Covert Demographic Warfare Continues Under The Radar

Covert Demographic Warfare Continues Under The Radar
February 10, 2017 Admin

Throughout most of 2015 and 2016 the establishment in Europe was quite explicit about its desire for mass-immigration. During 2016 alone Germany acknowledged accepting over one million ‘refugees’. Yet despite this openness, there has been continued chatter about parallel, covert work to further accomplish the demographic takeover of Western Europe.

This has seemed to take two forms.

One: The Southern Front

Disobediant Media has a good article on the first one today, which starts in the Mediterranean.


I. A Fleet Of NGO Operated Ships In The Mediterranean Operate Around The Clock Delivering Migrants From North Africa To Italy

On November 15, 2016 GEFIRA published evidence they had gathered that various NGOs were utilizing a fleet of more than a dozen boats in the Mediterranean to illegally transport migrants from the North African coast to Italy. GEFIRA used AIS Marine Traffic (Ship-tracking software) signals, Twitter and the live reports of a Dutch journalist on board of the ship Golfo Azzurro to document alleged collaboration between NGOs, the Italian Coast Guard and smugglers coordinate their actions. The ships were caught on radar moving between the Italian and Libyan coast moving migrants into the EU.

The Italian coast guard directed ships in the fleet to Libyan territorial waters, where they would engage in “rescue operations” and take migrants onboard before delivering them to the Sicilian coast of Italy. This would allow migrants to bypass Malta, which is used as a major processing center for immigrants and refugees entering the EU. GEFIRA speculated that the Dutch, Maltese and German based NGOs’ facilitation of human smuggling made them, in effect, operations of international criminal organizations.

The NGOs tied to boats involved in the operation were Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), Jugend Rettet, Stichting Bootvluchting, Médecins Sans Frontières, Save the Children, Proactiva Open Arms,, Sea-Eye and Life Boat.

II. Several Organizations Operating Ships In The Fleet Have Ties To George Soros, Hillary Clinton Donors

Information uncovered in an investigation by Disobedient Media has revealed that several of the NGO groups involved with the migrant fleet have received funds from George Soros aligned organizations or financial backers of Hillary Clinton.

The Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) was founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs Christopher and Regina Catrambone. MOAS operates the ships the Topaz Responder and the Phoenix in the migrant fleet. Mr. Catrambone was listed as a major donor to Hillary Clinton, giving over $416,000 to her presidential campaign bid in 2016. Another major supporter of MOAS is, who donated €500,000 to MOAS’ “search and rescue operations.” was founded by, an American organization owned by George Soros. acts as the European branch for

NGO group Save the Children operates the Astral in the migrant fleet. Save the Children is supported in part by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Médicins Sans Frontiéres (MSF) also operates several ships in the migrant fleet – the Dignity 1, the Bourbon Argos and the  Aquarius. MSF has also received funding from the Open Society Foundation.

Other organizations running ships in the fleet, such as Sea Eye, have denied to news sources that they were delivering migrants to Italy, despite being caught by GEFIRA doing exactly that.

No matter what good intentions might be behind the decisions of these various NGO groups to operate ships in this fleet, they are likely illegal and are in effect subverting European law. The financial involvement of George Soros and other big name supporters raises questions about the true intentions of various sponsors operating ships within the fleet.

Many of the migrants seeking entry to the EU are not refugees and are attempting to enter for purely economic reasons. Even more concerning are recent reports that terror group ISIS has begun to dominate the trafficking networks in North Africa and is actively recruiting members from among the migrant population with promises of small amounts of cash and guaranteed safe passage into the EU. The involvement of ISIS in human trafficking and recruitment indicates that there is a very real possibility that the NGO groups operating ships within this fleet may be (intentionally or not) aiding and abetting terror by transporting undercover operatives into the EU.

Two: Covert Warfare

Plane 1

The second form this seems to have taken has less scholarship to back up, but has been at the epicenter of discussion and rumors for over a year now. This involves the German government supposedly flying in migrants on covert flights at nighttime. This originally started getting attention back in 2016, as this article from the Express demonstrates:

Speculation has been rife that the country is ushering in thousands of migrants via Cologne Bonn Airport, fuelled by the fact every night numerous planes from Turkey are landing.

