France, France, France – Is Macron The Past Or The Future?

France, France, France – Is Macron The Past Or The Future?
April 25, 2017 Admin

Well the first round of the French Presidential Election has commenced and the result was pretty much exactly what everyone thought it would be.

Macron, the globalist progressive, and Le Pen, our preservationist nationalist, have advanced to the second round.

One could argue the Macron side is a surprise, since he was until recently a virtual unknown, and only got to this point because of Fillon’s scandals and Sarkozy not winning his primary, however, as a young, good-looking yet totally brainwashed 39 year old globalist progressive, it makes perfect sense in retrospect that he won the first round.

Le Pen’s Performance

Many people thought Le Pen would win the first round outright, and as a result one could argue she under-performed a bit.

Now, if you compare her performance to that of her father’s of course, she has done much better. The following graphic, courtesy of Zero Hedge, attests to that.

France, France, France 1

The Second Round

This of course leaves us with a Le Pen vs Macron contest to decide who will become France’s new President.

Pat Buchanan examines this in an excellent article that came out yesterday:

The campaign between now and May 7, however, could make the Trump-Clinton race look like an altarpiece of democratic decorum.

Not only are the differences between the candidates stark, Le Pen has every incentive to attack to solidify her base and lay down a predicate for the future failure of a Macron government.

And Macron is vulnerable. He won because he is fresh, young, 39, and appealed to French youth as the anti-Le Pen. A personification of Robert Redford in “The Candidate.”

But he has no established party behind him to take over the government, and he is an ex-Rothschild banker in a populist environment where bankers are as welcome as hedge-fund managers at a Bernie Sanders rally.

He is a pro-EU, open-borders transnationalist who welcomes new immigrants and suggests that acts of Islamist terrorism may be the price France must pay for a multiethnic and multicultural society.

Macron was for a year economic minister to President Francois Hollande who has presided over a 10 percent unemployment rate and a growth rate that is among the most anemic in the entire European Union.

He is offering corporate tax cuts and a reduction in the size of a government that consumes 56 percent of GDP, and presents himself as the “president of patriots to face the threat of nationalists.”

His campaign is as much “us vs. them” as Le Pen’s.

And elite enthusiasm for Macron seems less rooted in any anticipation of future greatness than in the desperate hope he can save the French establishment from the dreaded prospect of Marine.

But if Macron is the present, who owns the future?

Across Europe, as in France, center-left and center-right parties that have been on the scene since World War II appear to be emptying out like dying churches. The enthusiasm and energy seem to be in the new parties of left and right, of secessionism and nationalism.

The problem for those who believe the populist movements of Europe have passed their apogee, with losses in Holland, Austria and, soon, France, that the fever has broken, is that the causes of the discontent that spawned these parties are growing stronger.

What are those causes?

A growing desire by peoples everywhere to reclaim their national sovereignty and identity, and remain who they are. And the threats to ethnic and national identity are not receding, but growing.

The tide of refugees from the Middle East and Africa has not abated. Weekly, we read of hundreds drowning in sunken boats that tried to reach Europe. Thousands make it. But the assimilation of Third World peoples in Europe is not proceeding. It seems to have halted.

Second-generation Muslims who have lived all their lives in Europe are turning up among the suicide bombers and terrorists.

Fifteen years ago, al-Qaida seemed confined to Afghanistan. Now it is all over the Middle East, as is ISIS, and calls for Islamists in Europe to murder Europeans inundate social media.

As the numbers of native-born Europeans begin to fall, with their anemic fertility rates, will the aging Europeans become more magnanimous toward destitute newcomers who do not speak the national language or assimilate into the national culture, but consume its benefits?

If a referendum were held across Europe today, asking whether the mass migrations from the former colonies of Africa and the Middle East have on balance made Europe a happier and better place to live in in recent decades, what would that secret ballot reveal?

Does Macron really represent the future of France, or is he perhaps one of the last men of yesterday?

Excellent questions from Buchanan, from whom we would expect nothing less.

I think he makes an excellent point that Macron’s economic positions are indeed anathema to many left-wing whites in France. However, as he intimates, any opposition to such positions will be over-balanced by the desire of the mainstream progressives in France to defeat Marine le Pen.

