Every 4.8 Seconds A Woman Or Girl Is Raped By Muslim In Europe

Every 4.8 Seconds A Woman Or Girl Is Raped By Muslim In Europe
May 4, 2016 Admin
Rotherham. Migration.

This was originally published in Counter-Currents on November 17th, 2015. It has gone viral several times since then, and I actually feel even more strongly now that the below extrapolations are reasonable. Indeed, I challenge any liberal to show why they are not.

The 4.8 number is basically based on four things:

1. The UK Goverment inquiry on Rotherham (linked below)
2. Statistics on the Muslim rape-epidemic in Sweden (linked below)
3. Statistics from a Norwegian study (very rare in that they included ethnic origin of perpetrators) on Muslims committing 99% of rapes between strangers, and 90%+ of their victims being native Norwegian women and children.
4. All these statistics extrapolated across Western Europe based on the assumption that things are 10 times worse in Sweden and Rotherham than across Western Europe as a whole.

Indeed, each of the children in Rotherham only accounts for 200 rapes in the extrapolation, whereas it is likely they were each raped FAR more times than that. Similarly, in the case of Sweden, authorities felt that the official numbers were vastly understated.

Even if you want to assume that Sweden and Rotherham are 100 times worse than the rest of Western Europe, that is still a European woman or child being raped every 48 seconds, which is just as horrible an indictment of Europe’s traitorous leaders.

This is a tragedy- nay, an evil- or proportions almost incomprehensible. More horrible still is the fact that things are only getting worse in Europe. The proportion of Muslims within the 18-29 year old male demographic in many Western European countries is now almost 50%, and every year millions more young Muslim men are imported by Europe’s traitorous and insane Progressive elites.

If this article is your first exposure to this website, or even your first exposure to what is really going on in Europe, then please allow whatever outrage it engenders in you to catalyze action on your behalf. Donate money to Preservationist groups and websites that fight for Europe’s survival. Call your local political representatives and tell them of your concerns. Create your own art/writing/content/etc that can further raise awareness. Or even go to Europe, to prepare for the anarchy and destabilization awaits, and fight for the protection of our people and our lands.

Here is the original article:

Memes have power. Statistics have power. Which of us have not heard the statistic, bandied around universities, that 1 in 3 female college students will be sexually assaulted? Whether or not that statistic is accurate, it is a demonstration of the great ability of “sticky” facts and figures to permeate and influence the public discourse.

In this day and age of instant communication, such “stickiness” is a tool of unbelievable power for movements able to harness it. As a case in point closer to home, we recently saw a similar example of “stickiness” in the rise of the term “Cuckservative.” The cultivation of such memes allows for a spotlight to be shone on issues and questions of significance within a movement or struggle.

This is important, for the stakes could not be higher in our own struggle. We seek not just to prevent the collapse of Western Civilization, and the death of our heritage and culture, but to protect the very lives of our most vulnerable members. We are in an existential war with opponents who think nothing of raping our children, attacking our elderly, and blowing up our innocents (as we just saw in Paris). Compounding this, we are beset by groups of individuals within our ranks who are doing everything they can to speed up this process of destruction and enslavement.

For anyone who has not read of the events in Rotherham, and the 1,400+ 11-16 year old native British girls who were gang-raped, tortured, and for all intents and purposes enslaved by Muslim immigrants in the UK, the British Government’s Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Exploitation In Rotherham (1997-2013)[1] should be a required first step to understanding the horror that besets us. For those, like us, whose minds and souls are already tortured by such knowledge, the most pressing questions revolve around how best to fight this war that is greeting us.

One important component of our struggle must be to awake the sleepwalking masses around us. We must serve as the vanguard to our broader culture, and one of the first steps in doing so is to spread those “sticky” facts that help the process of awakening take hold.

The statistics below are my attempt at a small contribution to this need.

The population of “Western Europe” is roughly 409 million. The list of nations that fall under the title of “Western Europe” is almost exactly those European countries with large numbers of Muslim immigrants.

According to the Swedish National Council For Crime Prevention, in Sweden, in 2013, 700 women, and 300 children, were raped by Muslims in the first 7 months of the year. They also argue that the real figures are 40%-90% higher than this, but for the sake of being conservative we will utilize the official numbers.[2]

1,000 rapes / 7 months = 142.857 rapes per month in Sweden.

Sweden’s population is 9.415 million.

409 million (the population of Western Europe) divided by 9,415,000 (the population of Sweden) is 43.44

Therefore, one could extrapolate that if rape rates hold true across Western Europe, 43.44 (the ratio of the total Western European population vs the total Swedish population) @ 142.857 (rapes per month in Sweden) = 6,205.896 white women and children raped per month by Muslims in Europe.

