Excellent New Documentary From Sweden

Excellent New Documentary From Sweden
April 2, 2016 Admin

Just stumbled upon the following video online. Looks like it was published in February.

It is a compilation of various clips I believe but provides some of the best on-the-ground reporting and first person videos from Sweden that I have seen.

The scene starting at 11:43 is quite illustrative and interesting. In it a group of several hundred people is watching video clips projected onto the wall in an indoor auditorium (the purpose is unknown). The video that has just come on seems to be a music video with homosexual themes. Muslims in the room begin shouting, and the next thing you know one has rushes the stage and seemingly attacks the presenter(s). A group of policeman rushes the attacker and attempts to subdue him. The crowd engages. Soon shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’ are heard. Everything is chaotic. A Muslim suddenly attacks a police officer from behind. Scuffles are breaking out. Soon the entire crowd is chanting ‘Allahu Akbar!’ and ‘Mohammed! Mohammed!’. The police looked frenzied and on edge. The visceral hatred and barely tempered violence is palpable. Sweden is at war.

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  1. DaShui 1 year ago

    I guess that rules out my plan to open a refugee camp in key west.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Well as long as you are nicer to them than those racist Swedes they should integrate in a jiffy.

  2. Nic Danek 1 year ago

    Hey, Admin that is a bullshit excuse. You are a leftist hack pushing forced multiculturalism and integration on Europeans. These scum need to be repatriated otherwise there will be war. They and their Israeli friends need to pack their bags otherwise things won’t be good. You are the real racist who wants a coffee colored race with no culture or shared values.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hi Nic- appreciate the comment. Didn’t understand it until I looked at it in context of the other comments (it shows up on a separate ‘comments’ page first). I assume it is referencing my above response to commenter ‘Dashui’. I am unsure how it could have escaped you but that comment is sarcastic. ‘Admin’ means the administrator of the site- this site- europeancivilwar.com, which supports repatriating all Muslims from Europe, as per your comment. Sorry we couldn’t make it more clear for you! Appreciate the sentiment either way though at least you position on repatriation is the right one 🙂

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