Corsica Shows How Its Done!

Corsica Shows How Its Done!
May 8, 2016 Admin

Well apparently big doings have been going on in Corsica without any of our notice.

From RT:

Hundreds of people took to the streets on the French island of Corsica on Sunday, in violation of the ban on demonstrations imposed in the regional capital of Ajaccio after two days of anti-Muslim protests.

The protesters attempted to make their way to the Jardins de l’Empereur neighborhood, which was the epicenter of the protests on Friday and Saturday, and of the Christmas Eve clash in which two firefighters and a police officer were injured.

However, the riot police erected a fence at the entrance to the low-income neighborhood, where the majority of residents are immigrants, and prevented the crowd from getting inside.

The demonstrators carried the Corsican flag and shouted slogans, heard in the city during the previous days of protest: “This is our home” and “Arabs get out.”

This is certainly refreshing. The article continues:

The rally in Ajaccio on Sunday attracted around 300 people, according to AFP.

“The protest wasn’t static,” Dmitry Kukushkin, producer at RT’s Ruptly video agency, reported from the scene.

After the protesters were denied access to Jardins de l’Empereur, they “staged a march on the central streets of the city, which went on for several hours” he added.

They also rallied in front of the prefecture building, with around a half of the crowd returning to the police barricade at the entrance to the immigrant district after dark.

The rally was peaceful and only saw “just a few firecrackers thrown by the demonstrators, but the police didn’t react,” Kukushkin said.



Corsica 1

Apparently the ban on demonstrations had come about because of ongoing anti-Muslim actions on the part of the Corsicans:

Earlier, Corsica’s administrator, Christophe Mirmand, announced a ban on all protests and gatherings at Jardins de l’Empereur until at least January 4.

“It is an order that was taken last night as part of a state of emergency… Instigation of hatred is an offence that can lead to criminal proceedings,” Mirmand said, as cited by France Info.

The unrest in Ajaccio followed after a night of violence in Jardins de l’Empereur on Christmas Eve when two firefighters and a police officer were ambushed by “several hooded youths”.

On Friday, an angry mob retaliating over the attacks, ransacked a Muslim prayer house in the neighborhood.

The protests continued on Saturday. A group of 100-300 people marched in Ajaccio, shouting anti-Muslim slogans.

Anti-Muslim sentiment is rising in France following the Islamic State terrorist attacks on November 13 in Paris that killed 130 people.

Corsica, a small Mediterranean island, has a long history of nationalistic movements, which occasionally lead to violence.

Anti-immigrant and nationalist parties performed well during last month’s regional election, giving the island its first-ever nationalist government

The above article does not mention them, but other incidents have also occurred representative of opposition to the non-democratic mass-importation of ‘refugees’ to the country for permanent resettlement.

Corsica 4

I had not heard about any of this, but it all sounds extremely promising. A nationalist party elected, openly ‘anti-Muslim’ protests in violation of bans, and the ransacking of prayer halls sounds like a rational response to what is going on in Europe, unlike what we have seen in nations like Sweden and Germany.

Let us hope this spirit blows north across the Mediterranean and spreads through France and northward.

Note: The article on RT has some great news segments/videos on it. Their perspective is of course pretty politically correct, but still worth watching. The link to the page is here.

This is a Mosque that was burned by vigilantes opposed to the Islamization of Corsica.

This is a Mosque that was burned by Vigilantes opposed to the Islamization of Corsica.

Anti-Islam protestors in Corsica waving Corsican Flag. (AP Photo/Jean-Pierre Belzit, File)

Anti-Islam protestors in Corsica waving Corsican Flag. (AP Photo/Jean-Pierre Belzit, File)

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    Let’s hope this spirit of resistance spreads out from Corsica like Napoleon himself and inspires all of Europe to rise up and fight the war of liberation.

  2. DaShui 2 years ago

    The Corsican flag has a Moor on it- the irony.

    • Author
      Admin 4 months ago

      VERY ironic I’d say..

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    Not sure if you saw, this, but Identitarian/Alt-Right businessman and author Daniel Friberg was recently interviewed for an Hungarian publication Alfahír, and was specifically asked about the prospects for civil war in Europe. Here is the English translation at Friberg’s ‘Right On’ website:


    Q: What about those who wouldn’t peacefully agree to these measures and would revolt? Do you think it could lead to a civil war situation? The ideal situation would be that parties willing to implement remigration measures like those I just outlined gain political power. I really hope that is possible over the next ten years. Otherwise, the crisis will deepen, and things can easily escalate into a civil war. There are already tendencies leading in this direction, as we saw in Cologne or Brussels, and these event will seem minor compared to what we can otherwise expect in the future.

    A: A portion of the immigrants are already prepared for a conflict like this. It’s their aim, because they view it as part of their holy jihad to conquer and Islamise Europe. These people are certainly better prepared for armed conflict than most of the urban, feminised Western Europeans who have been weakened by liberal culture for decades.