Divide that by 30 (days in a month) and you get 206.8632 women and girls in Europe raped every day.

Divide that by 24 (hours in a day) and you get 8.6193 per hour.

Divide 60 (60 minutes in an hour) by 8.6193 and you get 6.96 (we will round this up to 7).

Therefore, this would suggest that a white woman or girl is raped by a Muslim every 7 minutes in Europe.

However . . . these figures do not take into account the massive epidemic of grooming and gang-rape being perpetrated across the continent, most notably in the case of Rotherham.

If we extrapolate from the UK Government’s Inquiry on Rotherham, a far more terrible picture is painted.

In Rotherham 1,400 girls from the ages of 11-16 were repeatedly gang-raped and tortured over a period of 16 years.

The government’s inquiry suggests that each child was raped at least 200 times during their forced period of slavery (or, as the government calls it, “prostitution”)

1,400 girls raped 200 times = 280,000 rapes (this does not include multiple perpetrators raping a single child at once as multiple rapes)

16 years @ 365 days = 5,840 days

5,840 days @ 24 hours = 140,160 hours

140,160 hours @ 60 minutes = 8,409,600 minutes

8,409,600 minutes / 280,000 rapes = 30.034

So in Rotherham during that time a female child was raped once every 30.034 minutes

There have been documented grooming gangs and Muslim-perpetrated child rape across Western Europe. Such events are in absolutely no way limited to the UK, and seem to be equally prevalent across all European nations with large numbers of Muslim immigrants.

Rotherham’s population is 109,691

The population of Western Europe is 409,000,000

109,691 (the population of Rotherham) / 409,000,000 (the population of Western Europe) = .0002681

Rotherham’s population is .0002681 of Western Europe.

2 girls in Rotherham raped per hour (one rape every 30.034 minutes) / .0002681 = 7459.90.

Therefore, if rape rates in Rotherham were equal per capita to the rest of Europe, there would be over 7,000 European women raped by Muslims every hour.

For the sake of the argument, let’s posit that the rape rate in Rotherham was 10 times worse than what it is in Western Europe as a whole. This seems drastically higher than what it would be in reality, not to mention the fact that all the experts involved felt that the number 1,400 was far lower than the actual number of children raped, but for the sake of the argument let’s just say the events in Rotherham were ten times worse than in Western Europe as a whole.

By such an extrapolation there would be 745.99 female children raped each hour in Europe, plus the original 8.619 women and children raped that we arrived at by extrapolating the numbers of Swedish women and children who reported being raped.

745.99 + 8.169 = 754.159

754.159/60 minutes in an hour = 12.569 European women and children raped per minute

60 seconds in a minute/12.569 = a European woman or child getting raped by Muslims once every 4.77 seconds. We will round 4.77 up to 4.8.

This means that a European woman or child is raped by Muslims every 4.8 seconds in Europe today.

This is an attempt at delineating approximately how many European women and children are raped by Muslims. Obviously this can only be arrived at through extrapolation. While some might quibble with the statistics, its bears repeating one more time that these figures are based only on the reported rapes from Sweden, which the Swedish National Council For Crime Prevention estimated to be 40%-90% below the actual number of rapes that occurred, and through using the official numbers from Rotherham, which the UK government likewise indicated as being a number far less than what actually occurred. In addition to this, the numbers from Rotherham have been extrapolated at a rate of only 10%.


1. Jay, Alexis OBE. Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Exploitation In Rotherham (1997-2013). Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council. 2014. Web (PDF). 12 Nov. 2015. http://www.rotherham.gov.uk/downloads/file/1407/independent_inquiry_cse_in_rotherham

2. Sverigeradio.se. “Allt fler unga flickor anmäler våldtäkt”. Sverigesradio.se. 8 Aug. 2013. Web. 11 Nov. 2015. http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=103&artikel=5612131

3. Hurd, Dale. “Culture Crisis: Norway Tackles Muslim Immigration”. CBN News. 20 Aug., 2011. Web. 15 Apr., 2017. http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2011/august/culture-crisis-norway-tackles-muslim-immigration-/?mobile=false

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    We’re going to need a lot of rope. Just saying.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago


    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Lol that sums it up doesn’t it. Germany was where the Turks vs Kurds thing happened too! I think they feel like their are just fighting over the remains of Germany at this point. Hopefully we can change that soon though!

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 2 years ago

    What are your thoughts on setting up base in Poland, first? Seems as if it’s a more welcoming environment from which to launch ops against targets in Germany. I would easily fit in in either country, though I don’t speak Polish and my German is rusty.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Laguna Beach-

      Not sure why I never responded. This is more for the benefit of other readers than you, as I think we have discussed this since your comment, but I think there is great need for both.

