ECW Reader Begins Serial Novel Called ‘The Coming European Civil War’

ECW Reader Begins Serial Novel Called ‘The Coming European Civil War’
February 7, 2017 Admin



As I have said before, one of the most fulfilling aspects of running this site is encountering other like-minded men focused on and haunted by the situation in Europe. It is inspiring to know that there are many among our people who long to save Europe and prevent its destruction and Islamization.

This post is an announcement letting ECW readers know that one of our regular commenters, Francis, has begun an ongoing installment-based novel about ‘the coming civil war in Europe’. It is quite good, and I wanted to do a special post encouraging other readers to check it out.

I am going to paste the latest chapter of the story- Chapter Thirteen- below. You can also read it on his site Writer’s Harbor here:

The series seems to be going in an espionage/resistance/overthrow the government direction, and of course while this website doesn’t encourage violence, I consider it likely that is the direction Europe goes in. Truly, widespread breakdown and destabilization is the best and likely only chance Western Europe has at surviving. For that reason I hope the governments of May, Hollande, Merkel, and the rest of their ilk fall soon, so true leaders can take their place, and stem the tide of rape and destruction over-running the continent.  This fictional series looks to be creating a portrait of one such scenario through which that could happen.

As I always say, the more of us who create articles, books, videos, and other content, the more avenues that exist through which our sleeping brethren can be awakened, and Reconquest take shape. I commend Francis for doing just that. I’d encourage anyone who likes it to keep following the series, and leave him some comments so he knows you’re doing so. Comment are the lifeblood of any successful website, and I am very grateful to those who comment here regularly- please keep it up!



The Coming European Civil War
by Francis Meyrick

Chapter Thirteen

The Old Man’s study was quiet again. It was dark outside. Late evening, and a log fire now crackled away in the fireplace. Eddies of smoke swirled busily up the chimney, and occasional sparks and hisses livened up the steady burning of old timbers. The Old Man sat staring quietly into the fire, his mind obviously many miles away. Gustav could only wonder what he saw. He debated maintaining the meditative silence. But questions were bubbling in his mind. Tearing at the ragged edge of a dim realization. It was as if loose threads of thought and impressions, previously unassociated with one another, were teaming up together to field an increasingly tougher garment. To be worn, possibly, into battle. To be tested by fire and rain. Wind, and storms to come. He was changing, in so many ways. He could see why ‘they’ had sent him here. This was a boot camp of sorts. A training school, but as much in the ideological realm as in the material, defensive, practical realm.

But something was odd. There were still so many unanswered questions. Part of the puzzle was the enigma presented by the Old Man. Gustav realized that he still knew very little about Victor. Where he stood in the Sons of Wodan. Where he stood on the question of violence as a legitimate weapon in the boiling pot of Europe of 2017. What he personally believed. What he advocated.

The firearms side of things was run briskly and followed a clear course. From handling, firing, disassembling more and more complex weaponry. They had started with a simple single action Ruger Blackhawk revolver. A simple six shooter. He had cut his teeth on that weapon. Many hundreds of rounds had been expended on a bewildering variety of targets. Then promotion onto a Ruger GP 100. Double-action. Again, hundreds of rounds. Dozens of targets. Often, against the timer. Around and over obstacles. Then a whole range of semi-automatics. Glock 17, Glock 21, Glock 23. Then a whole day spent machining his own Compact 80 Polymer lower half. Drilling, filing, sanding. All under the watchful eye of the Old Man. Then, shooting the Polymer 80. That strange thrill. Firing a weapon he had built himself. Finding that not only did it work. It worked flawlessly. He had put hundreds of rounds through it…

The Old Man had not moved. He sat, quietly, gazing into the flames. He probably would not speak, until spoken to. And maybe that was it. Maybe that was exactly the problem. The firearms side of things was run to a tight program. Not so the ideological, political side. Victor responded to questions that Gustav asked about History and Politics. He was a mine of information. He suggested articles to read. Websites to research on the Internet. Videos to contemplate. He had a unique way of gently forcing Gustav to re-think a position, or an opinion. But he rarely led the discussion. He followed. He seemed content to let Gustav bring up the issues, and then respond to that. It was in this way that Gustav, although he knew he had learned much, felt that he was still flying blind.

Maybe it was time to talk turkey…

Gustav shook himself. A sense of resolution, determination, empowered him. Victor picked up on the movement, and looked across. His eyes were smiling.

“Well, young man?”

Gustav wondered, then plunged right in.

“I’ve learned a lot about guns. And I’m learning every day. I’ve gone from a quiet dread of them, to quietly confident. Guns no longer scare me. A child can pull a trigger. We have also talked about History and Politics at great length. But always, I feel as if you are holding a lot back. I feel you guide me in my development, you help me understand things I bring up, you point me to interesting articles or web pages. But I still know almost nothing about you. I know you are American, but you have a strong accent. Where are you from? I also know hardly anything about your relationship with Sons of Wodan. You have also several times mentioned the Visegard. But you have told me nothing about your relationship. You also talk with V4? I can tell you have been around guns for a very long time. I can see in your eyes that you have known violence. I can hear it in your voice sometimes, that you have been tested. I sense an experience. A certain knowing. Even without reading Evocatus, I knew that. But what happened to you? Where did you fight? Why?”

