Four Signs Preservationism Is Becoming Mainstream

Four Signs Preservationism Is Becoming Mainstream
March 13, 2017 Admin

As always, I spend my days on the lookout for hopeful signs that 2017 will be year one of the Reconquista 2.0, and will be remembered by our descendants as the year when things finally started to turn around, and the West’s deliverance first began to look possible.

I am aided in this by the extremely helpful group of patriots that regularly read this site.

On this day, in the Ides of March, 2017, I have four things I believe are very positive I wish to point out.

Number One: Journalist Tim Pool’s trip to Sweden.

The reason I feel it is a positive development is because Mr. Pool is a very neutral, non-ideological force. Indeed his whole shtick is based on trying to be an old-fashioned, honest reporter who goes after stories on the ground, provides both sides, and conveys information even-handedly and without prejudice to one side or the other. The absolute last thing he is is right-wing or Identitarian.

I had never heard of him before this trip, but it was apparently a reaction to the massive  media attention that was focused on Sweden in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s remarks about the country. Pool and his crew traveled to Sweden to determine if the dark rumblings about the country’s current state of affairs were true.

This is positive in and of itself, as it shows that the situation in Europe is a) getting attention from average people, even non-Europeans like Pool, and b) that even independent, non right-wing individuals like Pool can see that Sweden has big problems.

I will embed a video of Pool discussing Sweden below, but readers should be able to get an idea of the conclusions he drew and spoke about based on the reaction of the Swedish establishment. To that end, here is a short passage from our friends at Fria Tider:

Swedish Radio: Tim Pool is a major “threat to democracy” than gangs in Rinkeby

The American war reporter Tim Pool is a threat to democracy. He is even a greater threat to democracy than the criminal gangs in Rinkeby, claims Swedish Radio in an article.

It is the state radio giant’s multiculturalism journalist Ann Törnkvist, whose task is to try to highlight the positive things with immigration, which is behind the so-called debate article published her own employer. The article has also been translated into English to reach a wider international audience.

According Törnkvist dedicated to Tim Pool to “parachute journalism”, a term usually used for reporters flown in to report from war, trouble spots and disaster areas. It is also a type of journalism that she looks down. She writes that she thinks it’s wrong when journalists are threatened, while she has an understanding of the criminal gangs in Rinkeby masquerading and go on the attack when trying to report from their suburbs. She writes that she “feels empathy for Rink Villagers used as a weapon in a larger political debate that is significantly infected and who may not have the desire to be filmed in just a parachute journalist.”

SR-journalist wants to see countermeasures to prevent foreign journalists coming to Sweden to report on what is happening in the country. Her suggestion is that people do not set up and allow themselves to be interviewed in order to obstruct reporters’ work so that they will not be able to spread an image of Sweden as she dislikes.

If the Swedish suicidalist establishment is willing to make themselves look this stupid attacking Pool, and are openly discussing banning foreign journalists from coming and reporting on their massive immigration problems, then that clearly says to me that his trip was massively helpful to our cause.

Number Two: Youth support for the National Front

This story comes from Breitbart, ever-reliable outlet for European news, to their great credit. It states:

Marine Le Pen is supported by a quarter of young voters in France, a poll has revealed, matching support within the age group for her liberal rival Emmanuel Macron.

The 18 to 24-year-old age bracket is usually notably liberal and broadly opposed to all expressions of nationalism, including Brexit and the election of U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

Yet in France, some 24 per cent of this group told pollsters they intended to vote for the populist candidate and her Front National party in the first round of the presidential vote on the 24th of August.

The young, photogenic centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron, who served as economy minister under outgoing president François Hollande, also gained 24 per cent of their support in the Harris

Certainly this number is not shocking, however if we remember that among the younger generation in France the percentage of immigrants and immigrant-descendants is vastly higher than among the middle-age and elderly populations, this becomes even more hopeful. “A quarter of young voters in France” might mean 45% of the young native-French population.

"Mr. Soros I'm sorry... I don't know what's happened... Someone's switched the Millenials from Adderall to red-pills!"

“Mr. Soros I’m sorry… I don’t know what’s happened… Someone’s switched the Millenials from Adderall to red-pills!”

Surely there is also no shortage of young, brainwashed, blue-haired Social Justice Kamikazes ready to commit cultural harikari in the name of their dark Cultural-Marxist gods, but this figure suggests to me that France is a strong example of the increasing K-selection of Millenials. If on the off chance Marine le Pen and the National Front somehow pull this off, I think her support among the native youth of France will have to be one of the most focused-on aspects of the victory.

