Did Three Nordfront Members Commit Bombings After Receiving Russian Training?

Did Three Nordfront Members Commit Bombings After Receiving Russian Training?
July 2, 2017 Admin

The events in this article apparently first came out a couple weeks ago, although at the time I did not hear of them. None of our regular readers linked to it either, so its possible it slipped under additional people’s radar.

I eventually noticed it yesterday on the newobserveronline.com, where the story carried the following headline:

Two Swedish Nationalists Charged over Invader Center Bombings “Received Military Training in Russia”

Their article introduces the story as follows:

Two of three nationalists currently on trial in Sweden over a series of bomb attacks in Gothenburg carried out against communists and an invader center “received military training in Russia shortly before the attacks,” the state prosecutor has claimed.

And ends it with:

“It is a matter of very serious crimes. We allege that the actions are politically motivated and that the targets are in line with such targets the Swedish white power movement has an interest in attacking,” prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist said in a statement. ‘

Although all three have been linked to the NRM[the Nordic Resistance Movement or ‘Nordfront’], the attacks are not believed to be directly connected to the organization. “Rather, there are indications that they were dissatisfied with the leadership within the Nordic Resistance Movement for not wanting to use violence to the same extent as they wanted to,” said Ljungqvist. “We can also see that two of the suspects shortly before the attacks received military training in Russia.” 

This is a very curious and potentially incendiary statement that they received military training in Russia.



The question, as always, is ‘Is it true?’.

The New Observer is a very respected news website with the ranks of those who wish Europe to survive and not become fully Islamized. Usually what they post is accurate.

Their article didn’t link to any originals though, and it didn’t make clear if they felt the report about ‘Russian training’ was accurate or not, so I did some digging on google to attempt to learn more.

When searching for “Swedish Nationalists bomb training Russia” no mainstream English news article about the incident came up.

This is interesting, as one would think with all the anti-Russia hysteria predominating in Western media right now the press would have jumped on the story.

I found one article about it in Swedish on a website called ‘Omni’, though I am now having trouble getting google to translate it.

I also found some info about it on Aftonbladet (the hyperlink is to the google translate page of it).

Aftonbladet describes it thus:

The two younger men were at the end of August 2016 in St. Petersburg in Russia and participated in paramilitary training.

“It is an important indication that the two are heading to Russia, carrying out a rather advanced military education, where they practice Kalashnikov and Macarov outside St. Petersburg,” says Mats Ljungqvist, the research director, TT.

The Prayer, although politically motivated, is not considered terrorist offense, as Aftonbladet reported earlier.

“For example, we can not see that the acts have seriously destabilized political, constitutional, economic or social structures. Nor can attacks against refugee refugees and refugees in general be considered to cause serious harm to population groups, “Mats Ljungqvist told Aftonbladet when the prosecution was lodged with the district court.

The three prosecuted men deny crimes.

After reading this I continued looking for more specifics on this ‘Russian Training’.

SVT Nyheter mentioned it in their piece on the three men:

Part of the prosecutor’s evidence is an audio recording Säpo has come across. In that, the prosecuted man in the age of 25 has read what the prosecutor calls a sermon, or a prayer.

“Grandfather Oden, ha ha, we’ve turned to you again”, “We’ll take back our country, I swear we’ll take back our country, oh you should be afraid of us, be sure you’re Jew and Muslim, The Norwegians come after you, “says the man, among other things.

According to the prosecutor, the manner and experience shows how he is reading the text that it is a form of prayer, and along with a number of other factors, he believes that the bombing was political.

At the same time, the prosecutor states that the men have acted on their own and not on behalf of the organization Nordic Resistance Movement where they are members.

As SVT News West has previously told, two of the men have also been in Russia and fought with an ultranationalist paramilitary organization, the Russian imperial movement.

 Trying to find additional verification of this, I stumbled across several strange, small ‘news’ websites, in which the

Russian militia in Ukraine.

Russian militia in Ukraine.

majority of articles referenced events in the Ukraine and Russia.

