‘Fistfights With Muslims In Europe’ Reviewed By The Occidental Observer, Trump’s EU Ambassador Says Euro Will Collapse

‘Fistfights With Muslims In Europe’ Reviewed By The Occidental Observer, Trump’s EU Ambassador Says Euro Will Collapse
January 27, 2017 Admin

Okay so there is really no logical reason to combine these two things, but I am pleased with both of them so figured I would go for it.

The Occidental Observer reviews Fistfights With Muslims In Europe: One Man’s Journey Through Modernity

I was pleasantly surprised to see this today, as I did not know ahead of time they would be doing so. The review is by a gentleman named James Wald, who I will admit I have not heard of before. I think he did a great job with it though, and am thankful for him and the site itself for publishing the review.

Mr. Wald also wrote an excellent piece on Antifa recently.

One good excerpt of the Antifa article goes as follows:

In this context, the goals of Antifa and the ‘the State’ it claimed to oppose became indistinguishable. Antifa had become pillars of the establishment. Antifa, more than Nationalists, had more to gain from ‘conserving’ the status quo. Nationalists, the alleged ultra-conservatives, increasingly distinguished themselves by their open desire for cultural revolution; a destruction of all that is, a revisiting of what once was, and the planned construction of what might be.

Trump’s EU Ambassador Predicts EU Collapse Within 18 Months

This article comes to us from Forza Nouva. Actually, I believe they might be re-printing it from somewhere else, but I am linking to it there.

Forza Nuova is an American, English-language extension of the Italian political party of the same name, which is part of a bloc in the EU Parliament alongside Golden Dawn and the NPD in Germany. The hyperlink I inserted on their name leads to the U.S. Wikipedia article on them, which is, as one would expect, rather unfair and hyperbolic in its condemnation of their ‘far-right’ positions.

Forza Nuova republished a few of my articles earlier in the year and at the time I subscribed to their site. I receive their articles each day and must compliment them on their passion and zeal.

The article goes as follows:

Brexiteer professor Ted Malloch, who is likely to become the United States ambassador to the European Union, has predicted the looming failure of the single European currency.

In an interview with the BBC, Malloch predicts the euro “could collapse” in the next 18 months.

“I think it is a currency that is not only in demise but has a real problem and could in fact collapse in the coming year, year and a half…The one thing I would do in 2017 is short the euro,” he told the British broadcaster.

“I am not the only person or economist of that point of view. Someone as acclaimed as Joseph Stiglitz – the World Bank economist – has written an entire book on this subject,” he added.

Malloch added that Washington and London could clinch a free trade deal within 90 days of the UK triggering Article 50 to leave the EU.

“I remind people that the largest merger and acquisition deals in history are often done in about that time frame,” he said.

“Some of us who have worked on Wall Street or in the City know that if you get the right people in the right room with the right data and the right energy and Trump is certainly high energy, you can get things done,” Malloch added.

The US is expecting a “clean” Brexit from Britain. Once the UK is out of the single market, it could bypass “the bureaucrats in Brussels” and sign a free trade treaty with the US, Malloch said.

Not allowing Britain to talk about a trade agreement with the US is “absurd” and resembles a husband “trying to stop his wife having an affair,” Malloch said.

“The fact is that when your wife is having an affair with someone else, you tell her to stop it, but oftentimes that doesn’t stop the relationship,” he said.

Brussels is demanding the UK not talk about trade deals until it leaves the EU.

As always, for those who are uninitiated to the situation in Europe, we do not cheer for its potential collapse out of any irrationality or desire for strife or suffering, but because the current power structure coming apart is the only thing that will prevent full and complete self-immolation and Islamization

Thankfully it seems as if President Trump is on the same page as us and equally opposed to Western Europe’s suicide. If his ambassador to the EU is predicting a collapse of the EU currency that should bode well for an overall collapse as well, and possibly the beginnings of broader ‘reconquest’.

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  1. Laguna Beach Fogey 11 months ago

    I saw your review of Mike Cernovich’s book at Counter-Currents. Cernovich is not someone I can in good conscience give money to, so I won’t be getting his book.

    It’s also interesting to see Greg Johnson publishing a review at Counter-Currents, which confirms my belief he’s trying to form some kind of alliance with Cernovitch and TRS to counter Richard Spencer’s rising AltRight.com project.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey Laguna Beach-

      I figured there’d be some folks who read CC who wouldn’t like the choice of book being reviewed, just because I read comments after articles like anyone else and can ‘measure the mood’ so to speak.

