Female Protestor Against Muslim Gang-Rape Attacked As ‘Nazi’, As Sweden Named ‘Best Nation For Girls’

Female Protestor Against Muslim Gang-Rape Attacked As ‘Nazi’, As Sweden Named ‘Best Nation For Girls’
October 17, 2016 Admin

Sweden’s status as ‘humanitarian superpower’ has just been solidified even more, as a new world report indicates it is the best place on earth to grow up as a female!

The Local reports on this new honor:

Sweden is the best country in the world for girls, according to a new global report.

Save the Children released the report ‘Every Last Girl’ for the International Day of the Girl Child on Tuesday.

This may sound like some kind of perverse joke of course, given that Swedish women are being advised by their schools and the police not to walk the streets alone for fear of rape, and since the country now has the highest per capita rape rate of any place on earth after Johannesburg, South Africa. Clearly such issues pale in importance next to the real issues of female quality-of-life however, which are elucidated in the study:

The report used its so-called Girls’ Opportunity Index to rank the world’s countries according to five indicators: child marriage, adolescent fertility, maternal mortality (as an indicator to access to good-quality healthcare), women MPs and lower-secondary school completion.

It ranked Sweden at the top, followed by Finland, Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Some other developed nations such as the UK (15) and Canada (19) were pulled down the rankings by not having enough women represented in parliament. Forty-five percent of Swedish MPs are women, compared to 29 percent in the UK and 19 percent in the US.

Yet Save The Children does not want Sweden to rest on its laurels….

“While there is much to celebrate, there is still a mountain to climb until we reach a world in which girls will have the same opportunities as boys,” wrote Helle Thorning-Schmidt, CEO of Save the Children International and Kevin Watkins, CEO of Save the Children UK, in a press release.

Interestingly, even if you ignore the Muslim gang-rape epidemic in Sweden, and do not factor it in to whether Sweden is ‘The best place on earth for girls’, the study still seems to suggest that the future is not bright, as the worst places to be a girl listed in the report- “Niger (144), Chad (143), the Central African Republic (142), Mali (141) and Somalia (140).”- are an almost perfect approximation of Sweden’s immigrant demographics, which are approximately 60-80% Middle-Eastern and 20-40% Sub-Saharan African.


Those facts help to explain a parallel story- referenced in this post’s title- which takes place on the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic. We have reported on occurrences there twice in the last two weeks. Once, when we profiled the Swedish patriot who confronted several male Muslim immigrants who had violently gang-raped a wheelchair-bound native Swedish woman in a rest-stop bathroom, and again a second time when the Swedish police arrested the man.

If one remembers, the protests on the island were occurring not just because of the brutal immigrant-perpetrated gang-rape itself, but because the local Swedish authorities let the men go. As crazy as that must sound to the uninitiated, it has become sickeningly common in the ‘Best place on earth for girls’.

The protests therefore have continued, inducing the Swedish state to send extra police to the island for the second time in less than two weeks.

One of the most vocal of the protestors appears to actually be a young female Swede named Camilla Sandelius. The 26 year old resident of Visby- the town where the brutal attack took place- apparently started a Facebook group in support of the victim, and helped organize some of the protests by local townspeople.

As a result, she has been called a ‘Nazi’ by the Swedish media, received death threats, and has been the victim of an endless stream of online vitriol from Swedish Progressives harassing her, as well as non-Swedish immigrants themselves. One such Middle-Eastern immigrant, apparently posing in a picture with the name of some Swedish feminist group logo, said that Sandelius needed to be made to ‘feel nigger dick’ or something like that [unsure of translation].

Muslim immigrant harassing Swedish woman for protesting the Muslim gang-rape of a disabled woman.

Muslim immigrant harassing Swedish woman for protesting the Muslim gang-rape of a disabled woman.

reports on the situation:

Gotländskan Sandelius Camilla, 26, is angry that the local newspaper called her and vigilantes for a “racist bullies”. – They call the common people for racists. How can they brand us only because we are protesting against the gang rape and want to honor the sacrifice? she says.

Samtiden got an exclusive interview with Camilla Sandelius last week about how the atmosphere was on the island after the alleged gang rape of a wheelchair-bound 30-year-old longtime last Saturday. Camilla told that some 100 locals spontaneously had sought out to show the horror of the crime and the honor of the victim. She also holds a vigilante who gather and keep each other informed of what is happening in what they are experiencing the changing climate on the island.

