Brandenburg Gate: Secure The Borders, Secure The Future

Brandenburg Gate: Secure The Borders, Secure The Future
September 28, 2016 Admin

Big thanks to Mike for the video-

It is a video of the Brandenburg Gate Protest we profiled previously.

Obviously such protests alone won’t stop the Islamization of Europe, but I still have massive respect for them (they have certainly risked more than I have to fight back so far). Also it is certainly the case that full-scale 4GW opposition in other countries has often started the same way- as protests that grew and metamorphosed into something more.

Interesting to try to think up additional locations or ideas for such protests… any commenters have ideas?

Another one as well:

And finally the Calais protest we profiled.

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Comments (5)

  1. VivatEuropa 10 months ago

    Every country (if you’ll pardon the expression! :-)), has its iconic landmarks that would help make a lasting impression, I suppose, like the Eiffel Tower in France. But what’s needed are MASS demonstrations, ’round the clock. Think 1989 just before the Berlin wall came down. Get out there together, UNITED (is that possible in Europe today?), en masse, and have things disrupted, until the whole thing is untenable, and opposition can’t be attributed solely to small fringe “far-right” groups. Otherwise, how effective are protests and demonstrations? Come on, Europeans, there are times that come along – for MOST generations, in fact, probably – that are not going to be so free and easy. They always come around again, those times when you’re under assault, and your children and grandchildren are depending on you regarding their future. Will history record that your generation rose to the occasion??????

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Thanks for the comment VivatEuropa! Much appreciated. Could not agree more on the need for mass demonstrations. I certainly laud the PEGIDA folks for their efforts as they have done a darn good job. I can understand that many native Europeans are afraid of government retribution but I believe that one day as things get worse a spark will eventually be lit and they will sacrifice those fears in the face of greater ones. I read this morning that Deutsche Bank may be the next Lehman Brothers. Perhaps that day is fast approaching.

  2. rick 10 months ago

    The protests in Germany are taking on a different form, who among us hasn’t wanted to do this to a politician at some point

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Rick thanks for posting that! Only just now getting a chance to respond but as you can see I did a post about it 🙂 I certainly, uh, sympathize*, with the attackers..


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