Canaries In The Swedish Coalmine! Housing Prices Plummet.. . Attacked Woman Had ‘No Faith In System’…

Canaries In The Swedish Coalmine! Housing Prices Plummet.. . Attacked Woman Had ‘No Faith In System’…
August 8, 2016 Admin

Two more canaries in the coalmine today as Sweden continues to roll towards anarchy and destabilization.

The first has to do with the economy. Several months ago we here at argued that the Swedish housing market (and what the government was allowing in that sector of the economy) had just hit ridiculous and dangerous proportions, and that it was due for a massive correction. The reasons for this were clear. First was the fact that prices had risen unbelievably high, so much so that buyers were taking out 140 year mortgages (yes, 140 years). Second was the very obvious corollary that banks were being allowed to issue 140 year mortgages. The situation was further complicated by two facts: the uptick in prices was being caused in part by a housing shortage, but those individuals whose (new) presence in the country was causing the housing shortage would never be able to buy homes on their own.

To speak more plainly, the only population growth the country was seeing was in the form of millions of unemployed, non-Swedish speaking, often illiterate male immigrants from the third world. These are people who could never have purchased a home in Sweden on their own. Indeed it is clear to all rational people that the Swedish government will be paying for their housing for as long it- or the immigrants- remain in the equation. Such insane levels of public spending are equally deleterious for a functioning economy.

Our predictions (which didn’t take a lot of expertise to issue) are beginning to be vindicated today, as Swedish housing prices have begun falling. According to an article in Fria Tider (translated through Google translate):

…in July, reversing the long term trend properly, according boprissajten Boolis statistics. Then plummeted namely the prices of houses in the country with 19 per cent. Prices of condominiums and vacation homes fell by 11 and 15 percent respectively during the month.

Contributing to the overall problems is also the fact that the Swedish rental market is almost entirely socialized, meaning the government decides who rents where and for how much money.

According to Sputnik News:

Stockholm’s queue for rent-controlled housing is notoriously long and it is being considered by the Guinness Book of World Records, according to Swedish Radio. On average, it takes nine years to be granted a rent-controlled property, with the waiting period jumping to two decades in some of the most popular neighborhoods.

The Sputnik News article, which was published several months ago, also quoted former Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg as stating that “it was only a question of when, not if, the Swedish housing market collapses”.

Complicating matters further is the fact that many neighborhoods are now for all intents and purposes outside the control of the Swedish Government. A separate Sputnik News article describes the neighborhood of Seved specifically:

One of the particularly nefarious ones is Seved, situated only steps away from Malmö’s bustling city center. Malmö is often touted as Sweden’s most multicultural city: over half of the population has a foreign background, according to various estimates. In 2011, people from 174 countries were represented in Malmö, where 150 languages are spoken.

However, the city’s district of Seved has recurrently made headlines and has become synonymous with gangland crime and violence. In 2014, the postal company PostNord stopped delivering large packages to five streets in Seved, because of threats and violence, newspaper Skånska Dagbladet reported. In 2015, the municipality failed to conduct property renovations in full as planned, as security companies received death threats from gangs running drugs in the area, according to Skånska Dagbladet.

This Sputnik article also goes into an examination of the violence that characterizes these areas, and comes to a very specific conclusion, which is that the majority of the violence is directed at ethnic Swedes.

They do not want any Swedes in the area. They want a ghetto, where they are kings. I do not believe that the authorities even dare to talk about it,” Malmberg told the tabloid newspaper Expressen.

Verbal abuse is the least a person with a Nordic appearance can get in this area. The word “Swede” itself has become a slur.’

“What I noticed first, was that they never attack people from the Middle East. On the contrary, they were meanest against ethnic Swedes,” an ethnic Serbian who has since moved away from Malmö told Expressen.

As an example of this, we can take the below article from Fria Tider, titled ‘Muhammad’s Bloody Attack On The Woman In The Subway’ (which has to be my favorite article title of the year lol). As the piece not so humorously explains:

The 32-year-old African Muhammad was captured by the surveillance camera when he went to the bloody attack on a young woman and stole her Rolex watch on Gärdet Metro Station in Stockholm. Now he is prosecuted for assault and robbery.