Led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, the European country has agreed to take in 28,600 migrants under various agreements.

Of this figure, 27,000 – out of 160,000 – will arrive in the country from Italy and Greece.

In a second agreement between Turkey and EU, 18,000 migrants from Syria will be distributed across the continent, with Germany’s share of the total standing at 1,600.

Under this arrangement only 294 migrants have entered the country, according to the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

They maintained there had only been two charter flights, and none at night.

A spokesman for the airport was forced to deny the claims after rumours reached fever pitch.

They refuted the accusations, adding all flights were normal tourist planes.

They said: “Currently, there are speculations circulating online about alleged secret night flights from Turkey to the Cologne / Bonn Airport, that bring refugees to Germany. These claims are not true.

“Contrary to speculation online, the flights have not increased over the previous year, although the total traffic grew by 18 percent during the holiday season.The reason behind some of the night flights at the airport being higher than other was different regulations.

They pointed to Berlin – Tegel Airport, where there is a ban on night flights between 11pm and 6am.

Further Confirmation

I had not heard that much about this rumour since last year, although nothing came up to disprove it or suggest the German government would have changed course.

I recently received a very interesting email from a gentleman who has close family members who are pilots for a major airline though. Certainly there is no way to ‘prove’ any of this, but I consider myself a pretty worldly individual in terms of diversity of experiences with all sorts of people and situations, and I believe it to be true. His statement is below, with the name of the airline carrier edited out:

I have family that are senior pilots for [ ]. When one of your routes ends in Frankfurt, you hear things
these days. One of the rumors going around the pilots lounge is of unmarked flights
debarking invaders at odd hours. This rumor has kicked around other sites like Gates
of Vienna. Consider it confirmed. These flights land at both Frankfurt-am-Main and
Dusseldorf. Confirmed.

While some on the left might label this possibility a ‘conspiracy theory’ it is really completely logical. We already know that Soros-funded NGO’s, German and EU-funded QUANGO’s (Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organizations that receive heavy government funding), and actual German and EU governmental divisions work together to fund the ANTIFA. We also see a similar level of collusion in the above GEFIRA study of the Medditeranean migrant invasion. If such coordinated efforts are taking place in those spheres it is no large leap of faith to assume that additional migrants are being brought in on flights.

It is clear that Merkel and Soros and the rest of the global multicult elite have declared war on Western Europe and our people. If both are to survive, then those individuals and all their power vectors must be vanquished and overthrown.

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  1. Epaminondas 10 months ago

    And we can thank George W. Bush for setting all of this in motion with his ill-considered destabilization of Iraq. Was there ever a dumber foreign policy move than that one?

    • Francis Meyrick 10 months ago

      Well… There are plenty of competitors for the title. How about Hillary Clinton deciding to ‘arm the rebels’ and helping to fire up the ISIS engine. How about the predatory, rampant colonial mindset that existed that birthed the Sykes-Picot agreement. How about Angela Merkel’s gums flapping in the wind, opening up Europe to millions of low IQ, often illiterate and uncivilised marauders. With dubious intent. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. And – initially – scrupulously attended by (maybe) well-meaning, but arrogant and short-sighted politicians. Footnote: initially they all want ‘that fine road’ named after themselves. Then, when the flames of hell are heard crackling over the next hill, and smoke curls up into a threatening sky, well, THEN it’s everybody else’s fault. The human family is quarrelsome, mean spirited, and endlessly produces conceited, blinkered leaders… Eh bien, continuons.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Epaminondas- thanks for the comment. Is that your first one on the site?

      I definitely agree with your estimation of the Iraq War. In his book “Honor” James Bowman writes that Iraq was basically the US avenging its honor by going and killing a million Muslims, but that Bush couldn’t come right out after 9/11 and say that’s what we wanted to do, so he sort of semi-consciously bumbled into the war at the Neocon’s lead, instead of just going and killing a bunch of Muslims explicitly as revenge. Certainly more complicated than that and obviously he couddln’t say that anyway in our modern culture, but interesting anyway. And also I’m sure he didn’t think of it in his mind like that, although God know’s how he did think of it I don’t think Bush was particularly smart.

