European-Suicidalism Explained In Flow-Chart

European-Suicidalism Explained In Flow-Chart
May 29, 2016 Admin

The above flowchart is an ingenious diagram showing the interconnected parts, causes, and effects of Cultural-Marxism. For any who do not know, Cultural-Marxism is of course the negation of all historic “power structures” within the sphere of culture, just as the original Marxism attempted to do the same within the economic arena. Therefore in Cultural-Marxist theory, women must get power over men, their historic oppressors. Similarly gays must get power over straights, Blacks must get power over Whites, etc. Such dialectical shifts equal “progress” within this narrative. I often lump Cultural-Marxism in with the term “European-Suicidalism”, for this same religion of “negation” is what causes the insanity currently pushing the nations of Western Europe to destroy themselves through mass-immgration.

I wanted to post it here because it so perfectly lays out just how such poisonous beliefs and programs spread through society, and how their concomitant parts interact. I am also including a few additional thoughts on it below.


The first is just in response to the top of the chart, where the precursors/catalysts for Cultural-Marxism are listed. It is hard to know just how explicit the creator of the chart is trying to state this as being. I am not very much of a conspiracy theorist, and believe that most phenomena can be explained more through basic human nature (often idiocy and craziness) than through any mysterious backroom conspiracies. While I surely acknowledge the historical contribution certain groups and actions had in the formation of modern progressive ideology, I am loath to attribute such a gigantic swing of Western culture in its entirety to Soviet propagandists or a small group of Jewish intellectuals. I think the nature of this insane “religion” that is killing Europe is more organic than that, and that its roots go much further back than the Cold War era. Tolkien spoke of materialism, “the Yawning Abyss”, and the “Iron Crown of the Power of Evil”, long before the 1960’s, and he was referring to the beginnings of the same forces on this diagram.

The second observation I have is just to point to one specific part of the flowchart (the center middle right) as the visual representation of something I have spoken about before, which is the irony of “anti-corporation” Progressives obsessively advocating and protesting in favor of women (especially mothers) working outside the home, when the absolute number one beneficiary of such behavior patterns is corporations. The chart shows the obvious effects this has, such as lowering wages (as has indeed happened throughout almost all Western countries in the last 50 years), as well as leaving the parenting and education of children to the corporations as well (through the media and entertainment industry and government educational system). Also, with both spouses now working fulltime, it means they need to eat out that much more, buy twice as many cars, etc, again benefiting the corporations more than anyone. Convincing women that in order to be liberated they had to work outside the home was the greatest thing that could have ever happened to the corporatism-efficiency “demon”. Unfortunately the effects on our people have been of a far more negative nature (as evidenced by the diagram).

The third observation I would note is one related to the left side of the chart (academia). In that section it is made mention of science and its use in the Cultural-Marxist belief system. As it implies, science that supports the ideology and its goals is held up as sacred (global warming as proof of Western White Man’s inherent evil and inability to live in tune with nature), while science that contradicts the narrative (the American Academy of Pediatricians stating that transgenderism is mental illness and that medical sex reassignment for ten year olds is dangerous and wrong) is ignored.

The final observation I would make is a comparison between this chart and Robert Kiyosaki’s chart on wealth-building from his famous book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Kiyosaki’s diagram shows how wealth building families spend their money versus how those trapped in the “rat-race” do (most of the Middle-Class). I am pasting it below (two versions actually).

The diagram explains that the only difference between healthy, wealth-building families is that they take their excess money each month (after expenses are paid) and buy assets. By assets, this means real estate, stocks, and businesses that will then bring them more money each month. The middle-class, on the other hand, instead take the money they have left over each month, and put down payments on boats, vacations, fancy cars bought on credit, and other liabilities– things that take money away from them each month.


income statement 2

The reason I bring this up is because the Cultural-Marxism diagram is evocative of it. Societies too have assets and liabilities. I think it can fairly be stated that some of the assets of a society are a) its money, b) its young people, c) the trust of its citizens, and the d) societal cohesion/devotion/patriotism.