Muhammad has Swedish citizenship and can not be deported to Africa.

Several travelers witnessed how the 32-year-old on July 27 this year, attacked the woman, kept his arm around her neck and fed punched her face in the escalator. Then he dragged her out of the subway and stole her precious clock.

The 23-year-old woman, describing the perpetrator as completely unknown to her, were hit including the severe swelling under the left eye. She was bleeding from his ear and one eye, had a cracked upper lip and redness on the hands.

Mohammed attacks woman in subway

The woman’s injuries judge I understood that she had a good beating. Her left cheek was so swollen that I suspected the zygomatic bone was damaged, said a police officer in the interrogation.

When she heard the police wanted the woman at first did not admit that she had been beaten and robbed of African but claimed that she “walked into a wall.”

On the question from me if she was beaten, she said initially that she had been beaten by a “random guy” whom she had never seen, after a while she said that she was not beaten, but she walked into a wall. The woman says she has no faith in the Swedish judicial system and believes that is why she does not want to participate, said a police officer.

Mohammed attacks 2

The robber was apprehended on Tegeluddsvägen after a short fotjakt and now prosecuted for robbery and assault. He denies the robbery even though he was captured by surveillance camera.

The accused, whose parents, according to the Tax Agency will from Ghana and Tanzania, was previously convicted of a very wide range of offenses. He has Swedish citizenship since birth and therefore can not be deported back to Africa.

While these ‘canaries’ are quite obvious to us, it is clear that they and the millions of other eventss like them have yet to awaken the Swedish people. As a result, we must continue publicizing them, so as to provide the knowledge needed for regular people to leave behind the Progressive brainwashing so endemic in the modern West.

For individuals seeking other proactive solutions we offer the following posts:

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Or, you can donate to political groups, websites, and resistance movements fighting to preserve Europe.

If (like us) you long to someday fight and put your life on the line to protect Europe, and wonder how to position yourself to accomplish this, then watching for our upcoming article on the subject!

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Hail Victory.

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  1. WeAreTheFuture 12 months ago

    Can I make a suggestion? There should be a “donate” button on your homepage (or is there one and I missed it?). I would have contributed long before now. I send donations to Daily Stormer all the time, if you had an address where I could send a letter, I would do the same for you.

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Hey WeAreTheFuture-

      I appreciate the comment and you are quite correct there is no such a button!

      I just reached out to a website development person about helping me with that very thing, and am hoping to get donation buttons on the site asap! A couple other readers had suggested the same thing so I am eager to implement it (along with some other ideas I have been to busy to put into effect so far). Should be getting more time on my hands soon (and donations certainly help!) so the site should hopefully see added features in the immediate future.

      I will direct message you with the physical address!


  2. DaShui 12 months ago

    I thought a little pricy, I’m sure they will bargain though.

    • Author
      Admin 12 months ago

      Hey Dashui thanks for the link! Seemed a little pricey to me too..? I thought we were always hearing the Liberal media say you can buy an AK-47 for the cost of a cheeseburger…

      Anyway thought provoking article though I have been thinking alot about different ‘ways to make jihad’ for our side, like different routes one could take to helping in Europe (and in preparation for an article) and I think moving to Eastern Europe, specifically south-eastern Europe too, is one of key importance.

      • Dashui 12 months ago

        “jihad for our side” wouldn’t “crusade” be a better word?

        • Author
          Admin 11 months ago

          I like ‘Kampf’ too. ‘Crusade’ is excellent as well, but has a definite religious connotation (which could be good or bad depending on your perspective).

          We need some expert on Finnish or some other cool European language to come up with neat phrases and signifiers for us 🙂

  3. Dashui 11 months ago

    That’s just it(the article).
    If and When white women start shaming European men and demanding protection men are not gonna stand up.
    Women instinctively know that this would mean admitting that they are dependent on men, not the state, and therefore back to the patriarchy.

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