The room fell silent. The Old Man didn’t stir.

Minutes went by. Gustav wondered if he had caused offense. He need not have worried.

The Old Man seemed, if anything, quite pleased. His reply surprised Gustav.

“Keep going, my young friend…”

Gustav, momentarily confused, could only stare.

“I know there is more, Gustav. Feel free. Spout. Get it all off your chest.”

The words were spoken quietly, with a great calm. After a moment’s pause, Gustav plunged right on.

“So, I want to know. Is the organisation going to arm us? Can I expect gun manufacturing equipment to be sent to us? Will I be training in my men, the way you are training me? What next? Bomb making equipment? What are our orders going to be? Are we going to fight? When? How?”

Silence reigned again. A long silence. At length, the Old Man addressed him, looking him quietly in the eyes.

“Those are all good and honest questions. Some I can answer. Some not. Some I can only hint at.”
Gustav opened his mouth to speak, thought better of it, and stayed silent.

“Firstly, Gustav, my background does not matter. The only thing that needs concern us is your future. My background is History. Some knowledge is dangerous. Some hidden knowledge, if it saw the light of day, could expose other people alive today to needless risk. Some memories are long. And dangerous. They last a lifetime. As you will discover…”

A log spat out a flaming spark. It sailed through the air, through the crack in the fire curtain, and extinguished itself on the tired green carpet. Victor continued quietly.

“What you must understand is that events are unfolding so rapidly, so furiously, that many people are still reeling. Nobody knows exactly how this is going to play out. What is clear though is that many young men are angry. Angry with what they see as an invasion. Angry about the attacks on their women. Angry with their leaders, who appear to desperately seek to appease the Muslims at every turn. The laws are barely enforced where Muslims are concerned. But ferociously, with an unheard of intensity, where the slightest alleged infraction of a native European is concerned. Now, let’s talk about guns…”

Victor spoke in a calm manner, but Gustav sensed a deep passion.

“What, Gustav, do most Europeans think about the American gun culture?”

“They see Americans as gun toting maniacs. Obsessed with guns. Everybody shooting everybody else. A never ending Wild West shoot-out.”

“Precisely. What percentage of Europeans feel that their system, where guns are either very hard to acquire, or impossible to acquire, is far superior to the American way?”

“Oh, probably ninety per cent.”

“Even with the terrorist attacks that have taken place?”

“Well, that’s true. Maybe less now. But I’m thinking a good seventy per cent would hold the American system in contempt.”

Victor nodded. “Probably. Now, a question, were you surprised at the election of Donald Trump?”

“Yes. I was staggered. I still can’t figure that one out.”

“Why were you so surprised?”

“Well, all the polls showed Hillary Clinton with a huge lead. No contest. A looming white wash. All the
commentators promised it. The Media…”

“Precisely. The MEDIA. The MASS media. Bought and paid for. With their AGENDA. Don’t you think those same silent behind-the-scenes power brokers and manipulators, that tried their absolute damndest to swing the election for Hillary Clinton, are equally hard at work in Europe?”

Gustav thought for a while. “I suppose so.”

Victor smiled. “No suppose-so about it. You can bet on that. Now, where do you get your impression from that all Americans are gun-toting maniacs, running around killing one another? Therefore, guns are BAD, and European laws are far superior?”

“Well, from… Television, the News, magazine articles, hell, even movies.”

“Precisely. In other words: from the same BIASED Mass Media sources. Right?”

“Errrr…. I guess so.”

“So here is a question for you: where is it safer to live? America, or Britain? America, or Sweden? America, or Western Europe?”

“No comparison. Western Europe is much safer. MUCH safer.”

“Are you sure?”

“Errr…. yes.”

Victor walked over to a filing cabinet, and produced a manila folder. Patiently, he walked Gustav through a long series of articles, blogs and statistics. One prominent social media blog, dated June 21st, 2013 had received a lot of attention. It stated:

“There are over 2,000 crimes recorded per 100,000 population in the U.K.,” compared to “466 violent crimes per 100,000” in the United States.

Gustav stared at the statement, open mouthed. “Really? Is that true? The US is actually SAFER than the UK??”
Victor smiled. “Beware statistics. They can be skewered anyway the statistician desires. It’s a bit more complicated than that.Here’s one good article that puts that statement to the test. It’s on and it makes for an interesting read.

