Famous Swedish Lefty Bonnier Editor Has Breakdown, Arrested For ‘Racism’ And Drunk Driving

Famous Swedish Lefty Bonnier Editor Has Breakdown, Arrested For ‘Racism’ And Drunk Driving
March 26, 2017 Admin

Not a lot of exposition on this article but I couldn’t help be reprint it lol.

It seems as if at least one Swede is beginning to rue his actions over the preceding decades, at least if his behavior while drunk is any indicator.

The story comes from our ever-valuable friends at Fria Tider. It is translated through ‘Google Translate’, so forgive any errors. Most of the bolded areas were like that in the original but I have also bolded several passages myself that particularly stuck out.

It states:


After 25 years as an editorial writer left Eric Erfors recently Expressen – under mysterious circumstances. But now Free Times reveal that the 56-year-old Bonnier veteran has been sentenced to prison for aggravated drunk driving, violent resistance and trespassing against two Arabs.

– He called us stupid immigrants 1 and 2, says one of the Arabs of the liberal sudden attack.


Thomas Mattsson is editor of Expressen, a publication known for its controversial uthängningar.

Eric Erfors was hired in 1991 by the family Bonnier uthängningstidning Express and quickly made himself known for his anti-racist commitment and his fight against the Sweden Democrats, whose budget among other things he has been condemned as “a joke”. Erfors also “warned” to elected representatives from SD, which he says reflects “Islamophobia and racism”, allowed to sit as jurors in migration cases.

But last week was sentenced Erfors yourself for crimes with racist overtones that he committed in Visby in the spring.

The first two offenses, trespassing and violent resistance, committed 56-year-old at the end of March. Erfors had a late and wet weekday evening invited people to their home in Visby and the company brought so much noise that the neighbors, two refugees from the Arab world who temporarily lived in the apartment next door, could not sleep.

“Fucking immigrants!”
The refugees asked repeatedly Eric Erfors and his guests to cushion itself, and Erfors went twice during the night to the couple’s apartment to talk. At the first visit, he was courteous, but when Erfors went home to neighbors for a second time, he was suddenly very aggressive and intimidating.

Expressen veteran pushed his way in with the refugees and refused to leave the residence before he got the phone number of the apartment owner.

One of the refugees tried to explain to Erfors that he could not get in, but Erfors’ll just have replied “I do not care about that!”

– Fucking immigrants! I want to know which damn places in the world you have come from, roared Express profile, says refugee under police interrogation protocol Free Tider excavation team taking part.

Eric Erfors left after a while neighboring apartment, but came back again after the refugees had called the police there.

“Coming back and give me the bastards”
Now, Expressen veteran even angrier. He took photographs of both the police and called the two fugitives for “idiot immigrants one and two,” according to one victim, who speaks Swedish. Experienced, who according to police testimony showed “a very superior attitude towards the environment”, also threatened the refugees and the police – which he called “idiots” and “cop bastards” – to keep them in the newspaper.

– This will be a good story, I get a super story! He proclaimed as one of the policemen who were there.

Eric Erfors just became more and more aggressive and will among other things have shouted “You will burn!” To the refugees. The officers concluded that there is a “great risk” to Erfors would attack the refugees unless he was carried away from the scene by force.

– Erfors says “it’s probably best that they lock me at least a week or else I come back here and give me those bastards” and watching the neighbors’ homes, telling police afterward.

Had to be carried into the custody
When the police would impose Erfors handcuffed showed he was under indictment “severe aggression”, waving his arms and resisted with arms and legs. After they drove him to the police station Erfors tried to break free, and “even venture on patrol,” said one of the police officers in interrogation.

It ended with the police were forced to wear in Expressen profile in jail.

– It is very rare that people I intervene to have such a derogatory and offensive behavior Erfors had, says one of them a police officer.

The refugees felt both scared and humiliated by the incident with the Express-writer.

– I wanted peace and quiet after what I went through in my country. I never thought I would experience something like this in Sweden, explained one of them, who were registered in Sweden in 2015, in Arabic during the trial.

Joyride with over 1 per mille
In July 2016, a week after Eric Erfors participated in the political week in Almedalen, he was arrested again for the crime – this time for aggravated drunken driving.

Experienced, who told me he was on his way home after leaving the “American friend” at the airport, had a blood alcohol in the blood when he took the test at the hospital and worked as police “completely indifferent to” that he drove in so intoxicated permission.

