Croat General Martyrs Himself As War Returns To Europe

Croat General Martyrs Himself As War Returns To Europe
November 30, 2017 Admin
Slobodon Praljak hero or war criminal?

Greetings men-

As a Millenial born in 1985, I was a little too young to really remember the Balkan Wars  in the 1990’s. Or at least to have really focused on them at the time.

I have read about them in depth though, and encourage anyone reading this to do the same.

They seem to be having renewed historical significance, and I believe future historians will consider them the ‘forerunner’ to what will end up occurring in Europe in the 2020’s and beyond.

During the Balkan Wars, General Wesley Clark, of the US and ‘Coalition’ forces, explained the rationale of the United States thus:

“There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea, and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.”


Europe Today

Tatjana Festerling, a German expat living in Bulgaria, made the below video earlier this week. In it she states [translation from Vlad Tepes/Gates of Vienna]:

00:57 Feel what is going on over there! Feel the despair, hopelessness
01:02 and don’t start trying to rationalize everything in your mind again! Bulls**t! Nonsense!
01:07 Police officers are being attacked and strangled! Women can no longer go jogging alone!
01:12 What kind of country is that, please?! Ridiculous!
01:17 Where children in schools are being bullied, beaten up, stripped!
01:22 We don’t even protect our children any longer! What kind of s**tty society is this,
01:27 that doesn’t take care of its children?!

And our subservient, right,
01:53 and our kowtowing politicians are even trying to sell it to us as a success, so much have they already
01:58 been willfully subjugated. It’s a civil war! It’s happening already!
02:03 Only nobody is noticing it because we keep give in, because we keep retreating in stages.
02:06 Always giving up more space. And Islam, the conquest-willing Muslims, and
02:13 and it’s all of them, even the moderates, right?! They’re trying;
02:19 they aren’t just simply trying! They take the space! Easily, because they are convinced that
02:24 it belongs to them rightfully. So do you even notice anything anymore? And then
02:29 you go, you halfwits, even to the elections, and you legitimize it with your
02:34 three-second vote, right? You, “independent”, you run into the voting booth and play
02:39 being important and powerful. It takes three seconds to make two little crosses
02:44 and then, royally, you give the responsibility to the same s**tty idiots
02:49 who drove us in the that deep s**t to begin with.


As she states, “civil war is here already”, and I do not believe sober-minded people can disagree with her .

Further, let us not forget that by 2020 at the latest, over 50% of 18-30 year old men in Germany will be non-Europeans (primarily Muslims).

I actually respect the Muslims though in many ways, as they are just doing what is normal and what their ancestors have done for 1000+ years.

It is the Merkels’ and Macron’s and Lofven’s who are perpetrating the greatest crime and greatest tragedy in the long history of the European continent.

This takes us back to the wars in the Balkans.


Praljak – Hero Or Criminal?

During the Balkan wars the Croats, Serbs, and Bosniak (Muslims) all fought each other at different times.

The US mostly came down on the side of the Bosniaks, and while it was far more complicated than that, the above quote by Clark does sum up the US intervention.

In the years since, many Croat and Serb leaders, who fought and risked their lives to protect the men, women, and children of their communities, have been put on trial by the EU courts doing the bidding of the Merkel’s, Macron’s, and Lofven’s.

One of these men was Croat general Slobodon Praljak.

Yesterday in the midst of his trial, after hearing that his guilty verdict for ‘war crimes’ had been upheld, Praljak took a vial of poison and committed suicide.

Here is the video:


It is a very affecting image, and harkens back to the honor-based cultures we used to have in the West.

It seems General Praljak would rather take his life than in protest than to acquiesce to a court system that found him guilty of war crimes, even as that court system and its corrolaries in the EU governments goes about the murder and Islamization of all of Western Europe.

Ironically and tragically though, the EU has merely taken what happened in the Balkans, and turned it loose upon all of their nations.






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Deus Vult men!