Gustav was quiet for a few minutes, while he studied the report. At length he remarked:

“I see. That’s more balanced. Nonetheless, it does imply that US crime statistics, corrected for categorisation and terminology, are still lower than the UK. Maybe even quite a bit lower. I would never have thought that.”
Victor smiled. “No, and that’s because you have been quietly Mass Media brainwashed all your life. That’s why you think America is like an ongoing scene from the Mad Max movie. With crazy, half naked, painted, stud and chain wearing psychopaths, racing around trying to kill you. The truth is different. Also, take several other factors into consideration. Crime in the USA is heavily skewered by the appalling mostly black-on-black crime statistics in a handful of major cities. Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, New orleans, Los Angeles, etc. Outside those crime hubs, the crime rate drops dramatically. If you take that into consideration, you will be able to research many Internet sources that suggest crime rates in the US are significantly lower than the UK. Never mind Sweden. The sole exception that stands out is gun crime. The rate of homicide by gun is significantly higher than Europe, for sure. But even there, you have to be careful what you are actually looking at. Here’s an interesting statement:

Suicide is the second-most common cause of death for Americans between 15 and 34, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Across all ages, it is the 10th-most common cause of death, and caused 1.6 percent of all deaths in 2012. Not all of those suicides are by gun, but a majority are.Oct 8, 2015

Gustav nodded. “I see. So presumably, if you reasonably conclude that those suicidally inclined in Europe will find an alternative means than a gun…”

Victor completed the sentence: “… then it is not unreasonable to assume that even that apparently grim statistic has to be seen in context. So that might lead you to wonder what percentage of gun involved homicides in the USA are in fact not murders of third parties, but suicide. Right?”

Gustav nodded.

Victor produced another report: “Here’s an article from the New York Times. It addresses the issue.”
Gustav read through carefully. When he was finished, he sounded surprised:

“More than sixty per cent of gun deaths are suicide… wow.”

“Wow indeed”, Victor replied. “But now sit back and think the whole thing through. You came to the United States convinced that crime here was WAY higher than Europe, right?”


“You came here believing that everybody is running around shooting everybody else, right?”

“Errr… yes.”

“So now you can see the relentless, non-stop assault on American values that takes place in the European Mass Media. The wilful ignoring of the many thousands of times that an armed home owner has stopped a home invasion. Or a carjacking. Or that a young woman has prevented her rape and possible murder. None of that gets into the Liberal Media, not even here in the USA, and certainly not in the European Mass Media. Only the worst excesses, putting America in the worst possible light, gets any airtime over there. Factor in also that longtime Democratic strongholds, so-called gun-free zones, with some of the strictest gun laws on the planet, ALSO have the highest rate of gun crime. And if that isn’t good enough, I have a task for you. Google what happened to gun crime in Australia after the 1997 gun buy back. Here’s one link you might like,, but there are many other sources.”

He paused, and eyed his young house guest thoughtfully. Then he continued, quietly:

“Here’s the rub, Gustav. Guns in the hands of the right people save lives. Even when the bad guys only suspect that the good guys MIGHT have a gun, they feel inhibited. Crime and assault goes down. In most parts of the USA, carjacking, robbery and burglary is a dangerous profession. Sooner or later, you’re probably going to get shot. But in the United States, a gun owner is a respected member of the community. He has a gun at home, and he may have another in his car or truck. It’s perfectly legal. He can apply for a concealed handgun license, a so-called CHL, and after a background check and a short course, he can now carry a concealed weapon in public…”

Gustav shook his head: “That’s incredible.”

Victor continued: “And you’ll find American cops encourage people to get the CHL. That’s because they know that by and large, armed citizens work to help Law Enforcement. Some have even dramatically intervened and saved the lives of cops. Statistics are available that show that legally armed CHL holders have a very, very small rate of behaving criminally or recklessly. The Good they do far outweighs the occasional hothead. By contrast, in Europe, a gun owner is automatically a terrorist, who risks twenty years in prison. If he’s caught, nobody has much sympathy for him. Guns are BAD. People have been indoctrinated that way all their lives. So you have two completely opposing systems and philosophies where guns are concerned. America. And Europe. Which is better? That depends on your upbringing, your pre-suppositions, and your overall ideology. It’s fashionable in Europe to be anti-American. Universities and academia unite in revulsion against those stupid Yanks. And that situation I think could have gone on for a long time. And then…”

He smiled.

“Enter the Wild Card…”

Gustav looked blank. “The wild card?”

Victor nodded.

“The wild card. By the name of Angela Merkel”.

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  1. gris bosque 10 months ago

    finally! in the form of fiction, but truth!

    its about being personally responsible for your own needs including security.

    The Nanny state only pretends to protect you, they aren’t going to be there when it happens, they just stuff body bags and file reports.

    Even JC said if you don’t have a sword, sell your robe and get one….

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Absolutely gris bosque- they- the liberals of the nanny-state who caused the crisis to begin with- will have fled abroad to places Costa Rica and the Canary Islands long before the battle starts. Hopefully the spark can ignite fast enough that we prevent their escape and can hold them accountable for their crimes..

      • gris bosque 10 months ago

        well actually I fled to Costa Rica 20 years ago,
        but will soon be moving back to the US now that things are getting better there…. And have my farm in CR up for sale, for some liberal who needs it! 😆

        • Francis Meyrick 10 months ago

          @ Gris Robe. What verse are you quoting? All I can find is Matthew Chapter 10, verse 34.
          “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword”. Nothing about selling a robe. And getting one. (But I like the exhortation)

          • gris bosque 10 months ago

            its not in Mathew.
            Im not sure where it is but is a very famous passage that Ive read many times and seen referred to.
            I suggest using an online word search concordance with sword robes as search terms. if I find it, I will try to get back to you.