– It is ordinary people who have had enough of how immigration has changed the island.

Since Camilla went out with the name and image has become strong reactions against her.

– I have received death threats, she says.

Fria Tider also reported on the ‘refugee’ who harassed Sandelius online:

The man who made the most serious påhoppen Camilla is a man with Middle East background that on Facebook purporting to be a feminist and having a Fi logo on their profile picture. Among other things, he tried to launch a feminist drove on Facebook to get Camilla fired from her job in retaliation for her commitment. The profile has now been removed from Facebook.

– It is that I am dry in pussy, it’s just rough words and that stuff, says Camilla about the messages she had received.

I find it interesting that we are seeing this strong assertion of native Swedish interests in Gotland, rather than anywhere in mainland Sweden. It echoes the conclusions we all came to when studying the events this summer in Corsica– that native Europeans living on islands are forced to have much more sober attitudes towards Muslim immigration, since there is nowhere for them to flee to.

The situation on the island of Gotland also seems to represent a microcosm of Sweden’s current state of affairs as a whole, as well as Western Europe’s. It also calls to mind an interview I just read with an Iranian economist who was raised in Sweden named Tino Sanandaji.

I was turned onto Sanandaji recently by a friend who lives in Sweden, and despite the economist’s non-Swedish background, he presents keen insights into the situation the Swedes are facing. He says that watching modern Sweden is ‘almost like witnessing a Donald Duck version of the fall of the Roman Empire in real time.’ Such a comparison may seem a little glib to us as ethnic Europeans, since it is our women and children being raped and our lands being overrun, but in terms of the insanity of nutjob Progressive ‘Swedism’ I can understand the comparison.

More to our liking perhaps is his pronouncement that, while the Swedes used to worry about ‘ending up like the United States’, they should now worry more about ending up like ‘Game of Thrones’. If ‘Game of Thrones’ it is, I think the medieval city of Visby would be an apt backdrop to start some brutal medieval score-settling.

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 9 months ago

    Count me in. It’s not that the Swedes are stuck on Gotland with Muslim immigrants, it’s that Muslim immigrants are stuck on Gotland with increasingly angry Swedes. The cockroaches will have nowhere to flee to. It’s going to be like shooting fish in a barrel.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      If I remember right some of the most horrific fighting in WWII was on the various tiny greek islands between the nationalists and communists in early 1945. I think it will be the same this time around.

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey 9 months ago

    Treason: Feminists side with Muslims against disabled Swedish Gang Rape Victim


    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Hey Laguna Beach thanks for linking to that- great article on its own and I ended up stumbling upon their article on the leaked Podesta emails and specifically the ones discussing Europe- HOLY CRAP! I am creating my own post about them now- pretty big stuff in my opinion!

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey 9 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Another excellent one as well- absolute insanity as all the commenters gathered… I think the one commenter was right though that the response on Gotland was a little more intense than anything we had seen in Sweden before. Still nothing like what will come, but it at least had hint* or suggestion* or LOTR Scouring of the Shire type tone to it, which is good!

  4. Michael 9 months ago

    Female Seer who predicted 9/11 gives the Invasion of Europe in 2016 one of her predictions made some years ago before she died

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Hmm, interesting. I believe I saw something about that before somewhere..

  5. Delphi 9 months ago

    I thought I’d get involved. I’m a rationalist-scientific feminist transsexual woman. I’ve also become convinced that most of the left these days in europe is totally crackers, and sipping the wrong kind of coolade. When “feminists” and “leftists” excuse rape, FOR ANY REASON, they’re basically traitors/and or oppressors. I’m prepared to suck the “backlash” for being on a site like this being who I am, and to be honest, it really doesn’t matter one way or the other. Old school facists are beginning to moderate and align up with the rest of what’s left of white society. Myself, I’m not obsessed about my skin color. I’m far more interested in what ‘s inside the human mind . While I realize all humans have the potential for reason and greatness, our culture’s been the guardian of reason for the last 500 years+. Islam , simply , in all ways, is NOT. – it’s the most backwards culture on the planet. As for doing my part, I do what I can . I’m a regular reader of Pamela Geller’s website/Jihadwatch. If a declared war broke out, I’d probably go and fight, and die instead of a healthy, young white breeding population white male/female. Reason and science mean everything to me, and seeing them die on the table to some primitive religious ideology because the current left is too lost in cloud-coo-coo fantasy fluffy bunnies land to defend real principles of freedom and equity disgusts me.


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