Ethno-Masochism Is Not A ‘Fringe’ Position

Ethno-Masochism Is Not A ‘Fringe’ Position
December 27, 2016 Admin

There are some people on the left who are actually pretty reasonable when it comes to issues of Western Civilization, the clash of civilizations question, European-Suicidalism, etc. They recognize that mass-Muslim immigration is creating a terrible, terrible situation in Europe, and they reject the policies of people like Angela Merkel, dismissing her insane drive to Islamize Germany as either a) blindness to reality, or b) an unfortunate and somewhat tragic excess of zeal in the realm of humanitarianism and human rights.

Despite this however, these individuals are usually highly reluctant to label such beliefs as anything more than those of a ‘kooky fringe’. They think that ‘white self-hatred” and what we would call ‘ethno-masochism’ or “European-Suicidalism” is confined to perhaps 1-5% of the population.

The left glorifies the Hatian Revolution's massacres of Whites, but also contrasts them favorably with modern day anti-European violence such as terrorism.

The left glorifies the Hatian Revolution’s massacres of White slaveholders, but also compares it favorably with modern day anti-European violence such as terrorism.

It makes sense for them to view the world this way, for if they didn’t, and they acknowledged that these ideas are the pillars the modern Left is built upon, they would be labeling themselves as part of them. They are too logical to do this, but still harbor too much inherent distrust and animus of anything ‘right-wing’ to admit that the left has in effect left them behind.

For those of us who are awakened to the realities at play, however, the evidence is omnipresent.

Take two stories from today’s news.

In the first, which most readers will have already seen, a white university professor from Drexel tweeted “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide” several days ago. The professor followed this up by stating that the massacres of Whites in Haiti during the Haitian Revolution was “a good thing”.

Now, on this occasion, an army of outraged White Americans (newly emboldened since Trump’s victory, I would say) contacted Drexel en masse, and actually got the university to label the professor’s comments as “utterly reprehensible”, but the fact of the matter is that such language is not an exception by any means. For anyone who has spent time on a North American or European campus in recent years knows that this is the rule among faculty.

For another example we must go across the North Atlantic to the foremost bastion of ethno-masochism, which is Sweden.

Fria Tider gives detail on a similar pronouncement there:

“We Swedes have not earned our welfare.” The claim asylum activist Emelie Åkerlind in a letter to the editor in the local newspaper Hallands Nyheter.

Great ingenuity, hard work, high professional integrity. There are many factors that over the years have been made Sweden into a successful industrial country. The then Prime Minister Tage Erlander spoke 50 years ago about Sweden’s success as the product of a “homogeneous” population “in terms of race” that is not “influenced by differences in skin color or religion.” So had hardly a politician able to express themselves today.

Today, there are instead those who claim that the Swedes had the good fortune to be born into prosperity. One of them is the asylum activist Emelie Åkerlind working as a youth therapist in an asylum accommodation for the so-called unaccompanied refugee children.

“The only thing that separates ‘them’ and ‘us’ apart is the place on earth we are born. ‘Swedes’ do not deserve our welfare; We were lucky enough to be born into it,” she writes in her letter to the editor as previously published in this group , we can not stand, but we never stop fighting. The group works including for criminal gangs from North Africa, the so-called street children, should stay in Sweden.

Åkerlind wants with his speech in the debate, raising awareness for a more generous reception of immigrants from the Third World. She was previously the social media engaged in support of particular refugee children who come to Sweden from Afghanistan and that they should be allowed to stay.

Arable Emelie Lind’s letter to the editor has received a lot of attention and aroused strong reactions. Many disagree with her, but says that it is previous generations of hard work that laid the foundation for the prosperity that we now enjoy.

This is again, the rule in Sweden and not the exception. I would one day like to engage in a widespread polling of native European attitudes to such issues, similar to those polls that track ‘extremism’ among Muslims. In such a poll I believe a wide swath of native Western Europeans would profess such beliefs.

Professor George Ciccariello-Maher. Hmm.

Professor George Ciccariello-Maher. Hmm.

But to return to the issue at hand, the other thing that those who are ‘partially awakened’ on the left still do not realize is to just what extent such thinking now controls the policies of Western Governments.

And beyond just the demographic results are the millions of individual acts of violence and suffering that result. These include the thousands of elderly Europeans beaten and robbed by immigrants every year; the 1400 little girls raped and tortured by Muslims in Rotherham, yet ignored in the 2015 UK Election; the hundreds of thousands just like them across the UK and Europe who are raped and enslaved every year; the thousands of Europeans killed in terrorist attacks; the countless European schoolchildren assaulted daily by Muslim classmates who are told by their teachers they are not allowed to fight back; and an infinitely ongoing list of victims that are the end results of such forces.