        • Author
          Admin 10 months ago

          Lol ha that was a coincidence wasn’t it? Meant no offense in your case gris bosque!

          What has it been like living there? I visited once with my parents when I was 13. Was nice. Caught like seven or eight sailfish in one day, rubbed the skin off half my fingers I loved it lol.

          • gris bosque 10 months ago

            Living in Costa Rica;

            Well the climate is nice, and it was cool to be able to learn a second language to fluency. Also it was interesting to study another culture long term as an outsider.
            What one learns is there are differences between cultures and races, and although our motivarions are similar our expressions of these motivations is not.

            Latin America has a “low trust” culture. this means western assumptions of honesty will make you an easy victim. And one gets tired of constant attempts to screw you, and a dysfunctional legal system.

            One must remember these are the descendants of the pirates… same genetics, centuries later.

            I am looking forward to moving back ro Oregon, which is a high trust society in rural areas. Oregon is a dichotomy, cities are liberal and rural is very conservative, this is due to a migration of Californians that has come in waves for several generations.
            They migrate to the cities, that being what they know,
            and then try to change it into California…. they are considered rude, pushy, scammers by locals.

            So its like having arrogant white “muslims” come in pushing Sharia law with their numbers and money.

            But in rural areas traditional American Western culture thrives, friendly neighbors, gun culture, self sufficiency, and community participation. So I enjoyed the description of american gun culture in the fiction installment.

            One thing few understand about american gun culture is that the western end of it is extreme long range. 450 yard shots are fairly normal. And now there are those hunting out to 800 yards. what this means, is in any war situation its game over when the west shows up, as we have effectively created a culture of snipers starting as children. And with over 200 million guns in the US, we have amassed the most powerful non-nuclear deterrent in human history. US police and military combined number less than 5 million, and there are an estimated five to ten times as many AR-15’s in private hands as M-16s possessed by the military. What this means is “The Deplorables” are the most powerful arbiters on planet earth,
            and we are looking forward to our European cousins rearming and rejoining the culture of reality.

  2. Francis Meyrick 10 months ago

    Thanks, Julian. I am greatly heartened by your encouragement. I have found your website contains much thought provoking content. Some of the contributors and commenters here have enormously helped me finding sources. I also draw a sort of comfort from knowing that I am not the only one who sees a terrible, terrible trainwreck barrelling down the tracks. We will see where my little project leads. But those who follow ECW will quickly recognize themes and input from Brothers reflected in my writing.
    What saddens me beyond words is this: I have seen one civil war. Up close and personal. I never, ever dreamed I would see another one slowly, inexorably unfolding in front of me. With the same well meaning, devoutly sincere appeasers appeasing away with increasing Messianic desperation. Much of what goes through the mind of ‘Gustav’ is perhaps not entirely fictional. That is all I will -ever- say on the subject.
    To those young men who feel angry, frustrated, despairing, and driven to drink, I say this:
    Listen up. There are MANY of us. And ffffff#@kk…. if we don’t all feel the same way. GodD#@mn LIVID.
    Merkel and co’s absurd and total betrayal of European culture has relegated Norway’s Vidkun Quisling to a minor footnote in History. His betrayal is trivial, compared to the sweeping, across-the-board cultural suicide being foisted upon Europeans by the leading cabal in Europe. Ritual Hara-Kiri on steroids has NOTHING of note compared to the SCREAMING INSANITY unfolding every day. Europe will NOT go down with a whimper. Europe will FIGHT. I hope you will feel emboldened in your determination. Everybody is welcome to input and make suggestions. If you’re a Free-kisses-and-hugs-for-refugees ‘Eric’ type, I am still perfectly happy to hear from you. I’m hoping to creatively work in many different personalities. ‘Eric’ has his place in the overall narrative, (see chapter 7) and so do Elin Krantz (see chapter 11) and Maria Ladenburger (see Chapter 8). So does Karim (chapter 9). So if you think I’m wrong, say so. I think it’s heading for blood and tears myself, and a terrible Darkness, if young men don’t get organised and get going. We are well down the tunnel already, in places like Sweden. But I will paint the other -Liberal- camp with as much authenticity as I can. Hopefully everybody will find at least one character with whom he or she can feel a kinship. I wrote two novels already (‘The Tuna Hunter’, and ‘Jeremy’s War’) (on Smashwords) and each time I vowed I would never, ever, do that again. The midnight candle, all night sessions were just too miserable. And lonely. But when I see what’s going down NOW, I feel ONE solid, grim emotion. That my grandchildren will NEVER be able to say that their grandfather sat back and did NOTHING, as the hordes overran Europe. Ushered in the demons of Shariah. And extinguished the light of Western civilization. Solidarity, my Brothers. Never fear you are alone.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Interesting…. When I was a degenerate liberal I used to drink absinth. Real absinth has a chemical derived from wormwood in it called ‘thujone’. The only countries where absinth with thujone in it (real absinth) is legal are Hungary/Czech Republic, etc. I used to order it online from there when I was in high school. Funny to think those countries are now serving the same purpose but for guns. Talk about r to K selection right..

