FLA Marches In UK As Battle For Britain Heats Up!

FLA Marches In UK As Battle For Britain Heats Up!
June 25, 2017 Admin

In the last month or so the UK has seen four ‘terror attacks’ (acts of insurgency) in the country’s burgeoning civil conflict.

Three of these were committed by Muslims, including one we talked about here where three Muslims blew up a bunch of children (the ‘new normal’ as per London’s Muslim mayor), as well as one committed by a native Englishman that we discussed here that targeted the area around the Finsbury Park Mosque where for several decades now Muslim religious leaders have preached that Europeans should be murdered, raped, and enslaved.

You can see this discussed in the below video, where Piers Morgan and some female colleague of his berate Tommy Robinson over tweets he sent out after the latter attack.

I couldn’t make it through the entire video its so enraging, but if I was Tommy Robinson and I was talking to Piers Morgan I would have said the following (although granted its far easier to Monday morning quarterback than to answer questions live on air, so I’m not claiming I would have done better).


Piers, I sent these tweets out because:

  1. People need to know that you and your msm fake news cronies are LYING when you say the Finsbury Park Mosque is now ‘peaceful’ (which Mr. Robinson did show pretty well in his answers)
  2. Because while I don’t condone illegal actions, the Finsbury Park attacker does at least understand that we are in the middle of a civil war against the Muslims in this country that will only end in our deaths or in victory and repatriation, and that if people like you are successful in downplaying this existential threat, it will mean the literal death of the native English people
  3. Because unlike rich idiots like you who live in cocoons far away from reality, I understand what arises as a result of Mosques like that. Its easy for you to call them peaceful- you are removed from the consequences of mass immigration as a result of your wealth and liberal privilege- its not your daughter being gang-raped by these men, its not your son being assaulted by them, and its not your parents being murdered by them.

Piers Morgan actually came off semi-reasonable earlier this year in a few interviews where he was discussing why folks voted for Donald Trump, but in this interview he is the exact opposite and just comes as needing a very strong punch in the face.

Moderate Finsbury Park 'Pioneer' building 'inter-faith dialogue' with Piers Morgan.

Moderate Finsbury Park ‘Pioneer’ building ‘inter-faith dialogue’ with Piers Morgan.

FLA March In London

In a metaphoric punch to the face of the British traitor class, the ‘Football Lads Alliance’ marched through London yesterday to protest Islamic extremism. Big thanks to Phil for the heads up and the encouragement to profile it!

As he points out, there has been quite a bit of mainstream media silence on it, but I did find one good account, from the Express, which can be read below:

Hundreds of police are lining the streets in anticipation of trouble at planned protest marches in Liverpool, London and Birmingham.

Bewildered tourists stopped around the capital as officers with riot gear lined the roads.A counter protest by anti-fascists groups led to scuffles with EDL supporters in Trafalgar Square.An anti-extremism march organised by another organisation saw police officers close London Bridge to traffic.The group has distanced themselves from the EDL, insisting they are marching against terrorism in the UK.

A spokesman for the Football Lads Alliance, which organised the march in London Bridge said it was peaceful.

Elsewhere in the city, violence broke out at EDL rallies.

It has been claimed there is a “low turnout” for the anti-Islamic EDL on the streets of London, yet a massive police presence has blocked some areas with an air unit circling above.

In Birmingham up to two hundred Britain First supporters have taken to the streets to protest while a similar number got together in Liverpool.

The protests come in the wake of deadly terrorist attacks on Westminster and London Bridges and more recently close to a mosque in Finsbury Park in the north of the capital.Superintendent Emma Richards said: “We have made the decision to impose conditions based on current tensions and concerns, information about the intentions of the organisers of these events and intelligence from previous marches held by similar groups.”We believe the approach is appropriate. We have a duty to ensure that the community in central London can go about their daily business not unduly impacted by demonstrations taking place.”

The group held banners calling for a ban on mosques, halal meat, sharia courts and Islam in Britain.

Many protesters blamed terror on the religion – rather than the extremists who carried out the attacks.