Buchanan does not take a position either way on whether le Pen can win. However, if we look at another map of France, we can gain some insights into the possibility.

France, France, France 2

Le Pen seemed to win all the rural areas of France. The pink color that represents districts she won stretches across wide swaths of the countryside. Those areas are likely ones with very high percentages of native French voters.

But in the urban centers and especially the suburbs, it is almost entirely purple (the communist Melanchon), dark blue (Fillon), or light blue (Macron).

It is similar to the map of the US election that Trump won through huge swaths of rural red districts going for him.

France, France, France 4

Comparing the two maps shows the problem though, which is that a far smaller slice of France involves rural majority-white districts!

This is a result of 1) the even more Proggressivized consolidation of France by the left, which has left a large portion of the native France population as urban, left-wing ‘r-Selected’ idealogues, and 2) (even more importantly) the utterly massive scale of Muslim immigration that has turned France’s suburbs into what might as well be foreign nations.


With all this being the case, I think Buchanan is right that Macron does not represent the future of France. He is also right that Macron represents a sacrifice in the name of defeating Le Pen and ‘Nationalism’.

Buchanan seems to suggest that France’s elderly native Baby-Boomers may reject the globalist Macron’s of the world though, and that whereas Macron is “the past” maybe Le Pen is “the future”. I think this is wishful thinking however.

Macron is the past because he is the absolute representation of Baby-Boomer leftism in France. He- just like their politics- represents a sacrificing of France’s future in the name of fundamentalist religion- the fundamentalist religion of Cultural-Marxist negationism.

If Le Pen loses this election France will never again have another chance to save themselves electorally, at least not on the national level.

And once the Baby-Boomers cease to be the most powerful force/demographic in France, it will leave a contest between the vast numbers of Muslims whose numbers grow with every passing day, and a younger generation of native French. Hopefully (if France is to have any chance), they will be more like Marion le Pen that Emmanuelle Macron.

I’ll leave with a video of Marion herself.

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  1. gris bosque 9 months ago

    I think you are in the groove on the prediction scenarios.

    I might add that French males being effectively neutered by French Feminist mothers will not understand, until the Eiffel tower has huge speakers on it calling to prayer five times a day, and the elevators are one way tickets to the top for the most bisexual males in Europe. And they see their women in Burkahs, happily watching the spectacle with their primitive but dominant males…..

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      A depressing image indeed!

      I hope it all acts as a rocket booster of K-Selection instead and the French males end up more masculine than any in history. Something straight out of Asterix if you’ve ever seen it 🙂 All muscles and aggression and then they embrace polygamy and each have 6 wives and 30 children 🙂

      • gris bosque 9 months ago

        How to win

        Well the Eiffel tower scenario is going to happen unless it’s stopped. Will it be stopped by Femen and their manginas?
        I don’t think so…

        There is always factionalism, things break down generally by thirds; a third one way, a third opposed, and a third that doesn’t care… its the most determined third that wins….

        I have lived in an adverse culture over twenty years. And I have learned that when reality is adverse, the only way to change it, is by changing yourself…..

        You must do the change, how you act, what you buy, what you support economically and with your labor, and what you put up with.

        You gotta get hard, you have to have self discipline, and you have to be relentless….

        If the French men are jacking each other off, until they get the Islamic flight test, they did it to themselves.

        There’s a joke about military surplus French rifles among American red necks;

        ” For Sale;
        Almost new French WW2 military rifle! never been shot! only thrown down once!”

        You gotta fight guys, within yourself, and not expect whining to politicians or listening to women to change things…

        You have to change you. and reality follows after others follow your example. You have to be a good sailor, run a tight ship, and get your own act together to Martial levels.

        • Author
          Admin 9 months ago

          Extremely well said Gris Bosque.

          I guess that will indeed be the most important variable…

          And its a tough one because I don’t know how we *effect* that change in individuals. Certainly it does happen to tons of them. But there are so many it doesn’t happen to or hasn’t happened to you yet…. and certainly there has been no shortage of K-Stimuli over there.

  2. Ste-G 9 months ago

    Macron, a virtual unknown, a little like Kushner, the current Potus. What a state of affairs. Flip flop cuckery is the order of the day. Le Pen has the military and police support. Time is ticking. Time for the generals to take stock of the situation if le Pen loses.