      There’s need for Nationalists inside the ‘belly of the beast’ in places like Germany and Sweden to help deligitimize their governments, provide firsthand accounts and videos and pictures of what is going on, and educate and rally their populaces against the suicidal state religion.

      On the other hand I think there’s a great need in places like Poland/Ukraine/etc for Nationalists from all over to go, to build those places up into even greater nodes of support for the preservation of Europe. Plus, as we know, more and more native Europeans are fleeing places like the UK and Sweden to move to those countries. That should even more turn them into hotbeds of nationalism, and opposition to the suicidal/genocidal governments of Western Europe.

  3. DaShui 2 years ago

    Hey J.
    I heard about a book called “Sex and Culture.” (1920’s) Unfortunately, it’s out of print. But the author was trying to prove or disprove freuds idea that civilization is based on sexual repression. The author looked at 20 or so societies that became feminist, and discovered there is no going back. Every culture that became feminist ended up being conquered by a neighboring patriarchal society, without exception .

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Very cool. I would love to read it. I have no doubt they did die out. I just tried finding it on google but couldn’t find the right keywords. If you ever see a link to it on Amazon or anything please post it here, I would love to buy a used copy of it.

      Thanks Dashui!

  4. The Ogling Yogi 12 months ago

    This is beyond outrageous. I have been watching this whole situation for about 10 years, and have seen it get worse and worse. Women need the protection of men against wild animals, disease, inclement weather and natural disasters, and especially other men. *Unless they have access to firearms*, women can in no wise protect themselves from savage males. The men of Europe need to stand up and defend their women and their nations; I am getting to where I want to go over there and teach them something.

    Western civilization is the result of male self-control; if someone doubts this, examine the situation of women in Saudi Arabia or Iran. It did take us a long time to appreciate women properly; for example, the US did not allow women to vote *until 1920*. Why? What possible excuse could there have been, not only to prohibit women to enjoy equal power with men, but to benefit the Nation with their unique political perspectives?

    Therefore when I read that Muslims in Europe rape a White woman about every 4.8 seconds, I am beyond anger. This needs to be stopped, dead cold. If I were there, I would train men (and women) to carry certain *devices* which can be made at home, and which are extremely effective for controlling vermin. That is what these marauding Muhammadans are: human vermin. Step on them.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago


      I never got to respond until now.

      I agree with you completely. While I think its dangerous to glorify any periods of the past (since each had big negatives of its own) I think that gender relations were probably ideal around 1890 in the West, maybe 1910. I think around that time women were protected pretty darn well, and in Victorian culture they were treasured, etc, but they were not (at least within wealthier and middle class families) oppressed, like they are today in Saudi Arabia and many other places across the Orient. Many wrote poetry and novels and some even studied math and science, and they were respected in that regard, but gender roles were still very strict, men acted chivalrous, women acted ladylike, people had large families, etc. Men behaved according to the tactical virtues of masculinity, and women acted according to the tactical virtues of femininity.

      Today they are oppressed in the Orient (Middle-East and South Asia) quite horribly in many cases, but the Occident (the West) on the other hand has seen gender relations go absolutely haywire, as the immense wealth and luxury and safety we inherited from our (tougher and more masculine) ancestors has allowed us to become naive and begin subscribing to dangerous fantasy religions like Cultural-Marxism/Progressivism, where masculinity is demonized, femininity is demonized, genders are supposed to be interchangeable, and feminism has ruined our societies.

      Hopefully as things get worse though and actions again begin to have consequences, we will organically begin reverting to normal, healthy gender roles again 🙂

  5. Steven Cassuls 10 months ago

    Towards white European women and girls- Muslims and other colored races have have overwhelming overpowering impulsive craving- white woman looks alike a fairy to them- hence the rape phenomenon. Muslim among white women is like fox among chickens- you cannot stop a fox
    from devouring chickens.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Steven-

      If you don’t mind me asking how did you stumble on this article? Just curious as it had a gigantic bump in traffic the last two days and I was curious.

      • Megan Hull 10 months ago

        It is currently doing the rounds on facebook with a link included. That’s how I found it. Good article by the way.

        • Author
          Admin 10 months ago

          Thank you Megan 🙂

    • p3 10 months ago

      rapists deserve prompt complete castration without anesthesia. consider all muslim males as rapists!
      as eunuchs, they maybe, could be gainfully employed to support themselves and the country that they live in.
      however, the poison in their heart/mind would probably require a surgical or chemical lobotomy to eliminate.
      women who denigrate and look down on their own menfolk have set up the situation where survival of their society
      is in the cross hairs of islam. pathetic! women have cut their own throats from the beginning through promiscuity!
      they are easily seduced due to their greed and will pay the price for selling out for what they think/thought was going
      to be a better deal. now you see…the satanic hordes assembled for the slaughter. wake up! wake up!

