Complicity In Evil: Exchange With Liberal Commenter

Complicity In Evil: Exchange With Liberal Commenter
March 8, 2017 Admin

I thought this was worth putting up as a stand-alone post.

It is an exchange I had with a commenter on the ‘Every 4.8 Seconds A White Woman Or Child Is Raped By Muslims In Europe’ post.

As detailed, that post went viral on facebook and the website got close to 100,000 unique visitors in a three day span (its since got back to normal though). Some of them were already red-pilled folks who left comments voicing their agreement, others were newly awakening individuals who were suddenly glimpsing the horror in front of them in Europe, and others were Progressives/Muslims/others who either a) expressed approval over the rape epidemic hitting Europe, or b) stated that the statistics were false.

One commenter, ‘Nane’, landed in between the second and third type of person. He left the following comment:

question : where did you find any data that all those rape victims were white europeans? i think that maybe great number of those rapes are inside their ethnicity coz they have different attitude towards women ( or? coz in some comments here i noticed that some people are a bit misogynist ) and also when it comes to children rape rate, don’t you think the reason for those numbers could be the fact they marry young daughters and if they are under 16 and police find out about that,the guy will be sentenced as the is pedophile rapist .
those are the facts, adn your math is a bit all over the place too so it doesn’t prove anything. I mean, if you want to warn people of danger that comes with high imigrant rates,you have to do better job coz this is NOT scientific way and by that,all the data you provided are FALSE .
sorry m8 i have to be critic coz i’m really concerned about future and this is not the way you are going to help.

You can see Nane grasping at straws trying to explain the statistics. He wants it to be because of Muslim on Muslim rape, he wants the child rape statistics to reflect the Islamic practice of ‘child marriage’ being prosecuted in the West (although ironically it rarely if ever is), anything other than the reasons described in the article. Finally he just chooses to reject them wholesale.

This was my response:

Nane- I understand your reluctance to take the statistics at face value. You seem like a reasonable person and the statistics are 1) horrifying, 2) a little sloppy (although I admitted this, their just back of the napkin calculations not meant to be perfect, and 3) in conflict with absolutely everything you’ve been taught your whole life and that which the media tells you today.

I felt the same exact way when I began looking at the situation in Europe, but unfortunately this is reality, and indeed I DO have the statistics and the data you are talking about. And I guarantee you that if you read that data with an honest mind, you will come away with the exact same conclusions I have. Indeed of all the liberals who have criticized the post in these comments, not a single one has had a rebuttal once confronted with the actual primary sources.

Here is the first article:

It references statistics on rape from Norway in 2011, and contains some of the only published numbers from anywhere in Western Europe pertaining to what percentage of rapes were committed by immigrants and who their victims were.

Here is the quote from it:

Something else that Muslim immigration appears to have brought to Norway is what some here call “a rape epidemic.”

Recent police statistics showed that in the capital city of Oslo, 100 percent of assault rapes between strangers were committed by immigrant, non-Western males. And nine out of 10 of their victims were native Norwegian women.

Here is the second primary source:…/id/…/independent_inquiry_cse_in_rotherham.pdf (this is actually a pdf but if it won’t open by clicking on the hyperlink just search ‘Rotherham Uk Government Inquiry’ on google and it will be the top result)

It is the UK Government’s official inquiry on the events in Rotherham. I warn you that if you read it, you will never be the same. It catalogues how, in a period of 16 years in a town of 150,000 people, gangs of Muslim men forcibly enslaved, gang-raped, trafficked, and in many instances brutally tortured over 1400 (yes 1400) 11-16 year old native white female British children.

Many of these girls (though not all) were in foster care, in broken homes, etc. As the British government was forced to acknowledge in the report, these girls were SPECIFICALLY targeted as white non-Muslims. There were also some Sikh girls targeted (again because of religion- Muslims consider Sikhs to be idolaters) but very few Sikh victims comparatively, because the Sikh community was far more united and aggressive in their efforts at preventing these evils.

During this period countless reports were made to child services and the police, but, as the UK government was again forced to acknowledge in the report, nothing came of it because the employees were so scared of being called racist (and thus having their lives and careers ruined) that they did NOTHING to prevent these crimes.

You will initially be tempted to think this was some sick, horrible, isolated event unique to this one place and time in history or something. Yet you would be completely wrong, for it is now proven (through court prosecutions) that the same exact thing has happened in Sheffield, Aylesbury, Oxford, Rochedale, and across all of the UK and all of Western Europe.

