Europe ‘Abolishes Itself’, As First Planeloads Of Syrians Imported Into Germany From Turkey, Swiss MP Predicts War

Europe ‘Abolishes Itself’, As First Planeloads Of Syrians Imported Into Germany From Turkey, Swiss MP Predicts War
April 5, 2016 Admin

The first planeloads of Muslim ‘refugees’ are beginning to be transported into Germany. This is the result of the hastily formulated and executed ‘agreement’ with Turkey.

From The New Observer:

The two airplanes, paid for by EU taxpayers, unloaded at least 35 invaders directly onto European soil—and are the first of many to come.

The article goes on to explain the lunacy and abject dishonesty of calling them ‘refugees’, and concludes:

Clearly, their lives are not in danger in Turkey, and the entire “asylum in Europe” program is a hoax with only one purpose: to import as many nonwhites as possible into Europe.

The first flight in contained sixteen “Syrians” who were then unloaded onto a bus which transported them to the Erstaufnahmelager Friedland near Göttingen. From there, they will be “distributed” out to various municipalities across Germany.

The authors also state:

In terms of the “deal,” Germany has volunteered to take in one fifth of all the Syrians—and the other EU member states are expected to take in the rest, divided up proportionally according to a set formula. Several dozen other invaders are expected to arrive in France, Finland and Portugal, according to German government sources.

Poland and some of the other members of the Visegrad group of nations have already refused to take in any of the nonwhite invaders following the repeated refugee-terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels.

Political fallout following from that refusal is expected later this year at EU headquarters, and will probably consist of EU sanctions against those nations.

The “deal” with Turkey says that all the invaders who have crossed over to Greece since March 20 will be forcibly returned to Turkey, and for each “Syrian” deported in this manner, a “Syrian” in a refugee camp in Turkey can be flown into Europe for “asylum.”

On the heels of this an important piece was published in Weltwoche, by Swiss People’s Party MP Roger Köppel (translation by Google Translate and some verbs and adverbs and prepositions changed by me to make it more readable):

Europe is about to abolish itself. Civilizations cannot survive, when they no longer secure their borders and uncontrollably accept hundreds of thousands, even millions, of un-integratable strangers. The megalomaniac “We can do it” mentality has, throughout European history, caused disasters. So too thought the European statesmen when they mobilized their armies in the summer of 1914 for a supposedly-brief war: “We can do it.” Four years and millions of deaths later, they saw the mistake. The people were the ones who paid for it, not the rulers. Overconfidence is at the root of all evil.

He states unequivocally:

The basic problem today is Islam


More fateful I find, however, is the fact that our societies are changing in a kind of shock therapy, in a cross-border human experiment pushed through in warp-speed by politicians who only see in it their reflection, without mandate from the people.

He ends with a condemnation and a prediction:

The Refugee Deal with Turkey is another bankruptcy. Brussels shirks from the responsibility to protect the eastern borders straight into the clutches of the autocrat Erdogan. They pay him billions, agree to let the Turks travel freely through Europe, and take migrants from the Middle East in literally unlimited numbers. This is not a deal, but a submission. It shows that the EU is no longer able or willing to exert significant sovereign tasks. The Schengen Treaty is a tragedy and a waste, as is the Dublin Convention on Refugees, which never worked. The situation is unstable and dangerous. Social conflicts threaten. Political extremism burns as long as the elites and their media are not willing to discuss and solve the problems they have created.

Moderation would be asked. Immoderation prevails. This can not go well.

It is a very well-written and unapologetic article. In it is highlighted the race that European countries are in. Or, as would be more accurate to say, the various races. For just as some nations such as Poland and Hungary are racing to seal their borders, install autocratic preservationist governments, and ensure the survival of their people; other countries, such as Sweden and Germany, are racing to death, destruction, and enslavement.

We obviously represent the ‘political extremism’ the good Swiss MP references. But based on what his article outlines, what could be more rational? The continued mass-importation of Muslims by the European elites is a question of- even as he outlines- widespread violence and death and existential survival. As we mentioned last week, one Finnish preservationist, Hjalmar Allemaki, has called for assassinations and violence directed at adult male members of left-wing pro-invasion parties and adult male invaders. This website does not encourage violence, and that would be illegal. However, on a purely philosophical level, can such actions really be denounced as extremist, compared to mass gang-rape and murder, ‘submission’ to Turkey, and a willful embrace of carnage on the scale of WWI, as Koppel states Europe is entering?

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  1. Lynda 1 year ago

    These are massive population transfers out of the ZOG wars for Greater Israel in the ME. The majority of these Turkish exports are men of many nationalities. They’ll probably be bringing official Turkish propaganda for distribution in the mosques. Like these cartoons instructing children on martyrdom

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    I’m with Allemaki. Traitors, collaborators, and their orcs deserve to die. We need to get serious about this.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Will be posting something later tonight or tomorrow morning about more (serious) resistance I just heard about.

  3. Author
    Admin 1 year ago

    The Muslims hold up their young sons and say “God willing, some day he will be a suicide martyr for Allah!” and the Europeans hold up their sons and say “I believe in transgender rights and some day maybe he will transition”. In such a vacuum violent, autocratic survival instinct must rise to the top however.

  4. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    If you’re not striking back at the System, then you’re not really alive.

  5. Lynda 1 year ago

    The Europeas are faced with invasion from unassimilable nationalities exported from Turkey / imported by Jewish Occupation Governments of what are now termed ‘Western’ nations. Israel and the ZOGs are clearing the ground for Greater Israel and its buffer states. They are ethnically cleansing the Arab populations just like they ethncally cleansed the Palestinians.

    The Arabs who will remain in the lands of Greater Israel under the Yinon Plan are Arab Jews (like Donmeh Turkish Jews and Saudis) who practice the Judaic corruption of Islam which is Wahabist or Sunni Islam. The Arab ethnicities and minorities like Kurds, Armenians, Allawites, Yahzidis etc they are going to force out either by ZOG proxy forces ( ISIS, ISIL, Daesh – ZOG financed insurgencies like Al Nursra etc.).

    Look again at General Wesley Clark’s 7 nations in 5 years plan. [ This is not about oil; it is about land. It is about Greater Israel as the central nation of the NWO ]

    The Jew Occupied Governments (ZOGs) in Europe are managing these population transfers with Turkey which is a Donmeh Jew ZOG. The populations of all post Christian ethnostates are being Satanised and corrupted by their co-ethnics and their JudeoMasonry working in all areas of social influence and power. They are pulling all the levers.

    Europe must return to the foundation of its former baptised populations and its emprire from Charlemagne (800AD) which was finally destroyed by the French Napoleanic ZOG at the Battle of Austerlitz 1805 A.D.. They built the Champs Elysee to celebrate that.

    Europe must return to Christ the King. It must return to Christ Law. It must return to the Church as the foundation of the social order of its ethnostates. it must return to the foundations that gave to those states such great institutions of strength and political freedom: the Magna Charta, the House of Commons, the Declaration of Arbroath, the Bretton Parliament (the longest effectively operatiing democratic institution in the world) which was guaranteed by the French monarchy. All of these institutions recognise the Church as foundational.

    And, since the Revolution has also succeeded at the level of the universal Church capturing the highest offices and turning the Church into an instrument of the Judaic Supremacy and its Noahide Law (for the goyim), the Roman Catholics adhering to the faith and traditions must address the novus ordo with their own Counter Revolution and reclaim their structrues currently in occupation by the novus ordo worldwide.

    No other formation will enable the White nations to meet the organised forces of AntiChrist.

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