ECW Readers- We Need Your Feedback!

ECW Readers- We Need Your Feedback!
June 21, 2016 Admin

Hello readers-

Today marks the fifth month that has been online. In that time we have published 146 posts and received 756 comments.

As always, our foremost goal is to track and analyze the war in Europe, and to do whatever we can to prosecute the battle in favor of the native-European/Identitarian resistance!

As the website goes forward, and as we increasingly have more resources we can invest in it, it is important we ensure it is succeeding in its objectives.

To that end we would be HIGHLY appreciative of any readers who could fill out the below questionnaire. The questions in it deal with the site’s content, and reader thoughts on what kind of posts, posting schedules, website focuses, etc best serve their needs, and the needs of Europeans generally.

We should be able to start podcasting in the next month or so, and we have lots of other long-term ideas and goals. As we weigh those various goals and possibilities and hopes however, there is nothing that would be more helpful than reader feedback, as it is to serve the readers, and the war effort, that is this site’s mission.

If you don’t mind filling this out it truly will help us as we go forward. To do so, please copy and paste the questions into an email, write in your answers, and send it to




Directions: The first three questions should be answered with a number between 1 and 9- a number in the middle would signify a viewpoint in between the two examples, while a 1 or a 9 would signify total agreement with that example answer.

1. Do you prefer (1) more news/current events-style posts, or (9) more intellectual, essay-style ones?

2. Do you prefer (1) lots of short articles including news excerpts and excerpts from other sites, similar to the Daily Stormer, or (9) fewer articles but really well-written, long, insightful Counter-Currents type ones?

3. Do you prefer (1) a 100% focus on the War in Europe, events on the ground, analysis of the war, or (9) a mix of that along with book reviews, self-improvement, cultural stuff, etc?

4. What are some topics you would like to see covered by

5. Who are some Podcast guests, or kinds of guests, you might like us to reach out to?

6. Do you have any ideas on things that this website (or others) could do to help the war in Europe, that are not currently being done?

Thank you IMMENSELY for your time! We are steadfastly determined to continue bringing you quality content, and doing whatever we can to topple the corrupt genocidal governments of Western Europe, and expel the Muslim invaders from our shores! Native Europeans did not ask for war, but without opening our eyes to the reality at hand and fighting back there will be no future for our lands, our heritage, or our children!

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Comments (18)

  1. DaShui 1 year ago

    How about more pictures of big boobies?

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Anime perhaps- this is the Alt-Right for goodness sake!

  2. Odriew 1 year ago

    1) 4
    2) 4
    3) 3
    4) How to shop for and use hidden cameras. The more footage on the internet of Muslims acting badly the better.
    5) Don’t know.
    6) Comment donation bank. Some comments are too good to only be used once. Instead have a comment donation bank where people donate particularly good comments so others can use them in arguments. Each entry could have a title, the thing being responded to and the response. Make it searchable by each of those factors or by any combination of them. Make it so they can be rated and reviewed by the people who use them.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Thanks for the comment Odriew! Very much appreciated. Great idea on the comment bank too, I have opened up a web browser with the idea searched under google so I don’t forget to follow through on it.

  3. Nxx 1 year ago

    1. I prefer (7) more intellectual, essay-style ones.

    2. I prefer (6) really well-written, long, insightful Counter-Currents type ones

    3. I prefer (3) a 100% focus on the War in Europe, events on the ground, analysis of the war

    4. I would like to see more brainstorming as to what average Joe can do

    5. Don’t know

    6. Provide a mix of thoughtful analysis and news response articles. The former should also be submitted to CC, Daily Stormer and The Right Stuff in order to boost visibility a la Atlantic Centurion. However unlike AC not all product should be cross posted so as to give people a reason to visit the website. That’s where news response short articles come in.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Great thanks as always Nxx- could you elaborate on what you mean re: cross-posting? Do you mean not re-posting here what gets published on another site? Will definitely take your advice on DS and TRS in addition to CC. Will be submitting ‘Violence and Vanguardism Part II’ to CC under another title (finally) as soon as I finish a Faye book review for them I offered to write.

      Sure you saw Brexit 🙂 Look forward to hearing your thoughts!

      • Nxx 1 year ago

        By cross-posting I just meant re-posting. Just don’t be like Atlantic Centurion where everything you post is also posted on other sites. AC is a great writer but I never visit his blog because I’ve already read it all elsewhere.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          I got ya. Yes I think that makes perfect sense. My problem is more the opposite right now though I need to submit more of my articles to other sites. Appreciate your continued advice Nxx it is very helpful.