The first, from the ‘International Massmedia Agency’, ties the three bombers to the same group as SVT Nyheter:

“So: the defendants in Gothenburg, Sweden (series of explosions) held a paramilitary training in Russia in the camps of the ultra-nationalist “Russian Imperial movement” (ROD) near St. Petersburg. In addition, according to the investigation, the training of terrorists was also the center of tactical and fire training “Guerrillas”, which is closely related to the GENUS” – said the MP.

In her words, “news from Sweden suggests that Russia is not only a country that tries to destabilize the situation in other States, but also supports terrorist organizations around the world, including in Europe”.

“It’s no secret that ultra-nationalist groups in Russia as the centers of their training, are under the control of Russian intelligence agencies, which uses them to their advantage both inside Russia and outside. Therefore, the investigation in Sweden can lead to very serious consequences,” added Freese.

Another website I found, anton-shekhovtsov.blogspot.com, which is clearly from the Soros/Maidan perspective of defaming Russia and all dissent from the multinational corporate elite, wrote in 2015 about these organizations, accusing them of funding the NRM and other European-Nationalist groups:

A few days ago, new information has emerged that further corroborates this argument. On 5-6 September 2015, representatives of the RID visited Sweden and took part in a meeting of the Swedish fascist organisation Nordic Resistance (Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen), which was invited to join the WNCM earlier. During his talk, the RID‘s leader Stanislav Vorobyov, warned about “a full-scale war against the traditional values of Western civilisation” and explained that the uniform in which he showed up at the meeting was a symbol of their fight against “the Jewish oligarchs in Ukraine” on the side of pro-Russian extremists in Eastern Ukraine. Furthermore, he claimed that “the Zionist strategy in the Middle East would be used in the future to divide and rule the nations of Europe”.

Researching further, I found a Washington Post piece (very surprising…) about these groups.bezos-1

The article is titled “A right-wing militia trains Russians to fight the next war – without or without Putin.”

The article connects the group ‘Partisan’, which seems to be a militia-type group that teachers combat skills, to a group the Washington Post refers to as “…Imperial Legion, the paramilitary arm of the Russian Imperial Movement, a right-wing political group united around reverence for the Russian Empire, the czar and Russian Orthodoxy.”

“Partisan” and the ‘Russian Imperial Movement” are thus, according to the collection of above-quoted articles, the combined group or groups that trained these Nordfront members in combat operations. Then, according to the above articles, these Nordfront members went back to Sweden and set off several bombs at left-wing organizational centers and refugee centers, blowing off one man’s legs or something to that effect.

The Washington Post article seems to suggest such a chain of events would be natural, though it was written back in January, and the bombings in Sweden were not mentioned in the article.

It describes the Partisan combat training courses thus:

Political discussion is purposefully left out of the courses, Gariev said. But he thinks his cadets will be natural allies in a coming clash of civilizations.

That’s why he refuses to train Muslims.

“Victory is about spirit. It’s been like that since, hell knows, since Akhenaten, all the way up to Putin and Obama. Nothing has changed,” he told the men in the basement.

The speech had its effect. The men straightened their backs. Eighteen pairs of hands went back to work, now with purpose. Click, click, click, click, click.

What Is The Truth?

It seems that we have three possibilities for what might be going on.

Possibility One is that the Swedish prosecutors are lying, and that the men potentially never set off any explosives or even if they did never traveled in Russia beforehand, and that the left-wing Soros-sponsored media is lying about the whole thing. Normally I wouldn’t think this, but we saw something extremely similar last year, when newspapers across the entire globe repeated some local Swedish (Aftonbladet) story about ‘Nationalists’ running amok at the train station beating up young immigrant pickpockets. The story ended up being completely made up.h-and-m-2

Possibility Two is that these men did carry out these bombings, and that they did travel to Russia to engage in this ‘Partisan’ training course, but that the Partisan members were not aware that the men had any intention to commit bombings in Sweden.

Possibility Three is that these men travelled to Russia, where Partisan helped them train in preparation for 4GW attacks in Sweden, and that the Russian government knew this and was complicit in it.

The above articles present either possibility two or three as the case. None of them seem to quite accuse the Russian government of expressly planning/helping 4GW attacks in Sweden, but they seem to suggest it was at least knowledgeable or complicit.