Extrapolating from this we can readily see that nations across Western Europe today are terminally ill. They are spending all the excess money they have (or more accurately, they can borrow) on supporting massive numbers of mostly illiterate and unemployable migrants; they have ceased to produce enough young people to even replace themselves; the young adults they do possess suffer through massive levels of unemployment and other ills; they are squandering the trust of their citizens; and they are poisoning the strong social cohesion upon which they rose to geopolitical and material prominence. With all this being the case, they are the nation-state equivalents of the most irrational, financially illiterate, self-destructive, ignorant families who have ever gotten into financial (and other) trouble. The squander and destroy their assets, and reproduce their liabilities (debt, mistrust, and Muslim immigrants) as fast as they are able to.

All of the above point to the reasons that Cultural-Marxism/Negationism/European-Suicidalism must be defeated. Its end result is nothing but that- the negation of Europe- and the death and enslavement (or at best the flight) of our people. We cannot forget, however, that it then must be replaced. What we put in its place will be crucial to the question of our people’s long term survival, and is an important question we in the resistance will have to answer going forward.

To readers of this page- thank you for checking out the graphs. Would love to get any feedback in the comments below. Do you think the Cultural-Marxism graph was missing anything? Any other thoughts it precipitated?

Also, we are trying to create a similar graph showing the war in Europe in visual form, including the make-up, goals, and tactics of each side (for more on that wait for upcoming article in next week or two too). If anyone knows of some good computer programs or an easy way to hire someone online who we can have create such a diagram (basically just like the one above or similar), please let us know!

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  1. Michael 1 year ago

    Power no longer legitimises itself on the basis of achievements but by invoking the Great Threat , racism, anti-democracy, dictatorship, etc. A political system resting on this sort of negative legitimation hasn’t long to live.
    Guillaume Faye, “Why We Fight” : Manifesto Of The European Resistance. 2011.

    • Troy Vilhelmsson 1 year ago

      Power legitimises itself on the basis of what/who they can buy/fund.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Michael thanks for the comment! Have you read a lot of Faye? What would you reccomend as a good first book to read by him?

  2. Troy Vilhelmsson 1 year ago

    This ‘negationism’ you are speaking of is the work of collective guilt and misplaced pathological altruism, both of which have been exploited and inflated by the Jewish Frankfurt School of Social Research’s ‘Critical Theory’. A lack of traditional Aryan masculine virility is also part of the perpetual self-flagellation among our race in the modern age.

    As to how far back the problem goes, it depends on the nation. Industrialism has had a crushing effect on our race, eradicating the inherent ‘blutundboden’ of our racial soul and establishing the ruling ethos of commercial materialism and it’s partner-in-crime, social selfishness. France problems began in two MAIN phases: much of their best genuine aristocratic blood was drained into the sewers by the proto-Bolshevik revolution (see Nesta Webster – The French Revolution), and secondly, Napoleon’s various campaigns across Europe and beyond drained much more of France’s masculine virility onto those battlefields from Spain to Egypt and Russia. Germany has been utterly decimated of her best men in a ludicrous amount of hellish wars: the Peasants War (14th cent.), Thirty Years War (17th cent.), Napoleonic Wars (19th cent.), FWW and of course the SWW. Great Britain has shed much of her best – including the famous Highlander warrior-caste – establishing and maintaining a global Empire. Sweden was never the same following it’s exertions in the Thirty Years War. And to add to that, the USA sucking in so much of the better blood from Northern and Western Europe, contributing too the ‘brain drain’ phenomenon. Some would say Europe’s population decimation caused by the Black Death (1349) has also contributed to our current position, but others would state that the Black Death in fact had a eugenical effect, killing of the biologically weaker.

    Add the dysgenic-promoting impact of the welfare state (a process begun in a trickle in the 19th century that began a raging torrent after the SWW) and it is not so difficult to see how our race has become such easy prey to the machinations of the ultra-greedy of the global industrial-business-financial elite; the various parasitical Jewish cliques (many attached to, or at the head of the aforementioned global elite) including feminism, and the manipulative political and media clubs who are simply the A) the tools of the industrial-business-financial elite and B) the social engineers for shaping our society’s into the image preferred by the Jew, who is BIOLOGICALLY hostile to Aryanism.

