CARE Norway, gender, and progressive atomization

CARE Norway, gender, and progressive atomization
January 20, 2016 Admin

From CARE Norway, a video about violence against women, along with companion response piece.

The first video is from the Norwegian Chapter of CARE, an international organization dedicated to the prevention of violence against women. It is entitled: “Dear Daddy”, and received over 5 million views in Scandinavia following it release. Here is the link:

The response is entitled “Dear Dad, from a boy (#deardaddy response)”. The first half is somewhat humorous, the second half is depressing. You can see it here:

The contrast of the two videos speaks to the increasing atomization we find within modernity, and within secular societies such as the U.S. and Norway.

The twin forces of progressivism and corporate capitalism break down all bonds of tribe, lineage, race, and family, and eventually leave the two genders at cross-purposes. For if all societal divisions are defined by victimhood, then give and take relationships (such as between men and women) will become casualties of these divisions.

The good news however is that every day more and more of us rebel against these conventions, and re-embrace the traditions and beliefs and alignments that allowed our ancestors to thrive.

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