      At the same time however, there have been radical Progressives and people like George Soros pushing mass-immigration on Europe since LONG before the Iraq War. This started back in the 50’s and 60’s, and while some of that immigration was ‘Gastbarbeiter’-immigration that was not supposed to be permanent, some of it was also politically-driven, white self-hatred Cultural-Marxism just like today. Actually, as an example, the first boats of Jamaicans that arrived in Britain in the 1950’s as immigrants were brought as part of a program funded by a far-left Jewish group. In addition, Muslims in the Middle-East have been killing each other for 1400 years, therefore I would also say that even though we stupidly went in and invaded Iraq and absolutely set the state for ISIS (and basically funded them as well), there would be civil wars and refugees if we hadn’t as well.

      Appreciate the comment and would love to hear any other thoughts you have on the matter, on the situation in EUrope in general, your political background, etc.


  2. SteveRogers42 10 months ago

    Not European, but a classic. The author evidently developed his thesis while serving as a “contractor” in Bosnia in the ’90’s.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Steve-

      That looks good. I skimmed through the first half and read a decent number of pages. I like that he is trying to get the reader to think about these questions of what he/she will do when things hit the fan. I always would have said Europe would descend into destabiliziation before America, but these last few months are making me question that assumption…

      Just saved the book for future reading 🙂

    • Francis Meyrick 10 months ago

      @ Steve. Yeah, Tom Chittum. MUCH food for thought there. Well written as well. It’s a major read, and it’s easy to immerse yourself in his thinking. I try and remember that History is driven by the few. What seems impossible, may not be. Imagine if Clinton had become President. Totally different world…

      • Author
        Admin 10 months ago

        Absolutely… I was getting legitimatley worried at the end should Clinton have won. I could see her doing raids on people for ‘internet hate speech’ just like Merkel is in Germany. Or going hardcore McCarthyist on anyone with our views as evidence of being covert Russian ‘green internet men’ or something..

        • SteveRogers42 10 months ago

          “Courage! — And shuffle the cards.”

          George MacDonald Fraser (Attributed to Lola Montez.)

  3. Ezra 10 months ago

    It’s either A or B

    A) massive civil war ensues where the casualties are high on both sides. The UN sends in the army , Islam is destroyed but so is Christianity, religion is banned and a new world order is rushed in). Somewhere before that happens completely Jesus will return.

    There is a plan for pop. Control.
    EU plans to go cashless (if that happens , we are not far off , there is also talk of moving away from cash here, CAN.)
    No cash means muzzie trash won’t be so readily dealing drugs and sex slaves

    B) the islamification of the west and the persecution of Christians, the Great War and the return of Jesus Christ

    Orthodox Zionism. Masonic temples, Wahhabism, military order of he jesusits all converge at some point. The truth is In the missing people, trafficking of people, pedophilia, sacrifice. The admission of all bodies is the worship of moloch, Baal, satan.

    I believe the true tribes of Israel , the 12 tribes are the modern day Europeans. The white race and we will be persecuted. You can see the anti white propaganda, it is unparalleled, meanwhile Obama dropped more bombs on the ME than Bush, but that’s is somehow okay?

    Remember, the Jewish messiah cannot return until Christianity is destroyed, or attempted.

    The Germans in general, has a sinister plan been hatched to destroy that tribe, since late 1880’s. Well before nazi germany.

    Take heed, dark clouds are forming, but so is the spirit of the great white Wolfe, blessed, gifted and unresolved. Can everyone feel that?

    Praise lord to Jesus.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Ezra- there was a duplicate of your comment so I only approved one of them.

