ECW Can Now Take Bitcoin And Paypal Donations

ECW Can Now Take Bitcoin And Paypal Donations
March 26, 2017 Admin

This is an administrative announcement, as might be inferred from the title.

Donation Buttons

I am a big believer that if you are going to do something you should do it right, and attempt to scale it to the greatest degree possible.

To that end I have added a new ‘Donate’ page, which contains a Paypal donation button as well as a Bitcoin address through which donations can be given.

Astute readers will notice that that ‘Donate’ page has replaced the page labelled ‘Podcast’. It had been my original hope to start a podcast on this site at some point in the future, however at this point I think that if I expand to another medium it will be Youtube videos rather than a podcast, and if and when I begin that readers will certainly know.


A Quick Note

If  you decide to donate to this site, I would encourage you NOT to consider it a donation to the crisis in Europe/a donation to the survival of Europe. I don’t think there are uses to which I can put donations yet that would really deserve such noble monikers.

Instead, if you are thinking about donating, I would encourage you to consider it an ‘investment’ in me- Julian Langness. Its my goal to eventually generate enough income through writing/politics to be able to support myself, my wife, and my son, and thereby devote myself to writing and Identitarianism and the situation in Europe and the survival of our people and the West generally as a fulltime endeavor.

Any money that is donated through this site will essentially serve that purpose- it will be basically additional time with which I can write, coordinate with others, travel to conferences, and (hopefully soon) travel to Europe.


In Closing

While I wanted to post an administrative update introducing the presence of these donation buttons, the readership and comments and brotherhood of those that read this site is far more valuable than any pecuniary aspect could be. I obviously never started this site with the object of making money (although I do find internet entrepreneurism fascinating and may venture into it in other capacities eventually).

This site’s sole and complete purpose is tracking and learning from and building on the situation in Europe, and I am immensely grateful for the community of proud preservationist men that has sprung up around it.


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  1. SteveRogers42 5 months ago

    Julian, do you have a P.O. Box? I’m becoming more and more of a believer in “hand-carrying” things.

    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      Hello Steve absolutely! I have had a couple other people ask to use regular mail instead of electronic options too.

      If you want to email me at I will be very happy to give it to you! 🙂

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