Days Of Rage In Western France, UK

Days Of Rage In Western France, UK
June 17, 2016 Admin

The last week has seen increasing ‘Days of Rage’ type violence, as random sectarian attacks have been carried out in two Western European countries, leading to the deaths of three individuals and the stabbing of another.

In one incident, as per The Telegraph:

A man with known psychiatric problems stabbed a 19-year-old girl three times in western France on Tuesday, telling police he had heard voices ordering him to make a “sacrifice” for Ramadan, the Rennes prosecutor said.

“Voices told him that he had to make a sacrifice on the occasion of Ramadan,” the holy Muslim fasting month that began on June 6, prosecutor Nicolas Jacquet told AFP.

The 32-year-old man was immediately assessed by a doctor and sent to a psychiatric hospital after stabbing the girl twice in the wrist and once in the abdomen, Jacquet said, adding that the teenager’s wounds are not life-threatening.

Days of Rage Abballa

Just one week previous, in Magnanville in Northwest France, a Muslim man carrying an ISIS ‘hit list’ attacked two off-duty French Police officers [link].

Larossi Abballa, who was under surveillance after serving time for links to jihadist networks, stabbed 42-year-old police commander Jean-Baptiste Salvaing outside his home.

He took Salvaing’s 36-year-old partner Jessica Schneider and the couple’s three-year-old son hostage in the house and killed the woman by slitting her throat.

Abballa then posted on Facebook a live 13-minute video of himself with the child in which he admitted the murders and urged fellow jihadists to carry out more bloodshed.

The 25-year-old was killed during a police raid which ended the standoff.

Finally, today in the UK, a 52 year old native British man attacked and killed Labour MP Jo Cox [link].

On a dark day for democracy, Mrs Cox, a 41-year-old mother of two, was shot three times and repeatedly stabbed by a killer screaming “Britain first”.

The first murder of an MP for more than a quarter of a century prompted widespread revulsion and led to the suspension of campaigning for the EU referendum.

Police arrested a 52-year-old former psychiatric patient named locally as Tommy Mair.

According to witnesses, Mrs Cox’s killer used either an antique or a home-made gun which he calmly reloaded between shots. As she lay bleeding to death, he repeatedly kicked her before walking away, having stabbed a 77-year-old man who tried to intervene.

Police will investigate whether Mrs Cox, a Cambridge graduate and former adviser to Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah, was targeted because of her support for the Remain campaign.

All of these attacks mirror the Palestinian ‘Days of Rage’ we are so used to at this point, when random Israelis are targeted in attacks- often stabbings- of blunt, phosphorescent 4GW hatred.

Such attacks were also something included in our hypothetical “How The War Could Begin” outline of what a complete 4Gw destabilization scenario could look like in Sweden (to read it click here). While I don’t think these attacks are the short-term beginnings of breakdowns in France or the UK, they do possess significance.

This significance, in my opinion, is also largely undiminished by the presence of mental illness in two of the situations. Whether or not the attackers were mentally ill, if we take both evolving stories as accurate (always a leap of faith of course), what we can gleam is that even those who ‘can’t think straight’ are still thinking in sectarian terms. Two of these attackers might have been crazy, but their actions nevertheless fit right within molds that been set for eons- attacking in the name of one’s God and attacking in the name of a political movement.

Jo Cox vigil (BBC)

Jo Cox vigil (BBC)

On the ground, for the families involved, these bits of news represent the great personal horror so common in all failed states. Each attack was extremely violent. And that violence- as it is meant to- reverberates across sectarian divides. The victims in France were our own people, attacked and in two cases killed by the alien invaders- invaders bent on subjugating and enslaving us. Ms Cox in the UK was part of group separate from each, for- as a member of the Labour Party- she was complicit in the mass-rape of White British children at the hands of Muslim men, and (whether consciously or out of ignorance) working towards the complete genocide of her own people. If she was a man a fair case could be made that she indeed deserved to die. As a woman and a mother though she should never have been killed (and wouldn’t have been by a sane or honorable individual), as the murder of women (even politically traitorous ones is a measure of depravity more representative of Islam, than of our noble peoples.

In the coming days the political versus mental health motivations of Ms. Cox’s attacker will be debated, just as they will in the case of the young Muslim man in France. But whether they can be considered “acts of violence of a political disposition that may involve mental illness” or “acts of violence of a mental health disposition mirroring political acts of violence” their significance is the same. For no matter the vagaries or specifics they paint a clear picture: that of a violent, chaotic Western Europe, pulling itself steadily into civil war.