Comments (19)

  1. Michael Gladius 2 months ago

    Matt Bracken recommended this book on the Balkans. I was able to find a copy pretty easily at the nearest college library:

    ‘Seasons in Hell’ is written by a British Journalist who was on the ground with both sides. He sympathizes with the Bosnians most, and talks like a proto-SJW, but he at least has the decency to be honest about everything. He gives each side time to talk about its point of view, and the Croats/Serbs both cited Islam as a rationale for ethnic cleansing. Since this was the 90s, the notion that Islam is an existential threat never enters the equation, while socialism of all stripes rears its ugly head, as I mentioned in my article on Angmar. After all, the last time Islam had truly threatened Europe was 300 years ago, fascism/communism were only 50 years ago.

    It also shows how the UN’s attempts to de-escalate at all costs wound up backfiring, since all sides were playing to win, not tie. This will be relevant for our do-or-die fight.

    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      That Bracken’s a smart dude. I need to read more of his own stuff.

      But yeah I will check that one out.

      Next time I go to Europe I definitely want to swing down to that region and hit up Croatia and Serbia. I have a feeling it would an incredibly moving experience, especially as it likely is so reminiscent of what Western Europe used to look like/be like.

  2. dashui 2 months ago

    Surprised u haven’t talked about trumps tweets about British Muslims.

    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      Lol I know, I would have but am just too busy so didn’t get a chance! Trying to knock all this stuff out so I can dive into Youtube.

      I was certainly happy with the God Emperor’s decision to retweet Ms Franssen though 🙂

      • Michael Gladius 2 months ago

        It’d be cool if you interviewed Ms. Fransen on your youtube channel. 😀

        • Author
          Admin 1 month ago

          Well if the UK’s “leader” Theresa May hasn’t imprisoned her by then maybe I’ll try to do so 🙂

          • Michael Gladius 1 month ago

            No kidding. When this is over, these people deserve statues for how much abuse they’ve taken for defending their beloved homeland.

  3. Unknown 2 months ago

    Having been a common stupid sheep, at the time of those wars, i just got the infos from common media and i believed they were true. And they told us that there was an all so good life there, with all the many different ethnies and religious groups living together in peace, until evil war suddenly destroyed all of that. And then of course it was the right thing to do, to stop this evil war, and to help all those poor people who had to come into our country in need. From the community of those people, many are supporters of radical Islam, a large number of them went to Syria to fight with ISIS, but in public the old propaganda is still mostly undoubted.

    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      Indeed. And now Albania is a hot bed of ISIS too, and Bosnia and Albania both export immigrants to the north who rape and enslave Western European women.

      On a (slightly) lighter note, I have to admit always being surprised by the cuckery of Wesley Clark’s politics, as he looks like a pretty Chad-like, Alpha dude.

      • Michael Gladius 2 months ago

        This is why I do not trust socialism/communism as an antidote to Islam- both Albania and Bosnia had communist-style governments in the 90s, but these merely acted as fertilizer for the return of Islam. Saddam Hussein and Assad also demonstrate this, as their governments were behind the formation of the Islamic State, and were devoured by the monsters they created.

        Today’s western governments, who finance Islamic terrorism worldwide, are also feeding the Islamist crocodile in hopes that they will be devoured last. The last thing they want is to be devoured first, and then we the plebs kill the crocodile and undo their damage to Western Civilization.

        • Author
          Admin 1 month ago

          Agreed. Your points remind me of something Jordan Peterson was saying in some video but I forgot exactly what it was. I’ve been listening to a lot of him though, super smart dude.

  4. shadowman 2 months ago

    The West’s decision to side with the Muslims in the Balkans War was *utter foolishness*.
    Thank goodness there is now a man in the White House who can see the *truth* – that Muslims are the enemy, end of story.

    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      I will admit there is certainly a big difference between Trump and Clinton.