    But we should also consider the fact that people from the Swedish countryside are tougher. They have licensed weapons which they use for hunting, and know how to use them. The people in this category are definitely more prepared for any conflict than the immigrants who are living in the big-city ghettos, and who are used to getting everything for free, who do drugs, play video games all day, and who pass their time by engaging in petty crime. Some of these immigrant ‘ghetto thugs’ might have one or two illegal handguns stashed away, but they are not very skilled at using them. They are more like the stereotypical Black gangsters in rap videos than like true warriors.

    It also helps us that we are fighting for our own home, continent, and our entire civilisation. Some of the immigrants may be religiously-motivated fanatics fighting their holy war, but the majority of them are only fighting for a better standard of life. This will ultimately give us the upper hand, if a violent scenario should play out, although this should of course be prevented at any cost.

    But the future is not yet decided. We have the chance to shape it. And what we do from this point forward will ultimately decide the fate not only of Sweden, but of Europe as well. And I’m quite optimistic.


  4. Nxx 2 years ago

    Admin please delete the above comment. The google translation is so terrible that anyone reading it will miss the points made. Let me start over:

    There’s an article on the Italian blog about a joint press conference held by the Italian and German education ministers Stefania Giannini and Johanna Wanka:

    The education ministers are openly telling us that:

    1. We must move toward the minijob model of job insecurity
    2. The family itself is obsolete and an obstacle to this model
    3. The demographic collapse caused by this model is not a problem
    4. The solution is to fill the empty space with millions of immigrants
    5. The future consists of living precariously and migrating to find work
    6. All of the above are good things

    Later in the article the author quotes Scalfaro who interviewed the Pope and was told that Europe becoming muslim is not a problem because it’s the same God anyway. This proves the Pope is not actually Christian but rather a believer in the freemasonic Great Architect.

    In a previous article the same author explains how Bergoglio came to power:

    In essence the chronology was:

    1. SWIFT the international interbank money transfer organization blockades the Vatican. The exact same blockade that brought Iran to its economic knees and forced it to trade oil for smuggled gold.
    2. Three days into the financial blockade Ratzinger announces his resignation.
    3. Upon announcing the resignation SWIFT lifts the blockade.
    4. A group led by Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini implants Bergoglio.
    5. European freemasonry* erupts in wild acclaim.

    What is fascinating about all this is that Christianity has a very clear doctrine in the event money changers occupy the temple: They must be expelled with violence and force.

    *European freemasonry is very different from Anglo-Saxon freemasonry. The former is extremely elitist and it’s almost impossible to get in unless already part of the elite.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Nxx-

      Okay, as per your request, I didn’t approve the first comment. For some reason my wordpress automatically approves some people’s comments but not others, I have not yet figured out why or how to change that..

      I think the Italian article highlights just to what degree the situation in Europe is a once in the history of the world event. If you were just to graph a couple variables over the course of European (and human) history: the birthrate and the statistics of separated/single-parent families (basically anything other than monogamy and patriarchal polygamy), modern Europe would literally be the first time in all of human history that replacement rate fertility (or higher) and ‘normal’ families are not the norm. Of course we see sub-replacement fertility in east asian countries as well (again, because of the sickness and dysgenic nature of modernity), but even there, two-parent, heterosexual families are the norm.

      If there is any consolation it is that such a society cannot last very long. It is no different than a human body that has cancer. And that societal cancer (very) quickly killing Europe does absolutely seem to be the complete victory of masonic universalism. I actually did the first three degrees of Masonry when I was in my early 20’s, with a bunch of 70-something small town white men in Idaho. Of course I don’t think any of them had the slightest understanding of how the philosophy of Masonry has impacted modern society, and the connection between it and such things as mass immigration, cultural decadence, the death of Europe, etc, but when I think back to those lessons and those ceremonies, the connection is there.

      The Pope does seem to be the absolute 100% embodiment of this. The images of him washing and kissing the feet of the Muslim migrants (invaders) will go down in history and I believe will still be looked at 500 years from now. They perfectly characterize both the scale of what is going on, the historical significance of it (in just how radically different it is than anything before), and the 100% religious nature of it.

      I am far from an expert on Catholicism, but it seems that some traditionalist Catholics around the world are revolting (at least in words) against Bergoglio. What do you believe we will see in this area going forward?

      I have a lot more thoughts and need to take some time to write them out more thorougly. I would also like to try to translate this first article (clean up the google translate a bit) and publish it on the website.

      Thank you for the links and please provide any more thoughts or predictions you have!

  5. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    Soldiers of Odin Organizing In The United States… Or Is It?

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Yeah I saw that lol. I am certainly okay with our enemies thinking we are stronger than we are. Although it would be cool for something similar in the United States. I am so focused on Europe I hadn’t thought of it, but certainly wouldn’t have any complaints.

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