    • Francis Meyrick 10 months ago

      @ DaShui Thanks for the interesting link! That was interesting. And that’s why I enjoy the support of ECW brothers. Hmmm…. I think I might work that article into a chapter down the road. I actually suspect the obvious: that major weapons traffic already exists from the USA to Europe, and that it will massively expand as the security situation precipitously declines in Europe over the next few months and years. (“We ain’t seen nuthin’ yet, gentlemen and ladies”) (seriously) (wait until some member of the Religion of Peace shouts “The filthy infidels have burned/stepped/spat on/desecrated/laughed at, a Koran!”, and then the First (of many) old-fashioned, 7th century, blood-and-guts Pogroms gets going against the defenceless -Liberal- European Whites). (with much astonished hand-wringing and tut-tutting by well protected members of the Political and Ivory Tower Elite) So, that particular attempt, described in your link, kind of blew up in the worst way possible. We had Freedom loving German people trying to defend themselves against the invading barbarians, and, predictably, the combined and furious forces of Merkel and Suicidal ‘Liberalism’ had to stomp all over that CRIME. (Liberals – ha!) (they STOLE a perfectly good adjective there, and use that theft to dress up their rancid hatred for Liberty. (“They wanted to do WHAT!? Buy GUNS?? In our European Liberal neo-Shariah paradise? How DARE they? Outrage! ARREST THEM! And ORDER THEM to Roll Over, and OBEY the Great Liberal Brownprint for an Utopian Europe, you Nazi filth?” etc, etc.) Yes, I can see George Soros swallowing more Alkaseltzers, and hurriedly donating another 500 million Euros to those wonderful Antifa boys still living with their parents, and German Police hysterically ORDERED to drop everything (“never mind the stupid little RAPES, get the GUNS – QUICK”). I’m sure the Police and Liberal journalists are ALL OVER that Far Right, Nazi, unspeakable outrage. But… academically, let’s study how this process probably takes place in the USA already. As always, echoing Julian, we do not encourage the violation of any laws, anywhere! We merely observe, academically, what we all know is happening, and is bound to take off in an exponential manner. In practise, anybody can easily fake ID (even IF required) and open a mailbox in the USA. Either with the US Post Office, or a private mail storage facility. Or even an empty lot, a vacant apartment or house, etc. Pay cash in Walmart or Target or anywhere for a pre-loaded debit card – anonymous. Order online from a Hotel room wifi, with a short term email address, opened the same day. Have (say) the Polymer 80, or the Ghostgunner, or any other ‘eighty per cent’ firearm part not requiring an FFL intermediary shipped to that short term address. Wrap it in a small shipping container (a hollowed out book, art item, clothing, whatever) and ship it to Europe. Maybe again, to a vacant lot, empty apartment or house, etc. And finish the weapon at their leisure in their home workshop. For the realism and academic accuracy of my future writing, I ordered the Polymer 80 (80 per cent) gun package, and I have it sitting here on my desk. Very pretty. A million how-to Youtube videos online. All the accessories to finish the weapon are easily available online in the USA, direct shipper to buyer. In my case, being an honest and law abiding (happy!) (proud!) (free!) US citizen, straight to my house. But nobody, not even a President Hillary Clinton, ( Gawd… The thought makes me feel ill), could seriously regulate away a MASSIVE USA domestic trade in gun parts. Take Defense Distributed. Manufacturers of the Ghost Gunner. The lower receiver (main part) of the AR15. For academic accuracy of future chapters, I have paid my deposit, and I am awaiting my very own Ghostgunner computer-mill. When I placed my order online, I was asked to ‘tick a box’ stating I was a US citizen. I did. That’s all. It’s coming… ALL THE OTHER PARTS are easily available online, shipping direct from manufacturer/ stockist to buyer’s address. The choice is bewildering. Here is my point: even the most reactionary Hillary Clinton, Qatar-millions- loving, Muslim hugging, open borders, free-kisses-for-refugees, RABID LEFT WING President imaginable ( we nearly had one) would virtually have to suspend the entire constitution to stop that trade. And would have to turn the USA into a Stasi Police State. Like Germany is. (If you’re White, and not a Liberal. And you don’t approve of unlimited refugees. And if you want a gun to protect your wife and daughters. You RACIST NAZI!!!). (If you’re a rapist Muslim, not so much Police State; free kisses though). I digress, but you see my point: That exploding European demand for the means to exercise effective self defence against exploding crime and rape by low IQ retard Fuzlims, will not be so easily quenched. The trade will go underground, and the cost of weapons may (in the short term) tick up, but German ‘Vernunft durch Technik’ (I love the Germans) (and the Dutch) (Geert Wilders) will quickly overcome even the mad edicts of the supreme Quisling of all times – Hure Merkel.
      To be continued…. (f$#K, yeah)

      • gris bosque 10 months ago

        Weapons in a weapons free zone.