    • Michael Gladius 2 months ago

      Back in the 90s, the Bosnians were not very Islamic. They were more closely aligned to the communist government of a unified Yugoslavia, and opposed breaking up into ethnostates because the borders were not clear-cut. Cities like Sarajevo were mixed, and couldn’t be cleanly divided. The trend towards Islamism came in after the war.

      Also, the west didn’t side with the Bosnians, either. There was nothing more than a token force sent in, and no real efforts were made to stop the croats or serbians. The Bosnians hoped that the west would intervene, but nothing happened. What the west wanted was a tie/stalemate, in order to preserve the multicultural state of two years prior. Considering that the region was first ruled by the Holy Roman Empire, then by Yugoslavia, there were no clear-cut boundaries that would benefit any of the three parties, and the Bosnians opposed population exchanges. Serbia and Croatia both claimed land that had significant minorities of the other’s peoples, and the borders drawn were artificial, not natural.

      • Author
        Admin 1 month ago

        If I remember my Nasiri-reading correctly the Al Qaeda dudes were absolutely horrified by the Bosnians. The Bosnians would eat pork and drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes and the Islamists almost had heart attacks. Apparently by the end of the war they were starting to attack each other as much as the other side.

        I would not be surprised if things have changed since then though…

  5. Ezra 2 months ago

    Are you going to start naming the jews? Or are you just a gate keeper? Are you jewish?

    Why bother writing all these articles if you won’t even name the source of the problem???? It’s pointless, again….are you jewish???

    • Author
      Admin 2 months ago

      Ezra, ol buddy…

      If you are talking about the massively disproportionate number of Jews among those pushing mass-immigration in Europe, and all the concommittant ills perpetrated by Progressivism and Neconism, I do and have written about that extensively, and am doing so in my new book.

      However the reason I don’t write articles like your comments, and the reason I don’t approve most of your comments, is that quite frankly they make you sound like a bit of a nut, and if anything hurt the chances of getting across what you want to get across.

      You probably don’t care if I approve the comments so that’s not my point, I’m just using it as an illustration of this issue. There are other commenters who point out what it is I said above in a productive manner that is helpful. However a ten paragraph outburst about how the Jews are poisoning your toothpaste and eating your babies (yes I’m embellishing a bit) just sounds way too nuts.

      Life is complicated, and saying ‘the Jews are responsible for every single bad thing on earth and every single one of them is inherently evil and all should be killed’ is just as crazy and moronic as saying ‘all Jews are angels superior to other beings and any mention of their name in a less than 100% positive way is anti-semitism and should be punishable by jail’. Life is complicated and I’m not into over-simplifying it just for the sake of edification or getting out my frustration (and I grant we have a infinitely deep pool of things to be frustrated and murderously angry about re Europe and what is going on).

      There’s a perfect illustration of this in a book I read, where the narattor talks about a Muslim cab driver he had, with horrible teeth and awful breath, who started complaining about how his wife wouldn’t have sex with him. He blamed it 100% on the Jews, and started freaking out and saying he was going to kill his wife and kill Jews, and the narrator ended up jumping out of the car to get away from him because he was so crazy.

      That is the kind of mindset I think we need to avoid like the plague. I believe in developing an internal locus of control- and blaming any group for 100% of our problems and acting like anyone who doesn’t constantly talk about that group is a traitor is a victim mentality.

      If you feel so passionately about the issue- then go write the next Culture of Critque or something (an excellent book I have written about on the site before), or do something proactive, you are a smart dude and I’m sure you could be persuasive.

  6. SteveRogers42 1 month ago

    US/NATO intervention on the side of Muslims in the Balkans was an abomination: Acting in violation of both the Constitution and the NATO charter. One US serviceman had the moral courage to stand up and be true to his oath:

    • Author
      Admin 1 month ago

      Very interesting.. I had never heard of that.

      Can’t say the idea of serving under a UN commander with a UN armband on fighting Serb and Croat Christians would have really floated my boat either, but maybe I’m just a weirdo!

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