  4. Michael 1 year ago

    1 I like a mix of both with a slight preference to essay type
    2 longer articles are best but some news items are good
    3 Definite mix they each complement the other
    4 some low level practical ideas to inform the non committed
    5 people with the same perspective on life showing a various approach to the cause of saving Civilisation
    6 Gathering data, recording high profile statements, recognising the key players in the invasion of European people

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Very much appreciate you taking the time to do this Michael!

  5. Sun Rabbit 1 year ago

    1. 5- a good mix of both
    2. 5- again, a good mix of both
    3. 1- just focus on what’s happening here in Europe
    4. Focus on what we can do about this and how to get the information out. Solutions.
    5. Henrik Palmgren
    6. Positive news on how we’re winning, in other words tactics that are working. Examples would be news about AfD, Pegida, Geert Wilders, Marine LePen, Milos Zeman, Miroslav Sladek

    In other words, don’t be like all the other websites out there that just report news off sites like Rense or what have you. A good example would be The New Observer, which covers the whole backlash (in the Europe section, that is, and the only one I read).
    Maybe doing a piece on where the invasion is NOT taking place and why? Places like Czech Republic, Faroe Islands, or Iceland. Europe is a really big place and focusing just on the epicentre, namely Germany, means that readers aren’t finding out how other countries are battling this invasion, and possible outcomes. Nobody has a crystal ball, and nobody knows how this will play out.
    Personally, I think the “man behind the curtain” here is NATO, not Merkel, not the EU. So once Trump becomes president, things might change for the better over here since he’s even said so.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Sun Rabbit- thanks for the first time comment! It is highly appreciated!

      Agree that the focus should be beyond just the epicenter of events in the already falling apart countries. Other nations like Spain and Italy have interesting things going on with the immigratn population and resulting friction, and there are many countries in Eastern Europe that have so far escaped the maelstrom, who we can learn from both in terms of how they have prevented mass immigration (culturally, that is), and just in terms of the healthiness of their societies.

      And then yes thanks for the feedback as well! Would love to learn more about your own background, where you are based out of, thoughts on the situation in Europe. Interesting what you said about NATO. Would you attribute the power or impetus of these motivations within NATO as being judaic in nature of corporate or of what manner?

      • Sun Rabbit 1 year ago

        Hi! I’m a former bank director from the Czech Republic but I live in Germany now. Bought a couple of apartment houses here and I live off that. The reason for teh invasion is 2-fold. On the one hand you have NATO as an arm of the US government whose purpose is to ensure US hegemony. 4 years ago Europe’s economy had surpassed the US and China, and the US wouldn’t stand for that. The invasion makes for a perfect money waster. Originally they said it would cost Germany 6 billion Euros but I did some calculations and came up with 26 billion per year. This exact figure was later confirmed but later adjusted to 90 billion when you figure in all the property crimes. The second reason is purely financial / corporate. Back in the 60s and 70s they imported a lot of Turks here. This kind of helped out Turkey because the secularist government of the time wanted to get rid of the more Islamist elements and did so with Germany’s blessings. Plus they sent money back. However the main reason was that Germany wanted to improve its bottom line by decreasing the average wage. Like if you have a company whose EBITA looks weak. Well, you can keep all the highly paid executives and decrease your wage expense by diluting the total wage expense with low-paid workers. Same goes for countries. It’s THAT simple and prosaic. The same motivation is at play again, only this time the invaders are here to bring about an increase in currency printing to get the value of the Euro down and increase exports that way. Plus you have multilateral currency agreements where countries like CZ have pledged to maintain the Euro at 27 Crowns till the end of this year. The real reasons why the invaders are staying away from CZ is again twofold: Czechs are extremely xenophobic vis-a-vis any nonwhite races, such as the Romanies (Gypsies) who have lived as second-class citizens there for 900 years. No nonwhite person can ever be accepted into Czech society. But if you come there as an white American, they will absolutely love you! The second reason is financial. In CZ, the invaders who either refuse to identify themselves or whose backgrounds cannot be verified are housed in basically Gulags, AND they have to pay 30 Crowns a day for food. The ones whose identities have benn established can live semi-freely but they only get about 80 US Dollars a month. And word spreads among them, so they stay away. Also, Czech is an extremely difficult language to learn.
        So yes, living here in Germany I’m seeing the invasion first-hand. The authorities are lying to us, though. There are supposed to be 520 of them in my city so how come when I go out it’s like ONE-THIRD of the people?!?! People stopped completely going out at night, and when they do, only in larger groups, simply because the invaders always are in groups of 4 or more men. And the crime has shot through the roof yet the Germanywide media completely ignores this. A police officer friend of mine said that major and minor crimes have gone up by TEN TIMES!! And ALL of the criminals are the invaders!
        In short, I really know A LOT about this situation, too much to convey in just a few short lines of text; simply because I’m living right in the middle of this.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Hey Sun Rabbit- thanks for the comment! Any first hand account of life on the ground over there is highly valued! If you ever want to write a longer, polished account for us to publish on the site just reach out to me via email. I love that you are a real estate investor too that seems quite uncommon in Europe (among ‘real’ people as opposed to corporations that is).