        The use and manufacture of weapons is as old as man himself. Before we took up tools, of which weapons are a subclass, we were not men, but effectively animals….

        Traditionally, when societies prohibit weapons, the people begin creating martial arts using agricultural tools. As the elite cannot outlaw them and continue to eat themselves.

        Nunchucks? for hulling rice and threshing small grains and other staples. the staff? used for threshing beans…. and so it goes thru all the agricultural tools from pruning hooks to machetes….

        For your info; sells the best “backsword” ever designed to fight unarmored opponents, called the “rula” up to 28″ long, for around $5 wholesale in Central America, it is spring steel, and will hold a fine edge with a 3/8’s bevel…
        Requires sharpening, best done with a wet wheel then a file, as it will use up a file breaking the factory edge due to spot
        over-hardening from crude factory grind… its an agricultural tool, get yours in the mail today!

        Another option, is going retro….

        The archery bow and crossbow were extremely effective weapons for thousands of years, but now over looked legally in many places as archaic… They will still kill extremely effectively and can be made from ambient or repurposed resources, from wood, to car springs…. the current market varieties work, but are way way over priced, and more designed for looks than durability.
        In fact, for several hundred years after the invention of firearms, many Armies tried to get the Nobility to allow them to revert to archery, it was superior in rate of fire, accuracy, and lethality….

        A third option, is home brew new technologies, like liquid fueled firearms using automotive fuels and common metal tube and rod sizes for manufacture and ammo, these can be designed like reciprocating engines. except the piston launches, and the rings are in the cylinder etc. most people don’t know it, but you can buy very thick-wall tubes of almost any desired dimension from or thru common steel supply houses, including stainless,
        and internally polished to diameter tubing….

        A fourth option, might be setting up and manufacturing organic firearms using cheap machine tools. Harbor freight sells small mills and lathes for $500 and up…

        and if one were to do a little research online of propellants popular with low IQ terrorists, one would learn that commonly available fertilizers and even beauty products can replace boughten propellants and primers… One could even create new calibers that used common tubing and rod sizes for cartridge cases and projectiles.

        Basically weapons technology is unstoppable… it requires brain usage to circumvent control.
        an example might be the Palestinians and Israelis, if the Palestinians began making La Crosse style rock throwers, they could run the Jews out of Gaza etc. in no time, from blocks away via mass volleys…

        Its like the Zen saying; “the fallacy of the hand on the throat.”

        If they have their hand on your throat, they can’t guard their own nuts….

  3. forwardobserver 10 months ago

    Surprised they didn’t use CZ’s! Very popular on the competition circuit in Europe. Ruger and Glock….. I can respect those choices haha. Reliable weapons for the underground. Making a ghost gun, I respect that even more….keep it up!

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Thanks for the comment forwardobserver- your firearm knowledge is miles ahead of mine. Major deficiency I need to correct… Hoping to join gun club or something similar here in next year and rectify it. I have owned and shot .22’s and various shotguns for bird hunting since I was a teenager, but I think I need my own wise elderly European sensie like in the story before I will feel better about myself in that regard.

      • forwardobserver 10 months ago

        I have a young man from the Benelux under my wing right now. Fortuitous coincidence brought us together and he is being brought up to speed. Tempus fugit!

        • Francis Meyrick 10 months ago


        • Author
          Admin 10 months ago

          Outstanding indeed. There must be enough collective firearms knowledge and skill in America to take over all of Europe a dozen times over. Just got get enough of us/them/our people focused on the objective at hand 🙂

  4. gris bosque 10 months ago

    the following is something I wrote before the US election and posted it online. you dont have to post as a comment of course, I just thought you might enjoy reading;

    Jefferson’s Clock

    I would like to explain something that I think few have realized about the American system of government.

    I firmly believe that its mechanism is patterned after a 1700’s era mechanical clock.

    I have personally worked on those original clocks, many which are still running and keeping decent time after two to three centuries,

    Jefferson and his buddies were educated men. They studied human history and the rise and fall of empires. They also had personal experience with a despotic and corrupt regime based on cronyism and arrogant elitism.

    So having created their own opportunity at greatest of personal risks, They set about to design a political system based on fundamentals that they well understood. But what to use for a model? The obvious to them would have been the mechanical clock. Which uses forces in both a single direction like the drive train, and in opposition like the escapement.
    The political drive train would have been the common good. The escapement would be the opposing political forces that have always and inevitably will exist.

    Politics is a pendulum, it swings left then right. Each side pushing against the other in an eternal battle of beliefs. No man is ever invariably correct, and of course errors creep in, So there needed to be a system of self regulation and a return to center core values based on fundamental truths. There also needed to be a system to compensate for any introduced errors, just as the clock mechanism compensated for the variables in temperature and resulting pendulum length.

