Ethnic Swedes Split On Issue Of Cultural Suicide

Ethnic Swedes Split On Issue Of Cultural Suicide
April 22, 2016 Admin

A Swedish University Poll on whether Sweden should have less immigration or not has wielded interesting results.

This comes from a Breitbart story which starts with the hopeful headline that Swedes now care more about immigration than any other issue.

As the article states:

In 2016, over half of Swedish citizens called immigration their most important electoral issue, according to research by the University of Gothenburg Society, Opinion, and Mass Media (SOM) institute. The survey has measured the state of feeling in Sweden every year since 1986, but has seen a “dramatic change” since the 2014 measure.

SOM Research director Henrik Oscarsson said of the change: “In 2015 27 per cent took migration as the most important social issue. By the latest measurement, migration is not the dominant issue for most Swedes. A whole 53 per cent call it so,” reports FriaTider.

However, reading further into the data:

Although more people now see migration as an important issue, Swedish media reports on the findings stress this doesn’t actually show a hardening of attitudes towards mass migration. Sweden’s Göteborgs-Posten reports that opposition to refugees has consistently fallen over the near 30 year course of the survey.

In 2016 those wanting to take fewer refugees stands at 40 per cent, down from 43 in 2015.

This suggests that 60% want the same or more immigration, and all the horrors thus resulting. However, rather than cause for pessimism, I think we can use this as a useful tool of analysis.

From it we can speculate that:

-40% of Swedes are awakened and realize the danger they are in (we can estimate that 75% of these folks are pretty darn awakened because that same number- 30% of the population- now supports the Sweden Democrats).

-20% of those surveyed were most likely Muslims who obviously want more immigration. It should be noted of course than the population of Muslims within the 0-30 year old demographic is massively higher than that overall in society, and that the male 18-30 year old demographic is either already Muslim, or will be Muslim within five years, as that holds true in almost every country in Western Europe.

-40% of Swedes are brainwashed White European-Suicidalists who have yet to be awakened. These are the ones still charging headlong into the abyss as Sweden’s children are raped and their country falls into civil war.

This suggest that ethnic Swedes are split roughly 50-50 on the issue of national suicide, which is a hopeful statistic. We all know that there are no political solutions, and that Sweden’s survival can only take place through violence and civil strife. Let us hope that such deliverance may come sooner rather than later, and take hope that (seemingly) more and more Swedes have the will to survive it.

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    Swedes are getting pissed!

    Meeting at Swedish city hall:

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hoping that big dude in the blue sweatshirt becomes a heavy hitter when the war comes lol

  2. Lynda 1 year ago

    The Chairman of that City Council looks pretty jew-y to me. His co-ethnics on the Bench are all working to deflect the questions at ‘information meeting’ and the manage the ire. They don’t give any information. They just evade, deflect, dismiss, play semantics, expand the parametres, reframe, lecture the attendees on ‘ask proper questions’ and generally do shit. The idea here is to make the attendees spin the hamster wheel., fear being called ‘racist’ and back off.

    The Swedes who are wasting their time with this meeting have to move beyond the ‘put the invaders somewhere else’ approach. They are going to have to organise and come up with there own solutions.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Yes the suicidalists taking question seemed more akin to professors at a faculty meeting. Typical progressive bs and arrogance I was hoping someone was going to rush the stage and deck one of them or start beating people with folding chairs.

      As per your last paragraph (which I agree with obviously), where do you think the Swedish populace is on the continuum between 1 (Brainwashed), 3 (apathy, 7 (anger), and (violence)?? I would say the folks in this room are at maybe a 5-7 right now. I don’t know what will get them to the 9 range though if what has happened already won’t. Perhaps not until it is too late (in Sweden at least).

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