Number’s Three and Four: Young, Female Preservationists See Growing Success On Youtube

The two individuals I am referring to are 1) Tara McCarthy and 2) “Blonde In The Belly Of The Beast”.

Each has achieved remarkable success on Youtube in the last year speaking on right-wing, Identitarian issues related to Europe and the survival of the West.

The first, Tara McCarthy is the host of Reality Calls and the co-host of Virtue of the West. A short excerpt from her website reads as follows:

I was brought up in a part of London, UK, that could be accurately described as SJW heaven.

I was heavily, and I mean heavily, indoctrinated by leftist rhetoric from a young age.

Luckily, I somehow managed to reason my way out of that nihilistic hell hole.

Blonde In The Belly Of The Beast is another Youtube commentator who has made a wide array of videos in the last year dealing with issues of conservatism, Identitarianism, the situation in Europe, the situation in America, Donald Trump, and related issues.

Recently she travelled to Europe, and produced the following video on a topic we here at this website have spent much time discussing:

I would encourage anyone reading this to check out further videos from them both, but the reason I have included them in this post is because I believe their success- and very presence on the web discussing the issues they are discussing- is of profound significance.

I remember even as recently as two years ago, when I first started reading a lot of the Identitarian sites out there focused on issues of Europe’s survival and the survival of the West, there was a 100% absence of any girls/women involved. I remember seeing this vacuum discussed, and one wise commentator explaining that vanguard or revolutionary movements always start as all-male vehicles, and that the eventual presence of women among them is what shows that they are becoming successful.

If we look at human history and evolutionary biology this is readily apparent. Men have evolved to have a greater capacity for risk-taking, and indeed there are direct links between testosterone levels and risk-taking, confidence, aggression, and any number of related behaviors. And, as we look back throughout history, all expansionist, revolutionary, or ‘imperial’ movements (as Peter Turchin would call them) primarily begin as an expression of the Mannerbunde.

The same has been of early 21st Century Nationalism and Identitarianism, in which ten years ago the only people discussing it were men, such as Tommy Robinson (above), but, as the situation across the West has become increasingly dire, and those male Vanguardists have succeeded in shifting the societal zeitgeist in an ever-so slightly rightward direction, we now see greater and greater numbers of women becoming involved.

Overall, I think it is more natural for men to command leadership positions politically (that is how it has been throughout all of human history), and agree with our wise commenter VivatEuropa that the AfD and NF would be more successful if they were headed by male figureheads instead of female ones, but I am exceedingly glad that talented, gregarious female Europeans are explicitly supporting this movement and creating content spreading its tenets.

In doing so I think it will 1) have an extremely positive effect in ‘shaming’ some men into openly supporting these doctrines as well, and 2) set the stage for a far more massive shifting of the societal zeitgeist in a rightward direction.

At that point the West’s preservation and Europe’s reconquest should hopefully be at hand.

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  1. Rick 9 months ago

    I will add yet another beacon now shining out from this sea of oblivion. Lauren Souther has left The Rebel Media.
    The rebel has taken a “Cuck” turn and Lauren has recently said that she would like to report without a filter
    Her audience is massive and she was easily the biggest star at the rebel. recently she has defended Richard Spencer and Millenial Woes, so that may provide an indication of her true leanings and also I come from the same home town as her, (which has been obliterated by diversity) in our town people are either deluded leftists or based, there is not much in the middle so I’ve long felt that Lauren was restraining herself.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Excellent addition Rick!

      I am unhappy to say I have actually never watched Lauren Southern, although I have at least somewhat known who she is for the last year or so. She is on one of my ‘Trump playing cards’ too if I remember right 🙂

      I did read the article on McCinnes and Rebel Media over at a similar site, and it seems as if your words might be spot on (that the owner/producer’s views and needs might not be congruent with his network personalities).

      Actually now that you mention her I also noticed that Southern was a guest of Virtue of the West- the channel that Tara McCarthy (the gal in this article) has. Tara is speaking at Amren, so I would assume she is at least a little more hardcore than your average Rebel Media person, so if Southern was on her show that would backup what you are saying as well.

      I know there’s another young blonde conservative Millenial gal getting some attention as well named Tomi Lahren. She is at The Blaze, Glenn Beck’s company- but if I remember right she was totally pro-Trump from the start even though Beck was so against him. I have also read things about her that suggest she is way more ‘conscious’ than you would ever expect given where she works.

      Good signs all over the place my friend 🙂

  2. shadowman 9 months ago

    Another great article with great news!

