First Week Of 2017 Proves Europe Already At War

First Week Of 2017 Proves Europe Already At War
January 6, 2017 Admin

We have been wondering in recent weeks what 2017 will bring in regards to the crisis in Europe. With notable elections on the horizon, the global economy about to topple, and Trump and Brexit leading to increasing political instability, the year seemed to promise much eventfulness.

This first week has already brought it however, and the events over the course of it seem to foretell much.

-On one of the southern fronts- in Spain- over 1000 Muslims (“refugees” according to the Left, “invaders” according to others) attempted to forcibly tear down and overrun a border fence.

The Express described the incident thus:

At least 1,100 asylum seekers rushed the barbed wire fence protecting the tiny north African enclave, which is surrounded on all sides by Morocco, in a desperate bid to reach the EU.

Spanish and Moroccan authorities desperately fought to restore order as the migrants, most from sub-Saharan Africa, scaled the border barrier and brawled with police on Sunday.

Once inside the miniscule Spanish territory they would be able to claim asylum in Spain or travel onwards towards the promised lands of Germany and Sweden.

The migrants used rocks and metal bars as they battled with police officers from Spain and Morocco, who joined forces to defend the border.

Notice that they refer to Germany and Sweden as “the promised lands”.

-In occupied-France, almost 1000 cars were burned by Muslims on New Year’s Eve
, as the Telegraph reports:

Vandals in France torched 945 parked cars over New Year’s Eve in an arson rampage that has become a sinister annual “tradition” and amid a row over whether the government had sought to play down the figures.

Since we only talk about these things because we are Russian fake-news propagandists, I decided to embed an RT segment on it:

-In Germany, yet another ‘refugee’ was arrested for planning a string of car bombings and pledging fealty to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. He planned to use the bombings to kill “non-Muslims” in four different European countries.

Dortmund New Year's Eve

Dortmund New Year’s Eve

-Also in Germany-in Dortmund, in Westphalia- mainstream and alternative news sites have been battling over what exactly started a fire in Germany’s oldest church on New Year’s Eve. The Ruhr-Nachricten, Breitbart, and The New Observer Online have all reported that a 1000-strong mob of Middle-Eastern immigrants hurled fireworks at native German families, battled police, set fire to the church by throwing fireworks at it, and then chanted ‘Allahu Akbar’ while it burned. Other sites such as the Bonnier-family affiliated The Local have attacked these reports as ‘fake news’, saying that the chants of ‘Allahu Akbar’ were those Muslims giving thanks for the ceasefire in Syria, that the flags of Al-Qaeda affiliated Syrian rebels the Muslims waved are actually of ‘mainstream Syrian opposition groups’, and that the crowd was actually a peaceful ensemble made up of both locals and foreigners of all ages.

This article ‘debunking’ the Breitbart one is by a gal named Emma Anderson however, who- its important to note for perspective- wrote a serious article recently with the title “Refugees More Democratic Than Germans, Survey Shows”.

The below video taken at some point that night shows no rampant violence, but does showcase the surreal spectacle of German police vainly attempting to keep order, while all around them their country (literally) burns down, and thousands of young Muslim invaders chant in Arabic and waive Islamist flags.

Poland - not yet conquered.

Poland – not yet conquered.

-In Poland- still a bastion of freedom where such madness is rarely seen, some of the country’s tiny minority of Muslims murdered a local man named ‘Daniel’- a 21 year old. In the aftermath of this murder several hundred townspeople converged on the Kebab diner the murderers owned, and proceeded to demolish it, hurling homemade incendiary devices at it, breaking its windows, spray painting it, and terrorizing those parties who had been involved with the murder.

-In Sweden, a young native Swedish woman was sacrificed by the government in the name of the god ‘Diversity’.
The young lady was abducted in a car by a group of Muslims while walking across the street. Fria Tider describes what happened:

The woman was forced into a car by four men in Malmö and was then driven to the café on South Street in Helsingborg where more waiting to rape her.

When the car arrived the woman was taken to the basement of violence. There ripped Khaled woman by the hair, pulled her down on a couch and held her arms and legs with her body weight before he pulled off her clothes. By also threaten that he or others would hurt her with a weapon like objects, he forced her to oral, vaginal and anal intercourse.

He then explained the woman to the six other Arabs would also rape her, the victim said in interrogation.

Then they raped although Tareq woman by grabbing her arms, pulling her down on her back and pushing her legs apart.