    Absolutely pinpointing the beginning of the downward descent in any of our once Aryan nations is exceptionally difficult. Here in Britain, evil reared it’s head in the British Civil War of the 17th century when Parliament wrested the crown of true sovereignty from Charles I later passed it on to the burgeoning international elite, funded by Jewish international financiers, naturally. It seems the Jewish parasites entered Britain from Holland during the Civil War and from then began to sink their fangs into the bleeding body and their poison has been spreading ever since.

    The whole ‘disease’ cannot be called ‘Cultural Marxism’. It’s simply an incorrect term. Much of these social policies that have been implemented in the past 100 years have been supported by neo-Marxists and other brands of Internationalist it is true, but they have been instituted at the behest of the business-financial kleptocracy which understands that racial exclusionism, Aryan traditionalism (including the family), true religion and a few other things that would otherwise come naturally to us, are bad for profit. A society that is drunk on crass consumerist materialism is easy pickings for the parasitical marketing organisations that hunt the prey for the global manufacturers and producers (not to mention the retailers and the financiers). The one thing they won’t abandon is the natural Aryan urge to possess our own private property, since they can more easily indebt us and steal from us if they are able to sell us mortgages and loans that pay or such things. In this way, they are of course at variance to the more ‘Communistic’ types who prefer everything held in common – even children, which is a good example of a confluence of ‘Capitalism’ (the aforementioned elite) and ‘Communism’ (the so-called Cultural-Marxists) in agreement of the abolition of the family: The Capitalists want it done away with because broken families live in more households, and more households means more consumers, which means bigger profits; the ‘Communists’ want it done away with for abstract reasons of baseless ideology and the (Jewish) urge to destroy that which it considers an intrinsic threat to it’s own survival.

    I could go on, but that’s enough for now.

    • Troy Vilhelmsson 1 year ago

      I’ve been a tad ignorant here: I never actually looked at the schema at the top before typing all of the above. Now I have. Critical Theory IS mentioned in it, as is dysgenics. However, I would also have added to it that the Frankfurt School was funded from the USA government once it relocated to America from Germany after it fled from the Third Reich. In fact, the Frankfurt School Jews achieved their most destructive work from US universities*. Generally, though simplified, I would say the schema is very good. Your analysis is also excellent Julian.

      *Anyone who wishes to know more of this should pick up Prof. Kevin MacDonald’s book The Culture of Critique, where this is laid out. I think he may have covered it in his Cultural Insurrections book too, I can’t remember as it’s been a few years since I read it.

      • Author
        Admin 1 year ago

        Hey Troy thanks for all the thoughts!

        I have not read Culture of Critique but need to do so.

        I agree with you on industrialization one million percent. One of the reasons I feel Tolkien is such a potent force in understanding what is going on in Europe and the West today. His art and his personal statements reflected that first understanding of just what we would lose through the move to industrialized societies. Not just in terms of society either, but individually and spiritually.

        I think the more recent move from an Industrial Economy to an Information Economy has had similar effects. You could argue there might be some good effects, such as digital remote jobs allowing our people to escape the cities and live in more natural, rural areas. But it is likely this is counter-balanced by the large numbers of people who languish behind screens all day and night, playing video games and searching the internet, slaves to consumption and materialism like you said in your comment.

        I realize this is a bit of a tangent form your comment but it spurred me to think about it. I think our people must develop ways to utilize those features of modernity (computers, etc) to allow us to live more natural, virile, healthy lives, rather than become like the Jews of the early 20th century, a people completely detached from physical exercise and achievement, from the soil and the earth, full of physical weakness and concomitant self-hatred.

        Good stuff to think about it for sure!

        • Troy Vilhelmsson 1 year ago

          You are speaking of ‘Blut und boden’ (Blood & soil): one of the key tenets of Nationalsocialism. In becoming deprived of our innate ‘blutundboden’ life-force, we have become Judaized, just as you say.