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  1. Michael 2 years ago

    The suggestion that the killer shouted Britain first or put Britain first, is now disputed by another eye witness who heard no sounds ?

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Michael- appreciate you adding that to the conversation! I thought it sounded a little too ‘perfect’. Any other insights from on the ground over there? I agree with what Andrew Anglin said over at the DS, that even if this guy who killed her did shout that, and totally killed her for right-wing reasons, it still doesn’t ‘hurt’ us. I don’t think people are going to become more pro-infinity Muslims over it at least. Interesting stuff…

  2. DaShui 2 years ago

    If a woman chooses to act like a man, (involved in politics ) then prepare to get treated like a man!

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Its a darn good point. I have more thoughts on the death of Ms. Cox I could have put in the article. Perhaps later on. She was certainly a social justice warrior par excellance… will be interesting to see more details of this whole situation trickle in.

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    Public support for leaving the EU has increased in the wake of Ms. Cox’s assassination, according to the latest Brexit poll, so it clearly hasn’t hurt the Right.

  4. Michael 1 year ago

    From news reports it does seem like a random act. He had asked for mental health help days before the murder. Some were quick to blame the Right and Brexit for the motivation behind the murder. Sheer rubbish and the way this has backfired indicates what people think. The overall picture is that ordinary working class people have been ignored for decades over their concerns for mass immigration. This was well illustrated in the 2010 election when Gordon Brown was running for Labour. A typical elderly lady approached Brown with her genuine concerns about immigration and Brown fobbed her off. Then off camera in his car he called her a bigot, this was particular telling has she had voted Labour all her life. Brexit gives these people to opportunity to make their fears and opinion count for the first time.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Michael- thanks for the on the ground view. I remember that Gordon Brown incident you referenced. God what a awful one he was too… The UK should knows how to produce smarmy traitor Prime Ministers.

      I was thinking that this Jo Cox thing was going to be all mental illness, no politics, since he had sought mental health assistance the day before, but then yesterday morning I pulled up The Telegraph and saw his words in court about traitors and all that. VERY interesting stuff right now in the UK 🙂 Would be nice if this explosion continues…

  5. Dashui 1 year ago
    Contrast that to how western boys are indoctrinated.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hmm, I wonder if the parents fight over which kid gets to play the suicide bomber… Perhaps we can sponsor something similar and the kids can act out the Preservationist takeover of Western Europe, have two of them create a paper mache gibbet for David Cameron 🙂

  6. Nxx 1 year ago

    Three observations:

    1. “British support for remaining in the European Union has weakened in the wake of the murder of the pro-EU politician Jo Cox, according to an online research company Friday.”

    2. “The same thing happened in Norway, where the popularity of the anti-immigration parties was strengthened, not weakened, after Anders Breivik’s attacks on the junior members of the pro-immigration party.”

    3. If attacking traitors increases support for nationalism and if increased nationalism causes more attacks on traitors then you are looking at a feedback loop. A feedback loop can go exponential very quickly.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Nxx thanks for the comment!

      I saw that top one! Very interesting about Brexit…. I am actually writing a post about Brexit right now, so your comment was timely- I definitely do not feel the Jo Cox murder has hurt us, and I think it may even have helped, although I don’t know what arguments I would use to bolster that suspicion yet.

      Actually, perhaps it is much as we have talked about on here before, where once violence takes place and becomes part of the swirling ‘crisis’ everyone is cognizant of, it causes people to become more black and white/tactical/tribal in their decision making. Therefore, if everyday native-UK ‘Moderns’ are now feeling this maelstrom of immigration/Brexit/loss of agency stuff that much closer to their ‘gut’, they are then turning to the ‘daddy’ answer of Brexit and national sovereignty and tough but sober thinking, instead of the “mommy” answer of feel-good, no-heeding-of-consequences, kumbaya EU thinking.

      Regarding point number 3 I think you are on to something. I have long thought that political attacks on left-wing pro-invasion male politicians would be likely to create massive support/excitement/sympathy. The attack on Jo Cox is different than that because of 1) the presence of insanity as complicating factor, and 2) the fact that she is a woman (which I have talked about ad infinitum of course), but I do think that it will still have at least some of the same effect, and serve as an act of modeling, if even on a much reduced scale.

      Anyway Nxx you are like Gandalf the Grey, always popping up at these opportune times when storm clouds are nigh! My hope is that your above words become flesh and that happenings of great import will indeed have seeds that can be traced back to these early summer events.

      Would love to hear any other interesting ideas or happenings you have picked up on your recent (internet) travels as well.


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