on Amazon so as long as it is long enough to be a 2.99$ book you are fine. Otherwise really short books can do well at .99$ getting the 30% commission too though (or 35%, I always forget).

      Not sure if that helps at all but it is all I could think of 🙂 If there is anything I can do to help whatsoever please let me know! I would be glad to publish an excerpt on here when you are done, etc.

      Oh and I guess that would be my final advice would be to figure out how you will lead people to it. You can post guest posts on other websites, make lots of comments and link to it, notify folks of it in case they want to review it on their site, start your own site, buy google ads, buy Craigslist ads, any number of things. OR, what seems to be the best thing, is to write another short book and make it free on Amazon, which on average means 90 times as many downloads, and then use that as lead generation tool to lead to your other book.

      Obviously neither of us are really writing to try to get rich, and are instead doing it for personal and political reasons, but I think its crucial to still do it just like you would if it was your primary business, because otherwise our message won’t get to as many people and we won’t be able to influence folks to the extent we would like to.

  3. Rick 8 months ago

    Wow that’s great thanks!

  4. Cheap Wine 6 months ago

    Interesting. I just started my own book. Its called “Adventures in Multicultural Europe – Reminisces of an Australian Passport Holder 2000-2003”. Its about all the interesting multicultural characters I came across in Europe. I will be putting in my own commentary on the event and put it in a political context. Half way through the first chapter on when I met the late lamented Dindu Mark Duggan. I think I might have to write under a pen name though.

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Hey Cheap Wine, thanks for the comment.

      Please let me know when you finish your book 🙂

      Do you live down under today? How are things going down there?

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