      I have to admit… I am not a conspiracy type AT ALL, and tend to attribute things more to human fallibility and confusion and craziness more than to other things, but 2016 certainly did open me up to the possibility of what I would have formerly called ‘conspiracies’. I don’t know if actually believe Pizzagate was real or not, but everything that came out with it, and everything we have learned about other rich individuals fitting the same mold, does suggest that there is this sort of thin line that semi-connects a lot of pedophillic type behavior among this one subset of elites. I think leftism is inherently pedophillic- I am going to write an article about this at some point, but that is more in terms of sacrificing young people to Muslim rape/violent pornography/rape by Hollywood producers/glorifying pictures of naked children/etc. These other folks, like the Podesta’s, and Epstein, and Alefantis, actually really seem to be connected to pedophilia. Epstein obviously, the Podesta’s by their statements, friendship with Denny Hastert, taste in art, etc. And Alefantis by all the pizzagate stuff which I believe at the VERY least showed him to view pedophilia as something ‘artistically interesting’, which is common in the left, since they are so obsessed with ‘pushing boundaries’ and all this other Maplethorpe Exhibit type crap. Gonna have to write that article soon…

      Oh, and then it turns out the main Antifa guy in that video talking about putting some kind of semi-poisonous gas in the ventilation system at the Deploraball, turns out to be a pedophile himself! And his filmed discussing doing so at… Comet Pizza! I mean come on…. what are the chances? Crazy times we live in..

  4. SteveRogers42 10 months ago

    In the context of the NGO’s and the EU-QUANGOS, this is a tale of karma that rivals anything Rod Serling might have written:

    All her goodwhite virtue signalling was for nought. Gorgeous girl, but she was already lost to her people. Sic Semper Moronous.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      I agree with you that this is an article of great significance Steve. I think this one stands out for just those reasons you allude to. Furthermore and most illustrative/fascinating/sickening, the father apparently used Maria’s funeral as a fundraising event for migrant charities, to bring further migrants to Europe.

      I really do think this one is the most perfect example of a clear cut sacrifice- the German Suicidalists literally sacrificed her to rape and murder on the altar of Progressvism.

  5. SteveRogers42 9 months ago

    One of the big Turkish pashas sees no need to stay below the radar any more:

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      That is big news in my opinion! I think I will post something about that. Especially as I have not seen it on any other sites.

      I think I am going to do a post about that.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Yeah he nails it. I hadn’t thought of those figures either about the numbers of illegal aliens trying to cross the US Border dying vs the number of US Soldiers in Afghanistan but it is a perfect illustration of what he is saying.

      Was quite nice to see Rep. King say the same thing yesterday!

      • SteveRogers42 9 months ago

        Rep. King is an example of the Nationalist “bench” beginning to develop energy and numbers. Trumps’ victory emboldens and enables those like him, and this process is bound to accelerate.

        More Turkish delight:

        • Author
          Admin 9 months ago

          Red. King is the man. If we didn’t have Trump already I think I would be trying to volunteer for the “Draft King for President” campaign 🙂

          I had had a glimmer of hope that these Islamist Attaturks might catalyze the Wilders vote but 90% of my brain thought Wilders wouldn’t win which was unfortunately.

          Still think the situation with Turkey will have positive effects vis a vis Europe though in the long run.

  6. SteveRogers42 9 months ago

    This author makes a good point. a yuuuuge part of our existential Problem is the feminization of Western society.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      That is a good article.

      I agree with him completely that most of the politicians in Europe are ridiculously effeminate. Not quite as bad in America, but still awful.

      I’ll actually, say, even though he is a Democrat, one politician I respect the hell out of purely for his masculinity is Jim Webb. He only lasted about two weeks in the last Democratic primaries as a result, before realizing that his party had decided he and those like him were Satan incarnate and were going to roast him alive on a spit. Was hoping Trump was going to hire him for some cabinet position actually.

  7. SteveRogers42 9 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      That absolutely looks like an invasion to me…

      Its funny when you see these mainstream magazines like ‘Time’ do these reports on the problems that China’s 1.15 to 1.00 men to women ratio is going to have, and then totally ignore the insanely worse situation in Germany and Sweden lol.

      Will be impossible to ignore soon though that is for certain. Although of course they can quickly get citizenship and then import their cousin from Morocco/Afghanistan/etc and be okay.

      Refugees indeed. I think they’ll be refugees again by the time this is all over.

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