‘Fistfights’ Now Out In Soft Cover!

‘Fistfights’ Now Out In Soft Cover!
November 27, 2016 Admin

This post is to gladly announce that Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity is now available in soft cover. You can see it here.

The kindle ebook originally came out on January 26th, 2016, and while the physical version was meant to come out in July, other responsibilities and time constraints pushed it back. It has just been released today however, and can be purchased on Amazon for 7.99$. It is being printed through ‘print on demand’ publishing through CreateSpace.

I appreciate the interest so many of you have shown in the book and when it would be out in physical form. It has been hugely fulfilling navigating the publishing process and I have learned a TON for when I publish my next book.

I am hopeful this physical copy will allow the book to awaken a whole new group of readers to the realities on the ground in Europe. I myself read tons of ebooks so it is easy for me to forget that there are others who still only like to stick with old-fashioned ‘actual’ books.

As always if you would like to support the book the most helpful thing you can do is leave a review of it on Amazon by clicking here. Amazon keeps the reviews separate for the physical vs ebook version too, which is interesting.

Also, to celebrate the release of the physical version of the book, and to hopefully garner additional reviews, we are offering a free signed copy of the book to anyone who will agree to complete a review of it on Amazon! To inquire about that please email me at valhalla1@europeancivilwar.com.

As always, a huge thank you to everyone reading this, and to all our compatriots fighting for preservation and reconquest across Europe and the Occident!



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  1. Finally!

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      I know, from now on anytime I publish a book on kindle I am just going to do the print version at the exact same time. That will save both time and money and prevent any lag time. Only exception would possibly be some super tiny ebook that is only meant to serve as a funnel to a larger book and that would sell for free.

  2. jrackell 1 year ago

    Did you catch Devlin’s speech at NPI conference by any chance? He opened with the story of the white youth in Norway losing out in the competition for white girls against Pakis; what the white girls go for is strength and the Pakis have it, not because they’re braver or stronger but because they operate in packs, have clans they can rely on for instant back up, and the Norwegian boys are under intense social pressure not to fight back. Kevin MacDonald has riffed on the story too as an example of evolution in action. If I remember it is based on a newspaper article of Norwegian youth about 10 years ago. I was curious how prevalent that situation is; your book doesn’t mention anything like that at least at the beginning when you’re in the bar fight in Norway and I’m guessing your experience puts you in the same time frame 10 years ago as the Aflonbladet (?sp) article. What’s your take of the situation on the ground currently given your experience in Norway and what Devlin is talking about?

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey jrackell- Much appreciate the comment. Welcome to the site!

      I believe I have heard mention of what you are referring to. I knew he (Devlin) did a speech recently at NPI and I believe someone else mentioned it including all that. Might have been an article I read somewhere or another commenter on this site I am not sure, but I definitely do know to what you are referring even though I haven’t watched the speech itself yet.

      My own time was perhaps a little too limited or at least ‘fluid’ in Norway and in all other parts of Europe to be able to really fairly weigh in.. However, my experience all over- both in America and in Europe- is that there is indeed a certain segment of European or European American girls who gravitate to the Pakistani/Black/Latino guy(s) because of exactly what your comment refers to, but that by and large that is still the minority.

      There is a great article on Counter Currents (I believe that’s the site) and if I remembered the title I would link to it, but it basically breaks down a statistical analysis of data collected by various dating websites and has really interesting information on the statistcs of interracial dating, etc.

      My experience and those statistics both suggest though that such cross-ethnic dating is very uncommon. On the whole, even in highly Progressive areas, interracial coupling is rare. HOWEVER, the *dynamic* Devlin describes, especially when viewed as a societal phenomenon in modern-day Scandinavia, I would absolutely vouch for. I think it is 100% clear that native Scandinavian boys are taught that they are historical oppressors, guilty of inherent racism and patriarchy, told over and over again that they must be gentle and accepting, etc. They are not allowed to defend themselves or assert their masculinity in any way. On the contrary, immigrants are allowed to basically do as they please. They are a celebrated victim group and their criminality is excused and ignored. From there we get Rotherham and everything else that sickens rational, healthy people such as you and I. Really the brainwashing and de-masculinization of European men combined with a policy of anarcho-tyranny that ignores Muslim criminality and violence pretty much sums up the entire situation in Europe, from the micro level of individuals all the way up to the macro level and millions of ‘refugees’ illegally pouring in and slowly taking over the continent while most* European men do nothing because they have been browbeaten and bullied and brainwashed by Progresivism their entire lives.

      I think the same dynamic is at play- though to a far, far lesser extent- in America. I think across the West, men like you and I and Henrik Palmgren and Marcus Follin are the rebound effect, and that our generation will return things back to how they should be. That’s what my next book’s going to be about actually.

      PS And then yes, as far as the women in question go, a small number of wayward Western-European women ‘date’ such men, and either end up being being beaten to a pulp, murdered, or forced into sexual slavery. Now, certainly a liberal would argue against that, and suggest there are many ‘normal’ couples made up of Muslim men and native European women, but I have never met one. I know one couple that is a secular sub-saharan African man and a native West European woman, but they are both hardcore liberals and vegetarians so I don’t exactly count that.

  3. jrackell 1 year ago

    Thanks for your reply. I dug up KMac’s article for anyone interested http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2013/05/muslims-dominate-the-natives-on-the-streets-of-norway/ which references http://gatesofvienna.net/2013/05/everything-you-have-learned-in-school-is-wrong/ with English translation; original is https://www.rights.no/2013/04/norske-gutter-i-det-nye-norge/ (It’s in Norwegian). 2013, though I could have sworn it was older.

    I think you mentioned the Mannerbund in one of your recent previous articles. I think that will be the salvation of Norwegian men who don’t have a clan to fall back on. I would put my bet on a fighting group of warriors than an inbred clan. In a sense, they are the easy enemy, it is the home enemy that is difficult to fight and taking them on means civil war inevitable as it is.

    It’s surreal because even though I comment on this stuff I have no first hand experience of it.

    I hope they post your talk. I thought Nathan Damigo’s was awesome and very, very optimistic, especially how people coming in to certain on campus clubs are already red pilled. Add some self defense training to that and hey presto….

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Yes, Nathan is a very impressive guy. That was my first exposure to him and I was really blown away by what a good public speaker he was and just his overall presence.

      As far as my speech goes I actually requested Greg (from Counter Currents) not put it online- I didn’t realize the audio was being recorded since I didn’t see a video camera or anything so I gave my more ‘personal’ version of the speech where I mention the town I grew up in and where I live today and names of family members, etc. All normal stuff for a speech in circumstances like that, but different than I would have done if I had known it was going to go online. I talk about my personal life online to some extent bu try to keep out specific details like that in case some nutjob is listening to it. You can’t be too careful nowadays.

      I may type up a written version of it though so if I do you will see it 🙂

      Appreciate the links you provided up top, good stuff.

  4. K. Plitzkin 1 year ago

    Congratulations on this one, Julian. I am getting a a pair of copies to offer to my peers. Stay Strong

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey my friend-

      Thanks for the comment. I only just saw it actually sometimes they get lost in the wordpress factory.

      I am working on the next book now. I think you especially will appreciate it as it draws on many of the issues we are both particularly passionate about.


  5. Mike 1 year ago

    “In an age of universal deceit truth becomes a revolutionary concept”
    George Orwell.
    Read the book – great stuff, couldn’t put it down.


    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey thanks Mike- much appreciated..,,

      Interesting how the left lauded Orwell for so many decades and claimed him as their own and now I increasingly see him and quotes such as the one you used above being referenced in support of right wing positions and ideology.

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