  6. Shawnee 10 months ago

    We really need armed forces to get these people OUT.
    Put them ALL on a ship, bring it to the middle of the ocean and SINK IT. They really don’t deserve to be on this Planet

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Thanks for the comment Shawnee. It is all certainly rage-inducing that is for sure.

      • thora 9 months ago

        hi there! I was not able to find any statistics on the referred link by notes point 2: Sverigeradio.se. “Allt fler unga flickor anmäler våldtäkt”. Sverigesradio.se. 8 Aug. 2013. Web. 11 Nov. 2015. http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=103&artikel=5612131

        unfortunately i dont speak swedish but there are no stats here at this link at all.
        I dont see clearly, weather it is a number of rapes are happening, or just a fiction of rapes would happen, if….

        • Author
          Admin 9 months ago

          Hey Thora- thanks for the comment 🙂

          I just copied and pasted the above link you referenced into Google Translate. I will post the result in full:

          The number of police reports about rape in Stockholm county has increased by 16 percent so far this year. A large part of the increase of rape of young girls.

          It is the Council for Crime Prevention, Good, who produced statistics published today.

          More than 1 000 rapes have been reported in the county during the first seven months.

          A large part of the increase comes rapes of girls under 15 years.

          According BRÅ police in the county received 300 such complaints so far this year.

          Those statistics do not break down by ethnicity or origin of attacker or victim. We are assuming that close to 100% of the perpetrators were Muslim immigrants and at least 90% of the victims were native Swedes based on statistics from Norway from 2011. Sweden doesn’t keep any statistics on crime broken down by race or immigrant status, but in neighboring Norway, in Oslo, of all the rapes between strangers committed in 2011, 100% were by immigrant (Muslim) men, and 90% of their victims were white native Norwegians. Those statistics can be found here: http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2011/august/culture-crisis-norway-tackles-muslim-immigration-/?mobile=false

          What is actually VERY interesting is that I DID misread the statistics you mentioned. I thought it said that 700 adults and 300 children had reported rapes in ALL of Sweden in the first 7 months of 2013- and did the extrapolations accordingly, but those statistics were actually JUST Stockholm County(!). That would suggest that far more women and children as a whole in Sweden were raped during those 7 months, and that if you wanted to extrapolate that number out across Western Europe the result would therefore also be higher.

          To answer what I believe was your last question, the article is neither really. Its not claiming that there were exactly this many rapes, and its also not ‘fictional’ or anything like that.

          Its just using some basic back of the napkin math to try to show the scale of the rape epidemic in Europe. It would be impossible to really accurate figure out exactly how many rapes there are, but by saying ‘hey, if Muslim on Swedish rape rates held true across all of Western Europe, there’d by a European woman or child getting raped by Muslims every 7 minutes, and that if you include Rotherham and the child rape/trafficking epidemic too it goes all the way to every 4.8 seconds!’.

          • Thora 9 months ago

            Thank you for your quick answer! I have one more question. I have overwieved the Rotherham report, and was not able to find the part where there is an evidence presented, that “these girls were SPECIFICALLY targeted as white non-Muslims. ”
            English is not my first language, so i decided to ask you instead of making more efforts, sorry for that lazyness 🙂

          • Author
            Admin 9 months ago

            Hi Thora- did you read the report?

            I don’t have a specific page number or quote I can paste in here, but I would think the entire report itself should evidence that. Gangs of Muslim men trafficked/enslaved/gang-raped/tortured 1400 11-16 year old white girls in a town of 106,000 people over 16 years…. They called them sluts and infidels and whores… They went to mosques where preachers told them it was okay to rape infidel women. They did the same thing to some Sikh girls (again, who Muslims consider idolaters), and 0 Muslim girls. I don’t know how the targeting of white victims could be any more clearer…

  7. Edd Morton 10 months ago

    Would love to share the story but it seems like you guys could have found a better pic to go with it. Of course, it is a problem that people need to be aware of but posting such pics often cause people to scroll on by real fast without reading the info.