  3. Michael 1 year ago

    Certainly with the demise of the traditional family the opportunity for Cultural Marxism grew. With pre-school through to 18years the child is indoctrinated through education either by the State or its sponsored organisations. In Britain most teaching is controlled by State curriculum and lefty ideology. There is further opportunity by preschool groups and after school workshops, not to mention school holiday organised events. All in all pretty comprehensive system to indoctrinate the next generation.

    • Troy Vilhelmsson 1 year ago

      Any of us who have children MUST get the TV out of the home. Utterly imperative. Only then do we have a chance of keeping our children out of the jaws of the indoctrination grinder. One thing that must come to fruition in our small racially-aware communities that have yet to materialise is that of the homeschool-community, where like-minded families come together for social/cultural gatherings, both educative and (depending on the time of year and/or the topic of event) celebratory in nature.

      Above all, we must understand that he internet is just a tool – it is not a home for our opinions. The we can start to make waves in our lands.

      • Author
        Admin 1 year ago

        Hey Michael, Hey Troy-

        COULD NOT AGREE MORE. The educational system is rotten to the core, and currently almost diametrically opposed to the best interests of our people. Even were its indoctrination different though (instead of left-wing) I still think it would be a negative force just through its sheer architecture and mechanics (sitting in a chair all day for 9 hours, teenagers being taught the same as pre-schoolers, etc).

  4. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    Muslims Arming Themselves in Sweden

    I’m ready, dude. I’m so ready to start eradicating the muslim scum in Sweden and their collaborators.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      They understand what’s going on!

      But yeah I hear ya Laguna beach- I am right behind you! Any thoughts on making your way over there anytime soon?

      • Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

        I’m ready. Just need to figure out where, when.

        “Those who cannot face danger like men are the slaves of any invader.”

        – Aristotle

  5. Michael 1 year ago

    Faye is my Guru excellent mind and spot on with his analysis. The books I have include
    Convergence of Catastrophes
    Archeofuturism : European Visions of the Post-Catastrophic Age
    Sex & Deviance
    Why We Fight : Manifesto of the European Resistance
    All well worth a read with Archeofuturism his latest. There are plans to fund the publish of some of his other books written originally in French.

  6. kaos andy 1 year ago

    The self destruct, you have noted, is cyclic, hence has no effective start nor end. This is the infinite, symbolized as the snake that eats itself, hence looks like a sideways number 8, symbol for infinity the Oubouros. The best description of cultural Marxism is a form of Apoptosis, a naturally occurring phenomena essential to life when biological cells (nations) destroy themself. I’ve studied this and written a Thesis. However, this process does not revolve around us, it is bigger, hence from this cycle we can expect another great revelation on the scale similar to that of the Copernicus revelation. Remember please, at the end of the day, we are up against Satan who will deceive us to make us do his evil. We are not Satan and we are not here to do his work.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Andy-

      Thanks for the comment! I think what you are saying re: the Oubouros makes perfect sense, the process of negation is just a self-destroying, self-eating phenomenon. Would love for you to elaborate on your thoughts on its relation to waht came before it and what comes after it though. You are saying that once Cultural-Marxism and Modern Western Materialism (The ‘Iron Crown’) “estinguishes itself” that that will give birth to the next big cycle of history?

      Your thoughts remind me of the book “The Secret History Of the World” by Mark Booth. Have you read it?

  7. kaos andy 1 year ago

    The self destruct, you have noted, is cyclic, hence has no effective start nor end. This is the infinite, symbolized as the snake that eats itself, hence looks like a sideways number 8, the symbol for infinity the Oubouros. The best description of cultural Marxism is a form of Apoptosis, a naturally occurring phenomena essential to life when biological cells (nations) destroy themself. I’ve studied this and written a Thesis. However, this process does not revolve around us, it is bigger, hence from this cycle we can expect another great revelation on the scale similar to that of the Copernicus revelation. Remember please, at the end of the day, we are up against Satan who will deceive us to make us do his evil. We are not Satan and we are not here to do his work.

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