‘Far-Right’ Preservationist Protesters Invade Post-Attack Brussels Gathering

‘Far-Right’ Preservationist Protesters Invade Post-Attack Brussels Gathering
March 27, 2016 Admin

In Brussels today as the characteristic laying of floral tributes and cute signs was due to commence (despite ‘officially’ being cancelled by the government due to security concerns over Muslim terrorists), a group of “approximately” 400 “far-right protesters” showed up bearing banners and yelling slogans protesting Muslim terrorists. They quickly became public enemy number one, according to the various mainstream news accounts of the situation.

From KTLA:

Far right Brussels 4

Though organizers postponed a Sunday march in the Belgian capital out of security fears, those who gathered at Brussels’ Place de la Bourse were confronted by protesters raising their arms in Nazi salutes and shouting anti-immigrant slogans.

The gathering, which took place in a commercial district in the capital, started out peacefully with mourners laying flowers at the foot of the stairs leading to the Brussels Stock Exchange.

The mood changed at about 2:45 p.m. when several hundred men — most of them dressed in black, a handful of them with their faces totally or partially obscured, and many of them carrying alcoholic beverages — arrived on the square.

One demonstrator sparked a flare, and others lit firecrackers in the square. One group unfurled a white banner that said “FCK ISIS” and “Casuals Against Terrorism.” It’s unclear if the groups are related, but Casuals United is a British far-right group affiliated with the English Defence League, which opposes the spread of Islam and Sharia law.

The nationalist demonstrators chanted “We are at home,” and there were minor scuffles as some people at the site trampled through the flowers, flags and balloons that make up the memorial for those killed in Tuesday’s terrorist attacks.

Far right Brussels 3

Mourners countered the men’s chants with their own: “No to hatred” and “We are all the sons of immigrants.”
Backed by two white tactical vehicles with water cannons aimed at the crowd, phalanxes of riot police responded and methodically formed a horseshoe around the anti-immigrant demonstrators, corralling them and pushing them down a nearby boulevard, away from the memorial.

The crowd on the stock exchange’s steps cheered as the police briefly unleashed the water cannons on the demonstrators.

Of course it is highly likely the accused “Nazi Salutes” and the open drinking of alcoholic beverages didn’t actually happen.

It does sound roughly similar to an EDL get-up in Britain.

My first thoughts are that it is highly refreshing to see some testosterone thrown into the mix. These vigils and wreath laying ceremonies are impotent and depressing, and it is wonderful to see that there are men in Belgium who still want to fight back against the Islamification of their country.

Far right Brussels

From a 4GW standpoint the action seems fair to good.

In terms of delegitimizing the government for its inability to protect its citizens it could have been more pointed. Instead of carrying signs saying “FCK ISIS” they might have carried ones openly accusing the government of treason and genocide. They were accused in several mainstream articles of shouting that the Belgians government was complicit with “Daesh” though, so that is good.

The protesters also effectively demonstrated that the government no longer represents the interests of all native citizens. They also did a reasonable job of forcing the government into acting in a “Goliath” capacity against them (although if it is true they stomped on the floral tributes that might reduce this objective’s success a little bit).

I would also advocate the use of ‘civil war’ language, to- as we have discussed- feed the situation and define the narrative, anchoring the term ‘civil war’ in the conversation. Examples could be signs stating “Civil War Is Here: We Will Defend Our Nation From Muslim Killers And Traitorous Leaders”, or “We Will Die To Keep Belgium Free- No To Muslim Rape And Enslavement”.

However one rates the overall macro-success of the protests I certainly have massive respect for every man who joined into them. These guys risked violence, arrest, and being blackballed from employment to fight back against the murder and enslavement of their people. They are heroes, each and every one of them.

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 1 year ago

    Very well said. Tons of respect for these men. I only wish I could join them.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Lynda 1 year ago

    In the wake of a terror scene in the political theatre, there always seems to be a crowd of people who want to come to scene and make a stand against hatred, intolerance and any form of political, semitic, race, religious, gender incorrectness . A makeshift scene of flowers, candles, teddy bears, balloons, lollipops, kumbaya signs and douchey cards is immediately established in memory of the victims.

    The term for this type of activism is astro-turfing. An organised group of people come to the terror scene with their crap and immediately caption the scene with a libtard / cuck message. They are not grass roots. They are astro-turf. They appear on cue and the Jew msm rolls out their ‘grass roots’ message for public consumption.

    The White ethnicity which is the target of terror / astroturfing strategy must create counter tactics to this by now familiar event. It would be great to get some pix and vids of some of the crisis actors who were ‘injured’ in the terror scene and later captured among the astroturf crowd. Websites for fave crisis actors should start appearing. There could be fan clubs and stupid performance awards and jew talk show yada yada.

    The message here is that it is not OK to have a Belgian state composed of Belgian / Flemmish people. Ethnostates must go. No White ethnicity has any right to an ethnostate. Terror is the White price for busting up the ethno-state and establishing alien / hostile foreign people, their cultures and laws on its land.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Lynda- only just now getting time to reply back but interestingly I just read a report suggesting that it was actually the left wing protesters who stomped all over the tribute wreaths and all that. Most of the pictures of people walking on them were apparently of left-wing folks. And then as we all know of course all the Nazi Salute stuff was lies.

      What was your opinion of the nationalist protesters? Any thoughts on their effectiveness?

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