Despite the UK government being forced to have this inquiry and being forced to publish the data, hardly anyone even knows about these events, for the sick, evil left-wing media has covered them up, and the traitorous politicians of the UK have neglected to even discuss them. In the 2015 UK Election they were a complete non-issue, showcasing the utter insanity to which the UK has fallen.

White children are being SACRIFICED to Muslim gang-rape on the platter of multiculturalism, and as long as people like you are content to stay ignorant and unaware of it, it will continue, and you will be complicit.

Nane did not leave a follow-up response, so it is impossible to know his reaction. I am under no mis-aprehension that my style of writing on this site perfectly red-pills skeptics or liberals, it is designed more for men like us who already recognize what is going on (although my first book and the one I am writing now are designed more for that purpose). Yet I do think things are progressing to the point where some of these folks are going to have to choose between a) accepting reality and admitting to themselves just what is going on, or b) just acknowledging they are okay with mass-rape in the cause of progressive-multiculturalism.

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  1. shadowman 9 months ago

    I think your reply to Nane was excellent! Very calm and reasoned in its tone. Polite but to-the-point – no mucking around. You also gave references (like that enquiry document) – that is *excellent* as people can then look at those things and think them through for themselves.

    The really good thing is that Nane said he/she was “concerned”. That is good (heck, we’re *all* concerned and a whole lot more besides). What *I* will say is that given that I have an excellent knowledge of Islam, if Nane returns here I am very happy to give him links that will show him the truth about Islam. Truth that will shock but it is the truth nonetheless.

    I’ll keep an eye out for Nane here and will post the said links in reply to him (if he posts again).

  2. shadowman 9 months ago

    Hi again –

    A very good link here – thought I’d post it in this thread as this is as good a place as any….

    Quote – ” The Henry Jackson Society, a British think tank has produced a 1,000 page report researching the background of the hundreds of ‘Islamist’ terrorism offenses including actual and planned attacks in Britain between 1998 and 2015.

    The video below interviews the authors and includes a panel discussion facilitated by the BBC. When discussing possible solutions one of the panellists from the Quillim foundation makes it clear that nothing will change until the theology behind the terrorist attacks is addressed. “

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Interesting. Glad to see them at least talking about this!

      In the Omar Nasiri book ‘Inside the Jihad’ he talks about being an Islamist terrorist/undercover spy in Britain in the 1990’s, and he said that the Islamists basically could not believe just how easy Britain made it for them. During that time they could literally stand up in a Mosque, state ‘all true Muslims must kill the khafir in America and mainland Europe’, literally tell their followers to go commit acts of terrorism in those places, and the UK considered it free speech, as long as they didn’t talk about doing so to the UK specifically.’ utterly unbelievable.

      I think what so many mainstream folks fail to appreciate though is that the 1% who go join ISIS or try to blow something up aren’t the biggest problem. The biggest problem is the 20-30% who share those exact same views but do everything short of illegal violence, or the 70% who may or may not agree with those Islamist doctrines, but who will very happily rob, kill, and rape their way across Europe anyway. Indeed often I think the terrorists are bad for us and our goals of waking people up because they take the focus off all the other problems of Muslim immigration.

  3. Charles 9 months ago

    I am unapologetically anti jewish and anti Semitic, I think islam had become a tool of the Jew to seek revenge on Europe and the west, it was not just about profiting on us or controlling us but hurting us and as the alt right correctly deduces destroying the genes of traditional europe. How else did Islam get where it is today expect for the liberal jewish media and university, the muslims are such backwards animals, show me one that can argue and appeal to Westerners, everyone who argues for the toleration of Islam in a palatable and familiar way is a Jew or in the university of David or some thing like that.

    I am not even a nationalist! I am half jewish, or a quarter or not at all depending on how you see it, the deficiency is not on my mother’s side so thank god I could never be an Orthodox Israeli, and also my girlfriend came from a muslim family in East Africa! These people I am connected to are rotten, I know first hand, when they are talking about their rights they do not acknowledge yours. They have brainwashed the entire west with the Big Lie.

    I think the movement need not be a nationalist one, look at Germany today as an example, where did their national movement take them? The movement needs to focus on the Big Lie and on the criminal lifestyles that western muslims lead behind their doors.