A couple who was traveling in another car witnessed Eric Erfors drove unsteadily and four or five times ran over to the wrong side of the road. Once he was about to collide with another oncoming car, but the collision was avoided just by Erfors swerved back to his side and the oncoming car slowed. In North GATT Roundabout car collided with the curb.

Witnesses called police, who apprehended Expressen veteran at a parking lot in Visby. During the hearing, smelling Erfors according to police “strongly of alcohol”, wobbled, talking drawl and had trouble keeping his eyes open. Self Erfors asserted, however, that it was “the night before and in the small hours” as he had been drinking and that his “execution was perfect.”

Visby District Court found, however, different and condemned on Wednesday the 56-year-old Expressen profile to a month in prison for aggravated drunken driving, trespassing and violent resistance.

“Resigned” from the Expressen
On 10 August the Transport Agency to revoke Eric Erfors driving license for 24 months due to fill the driving. In an appeal dated 8 March this year, which is free Tider excavation team have received, argue Erfors again that his “drunk driving was a ” day after driving ” and that he” during its 35 years of driving license never committed any traffic offense ” . He therefore wants the Administrative Court should shorten the withdrawal period to one year.

“I ran as I have always done – slowly – through the narrow alleys of Visby and parked next to my apartment,” writes Erfors in his appeal.

In September 2016 announced that Eric Erfors in a cryptic Facebook post that he “left” Expressen after a quarter century of Bonnier magazine. He asserted that it “has been quite a long journey” to “make the decision to terminate” them. Shortly thereafter advertised Gotland Newspapers that enlisted Erfors new columnist.


– I thought it was an appropriate time and an offer I could not refuse. After 25 fantastic years at Expressen that editorial, I have resigned, said Eric Erfors the longtime left-wing newspaper in connection with recruitment.

Free Times has on several occasions sought Eric Erfors for comment by phone, but without result.



I am not sure what conclusions to draw from this. I think our friend Anon-Con might suggest that alcohol use temporarily warps the amygdala, and that for a few minutes or hours Erfors was suddenly possessed of the same mind his Viking ancestors had. No info yet on how to permanently alter the psyches of his countrymen in such a capacity.

I will hold out hope that perhaps this indicates that things are getting so bad in Sweden that even the worst of the worst ethno-masochist Suicidalists are starting to be mentally affected. Or maybe this is just the first one that actually had to live next to the migrants they imported.





Note: This cover image is from Fria Tider.

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  1. shadowman 11 months ago

    Interesting indeed!

    “I think our friend Anon-Con might suggest that alcohol use temporarily warps the amygdala, and that for a few minutes or hours Erfors was suddenly possessed of the same mind his Viking ancestors had.”
    It sure seems like it! If only the transition were permanent…….. :/

    Bit by bit, little by little, a few of the airhead lefties in Sweden may be waking up.

    The good news is (as I pointed out yesterday) – *even if* the Muslims took control of the Swedish cities, there is still over half of the country that is very sparsely populated and very cold in the winter. Perfect terrain for Preservationists to set up in and then set to work with the reconquest of their country.

    I look at the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War and how scantily-provisioned they were (and yet they *still* managed to give the US a hard time). They are a very good model for how to strike back at the Muslims (IMO).

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey Shadowman- I responded to this earlier but I think it disappeared somehow.

      The Finn’s were able to take massive advantage of that same area and terrain during the Winter War and throughout WWII. I have no doubt the same would hold true in the future if and when such developments occur.

      There is no doubt there are some tough, tough Muslims that live and train high up in the mountains in Afghanistan and could compete with any Finnish ‘Winter Warrior’, however the 19 year old gangster-rap influenced Muslims in Europe’s big cities are a different breed entirely, and I don’t think the tundra or frontier or anywhere far from civilization would suit their needs. Actually I think in that one narrow sense they may be even worse than most native European city dwellers (although that’s small consolation when weighed against everything else).

      I for one LOVE the cold, and have the ac on and the window open as I type this 🙂 (at a lattitude roughly equal to Vienna)

  2. Kadphises 11 months ago

    a simple case of “in vino veritas”

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Yes, it has me wondering what truths selected other famous leftists might utter with the right amount of wine and similar stimuli lol.

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