Europeans Awake, Orc Armies Mass, Chaos Builds, Bring It On!

Europeans Awake, Orc Armies Mass, Chaos Builds, Bring It On!
May 2, 2016 Admin

The steadily approaching wave of war and portent grows in height this week, as the situation in Europe progresses.

New polls in France and Germany suggest that wide swaths of native White Europeans are waking up to the reality confronting them.

According to the poll from Ifop polling group, conducted for Le Figaro, almost half of all French and German respondents feel that Islam is “a threat”.

Furthermore, an article from France24 on the poll states that:

The Ifop poll found that over two-thirds of respondents in both countries thought that Muslims had failed to integrate into society, a situation that 67 percent of French people and 60 percent of Germans blamed on a refusal to adapt to local values and customs.

The article also stated that many on the left are increasingly feeling that the government has been to lax on Islam, which is interesting.

Ironically, if these poll numbers are right and these native Europeans really are waking up to the threat facing them, it is occurring almost simultaneously as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the rest of the EU elites are poised to slit Europe’s throat with the Turkey-Schengen deal, in which Turkish membership to the EU will be fast-tracked, and Turkey’s 80 million Sunni Muslim citizens will be given Visa-free access to the EU free-travel ‘Schengen Zone’.

From the Telegraph:

Turkey is on course to be handed visa-free travel to the European Union for its 75 million citizens, despite not meeting a series of key targets.

On Wednesday the European Commission is expected to recommended a radical loosening of travel conditions for the country.

The giveaway is part of a €6bn aid-for-deportations migration deal struck with Ankara, which has resulted in a steep fall in the number of refugees attempting to cross into Europe.

Turkey has warned that if it is not given the visa waiver – which will grant automatic access to the Schengen zone for up tourists for to 90 days – then it will “terminate” the migration deal.

That risks a risks a return to the chaos on the Aegean as thousands attempt to make the perilous journey, in the middle of the British referendum campaign. Since the deal came into force, crossings have fallen from several thousand a day to fewer than 100.

But EU sources admit that Turkey has only met around 60 of the 72 “benchmarks” it has set to unlock the visa-free travel rights.

“[The Turkish have made] a lot of efforts over the past weeks and days to meet the criteria”
Mina Andreeva, a commission spokeswoman

It includes the universal introduction of tamper-proof biometric passports, without which Turks will not be able to use the scheme.

Reforms to terrorism laws, data protection measures and an anti-corruption drive also have not been delivered, the Financial Times reported.

European officials are now scrambling to sign off as many clauses as possible before the Wednesday deadline to make the recommendation. It was reported that Turkey chartered a private jet to lodge signed paperwork with the Strasbourg Council of Europe.

The proposal will then be presented to MEPs and national leaders at a summit on June 28, five days after Britain’s referendum.

Mina Andreeva, a commission spokeswoman, refused to comment on individual measures but said the Turkish have made “a lot of efforts over the past weeks and days to meet the criteria.”

Kosovo is also expected to be granted visa-free travel soon. Combined with recent recipients Georgia and Ukraine, it amounts to a significant relaxation of travel rules for 127 million people at a time when the EU is grappling to secure its external border against illegal migrants and the risk of terrorist infiltration.

Overall I think this is all good news. The influx of tens of millions of new Muslims into the EU could do more to wake up native Europeans than anything else I can think of.

We are at a key point in the struggle. A veritable army of Ottomans is poised to be set loose upon the continent. Our fellow Europeans are finally starting to wake up, and more than ever before are willing to hear the truth about what the future holds. We must continue writing and coordinating and spreading information, and preparing and organizing to fight!

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  1. Matt Edge 1 year ago

    I just got back from Austria.

    I too sense the changing mood over there, and it’s surprising how candidly you can talk about these things to natives. I noticed straight away that political correctness over there is not as deeply embedded. It hasn’t penetrated the culture, it’s more something that needs to be crudely enforced on the legal level rather than something that is self-policed as in the obedient Western lemmings.

    In fact it was a culture shock coming back here because straight away I go into youtube and I am psychologically assaulted by some whiny feminist propaganda ad telling me that if I’m ever angry at a woman then it’s tantamount to physical abuse. “It’s like anudda shoah!”

    In Austria I didn’t notice these things. It seems the radical leftism is something mostly confined to the universities and is otherwise despised by the average man on the street.

    Stories of Afghans raping native girls are not uncommon, and so the natives I interacted with had little sympathy for refugees.

    I told one of my friends over there about Mein Kampf and how much I liked it. Rather than turning into a triggered little bundle of self righteous indignation and butthurt, he patiently listened to me and asked me about its contents. By the end I got him quite interested in it, and pointed out to him that since it was now legal he should buy a copy.

    Some girl over there tried to tell me about the virtues of accepting immigrants but funnily enough she went and voted for the FPÖ, the most right wing party, in the recent elections.

    Those election results in which the FPÖ came out ahead are an accurate reflection of the mood over there.

    It’s hard to get a job over there, they got hit by a massive wave of unwanted vagabonds, and they’re not happy about it. Political correctness goes to Hell in that climate. You can tell people you like Hitler, and it doesn’t shock them.

    I have much less faith in the West, where female-like hissy fits for thought crimes are the order of the day. That is a much greater obstacle to our survival than a street full of Afghan rapists.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Matt- wonderful to hear that! I have a soft spot in my heart for Austria..

      Did you feel that people were outraged and ready for vigilantism, etc?

      • Matt Edge 1 year ago

        Not even close. I was mostly in Vienna and some surrounding towns, and what I see is that people, especially the older ones, are still a little too comfortable.

        Despite the multiculturalism and the waves of immigrants these places were still very White. I’m guessing the invaders have segregated themselves away, for now.

        A lot of Baby boomers are starting to wonder why their sons are having such a hard time finding work. If you’re a young White man you’re very lucky if you have some shitty service job. Vienna it’s mostly lawyers, beaureacrats, and other such white collar faggotry–the traitor and collaborator classes.

        As in Australia, no one seems to do anything productive for a living in Vienna.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Very interesting. Appreciate the info. Austria still doesn’t have it as bad as some other countries. They could still pull through better than alot of other countries (France, Germany). Plus while we always think of them as being in Western Europe, they are actually, if you look on a map, jutting way out into Eastern Europe, which hopefully is symbolically good if not strategically lol.

          And then yes I have noticed that ALOT of baby-boomers seem to be changing their tune now that they see what is going on in Europe. Its almost maddening as their generation was the one that ushers in all these horrors, but at least they are realizing what is going on now!

          And then yes, as far as productive work goes, I think Europe is even worse off than America. I know I met some Norwegians who would do commercial fishing on the ocean, which is extremely cool/risky/tough/manly/visceral/meaningful, but other than that it seems like a lot of ‘make-work’ and bureaucratic type positions. Not very well suited to men in the first place.

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