The woman told that six of the seven men in turn raped her. On one occasion she was raped by two people simultaneously.

But according to the prosecutor lacked “sufficient supporting evidence that the correct application requires for a conviction” for five of the men who originally were in custody in the case of detainees were prosecuted by only the other two: Khaled and Tareq. [neither of whom were deported – editor’s note]

-The Swedish government sacrificed another young native Swedish woman-
this one a mother of two- to an even more brutal and disgusting Muslim gang-rape.

This young lady was actually gang-raped awhile back but the trial just took place this week. During it she had to flee the courtroom to vomit multiple times, as the prosecutors demonstrated the fact that semen was found not just in her rectum but “deep inside her digestive system”, as the Muslim rapists literally turned her insides out. The woman- again, a mother of two- still has medical problems resulting from the rape (committed by nine Afghan refugees), in which she lost consciousness and was “close to death” from her “airways being clogged”.

Stefan Lofven is a war criminal who has overseen the mass-rape and torture of Swedish women and children during his administration. This is not hyperbole unfortunately.

Stefan Lofven is a war criminal who has overseen the mass-rape and torture of Swedish women and children during his administration. This is not hyperbole unfortunately.

I lay the blame for this not just on the (evil and subhuman) animals who carried it out, but on Stefan Lofven and the rest of the Swedish government. These individuals have purposefully imported millions of such Muslim immigrants despite full-knowledge that doing so has caused a rape epidemic of historical proportions. They have purposefully set a policy of allowing such Muslim rapists to evade jail time, evade deportation, and have full freedom to rape women like that mother at will due to the shortage of trained police officers and law enforcement resources. This woman was SACRIFICED to violent gang-rape on the altar of multiculturalism, and the Swedish government and Swedish media are fully and unequivocally responsible for it.

This website does not encourage violence or illegality, and discussing revenge scenarios against foreign leaders might be suggestive of such territory. However luckily I am an American, and America has a rich history over the last 60 years of invading and removing evil theocratic dictators. With that being the case I forcefully declare that if and when President Trump assists the Swedish resistance in seizing power, I will gladly travel there and help arrest and punish Prime Minister Lofven for the evils he has committed.

In Conclusion

Normally the traffic of sites like this that cover the ‘refugee crisis’ in Europe are much higher in the summer. Similarly, the majority of news coverage of such events takes place in the summer, the most google searches, etc. With all of the above happening in the first week of 2017 however, and with the visits to sites like this one and others like it spiking to new highs despite it being winter, this might just be the year that things move into the open, and the majority of people accept that war in Europe is tragically inevitable- if not already here.

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  1. Francis Meyrick 1 year ago

    “This website does not encourage violence or illegality”. No, but we have to frankly discuss it. Any discussion of the likely events in Europe will always be interpreted by some aggrieved party as ‘encouragement’. If you are going to worry about that, you’ll be tripping over your own words every five minutes. Let’s agree that we are talking ‘theoretically’ what a frustrated and angry European patriot might do. I say that there are lots of them, and the likelihood is they will arm themselves, organize, and adopt violence as a legitimate M.O. That’s not encouraging. Merely stating the overwhelming likelihood. Academic Questions then arise -theoretically of course- as to HOW such an angry European might react and organize, and WHAT challenges he will face on the road. Right? As for Stefan Lofven, I suspect he would go on the Death list of said theoretical organisation…

  2. Yes, it’s going to be a wild ride. Personally I’d have no moral qualms over slotting those arrogant hajis in the first photo. But I realise most Whites are not yet at that advanced state. I’ll wait. Wake me up when Whites actually retaliate and start taking some scalps of our own.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      There’s all this outrage about the Chicago video, and all the normies are horrified. Yet the truly tragic thing is that video is NOTHING compared to what happens to little white girls EVERY DAY across Western Europe.

      An 18 year old white guy getting punched and forced to drink toilet water is child’s play compared to an 11 year old little girl being gang-raped by 8 adult Muslims, having her tongue nailed to a table, and being doused in petrol (all of which has been acknowledged by the UK government and BBC).

      • Yes, you’re absolutely right. And Whites just sit there and take it up the arse, day in, day out. Disgusting!