          Do you sense regular German’s waking up at all? The possibility of violence on behalf of native Germans?

  6. Lynda 1 year ago

    Thank you for giving your readers the opportunity to get back to you on the direction of European Civil War.

    It has been really good to see another Alt-Right blog up and running with comment, black-listed news, inconvenient factoids and essays. I think this is a good mix. You can’t re-invent the Daily Stormer. But a few times you have scooped Andrew on the relevant news. There are very few who can write with the perspective and flourish of Irish Savant. But there has been excellent writing on the Big Picture type of comment that the regular readers of Irish Savant are alway looking for.

    In the european civil war and indeed the crisis of all White nations a new cultural mythology will have to be forged. The older mythos remains the great matter of the White race but like Anduril in the Tolkien saga this is now in shards. It will have to be re-forged.

    This can only be done in the realm of history, mythos, culture and the search for truth within these areas of scholarship, expression, creativity and above all conviction / integrity. What can people hold as true? Truth in history is now coming to light with the tools of the internet. The millenia of faith held by the White race in its nations has degenerated into what the present time would regard as mythology. But the culture it created holds many keys to whether or not a new generation can affirm as credo what previous generations held.

    However it plays the matter will have to be re-forged.

    No one realised this more keenly than J.R.R. Tolkien to whom this website alone gives a webpage in the context of European Civil War – a present and historical context in which it absolutely belongs.

    One of the great sub-creations in the Ring mythology of Tolkien is the presentation of “Gondor”. What is Gondor. We can see from history the elements that went into the making of “Gondor”. But it is only in the present reality that we see what it is.

    Here is a clue: “But in the north Arnor dwindles, it is broken into petty princedoms, and finally vanishes. The remnant of the Numenoreans becomes a hidden, wandering Folk and though their true line of Kings of Isildur’s heirs never fails, this is known only in the House of Elrond. In the south, Gondor rises to a peak of power almost reflecting Numenor and then fades slowly to a decayed Middle Age, a kind of proud, venerable but increasingly impotent Byzantium. The watch upon Mordor is relaxed . The pressure of the Easterlings and Southrons increases. The line of the Kings fails and the last city of Gondor, Minas Tirish is ruled by hereditary Stewards.”… J.R.R. Tolkien. The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien. Unwin Paperbacks. 1983 p 157-8.

    Why this comparison? Why is it so apt and why does it burst upon modern minds like something akin to a revelation?

    The historical truth and reality of Nova Roma has been entirely suppressed for generations of the publicly educated. They go from ancient Egypt to Alexander’s Empire to the Middle Ages of Europe. In fact Alexander’s Empire morphed into Rome and Rome did not ‘fall” for a thousand years as commonly believed. Ancient Rome became Nova Roma with the Emperor Constntantine. The Mediterranean (the inland sea of Middle Earth) had a pax Justinian. East and West was this mighty Christian Empiire into which the White nations flowed.

    The White race alone deserves the mythological designation of Numenor because the White race alone was baptised in its nations to Christianity. The White race alone in its nations made Christ Law the basis of the social order and the ethno states of Nova Roma. The Numenorean matter expresses the idea that a baptised nation is communicating in the body, blood, soul and Divinity of the God man. It is a new race – the God-man race. The cathedrals and basilicas of all the Christiendoms are built to express this archetecturally and in all the arts.

    The transcendantal powes of the Numenoreans in Tolkien’s mythology came from the strain of their Eldarian blood. The transcendental power of the White race comes from the fact of its credo for over a thousand years and its communion in the blood of the God man. It is not a racial supremacy in the natural order, it is a communion in the spiritual order which changes the DNA itself and raises the natural abilities to higher levels.

    I add as a side note here that this would be observed in the history of any baptised population regardless of race or ethne.

    Post revolutionized, post Christian, post everything populations of these now shattered ethno states no longer believe this, but this fact does not change what Nova Roma was historically in terms of the people who raised it, recovered their classical heritage and re-invented the contributions of their ancients. It does not change the fact that when these revolutionized populations see a mythological restatement of the old oekumene in its fundamentals they are going to be engaged in all kinds of ways – en masse.

    This is why Tolkien’s mythology which is a re-forging of the the ancient matter can really only be understood in our present.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Lynda- seeing your comment brought a huge smile to my face! I hadn’t seen you around here in awhile was hoping you were okay 🙂 Thanks for the feedback and the thoughts. Your comments always instill great motivation within me regarding the site, and increased levels of inspiration in general.