    The escapement mechanism of a clock is in effect a catch and release system, that both limits and allows forward motion of the drive train. And this is how the American political system is also designed to function; it allows progress, but prevents run away excesses. It also pits opposing forces against each other to keep them occupied, so that common man can have a decent life beneath their endless battles for power and greed.

    The drive train is based on power from the common folk. And as much political power as possible was put in as many hands as possible to counter the inevitable dueling of the status quo wannabees. This power relies on an educated and informed public, so that they can be counted on to make wise decisions based on collective self interest, and not be swayed by less than truthful rhetoric from any political faction of the day.

    And we are lucky enough to just have experienced an example of this very thing, Where an increasingly disconnected from common man status quo, attempted to use division and untruth to prosper exceedingly and unjustly at the expense of average peoples.

    Their replacements are very likely to make the exact same mistakes due to human nature. Any extreme push on the pendulum will cause a wider swing on the other side to most certainly follow. And in fact, for the most efficient forward motion, extremes should be avoided, and the swings kept very even and not far from the center of collective benefit.

    The clock should also be kept clean and properly lubricated by the participation of the people, and they should be ever vigilant to their rights, responsibilities, and their duties…

    Its a fine clock which we can all be proud of… So far it has never failed us ever through times of the greatest changes in human history. And if I could urge just one thing, and have it happen, it would be that this great clock and its intricacies be studied and taught in all schools, And that no student be allowed to move forward without a grasp of its fundamental mechanism, and their part as a cog in the wheels.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      That’s extremely good gris bosque. Where did you post that online? Have you submitted articles to any sites?

      I think your last paragraph absolutely nails the issue. Glenn Beck and all these guys are so focused on the constitution and have invested almost all their belief and energy and hope into it. ‘If we just follow the constitution all will be fine’. I agree with that to some extent, and I do believe that as far as governments go the structure of the U.S. government is indeed genius, but the problem is that it seems to break down if society stops caring about it. With the insane levels of degeneracy and ignorance in today’s society that is rapidly becoming the case. Our average 20 year old is just woefully ignorant and dispassionate about such tings, and the massive levels of immigration are filling our country with an increasing percentage of people who have no cultural or blood-based ties to the constitution and the founders. To use an extreme example, if you take a one hundred thousand people from Somalia, Yemen, Zimbabwe, etc and put them on an island with one hundred thousand copies of the Federalist Papers, Bill of Rights, and Constitution and told them to model their society after it, they would just laugh, burn them for fuel, and go on to create some anarchic hell-hole. Mass-immigration and cultural degeneracy are doing the same thing to the U.S. just on a slower level….

      • gris bosque 10 months ago

        I agree on the problem being people not caring about their democracy. I grew up in the 60-70’s and we young people were accused of being “apathetic” by teachers in school etc. And I thought about it at the time and decided they were correct…. And that we really didn’t know what we wanted, but we knew the system was screwed up badly.

        What you learn over time, is that yes the system is screwed up, and that you get your direction in life not from what you like, but reacting to what you learn you dislike.

        In time you figure out that humans invariably twist everything. What starts as good gets made evil, and the motives are invariably the same; self centeredness and greed. So what happens, is theres a cycle, where people don’t care and negative effects add up until they do care. Then they have to retake the lost ground.

        So politics ends up acting as a last ditch relief valve to remove an absurdist status quo, we are seeing this happen before our eyes with Trump, Brexit, and Le Pen etc.

        It becomes a form of warfare to prevent warfare, as the saying goes in the US; “ballot box or bullet box”.

        The quintessential General wins without fighting. he shapes the enemy to his desired form. This is why I write. I use comments to plant concepts. I worked very hard before the election commenting on to point out the gun reality in the US, and the risk of civil war and Nuclear war with Hillary. it spread. peole don’t like realizing things aren’t like they thought, and that there may be dire consequences to their current path. so pointing out truth can turn the herd. It just takes a little while to spread the truth.

        We live in interesting times, there is a credibility vacuum, if you always speak truth people sense it.
        Its best not to spin things. So basically what I did was attempt to affect an election with an iphone from a third world jungle.
        Having realized that if the pen is mightier than the sword, then having a laptop etc. is like having a tactical nuke. its how you use your weapon that counts. I posted Jefferson’s Clock as part of that endeavor to get people to realize their political power. in other comments I pointed out the realities of gun culture, in others the value of the constitution etc. its all on Disquis if you want to study a primer in using the web to spread concepts via comments.

        You keep planting a concept until you see it start to spread. then you go to your next concept…. and you basically connect the dots for people to the truth. And you win, and you hear the enemy complain about what you have done, which they can do nothing about.

        Now I will plant a concept with you crazies; liquid fueled guns that work like reciprocating engines. and use sections of common diameter rod for ammo.

        Every hardware store, steel supply and gas station becomes ammo dumps.

        but remember; win without fighting, use more brains than bullets. use of force sets up resistance, threat of force removes resistance…..