Many on the left would dismiss such statistics as “conspiracy theories”, yet even their own governments have been forced to acknowledge them. It is for this reason that the official government report on Rotherham is such effective ‘educational’ material. I have yet to encounter a leftist who has read that report- or any other material on Rotherham- in good faith and not turned their back against mass immigration and European-Suicidalism.

Yet that leads to the other problem we must address, which is the fact that such ideas lead unequivocally to totalitarianism and media silence. We see another article in Fria Tider today that elucidates this eventuality as well.

In it Fria Tider describes the video that has appeared of two elderly native German’s blaming the Christmas Market attack (in which their son was gravely injured) on Angela Merkel, and saying they will never vote for her again.

While the touching video has been hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter throughout the world and also attracted the attention of British newspapers Sunday Express blinded video, which is political dynamite in Germany, the whole of the country’s own established media.

Not a single newspaper or TV channel in Germany find it worth mentioning what the families of the victims have to say about the terrorist attack.

The situation was reversed after a similar attack in the French Nice. When released the German media lavishly until victims to speak, and in major German media such as the N24 and the image was allowed relatives bring scathing criticism of the French government.

But similar statements critical of the government, this time directed at Merkel, now completely stopped from reaching out via the German media after the attack in Berlin. The murderer, an illegal immigrant from Tunisia, would not in fact have been staying in the country, but were allowed trench around anyway because of the government’s relaxed attitude to the criminal immigrants.


Despite the sentiments espoused by these two individual Germans, I have little faith that Angela Merkel will be defeated later this year. Democracy and mass-immigration are mutually exclusive, as we have discussed time and time again. However, in the long term I do have great hope. Such policies of ethnic-suicide are quite obviously dysgenic- explicitly so. Yet human beings possess an instinctual drive towards life and survival. We have only to continue fighting against it, both metapolitically and physically, and wait for the day when it- and Europe- combusts, and a rebirth of Western Civilization occurs.


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  1. Rick 1 year ago

    Parents to a victim of the Berlin Christmas Attack denounce Angela Merkel, and will no longer vote for her. I have a great deal of sympathy for them, but why now? Were they still willing to support her after the summer attacks? or the Rape of Cologne? Why does it take a personal tragedy to turn against this mad woman? I really don’t understand how she is still in office.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Yes very good point Rick. While it is a powerful video it catalyzed the same thought in my mind. Surely they must have been aware of the countless Germans who had suffered violence at the hands of Muslim ‘refugees’ before…

      Obviously most native Western Europeans are brainwashed still at this point, so its not like Germany is so different in that regard, but it does seem to be the most steadfastly and uniformly screwed. Even compared to Sweden, where the Swedish suicidal urge seems almost maniacal or frenzied or Dionysian, the German one seems extremely orderly and purposeful.

      My mom actually wrote something similar about this in her PhD dissertation. It was called ‘Ordnung Ist Das Ehrste Gebot’ or something like that, which means ‘Order is the first commandment’ and sort of blamed the Holocaust (in part) on the German fetishization of orderliness and ‘make the trains run on time’ precision. Obviously that discussion opens up a whole can of worms itself, but I do think- from traveling in Germany myself- that the Germans are overly-anal and ocd people and that that obsession with orderliness and ‘following the rules’ might account for some of Merkel’s longevity. Hopefully the flip side of it will be a deft precision in the name of Reconquest once that zeitgeist has swung to the other side though.

  2. David 1 year ago

    The Germans’ greatest strength is their biggest weakness: they are capable of massive conformity and uniformity, in all likelihood as a result of their purpose-built educational system. This is the reason for their exceptionally high performance and productivity in practically every field: they are co-operative, diligent and obedient.

    Once a direction is set for them, they are viscerally beholden to it, and very few find it within themselves to question, let alone to oppose it. The current direction happens to be collective suicide, and they’re executing it with all conscientiousness and diligence.

    Lately it seems like the West in its entirety is a replay of the Weimar Republic in its late years, minus the Depression (for now). There is great humiliation, great degeneracy, and society’s most productive class is finding itself in an unsettled position. As soon as it is hit by a major economic contraction, I would expect a tidal wave of violent self-assertion. But the interesting thing is, this time around it looks like it will not be confined to just a nation or two.


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