  8. Brian Murphy 10 months ago

    the future looks very bleak for Western Europe; why are our Governments and politicians betraying us by allowing these savage Muslim rapists to live in Europe. They should be sent home now to Syria and Iraq as the wars are slowing down, Are these Muslim men of military age merely avoiding conscription into the army in their home countries, as they should be really fighting to defend their own families and countries from ISIS etc. The media are also not publishing the truth about these mass rapes of young women and children; I tried to write about it in face book and I was blocked and threatened with having my account closed permanently. No one wanted to know about the Christian genocide in Iraq and Syria and Europe did nothing to protect the innocent Christians and some Muslims from genocide by ISIS and the opposing Muslim force, be it Sunni or Shia. Europe is heading for a brutal war from Muslims and their allies who are pagan atheists in Europe.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Thanks for the comment Brian. I’ll admit I’m kind of amazed that Facebook has allowed the article to keep getting reposted like this. I don’t have facebook myself but it always sounds like they are pretty quick to censor things. Especially ‘fake news’ as the left would call this 🙂

  9. Donna 10 months ago

    A bullet would be better and if they ever tried that shit with me they would have no balls left and that’s no joke in the end there will be a war against them you can see that coming no one wants to live by there laws l would rather be a walking ghost before that happen and that’s not going to happen they will go to dust before l

  10. AGuy 10 months ago

    And so where’s your comparative analysis of crimes committed by white people?

    Just for balance, you know. Oh, you’re not interested in balance? Gee. That’s a surprise.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      You are right, I will give it to you. These 2400 white children in Rotherham, gang-raped by ten adult Muslims at once, forced to have sex with 20+ men per night, doused in petrol when they tried to flee, having their tongues nailed to coffee tables as punishment, being forced to have sex with animals, white woman and children being raped once every 4.8 seconds, I’m sure if I catalogued crimes committed by white people it would put all that in perspective and I’d realize how unimportant it is. Me and my damn white privilege, I’ve just totally lost perspective.

  11. mikeymike 10 months ago

    europe and the world should be at war with islam and muslims

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Mike-

      All the European countries that can should expel them (as peacefully as possible) and then seal their borders. From then on they will take their homogeneity for the gift that it is, and never forget for (many) generations what horrors were almost wrought when their elites discarded their common sense.

      Once that has taken place I have no desire to war with the Muslims though. They can have all of their lands as long as they don’t invade ours. I would even like friendly relations with them. While the animals who conduct the above atrocities are base evil, and while their actions are certainly a reflection of Islamic doctrine/popular interpretation itself, it is ultimately the traitorous Western elites who bear the greatest guilt.

  12. Mr. Blair M. Phillips 10 months ago

    and the author of this propaganda falls on his head every 7 seconds. What a crock of shite.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      The article doesn’t claim these numbers are exact, its purely for illustrative purposes. If you think it is propaganda which part do you disagree with? Do you not believe the (linked) UK Government Inquiry on Rotherham, which states that 1400 children were ‘trafficked’ and gang-raped? Or do you not believe the (linked) statistics on Muslim rapes of Swedish women and children in Sweden? Or do you disagree with extrapolating them across Europe at a 1/10th ratio? All the article says is that if Rotherham and Sweden are ten times worse than Western Europe as a whole, then a woman or child WOULD be raped every 4.8 seconds.

    • Crynch 10 months ago

      Yup people on this thread are brainwashed and all for the muslim holocaust. Of course no one owning up to the western forces that destroyed these peoples homes and made them refugees

      • Author
        Admin 10 months ago

        Well Mr. Crynch I the author am actually a former Obama National Delegate and hardcore Kucinich-supporting liberal. Indeed I think you would find that the majority of young Millenial-aged Identitarians opposed to the Islamization of Europe started as Liberals before recognizing that Liberalism in its essence is nothing more than cultural suicide. Its complete negation, it only feeds on culture and tradition and morals, and leave nothing in its wake but corporatized, deculturized, deracinated human bits of mega-consumption. Progressivism is the social and behavioral side of multinational-corporate capitalism. “Women are oppressed if they don’t work 40 hours a week(to make mega-corporations rich)”, “not allowing illegal Mexican immigrants to come work (for 1/3 of what citizens make) is racism”.

        The destruction of Middle-Easterners homes and countries you referenced was not occasioned by poor working class whites in Rotherham (the ones being gang-raped and tortured by Muslims). It was commissioned by the uber-elite Neocons and Israeli-lobby hawks and 1% oligarchs that most liberals are smart enough to recognize and detest. Yet for some reason you fail to recognize that mass Muslim immigration is being carried out by the SAME EXACT forces.

  13. hippybiker 10 months ago

    A guy? Typical liberal, Muzzie loving scum. Wait until they rape and enslave your wife or daughter.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Liberal privilege means calling for refugees in Rotherham from your all-white suburb outside London. Or any equivalents across the West.

      However, I have also known liberals in my day who would drive their thirteen year old daughter to dates with tattooed, obviously troubled or dangerous 18 year olds where anyone in their right mind KNEW nothing but horror could come from it, so I think the threat of what you reference above is not the motivation to them that it is to us.