Without knowing the reality of the situation it is hard to know what to think.

If possibility one is the answer, it shows just how dishonest and totalitarian the Soros/Bonnier media have gotten. It suggests that Nordfront is increasingly being seen as a legitimate threat by the Swedish powers that be, and that they will attempt to use extralegal measures to disrupt the group’s existence (remember Finland tried to ban them last year too).

My thoughts on this are mixed. I don’t share Nordfront’s romanticization of certain mid-20th century political groups, but I would still far rather give power to them over the evil scum now running Sweden (who are murdering the country as we speak), and in general I have massive respect for anyone trying to prevent Western Europe’s destruction.

Moving on, if possibility two is the case, then I think the entire course of events seems pretty logical. Its logical for native Russian citizens to want to train for battle, considering that the entire Western media elite is jockeying for the invasion of their country. People like Stefan Lofven, Theresa May, and John McCain (who it just came out receives massive political contributions from George Soros and Saudi Arabia) want conservative Russians wiped off the face of the earth, so that the country can be ‘liberated’ through fast food, box stores, transgenderism, and internet porn. Given that I’d say ‘Partisan’ is doing the country a great service.

Its also logical that the genocide being perpetrated in Sweden is going to push its young men to radical actions. This site doesn’t support violence or illegality, but when radical left-wing politicians bring in so many Muslim immigrants that they make up the majority among fighting-age men, turn your country into the rape capital of the Northern Hemisphere, where 100% of rapes between strangers are committed by immigrants against native women, and where only 8 out of 100 reported rapes of women and children even result in criminal trials, who WOULDN’T expect healthy young men to violently rebel?George Soros and John McCain 2

If the third possibility is the case, then it is the one that leads up to the most significant conclusions. It would suggest that the Russians view the future of Sweden as being so horrific and regionally disruptive that they are willing to sponsor right-wing terrorism in the country now in an attempt to change the status quo. Their suppositions in such a scenario would, I think, be the same as mine- that by catalyzing a societal breakdown in Sweden now, rather than in five or ten more years (when it is inevitable), they give the Swedish right the greatest chance of taking their country back (since in 5-10 years it will have an even greater Muslim majority among fighting-age men).

If the third possibility is the case, we could expect to see further such actions on the part of Russia. That would be an interesting development indeed.

Final Thoughts

I wish I knew which of the three scenarios was the truth. If I had to guess, I would be inclined to say 50/50 between possibility one and two. We have just seen too much lying from the left-wing fake news media for me to believe what they say.

But whichever scenario is true, they all seem to suggest an increase in fluidity in this horrible situation in Europe, and I think any increased fluidity is good, given what the status quo has wrought thus far.

Editor’s Note: Any additional information on this would be highly appreciated. If you speak Swedish or are from Sweden and have any additional clarity you can offer, please chime in. Or if you have read any additional articles on this, please link to them below. It would be nice if we could figure out just what is going on…

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  1. Gary 7 months ago

    Would also explain the rumor of Sweden reinstating the draft supposedly due to a Russian threat. The Feminists are likely thinking to play the men against each other. Having a Russian representation would complicate their desired outcome.

    And ftom the Russian perspective it may be defensive,
    They have been fighting Muslim extremists since Afghanistan and Chechnya…… And I doubt they want Europe inflamed in war again, every time that happens, millions of Russians die.

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Very good points.

      Those sick idiots in Sweden probably think that the draft is a good way to ‘break down barriers’ and ‘bring people together’. In another world it might be I guess, but it seems ludicrous in regards to Sweden.

      Actually I sincerely doubt Sweden could even create a selective service now the country is so screwed up. Does anyone really think some 19 year old immigrant is going to show up for it? I think it would probably have opposite the intended effect actually and further demonstrate the loss of goverment legitimacy.

  2. SteveRogers42 7 months ago


    By contrast, the Swedish powers-that-be don’t seem too concerned about combat training AND experience if the “right sort” of people get the training:


    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Self-defense training in Russia=life in prison. Chopping off Yazidi heads and raping 5 year olds with ISIS=protected victim group.

      Of course, at this point I welcome these stories as it brings the advent of eucatastrophe closer…

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