      Honestly, I just think life is extraordinarily complicated and people are very imperfect, and as a result I am loathe to really develop a negative opinion of anyone with views at least somewhat like ours. And, on the opposite, I also try not to invest too much belief in any one person either, as it is hard to make character assessments just from what people write or say online. I asked Greg if I could review MAGA Mindset a couple months ago and he said yes, and I finally got around to writing it and he put it on the site. I’m certainly no evangelist for Cernovich or anyone else, but I genuinely did find the book valuable, in large part because I am very predisposed to alot of that self-improvement, mindset stuff to begin with. Even if I really disliked a specific author though, I still want to take what power I can from their books. A good example is the futurist George Friedman, who (I believe) is a Neocon Israeli who is apathetic if not supportive of mass-immigration to Europe. Certainly the enemy in that regard, but he knows his stuff as a futurist and I have learned a ton from reading his books.

      • Laguna Beach Fogey 11 months ago

        No, I get it. It’s not you. It’s just unfortunate that Cernovich has made himself so unpopular, and exhibits such unstable behaviour.

  2. Philip 11 months ago

    I heard Ted Malloch’s that interview on the BBC. If you know the BBC you will know it puts the old Soviet news agency Pravda in the shade when it comes to propaganda. Mostly left wing, anti-white(barely a white face to be seen on TV and they all seem to have muslim names), anti-Christian, pro-Eu, cultural-marxist organisation. It followed this interview up with an anti-Trump piece for balance. No doubt the programme editor who allowed Ted Malloch air time is looking for a new job. Any vacancy?

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Yes, the BBC and the Guardian are about as bad as it gets. Guardian might even be worse, hard to say (thoughts?). Its funny, I always use to pull up the telegraph first thing each morning to get the ‘normal’ European perspective, however I quit doing so because 1) they went to a paid model so you can’t see the articles without contributing, and 2) they got to be almost as gut wrenchingly left-wing as the other two! Now I just read Huffington Post and that get’s me the hardcore left-wing perspective much more simply. It does seem the tabloids in the UK do a decent job of covering stuff however, as we have discussed before.

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Is that the actual video of it? Absolutely insanity man…

      ISIS is one of those things that everyone is aware of but few really take the time to think about with perspective. Like could you imagine if someone had told you 15 years ago that some Muslim death cult/Islamic caliphate was running half of Iraq and Syria and burning people alive on camera and staging Hunger-Games type stuff with child soldiers killing prisoners? Absolutely mind-boggling. I think history is going to judge us even more harshly actually. We have truly lost our mind man lol.

      So yeah, to answer your question I am indeed training, but I think they have me beat…

      • DaShui 11 months ago

        My “you” was for everybody, not only you.

        • Author
          Admin 11 months ago

          I got ya. Hopefully all our guys are doing so.

          Lest I too go overboard on conflating humor with ISIS, one of my biggest concerns is whether we will be able to outdo them on creative punishments for our enemies. Merkel and Hollande and Cameron deserve some kind of horrible, cinematic end, I think ISIS are evil nutjobs, but ‘creativity’ wise, they present a good challenge for us…

          • SteveRogers42 11 months ago

            Gosh — those zany Vikings certainly were a “creative” bunch, weren’t they?


          • Author
            Admin 11 months ago

            Ha lol, yes.. if anyone deserves such an experience it would be Merkel and Cameron. Brutal as heck man… from the link you provided it looks like the scholars still aren’t sure if the Vikings actually did that or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. They would gang-rape the chief’s ‘thrall’ after he died and then burn her alive with his body, so ripping out ribs doesn’t seem a far cry. I love my Viking ancestry but I will admit I also revere the oncoming of ‘southern’ ideas of morality and ‘do unto others’ that got combined with their paganism. Perhaps a couple hundred years into that fusion was when the most proper balance would have been visible. Hard to say though 🙂

            That is brutal as heck man.

            Sounds like the scholars aren’t sure if it was actually done or was just a literary thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

    • SteveRogers42 11 months ago

      I like your slogan — simple and direct.

      It’s got that WW2 “Home Front” poster vibe.

      • Author
        Admin 11 months ago


  3. Francis Meyrick 11 months ago

    “They are training, are you?”
    They also serve, who feel and write.
    Who wrestle through the long dark night,
    whose visions, mocked and scarcely known
    perhaps one day will quietly own
    the hubris, gall and fluffy thought
    the lonely writer also fought.
    Never rest, the stakes are high
    prepare your wings to strain – and fly.


    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Very nice Francis. I do believe it will be a generation of ‘Warrior-Poets’ that saves our lands, if it can be done.

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