  14. Emma 10 months ago

    Im in no way condoning this cos rape no matter who the victim is is pure evil however I guess karma IS real for all the black women that white men raped for centuries now white men know how black men felt when their wives and mothers were raped… im guessing its not a nice feeling

  15. VivatEuropa 10 months ago

    I’m so sick of this “now you know how it feels” bullshit. As if the vast majority of us white men aren’t descended from peasant male ancestors who were semi-slaves themselves, and so far away from being someone who would condone slavery or rape of anyone of any race. As if we were all descended from colonial or southern U.S. wealthy WASP plantation owners. I’m descended from German tradesmen and farm workers without the wealth to own their own farm, and who needed permission from their betters to marry who they wanted to marry; and Irish famine emigrants. And in the U.S., they all lived in overcrowded tenements and in conditions that were worse than they had had in the old country.

    I’m glad to see your site traffic shooting up, Julian, but unfortunately that evidently always entails getting more comments that are not helpful at all. We’re trying to see a way through to saving Europe, without which this world would be poorer in many ways, I assure you. The last thing we need is this childish “now you know what it’s like,” “what goes around comes around,” bullshit. Take your anger and resentment somewhere else, like to a coffee klatch with like-minded friends, and have a blast.

    • VivatEuropa 10 months ago

      I guess this is what is taught as history now in schools and colleges, that any misfortunes that befall whites are justice for whites’ past wrongs. And you name it, whites did it, evidently. “…all the black women that white men raped for centuries…” Whaat?!

      With all that whites have been through, you would think the white-haters would be satisfied. But it’s never enough. Whites have done more to each other through the centuries than they’ve done to any other peoples, slaughtering each other and raping each other’s women. In, and after, World War II, Europeans killed each other by the millions and raped each other’s women by the millions. I’ll bet THAT history’s not taught in schools and colleges.

      • Author
        Admin 10 months ago

        Her comment is classic SJW-religion.

        “White people historically raped non-white women, therefore it is just for non-white men to rape white women now”. I would wager a good 40% of rich white liberals themselves think this, as long as it isn’t them or their daughters being raped.

        I am letting the comments be approved on this page so people can see the depths of liberal depravity and illogic, but in general plan on pruning them to keep the site focused on resistance rather than deteriorating into constant arguments with leftists. Although other than this article I doubt their comments keep appearing, this one going viral was sort of a one-off that attracted a lot of people that otherwise would never have read the site.

        And then as you astutely pointed out, the logic within ‘Emma’s comment is faulty anyway, because white people haven’t done any more raping than any other group throughout history. Indeed, far more white women were trafficked out of Southern Europe as sex slaves into the Middle-East during the 900-1600 period than were Africans trafficked into the US as slaves during 1600-1850. Not that I want to get into a ‘whose ancestors were more likely to be slaves’ contest with her, since I’m not an SJW with a victimhood ideology 🙂

  16. Shah Fayyaz 10 months ago

    So you are the spokesperson for the Arab Jews, Indians & Indian funded Afghans who have infiltrated the Refugees to spread terrorism in the the name of Islam. You cant fool the world no more.

  17. alf 10 months ago

    How many are raped by non Muslims ? Your figures are meaningless without a comparison.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Alf- I am glad you asked! I actually DO have numbers on that.

      Its very difficult to get them, as most of the regressive-leftist Western European governments refuse to keep such statistics, but if you click here you will see that in Oslo, where such statistics were, for awhile, kept, 100% of rapes between strangers were committed by non-white immigrant males.

      Beyond that though, I would ask if you have read the Rotherham report? About the 1400 11-16 year old girls sexually enslaved/tortured/gang-raped/trafficked in Rotherham, England? Many were forced to have sex with 20 (Muslim) men per night. Those who resisted were doused with petrol or tortured in other ways. One girl had her tongue nailed to a table. Others were forced to have sex with animals. That report also showed that 100% of the perpetrators were Muslim immigrants.

      Do you think that there were another 1400 girls who experienced the same thing at the hands of native British men?

      UPDATE: I forgot to turn the word ‘here’ in the second paragraph into a hyperlink to the article I am citing. Just did so now and am also pasting it here: http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2011/august/culture-crisis-norway-tackles-muslim-immigration-/?mobile=false

  18. Nane 10 months ago

    question : where did you find any data that all those rape victims were white europeans? i think that maybe great number of those rapes are inside their ethnicity coz they have different attitude towards women ( or? coz in some comments here i noticed that some people are a bit misogynist ) and also when it comes to children rape rate, don’t you think the reason for those numbers could be the fact they marry young daughters and if they are under 16 and police find out about that,the guy will be sentenced as the is pedophile rapist .
    those are the facts, adn your math is a bit all over the place too so it doesn’t prove anything. I mean, if you want to warn people of danger that comes with high imigrant rates,you have to do better job coz this is NOT scientific way and by that,all the data you provided are FALSE .
    sorry m8 i have to be critic coz i’m really concerned about future and this is not the way you are going to help.