      I certainly agree that there is an element of beauty/sacrality/perfection/Godliness within European identity and history that I think all White people can feel, but that an infinitesimally small percentage could truly articulate. I think that almost all see in Tolkien a representation of this however. And I think you are spot on that a new mythology will have to be forged into being for our people to survive this great crisis and calamity and self-imposed trial, and make it to the other side.

      Also just for interest sake your comments in the 4th paragraph to the bottom remind me of Mormonism (a segment of Christianity (although some wouldn’t call it that) which believes in a similar phenomenon or process of transformation through faith and works. They believe that just as an individual population upon earth can become more God-like and perfect through their actions and beliefs (for instance they believed Indian tribes who converted to Mormonism would eventually become blonde and blue-eyed), individual people could slowly achieve Godhood as well, and that each man’s (and by extension family’s) version of Heaven could eventually become its own world, with patriarch as Godhead. Somewhat off topic but your words reminded me of it.

      Would love to hear any other thoughts you have on the progression of events in Europe, or anything else that is on your mind you might like to share.

      Thanks again Lynda-


  7. Lynda 1 year ago

    Good to speak with you again, Admin. I have been very busy with the Australian elections. We have at present got 5 independent/minor parties onto the Crossbench in the House of Reps. We have have got Pauline Hanson of One Nation into the Senate. In the 1990s Pauline infamously raised the issues that the Alt-Right now has on the boil. And the week of the election even the (((msm))) could not keep a lid on the immigration rort between the Dept of Immigration and Big End of Town employers importing Muslims on the QT with bogey visas and fake job qualifications. So a lot to do.

    Welcome the rise of Ethnopolitics. There is a lot of dissatisfaction with groups identifying as a some form of hyphenated Australian as well as government imports cherry picked for ethnicity / religion. The debate over Islam, Sharia Law (a religious law fundamentally inconflict with Australian law), Halal and the whole raft of Muslim entitlements is now in the public fora.

    It was the Anglo-Celtic ethnic heritage and culture that founded the Australian colonial government under (((The Crown))) of the UK, later founding the state as a Dominion of the Commonwealth. The Anglo Celtic people of Australia devoloped the social life, economy and institutions that bear the name Australian. We are a White nation. The indigenous population has always had its own customary law and culture and this is recognised – including traditional ownership of land . Minority demographics entered into colonial experiment and have always been free to make their own life upon the foundations of Australian state as long as they are not in conflict with Australian laws and fit in.

    These are facts that stand against the current efforts of social engineering by the shab-goy political elites. The idea of White nation identity based upon heritage is considered extreme in public discourse. Everyone except us is entitled to their heritage and identity. When a Sudanese community, for example, asserts its Sudanese identity and heritage, no matter how much at variance it might be with Ausralian law and custom, we are supposed to defer to this.

    The Church has not been the foundation of the social order in England since Henry VIII gutted the Magna Charta over the Oath of the Supremacy. Christ Law has not been legislated on the basis of the faith and morals of the Church since the Reformation. But much of the millenial Christian culture has been implanted in Australia from the founding of the colony. White Australian is largely indifferent in terms of religion (any religion) but even they become oppositional when a Muslim sheikh (Shady) this week issues a public statement that Christmas parties are a form of satanic worship. The Grand Mufti says that anyone who disagrees with the sheikh’s public statments is a hater and a bigot and is opening the way for Islamic attacks. The media muppets are trying to hose this down on all channels, tidy up the Mufti and get the mask of Islam : the religion of tolerance (ROT) back in place. Good luck with that.

    The Church, on the other hand, has a long history with Islam. It predates Islam and it predates Mormonism – which is a 19th century fake job on the central doctrines of the faith. The Church has always recognised race and ethne. The Evangel was to be proclaimed to all nations in hope that baptised nations would refound their social order upon he Kingship of Christ. The historical fact that the White race alone in its nations did this – gives to these nations a patrimony that other nations do not possess even as de-Christianised, revolutionised, deratinated populations.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Yes I had heard rumblings that Identitarian politics (and candidates) were having some success down there. Glad to know that it is indeed the case. I try to keep up on Australia as much as I can. Very interesting situation since its so reminiscent of US and European stuff but also so different.

      Yes Mormonism definitely has alot of goofyness to it. I am not a Mormon myself but have read on them alot. Lifestyle-wise they are certainly a template that our people can learn from. I love them for that and the whole sociological side. Doctrinally they are based on Joseph Smith’s very colorful imagination mixed with his limited historical/geological/etc knowledge. Then there is the huge influence of Masonry on their ceremonies and ‘style’. Certainly all wild improvisation though that is for sure.

      Any other thoughts on developments in Europe?

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