        • Francis Meyrick 10 months ago

          the advances in CNC technology (computer numerical control router) are now so quick (see that a determined Patriot Movement doesn’t even have to trick around anymore. Go straight for the real thing. I blog about it, and for academic purposes (and character Realism) I will be manufacturing stuff-what-goes-bang myself. I’m trying to see things through a ticked off European’s eyes now in 2017. All of 2015 and 2016 the bleeding, emotional, non-thinking Liberal hearts in Government and ‘Mess Media’ (messing with the facts) had it all their own way. Now, even brass neck Hure Merkel is trying to put a brave face, and the usual claims of her far-sighted, exalted wisdom on a truly humiliating partial U-turn. Too little, too late. Daft bat. The Patriots are arming, and backroom CNC drilling machines are grinding away overtime, on REAL semi-automatics. I’ll wager. See as just ONE possible route.

          • gris bosque 10 months ago

            I understand CNC milling and CAD, and aware of the 3D printed guns etc. Also very astute on firearms designs, And the entire history of firearms, and related technologies. including some dots few others have connected. I am also a micro precision machinist, talking wristwatch parts.

            First, there are choke points to your logic. not trying to critisize, just get you over hurdles.

            CNC equipment is very expensive. meaning limited availability and accessibility. and relative ease to monitor. Not impossible, but risky.
            Two; many modern weapons have been cheapened, I own a 100 year old P-14 Eddystone, its in perfect condition. shoots fine, has a ladder sight, I can literally kill at a thousand yards with it.
            how long does a plastic stock last, and how far will an AR clone in 5.56mm shoot and kill effectively?
            Theres a reason the US Military has had to bring back the M-14 out of retirement, a 60 year old gun, which is basically a 90 year old design.

            Third; ammo, its a choke point. all rebel forces have shortages of it.
            its ingredients can be tracked and controlled.

            Plastic guns, like 3D printed AR lowers etc. dont last long. As another professional metalworking friend once said; “everything of real value is made out of metal.”

            Then theres the little problem boring decent barrels….. its not easy to dill a 24″ long 1/4″ hole through steel to create a rifle barrel. you will have a pile of failures and broken tools before you get your first decent barrel blank. suggest you pilot with a laser first and use carbide cutting tools very carefully and slowly, and you might get “one”.

            or, you can go to your steel supplier, and get pretty much anything you want dimensionally in 20 foot sections, that you will need to hone slightly, rifle, chamber, and thread.

            And we are talking Germans here, perfectly capable of designing and building the next step of firearms technology, the liquid fuel gun. that runs on anything flammible like a multi fuels engine, full auto, and fires commonly available mass produced sections of steel rod at leathal velocities… I doesnt need a CNC machine, or lead nitrate, or brass casings and copper jackets.

            In fact, it could be fed by a backpack tank and tube fed hopper. and run on $2 a gallon propellant, and ammo in one inch pieces at $5 or less for a 20 ft section… its unstoppable tech. And could be as nicely designed and made as a BMW….

            Big secret; how to win wars;
            1. be inventive
            2. mass production
            3. use resources than cant be cut off.

            You are not going to win building plastic garbage they can cut off supply lines to. too expensive. War is economics. you have to beat them on all levels, including morally and economically.

    • Francis Meyrick 10 months ago

      @ dashui. Interesting. I’ve been assuming that a hypothetical Patriotic Paramilitary European Organisation might wish to use the Deep Web. I haven’t figured out exactly how. It’s an area I’ll have to cover at some stage in building up our hypothetical ‘Sons of Wodan’ structure.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      That’s interesting Dashui. It seems like as Muslim immigration ramps up to greater and greater extents we start to see some of these European cities or areas effectively become ‘non-governed space’ or rogue ‘city-states’ outside the control or jurisdiction of actual governments. Molenbeek certainly, Malmo to an increasing extent, Naples in some ways in this story. Interesting and definitely seems to parallel a lot of other 4GW hot spots. Kandahar and Peshawar certainly, and parts of Sudan. What will be interesting as well is if other parts begin to mirror this but from a ‘resistance’ perspective. Like perhaps in ten years so many German’s have fled from the West of the country to the East that Dresden takes on the same tone in reverse. I think all the Visegrad nations will be important places in that way as well as lots of supplies and people who are pro-resistance will flow through them. Once I create enough wealth and can travel in Europe regularly and still feed my wife and son I think I am going to especially focus on building roots in that area for just that reason. Perhaps Prague or Budapest, etc.

      • Francis Meyrick 10 months ago

        I loved Budapest. And Hungary. Ideal base for an interested observer. My vote.

        • Author
          Admin 10 months ago

          I’ve actually never been there… been to Prague and liked it. There’s always Bratislava too… 🙂

      • dashui 10 months ago

        Before you go, Remember what Hungary did to Richard Spencer.

        • Author
          Admin 10 months ago

          That is a VERY good point Dashui! Still surprised they went that all out… Then again I guess he sort of purposefully pushes the envelope quite a bit. I don’t know if they would have the same to someone like Vox Day who might have similar beliefs but just expresses them in a less purposefully controversial manner.

          At the same time though if I don’t someday get banned from a few Western European countries I will be disappointed. That seems to be an increasing rite of passage for serious political writers in our generation..

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