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  1. PhilL 6 months ago

    I want to start by saying the FLA is big news… hence there was an entire media blackout except Express paper.. total silence..of course they chose to focus on edl n BF demos which have a place but nothing compared to what we just witnessed Saturday in London… this is now way beyond Tommy Robinson who as mentioned has played a huge part in raising awareness..this has the potential and I stress potential to bring ultimately 100 000 ‘Lads’ onto the streets.. Tough lads aswell although I believe the average age of FLA March in London was 45/50…?? I could go into more detail regards all this but will keep it short.. but in less than 2 weeks a Facebook page got 30 000 members n 10 000 to march.. the true working class man of Britain has awoken that little bit more and there are many grey areas with all this but this is great news.. I feel ancient energies are being tapped into that decades of programming have suppressed. .. The younger working class Briton male has a harder job but these older men will show them the way.. Of course it may all descend into chaos with agent provocateurs etc …time will tell as always… But mark my words..this is Big… thanks to ECW for post!!!

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Very good Phil.

      As I have said, as an outsider just looking it it has always seemed like the UK has the toughest/burliest/brawlerist men out of any European countries. That’s why it was always so that the country seemed to lead the way on insanity (apart from Sweden perhaps).

      I would love nothing more than a mass uprising of tough football firm types to set the country right though. God it gets one’s blood going!

  2. PhilL 6 months ago

    I was involved with Football culture as a teen and have always thought if you could harness the men into a true British working class movement then the numbers are staggering.. in the late 80’s when I was involved you were talking 200 000 + lads.. half of them top warrior types… the police and elites knew this and we were taking control of the streets without a doubt… it was very organised.. I have a theory to that the elites were scared.. Very interesting then that in 1988 Ecstasy/MDMA drug appeared… I saw the movement and culture practically disappear in 12 months.(although of course it continued but far less numbers..longer prison sentences and covert police operations played a part but trust me..the drug was main reason). lots more to write on this… But the guy who made MDMA was a regular attendee of Bohemian Grove.. where Global social engineering discussions takes place..amongst other things.. this is not a conspiracy..this is fact… Anyway..going off track a bit.. The FLA is a very very interesting development…one to watch closely!!

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago


      In the states MDMA was never a big ‘working class’ drug. It was in many ways actually considered a kind of feminine, ‘liberal’ drug, very much associated with Neo-Hippies and homosexuals (not justifiably so neccesarily, that was just the image). I am sure such stuff varies extraordinarily from country to country though too.

      I think what you are saying is spot on though, in that alot of these drugs have ended up serving the elites’ interests VERY, VERY well. Over here I would say it is prescription opiates. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s the big pharmaceutical companies came out with all kinds of extremely powerful opioids that could *very* easily be crushed up, snorted, injected, etc. Indeed from *firsthand accounts* of *close friends* during my own wayward teen years I became very much convinced that such drugs were *designed* for that purpose. I say that because your ‘average’ drug, when crushed up and snorted, burns like hell and is very unpleasant, whereas Oxycontin was soft/tasted good/etc.

      These horrible drugs decimated the poor working class in states like West Virginia, Montana, Main, Alabama, etc. I don’t have all the statistics on me but apparently opiate deaths are now the biggest cause of premature death in the entire US. They also decimated perhaps 20% of the millenial generation who either a) overdosed and died, b) are still addicts, c) are in prison, d) have not had children of their own as a result.

      And the people got rich off of them? The giant corporations and their echoey elites, who pushed them using pharmaceutical sales people and advertising like crazy.

  3. PhilL 6 months ago

    And yep…Gets ya blood going… i was truly emotional watching March and not afraid to say shed a tear.. Tears of pride and about f@#&*!g time!!! It will be suppressed with all the powers that be… these guys wont run though.. its hotting up!

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      I’ve shed a few tears over this stuff myself my friend 🙂 It will be a glorious day if it all eventually works out.

  4. PhilL 6 months ago

    I wish I had more time to comment regards how the world controllers use drugs..legal and illegal to social engineer humanity.. but they do on a massive scale!! Fascinating subject and a very important one!!

    • Author
      Admin 6 months ago

      Yep. One could go into great lengths of discussion on Adderral/Ritalin and boys in public school too. Actually that one may arguably be the worst of the bunch.

      • Author
        Admin 5 months ago

        Interesting… especially the renegadetribune one. There was a lot there that I didn’t know…

        Interesting the parallels between the beginnings of the opium trade and the beginnings of mass-immigration to Europe.

        I guess one can learn a lot by just looking at where the most addictive drugs are at a given time. Then, it was in China, today- poor, rural, right-wing America. Too bad the ‘powers that be’ can duplicate it all with the Muslim population of Europe, but then again, that would defeat the whole point of importing them in by the tens of millions!

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