ECW Reader Brawls With Antifa At Canadian Protest!

ECW Reader Brawls With Antifa At Canadian Protest!
April 4, 2017 Admin

Editor’s Note: I was at first going to combine this with another post but decided it deserved its own. These ‘on the ground updates’ are one of my favorite parts about doing this site. If anyone else encounters something of note you want to share with us please shoot me an email!



ECW Reader Brawls With Antifa In Canadian ‘Islamophobia’ Riots!

I’ll set the scene first, and quote from Global News:


Anti-Islamophobia motion provokes protests, counter-protests across Canada

There were tense moments in cities including Montreal and Toronto Saturday between supporters and opponents of M-103, a non-biding Parliamentary motion that calls for the Canadian government to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination.”

In Montreal, a heavy police presence outside city hall kept the two sides apart as a demonstration by critics of the motion was met by an equally large counter-protest.

Despite police efforts to keep the two sides apart, some isolated scuffles occurred between the two sides as tempers flared.

It turns out our regular reader and commenter David was one of those ‘scuffling’ individuals! Not only that, but he became a front page piece of news in a number of large journals…

If you click on the link to the above article here, you will see him in the picture of the fight right after the fourth paragraph. The picture is of him getting kicked in the head by a group of Antifa, though that shot must have been selectively chosen by the journalists in question.

As David explained to me:

“I had a true friend along who pushed a couple of them back so I could get back up
and keep swinging. But the press released this unflattering moment, they love seeing
nationalists being beaten.”

David speaks the truth, as the last thing the mainstream press wants is more versions of ‘Based Stickman’ running around becoming folk heroes 🙂


The Image

Make sure you click on that link to check it out, as I have been not reproduced the image here. I reached out to ‘the Canadian Press’ (over their website) to get permission to reprint it but they said it would cost 59$ to get the rights to reuse it for a 3 month span (even more if longer than three months).



For any unitiated readers, the Antifa are groups of ‘antifascist’ protestors, normally dressed in all black or in ‘anarchist’ clothing, that often show up at these rallys. We have showed on this website how they are usually directly funded by 1) George Soros-affiliated NGO’s, and 2) Western governments themselves in places like Germany, Sweden, and yes, Canada.

The Antifa are the Pinkertons of modern Progressivism, engaging in violence, harassment, and extortion directed towards any who support right-wing or anti-mass immigration political movements. The have egged and attacked female Trump supporters, ruined businessmen’s practices in Germany, and countless other evils. David should be proud to have fought with them.

David also shared additional thoughts on the entire event and the experience of being in one of these ‘protesting’ square-offs:

The street march/protest scene is an incredibly awkward thing. Your hands
are largely tied by heavy police presence, any major escalation obviously
leads to arrests. It’s this three-way waltz where the two sides and the
police constantly bump and step on each other’s toes while being forced to
conform to an overall structure.

Beyond the blueballs of not being able to engage, I see protests as an
abomination by definition, in the sense that a well-functioning society
should have better processes for people to get their opinions heard than
this. Must it really be a matter of menacing, primeval crowds blocking
public spaces and causing disruption and damage?

In any case, the hate and violence seems to be escalating so rapidly that
this manifestation of the left-right conflict might just be a blip on the
radar before it all becomes more grown-up stuff.

I was in Europe this winter, and it is a galvanizing experience to see how
things are now in the cities I’ve known since childhood.

Wise words I think.


In Closing

Massive props to David for fighting back against the Antifa, for protesting in favor of Canada’s survival, and for battling against the destructive and insane policies of Justin Trudeau and Canada’s far-left government.

As we all know, ‘Mr.’ Trudeau wants to make Canada into a ‘feminist, humanitarian superpower’ just like Sweden, as well as copy its multicultural politics and mass-immigration model. Trudeau is the absolute embodiment of reality-dissasociated Liberal-privilege and r-Selection, and I am sure I speak for everyone reading this in congratulating David, and in praying men like him are successful and can preserve a future for Canada and her people. Canadian children deserve a safer and brighter world than the Western European-style hell that Trudeau would bequeath to them.


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  1. YesPasaran 10 months ago

    Great work! It looked like you were getting the better of them until the police broke it up. This one is going up on the blog for sure.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Yes I was going to combine this story with the updates from your site but decided they were both too valuable not to have separate.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Excellent analysis.

      I agree with the author completely that ethnic-based (100% Muslim) political parties are about to become a big force. Would be nice to think that will wake more normies up but I’m sure we’ll even see lib-labs voting for those parties unfortunately lol.

      I have a link for you actually there linkmaster 🙂 Check it out, this is one of my favorite new sites although its primarily economic rather than political:

  2. SteveRogers42 10 months ago

    As of 1730 on 4-4-17, it’s “Hmmm, we can’t reach this page”.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Steve-

      Are you talking about the one with the picture of David? I just realized I embedded the link incorrectly… which is weird because I thought it worked at first but then when I rechecked the test file of the page I had added some extra brackets.

      But yeah the picture should be accessible now 🙂

  3. David 10 months ago

    I want to tell anyone out there who’s in doubt: whenever you decide to go and confront these bastards, you have my gratitude and respect. Your actions are significant and will not be neglected or forgotten.
    Also, we’ve got your back.

    Julian’s first book is probably the ultimate document on “thinking and brawling”, which is what a lot of us are up to these days. It will take a lot of thinking to understand how this will play out, and a lot of brawling on the cobblestones before the first ray of sunlight breaks through the stormclouds.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      I agree David. I think things are starting to turn but it will take several more years for the real breakout period to occur.

      It make sense these Antifa always try to attack in groups. When your political ideology eschews testosterone and weight training you are going to be at a natural disadvantage 🙂

  4. Rick 10 months ago

    things are heating up in Canada

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      There’s some tough hockey-playing dudes in Canada man. I grew up right near the border and encountered a lot of them. Their politics might be crazy these days on a national level but you go to the interior of Canada in BC, Alberta, or Quebec and there are some based af mf’s man, to use the in vernacular 🙂

  5. Laguna Beach Fogey 10 months ago

    Well done, David.

    Julian, did you check out the recent Battle of Huntington Beach?

    Lots of comrades there.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      I did indeed my friend.

      Perfect example of what I mentioned in my comment up above re what happens when an individual antifa has to fight someone one on one 🙂

      Was exciting stuff for sure wish I could have been there.

  6. Dashui 10 months ago

    Pretty good if you can get past the narrative.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Oops, I read the article last night but accidentally didn’t approve your comment Dashui!

      It is very good actually (despite the bias, as you said). I snagged a couple quotes I think I will use in the book.

      The final paragraph caught my eye in particular:

      “Identitarianism feeds on pessimism. The country’s patriotic rebels are young and may have time on their side.”

      Don’t know if I agree with the first part, maybe in half, combined with honor, beauty, truth, and optimism. The second sentence I WISH was true, but don’t think that is the case unfortunately!

      Nevertheless still optimistic though 🙂

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      That was excellent. Agree 100% with him on Tommy Robinson too.

      I’ve also read Herodotus, at least in large numbers of bits and pieces. Incredible stuff and indeed timely given what’s going on today.

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