      • RichardJames 1 year ago

        Yes well put . It begs the question how much more has to happen befor people can see the jigsaw.
        I wonder if Americans would have responded the same way as the English did to Rotherham. I went to the demonstration in Rotherham a couple of years ago, the EDL had camped outside the police station (think, town hall ?)for a few weeks but on the day where there was a combined groups effort, well there was anger and a seriously heavy police presence from forces all across the UK, mounted units as well as riot units with many hi-vis yellow coats too. But on the main it was disorganised and considering the severity of what happened a very low turn out. Not from Nationalist groups in their formations, perhaps more so in the numbers of members from each group that showed. But many did travel by coach aswell which was good. But jow public from Rotherham itself. Perhaps thats our failure in somehow bridging that gap. But it seems to be happening faster since Rotherham broke mainstream, the media spun it as though it was all years ago. Only recently have they started to trickle the current ones through. There were five the other day up in Rotherham again I think it was. Nobody blinks. But its there aswell the anger, but it just gets blotted out by the next atrocity or the next big news thing. But my question was asked in seriousness, I don’t wan’t it to be so in order for us to find out, because that’s rhe only way that we could, i’m not Americans would respond the same way or that pakistani muslim traffic torture rape gangs would operate for so long undhindered. It was mainly a female BNP member Marlene Guest that gathered information which was later used in or by the Jay report. But it took too long. Is taking too long for our people to start seeing the jigsaw.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Yes it is difficult. I am always hesitant to too forcefully castigate Europeans for a lack of action, because I don’t like the thought of people perceiving me as some blustering American ‘Armchair quarterback’ insulting them when I am safe across the Atlantic, but the lack of response to things like Rotherham is quite maddening.

          Speaking of such things it is my hope to get over there within the next year or two and then start spending part of each year in Europe.

          As far as the question of whether Americans would put up with the same thing, it is a difficult one. I think it would depend on which state/area to some degree. In a rural red state, I absolutely do think the local white people would reach the point of violence far before Rotherham-type stuff happened. But of course things like Rotherham haven’t happened in rural all white areas of Europe, but instead have tended to happen in poor white suburbs of cities, with large Muslim populations. There are poor white suburbs with black pimps and rapists who prey on girls in places like Pittsburgh and Buffalo too. However, the scale of the problem is VASTLY smaller, and those young women tend to be 17-22 and get roped into actual prostitution, not sexual slavery/torture. It is really apples and oranges.

          We did have those Muslim teens gang-rape a five year old in Twin Falls, which is within a couple day’s drive of where I live. There were some protests, but it mostly became a larger issue for a number of reasons. 1) the perpetrators weren’t adult or teen muslims but young (10-13 year old) ones, 2) they were ‘refugees’ that had just been settled their by the FEDERAL government. As a result there was massive backlash, but it was more directed against the federal government and the democrats.

          One interesting aspect of it is that we DO see examples of ethnic Europeans fighting back. Look at Dylan Roof, and Breivik. Now I absolutely do not NOT condone their actions (ESPECIALLY Roof’s), but one interesting aspect is the dichotomy, in that ethnic Europeans who ‘fight back’ usually go all out and sacrifice their life doing so, like those two, or they do so within totally law-abiding ways, like many of us involved in this movement. Very rarely in between. I think that is because we all still have so much to lose. Hopefully once conditions in Europe get worse, we will see more native European ‘gangs’ fighting back together, which is more of a ‘middle of the road’ alternative.

          Not sure if you have read it but I wrote an article on this called ‘4th Generation Warfare and White Preservationoism’ for Counter Currents which explored the question of what level of violence/kinds of violence can be called justified. Would love to get your thoughts on the same question.


  3. Rick 1 year ago

    I don’t think we can consider this a war until we see evidence that the native side is fighting back, (aside from Poland) Thus far it seems to be just a series of one sided atrocities committed by the invaders and facilitated by the traitors.
    There has to be a breaking point somewhere at sometime in Western Europe maybe we will see it in 2017

    • Kadphises 1 year ago

      Czechs are prepared to fight back, too.
      It can be expected that German identitarians will cooperate more closely with their Eastern neighbours, in spite of any historical grievances.

      • Author
        Admin 1 year ago

        Yes that is fantastic stuff from the Czech Republic! Wish we could hand their prime minister power over all of Europe.

        Hopefully his actions and statements will indeed catalyze greater awareness/courage/brotherhood within their German neighbors.

        Appreciate the link Kadphises!

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Rick-

      I would be inclined to agree with you. It is a purely one-sided war at this point. We need to invent a new word halfway between ‘war’ and ‘genocide’ to describe what is going on.