    I see world opinion on the invasion in Europe as being like a massive oil-tanker. It was very slow to turn at first but now the leviathan is unmistakably turning to starboard – to the right.

    I see people like this Ann Tornkvist as being quite helpful to our cause. More than ever, people’s inbuilt “BS detectors” are being used and they hit “overload” when people like her spout their nonsense. Add to that journos like Tim Pool seeing Sweden for themselves and the swing to the right will only accelerate in the next few months and years.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Absolutely, good analogy.

      Have another one to add as well- the website analytics showed that a number of people were coming to the site yesterday from some football scouting forum about the university of Oregon. I followed it there and it looked like a bunch of normal dudes discussing the insanity going on in Sweden. Looks like Trump’s comments + Breitbart + (especially) my man Tucker Carlson on Fox News are bringing Preservationism more mainstream 🙂

  3. forwardobserver 9 months ago

    Pool really does try to do good work. As for the Rebel, it would seem McInnes could be the next out. He seems to be getting more and more “conscious.” Ezra Levant is in many ways similar to elements of French Jewry: he perceives a threat to the tolerant West in which he and his have thrived, but at the moment of decision about what to do about it he responds by doubling down on and affirming total allegiance to “the program.”

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Yeah, Pool really tried to see it through Swedish eyes too. He even made the point that the establishments covering up of all the problems is actually causing people to gravitate to the ‘far-right’ Sweden Democrats. Yet they still vilified him lol.

      But yeah his characterization of the SD”s was probably my only quibble 🙂

  4. shadowman 9 months ago

    I really *love* the term “preservationist” – it really is *great*!

    What do I love about it? It echoes things like “conservation”. To me, it brings to mind an image of log cabins and forested mountains. Ok, preservationism is about preservation of “European” people and our culture, tradition and values (of course) but that mental image certainly doesn’t hurt.

    The *great* thing about our term – preservationist – is that it is vastly larger than the left’s / greenies “conservation”. Their term only includes the outdoors stuff. Our term is primarily and foremost about culture, tradition and values but it can also include the outdoors as well.

    Another good thing about “preservationist” – it invokes an image of *defending* things. Everyone – even leftists – knows about the right of self-defense and this term “taps into that” and draws some strength from it. To me, “preservationist” has a very strongly-welcoming feel to it – useful for newcomers.

    Never underestimate the value of a good label, and “preservationist” is one of the *best*.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Thanks Shadowman. You’ve elucidated it better than I could have myself. I think I will actually add something to my new book specifically focusing on the term.

      I especially agree with you on the importance of some of that forested mountains/log cabin, Tolkien-ish imagery. While as I mentioned recently some of the left now is starting to demonize Tolkien, I still think on the whole white liberals still can’t help but love Tolkien. That love is our best friend, because we are the only ones espousing positions and explanations congruent with it, as well as that can allow that world to survive in any real form.

  5. SteveRogers42 9 months ago

    This is what “they” want for us:

    No pride. No past. No future.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Jesus… that should hopefully* be a breaking point for a lot of our people.

      Its classic ‘current year’ progression too isn’t it? They went from “Current Year”-ing us on slightly off-color things to now full blown ‘St. Patrick’s Day is evil’. It almost makes me think some of those crazy future dystopian short stories may come true, and Canada will soon be arresting white white people for not smiling at a high enough percentage of minorities they encounter, or banning white-heterogenous marriage. I’ve already seen that Antifa poster that attacks white people dating other white people so I guess the latter isn’t too far-fetched.

      This could be very good though, as our beer-swilling normie brethren LOVE St. Patrick’s Day (I did too but I’ve since become a teetotaler and don’t drink…)

      • SteveRogers42 9 months ago

        Seems to go hand-in-hand with the following. The PyOps machine never stops in its attempt to create and insert headworms. This Huma Abedin look-alike, for instance, is the new face of Germany’s public image campaign, wrapping her tan, taut, and tender form in the flag of what USED to be Deutschland. Auf Weidersehen, Claudia Schiffer!

        • Author
          Admin 9 months ago

          Yikes… that is depressing from all sorts of angles isn’t it? lol

          Beyond the symbolic… whatevering… of the flag… we have not just a perfect representation of the degenerate globalist destruction of German culture, but ALL cultures. I rarely sympathize with male Afghanis but I shudder to think what her fathers and brothers must think of her :/

  6. SteveRogers42 9 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      I’ve kept that image/screenshot. That is almost TOO perfect an encapsulation of the UK’s Anarcho-Tyranny. God what an evil government…

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