    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Nane- I understand your reluctance to take the statistics at face value. You seem like a reasonable person and the statistics are 1) horrifying, 2) a little sloppy (although I admitted this, their just back of the napkin calculations not meant to be perfect, and 3) in conflict with absolutely everything you’ve been taught your whole life and that which the media tells you today.

      I felt the same exact way when I began looking at the situation in Europe, but unfortunately this is reality, and indeed I DO have the statistics and the data you are talking about. And I guarantee you that if you read that data with an honest mind, you will come away with the exact same conclusions I have. Indeed of all the liberals who have criticized the post in these comments, not a single one has had a rebuttal once confronted with the actual primary sources.

      Here is the first article: http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2011/august/culture-crisis-norway-tackles-muslim-immigration-/?mobile=false

      It references statistics on rape from Norway in 2011, and contains some of the only published numbers from anywhere in Western Europe pertaining to what percentage of rapes were committed by immigrants and who their victims were.

      Here is the quote from it:

      Something else that Muslim immigration appears to have brought to Norway is what some here call “a rape epidemic.”

      Recent police statistics showed that in the capital city of Oslo, 100 percent of assault rapes between strangers were committed by immigrant, non-Western males. And nine out of 10 of their victims were native Norwegian women.

      Here is the second primary source: https://www.rotherham.gov.uk/…/id/…/independent_inquiry_cse_in_rotherham.pdf (this is actually a pdf but if it won’t open by clicking on the hyperlink just search ‘Rotherham Uk Government Inquiry’ on google and it will be the top result)

      It is the UK Government’s official inquiry on the events in Rotherham. I warn you that if you read it, you will never be the same. It catalogues how, in a period of 16 years in a town of 150,000 people, gangs of Muslim men forcibly enslaved, gang-raped, trafficked, and in many instances brutally tortured over 1400 (yes 1400) 11-16 year old native white female British children.

      Many of these girls (though not all) were in foster care, in broken homes, etc. As the British government was forced to acknowledge in the report, these girls were SPECIFICALLY targeted as white non-Muslims. There were also some Sikh girls targeted (again because of religion- Muslims consider Sikhs to be idolaters) but very few Sikh victims comparatively, because the Sikh community was far more united and aggressive in their efforts at preventing these evils.

      During this period countless reports were made to child services and the police, but, as the UK government was again forced to acknowledge in the report, nothing came of it because the employees were so scared of being called racist (and thus having their lives and careers ruined) that they did NOTHING to prevent these crimes.

      You will initially be tempted to think this was some sick, horrible, isolated event unique to this one place and time in history or something. Yet you would be completely wrong, for it is now proven (through court prosecutions) that the same exact thing has happened in Sheffield, Aylesbury, Oxford, Rochedale, and across all of the UK and all of Western Europe.

      Despite the UK government being forced to have this inquiry and being forced to publish the data, hardly anyone even knows about these events, for the sick, evil left-wing media has covered them up, and the traitorous politicians of the UK have neglected to even discuss them. In the 2015 UK Election they were a complete non-issue, showcasing the utter insanity to which the UK has fallen.

      White children are being SACRIFICED to Muslim gang-rape on the platter of multiculturalism, and as long as people like you are content to stay ignorant and unaware of it, it will continue, and you will be complicit.

      • Cato Younger 9 months ago

        Let’s look at the current transgender bathroom issues and the push to lower or eliminate age of consent laws in the light of Muslim rape. Seems to me those issues are a great way to let predators get access to, and “groom”, our young people. Makes you wonder if our elites are not just feckless, but if they’re not perverts in on the whole thing.

        • Author
          Admin 9 months ago

          I watched an interview with Tommy Robin recently where he recounted a situation in England where police arrived to find an 11 year old native English girl, half drunk, covered in blood and bodily fluids, being gang-raped by a number of Muslim men, and they arrested HER and let the other men go.

          I would never have believed such stories before, but the thing is it is 110% congruent with what is in the governmen’s OWN REPORT.

          Evil on a scale never before seen.

          The bathroom issue is right up there in insanity as well. Wasn’t it the CNN Moderator that said that if a little girl doesn’t want to change next to a transgendered ‘woman’ with a penis that the problem is the little girls? Or her parents for teaching her to think that way?