  4. Delphi 1 year ago

    So, I’m going to weigh in as a liberal feminist.

    This is patriarchy. These men are monsters, pure and simple. A culture that encourages them to be monsters, is oppressive, monstrous patriarchy, pure and simple. This isn’t an isolated incident – it isnt’ a one-off and this kind of thing keeps happening again and again, and goes on, and on, and on. Tyranny must be opposed and women’s rights are sacrosanct – that is a core liberal value. At the very least, long prison sentences are appropriate. In a large part of the US, doing this rightfully gets you the death penalty. Any so called believer in feminism who can’t see that is no longer a believer in freedom, diversity, and human rights. They’re a traitor, and an appologist for violent Salafist patriarchy. This needs to be stopped, whatever the cost.

    I find I’m channeling my viking shield maiden ala Ragnar’s Lagertha a lot recently. Kudos to European Civil War for actually telling the truth.

  5. VivatEuropa 1 year ago

    Ahh, we’ve finally heard from a feminist about the rape of Europe. Not about imaginary “rape culture,” but the real thing, imported by our liberal “leaders” in the name of “diversity” and other liberal values. You cannot equate European Christian patriarchy with this. Typically, she insists on continuing to champion the causes of it, while deploring the inevitable results.

  6. VivatEuropa 1 year ago

    Also, as the new year began:

    The Cologne police chief ignored accusations of profiling and rounded up hundreds of migrants to prevent a repeat of New Year’s Eve a year ago. German politicians, even some of Merkel’s allies, call for caps on the number of migrants. One even – finally – suggested that they can never be assimilated and must go back home.

    Austria is plagued by sex assaults this New Year’s Eve. Austria’s Defense Minister calls for limits on refugees in all nations, and processing (detention) centers outside Europe before they can set foot in Europe. In a blow to the Schengen Zone idea, Austria refuses to reopen its border with Germany, and extends the temporary closure until Germany reaches some sanity regarding migrants.

    European politicians seem somewhat emboldened. The Trump Effect? Of course, much of it is so far just talk. Usually what politicians do is the opposite of what they say. But there’s a bit of rebellion in the air. Archbishop of Vienna Cardinal Schonborn has come out in opposition to mass Muslim immigration into Europe, declaring that it threatens Europe’s Christian heritage and civilization. A group of four more-traditional Cardinals has raised the specter of schism in the utopian Vatican II Church of no-class Latin-American Marxist New World Order apparatchik Comrade Jorge Bergoglio by demanding Comrade Jorge clarify to the faithful several things he has said that border on heresy.

    However, also as we start the new year, instead of being in jail where she belongs (and I’m being generous), Merkel is running for re-election.

    But the year is off to quite a start. May this year be more interesting than the bastards can stand!

  7. Phil 1 year ago

    2017 will see more awareness and an awakening of sorts…by 2020 this will be all out there for everyone to see and take part..some may say thatscto late. .I say it will be just in time…’s a race to the finishing line…good luck everybody

  8. Delphi 1 year ago

    No – you cannot equate European traditional christian patriarchy, which protected women through chivalry (after about the 11th century, and the romantic movement) – with Islam – which in short, is flawed. The left however believes in freedom and I do not honestly think we are going to go backwards – too much has changed – freedom once one has it is not something one wants to give up. Encouraging women to have children with honorable men is something different. I’m one of those “old school” feminists who sees the need for a strong security front. And besides, someone needs to rally the left and get eveyone on the same page – before it’s too late.

  9. Rick 1 year ago

    There needs to be a shift in thinking and tactics, In the west most of us are conditioned to believe that a peaceful protest, the ballot box and the legal system are the societal safeguards and clearly they are not. Protests on the mistreatment of women are met with counter protests BY WOMEN. Police seem to enforce the law disproportionately on Europeans and even when they don’t the prisons have become a radical Muslim conversion factory.
    Awareness of the problem is growing rapidly but results against it are not. In the same way that “Meme Magic” has started to turn the culture around We need to find a breakthrough tactic that starts reversing the losses in towns and on streets. There are too many corrupt and vested interests keeping the migrant train rolling, and I think we can all agree that time is of the essence, the sooner we turn the tide the more likely is victory. Tactically and strategically the solution is out there, I wish I knew it but I don’t, however I think it is coming and we will see it applied possibly in 2017. In the meantime I think it is important for us all to share success stories when and where we find them so as to advance this shift.


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