    I know, my girlfriend was married to a thirty year old man when she was 16,a man that she had never met. When their child was young she was taken away to be cut as they call it. And this all happens in the united States of America and it is normal today and people say nothing! And this is just my experience from knowing one woman closely! Do you think I am in a very special and unique situation here? Hardly! And look if you want to say something you are a racist! But I really dont think Sharia law is going to be able to push the jews out of power. In fact they are letting anti muslim sentiments flourish, in my various comments that I have made about islam, on websites of the jewish run liberal press, I have seen a huge uptick in the number of my posts NOT getting censored. They are subtly enjoying the rise of the alt right because of the menace of the religion of the sword. YES! Even the Jew is worrying about his Frankenstein but we need to remember who pulled the switch to give the monster life so to speak. And read history! The jews were the ones that most helped the muslims take Spain at the outset of the dark reign of Islam. And so when the reconquista happened both Mohammedans and Sephardics were persecuted by the Kings of Spain. Let it be the same today. Realize the Muslim is an animal by his upbringing and that these rapes need to be attributed to the Zionists of Israel. And the muslims need to be arrested for their cultural practices, white men in the state where I live go to prison and are never released for doing the things that the racially different immigrant population is doing the same of. Be careful not to misread what I wrote I am not advocating for the sexual abuse of children but rather that as a society we need to stand up against Muslims getting away with it, whatever scandal the Roman Catholic Church has seen with child abuse is nothing next to the Islamic practices.

    I realize I left a long rambling post a little unrelated to the article above but I do want to say that my story is important information, and it will be suppressed on every level outside of this site and the rest of the ultra conservative political movement. Of course I will buy the administrators book when he releases it because the guy writing this site is one of the best.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Thanks for the kind words Charles.

      So you are a quarter Jewish gentleman dating a an east african gal from a Muslim background, who is a self-described ‘anti-semite’ and against mass Muslim immigration to Europe. I love it lol. That must certainly turn the heads of the leftists.

      I wouldn’t personally describe myself as an ‘anti-semite’ at all (although not criticizing you for doing so, I think if someone actually fully reads your comment you do a good job of explaining the complexities of your position) because I don’t have any problems with people of Jewish background as a rule, or just because they are Jewish, etc. The problem is that our society has turned ANY criticism of Jews into ‘Nazism and anti-semitism’. At the same time, all one has to do is read Jewish publications like the Daily Forward to see that Jews are disproportionately represented among groups that conservative (even moderately conservative) white people are 100% incongruent with and opposed to. Jews are disproportionately represented among those pushing mass-immigraiton to Europe, among the far-left media, among the NGO’s trying to stage a Maidan-style ‘soft coup’ against Trump, among the pornography industry, etc.

      And beyond that, there are many people of Jewish background who have been caught, over and over again, writing articles one day about how racist and horrible America and Europe are for their immigration policies, etc, while the next day writing about how Israel needs to a border wall, supporting Israel giving DNA tests to wanna-be immigrants, supporting Israel repatriating all African migrants to Uganda no matter their actual country of origin, etc.

      Its not that Jews are ‘bad’, its just that, for a huge variety of reasons, their political and social and geopolitical imperatives and goals today are in nearly diametric opposition to those of most Occidental citizens of western nations. With all the power centers of our society (media, colleges, entertainment industry) sharing their interests more than those of the aforementioned middle and lower income Occidental citizens of their countries. No ‘conspiracies’ or ‘evil’ involved, just the complicated nature of life on this planet.

  4. Philip 9 months ago

    An interesting exchange. You describe ‘Nane’ as ‘he’ whereas from the outset I thought the tone feminine, apart from being childishly naive and certainly establishment conditioned. As always your reply was reasoned, articulate, and succinct. It would certainly be thought provoking to someone capable of rational analysis and full consciousness. However at this stage in her/his young life, I elicit from the undertone, that Nane is not capable yet of this sort of discernment. I will be surprised if we will hear from Nane again, the reason I say this is contained in your final summarization sentence ‘Finally he chooses to reject them wholesale.’ Nane’s mind is already closed to fact based argument, the question is whether it will ever open.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Think you very well may be right Philip. That is interesting- the gender thing. ‘Nane’ is a somewhat ambiguous name. Perhaps it is the similarity to ‘Dain’ in LOTR/The Hobbit, but when I was reading his reply I was picturing something between like a mildly exotic maybe partly Medditeranean (Spaniard?) Northern European, or maybe immigrant to Canada or something, but with a certain Dwarvish faculty added in.

  5. SteveRogers42 9 months ago

    I smell a troll — and not the Tolkien kind.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      They turn to stone in the sunlight…

      • SteveRogers42 9 months ago


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