  19. Rui Krull 10 months ago


    • Author
      Admin 10 months ago

      Hey Rui Krull-

      I think a couple things got lost in translation from my reading of your comment but I could not agree more with the overall sentiment. I hope and pray that le Pen and/or Wilders and/or Petry will win these upcoming elections and deal the EU its death blow. Such would remarkable and wonderful days…

      I appreciate your comment my friend 🙂

  20. BRADLEY B 9 months ago


  21. GERRY 9 months ago


  22. Cato Younger 9 months ago

    A few comments:
    Liberals don’t look at reality. They look at the utopia in their minds and work out their life backwards from that. That is why a liberal will drive his daughter to a date with a gangbanger and then be surprised when she’s abused. They have already decided Muslims are a minority protected class and therefore NOTHING is their fault. Anything Muslims do that is negative is actually caused by something or someone else.
    The rape of black women by white men in past slavery days was MUCH rarer than modern SJW like to think. And in modern days, its nearly nonexistent (the reverse though is quite prevalent).
    Islam is even worse than you think it is. http://www.thereligionofpeace.com There is no way that Islam has been at war with the West for 1,400 years, caused over 30,000 terrorist attacks just since 9/11, and sits at the center of almost all armed conflicts around the globe – if its just a “few extremists”. If you look at demographics around the world, civic disorder and violence rise proportionally in a country along with its Muslim population.
    White people are not better than anyone else, but they are certainly not worse or inferior. God created all life and its all precious. That said, civilizations rise and fall. Western Civilization, in its white European roots, has had an amazing run. White people have NOTHING to be ashamed of and a LOT to be proud of. Britain and the US ended slavery as a worldwide force. Britain developed common law and the parliamentary system and the US developed constitutionally-limited republican (representative) government. White men invented planes, trains, cars, gasoline, radios, TVs, computers, the internet, washing machines, dishwashers, antibiotics, etc. – basically almost our entire modern world and its corresponding rush of wealth in improving standards of living.
    Islam, on the other hand, brings backwardness everywhere it goes.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Very good points Cato.

      Have you read Anonymous Conservative’s “r/K Theory?” I link to it on the site quite a bit and interviewed him. If by chance you haven’t you should check it out it seems to jive well with what you are saying in the first part up above.

      I agree with the latter paragraphs as well. Western Civilization has indeed done tremendous, tremendous good. And, as Greg Johnson says, even if it hadn’t, even if European Culture was unimpressive and lame and ‘inferior’ to most other cultures, it would still be OUR culture and heritage, and it would still be logical and right for us to want to preserve it.

      And then I agree with you completely re Islam the problem is not “a few extremists”, indeed I think the terrorism distracts from the real issues, which are more demographic, political, criminal, cultural, etc.

      I do have much grudging respect for the Muslims though as at least they still want their culture and heritage to survive, unlike most of our people. We need to get back that same drive, but combine it with the loftiness and nobility inherent in our own cultural heritage.

  23. bitch 9 months ago

    Awesome article.

  24. Phael 9 months ago

    You think Muslims are the problem, Rape culture is the problem, an estimated 1 in 15 men have committed rape at some time.
    Have a look at the statistics here:

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Hey Phael-

      Appreciate your comment.

      Would you argue that there is rape culture anywhere in the west that compares to what this article discusses?

      Also what would you say (and this is entirely sincere, I am legitimately curious) is the cause of ‘rape culture’ in the West? Would you ascribe the same underlying reasons or catalysts to the Muslim rape epidemics described in this article as you would what you call ‘rape culture’ in the west when perpetrated by white westerners (for instance)?

  25. Berry Giardino 8 months ago

    How’s about investigating whether Trump has any undocumented workers in any of his hotels and resorts? Immigration is a complex issue, but I think if all undocumented workers took the day off, the country would be crippled. I applaud those cities who show compassion to others by offering sanctuary. People forget the history of this country,wherein Europeans came here, killed native Americans and took away their country. Texas and California used to be Mexico. Who are the real immigrants ?

  26. Muslims should be driven out of Europe. And it’s time to close the borders between countries. That’s all. Soon the EU will collapse. In all European countries will come to power, the nationalists, they will shake the EU Jo that he be destroyed. On-site to create a Europe of Nations, as proposed by the leader of the French nationalists marine Le Pen.

    • Michael Gladius 17 hours ago

      Not just Europe, but the Mediterranean as well. The Mediterranean was our own turf before Islam ever showed up. North Africa was Christian, Anatolia was Christian, Syria and Lebanon were Christian, everything from Gibraltar to Gaza.

      Charles de Gaul famously said that the only way Algerians could be assimilated into France permanently was by forcibly de-Islamizing them. It is a great tragedy that European colonialism did not make any attempt to do this when they held all the cards. If we remove Islam, and replace it with Christianity, almost all of our immigration problems will go away.


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