    • shadowman 9 months ago

      “Le Pen has the military and police support. Time is ticking. Time for the generals to take stock of the situation if le Pen loses.”

      Definitely! I would *love* to see a populist uprising, led by the young, that threw Macron out into the streets and installed Le Pen!
      If the Bastille can be stormed then so can the French Parliament!

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Heck yes Ste-G. Nothing would make me happier. And yes I have read that in several places about the police and military. Definitely running out of chances in good ol’ France…

  3. forwardobserver 9 months ago

    There are quite a bit of rural areas in the southwest and in Brittany that went Socialist (Macron/Melanchon.) This is because they are fully on the teat of government. Look at the area called the Massif Central. This is the least populated area of western Europe and yet contained the greatest concentration of precincts in which Le Pen won 0 votes. These people must be reached! They have not yet felt the direct influence of the invasion in their day to day lives, subsidies are still more immediate to them. As much as I may personally disagree with the economical viability of state interventionism, Le Pen must out gravy train Macron with these people. I would consider it an investment in the future of civilization, as distasteful as it is to have to bribe people into supporting their own interests.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Thanks for the comment forwardobservor- An investment for sure. Le Pen does seem pretty ‘gravy-train’y and be in favor of more Keynesian/big government economics so perhaps she will indeed be able to attract some of those ‘benefits’ voters. That kind of stuff does seem insanely important to the French.

      Do you think there’s any chance she wins?

      • forwardobserver 9 months ago

        She does, with caveats. If there is more terror this week it will solidify the drift of Fillon’s center-right voters over. If she can seal the deal with the economic far left voters of Melanchon she is very much in the fight. If awareness of how artificial Macron really is an the electorate has a collective allergic reaction to it, she is very much in it.

        • Author
          Admin 9 months ago

          The story from the whirlpool factory or whatever it was do suggest some of those hard left voters may be siding with her…

          • forwardobserver 9 months ago

            Absolutley. Good news indeed! Probably some element of awareness of how fake Macron is at work as well.

      • gris bosque 9 months ago

        Precincts with zero votes for Le Pen are a sign of election rigging. no constituent area is ever even close to that uniform.

  4. Nick M. 9 months ago

    Is there a French translation of this website?

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      There is not… no translations at all actually. If you or anyone you know ever wants to translate some of the articles just let me know.

      Eventually when I have more money to expend on it I think I will pay someone to translate my first book into a couple other languages. I also have a book of essays from this site/CC/TR/etc coming out soon called ‘The Coming War In Europe’ that I will probably try to do the same with eventually.

  5. Nick M. 9 months ago

    I am copying this message to a second blog page in hopes that it will get a wider view:

    To donate to the Marine Le Pen campaign for those who are interested you can donate to the French National Front Party here: That is the donations page for the main website: Both pages are obviously in French. You can read the translations here:

    and here, respectively:

    Marine’s home page is:

    And the google French to English translation is here:

    They sell campaign swag such as jewelry, tee shirts, pens, and key chains here as another way to support the campaign with funding:

    Google translate of swag gear page:

    If you want to donate or buy merchandise you will probably need to do so through the un-translated actual French site so it would help for English speakers to have a side by side translated page to refer to so you know which link to click.

    The button which says “Faire un don” on the official French Nation Front donations page is the correct button to click for donations to the Marine Le Pen campaign which will take you here: This link here is where you may make a donation of up to 7500 euros. The minimum donation is 5 euros.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Hey Nick good thinking!

      Hopefully your efforts have yielded some donations flying her way. Have you been active with the campaign in any other regards?

  6. SteveRogers42 9 months ago

    La Belle Marine appears to be campaigning smart and campaigning hard:

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Yes… I saw that! That was spectacular. Macron being booed and yelled at by working class native French men outside some factory, while burning tires emit some end of world glow, like a curtain over the sun that is setting on France’s identity as ‘Liberal-Democratic’ nation. Time for revolution is upon us!

  7. SteveRogers42 9 months ago

    OK, now…this is just plain weird:

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      That is definitely weird…. no way around it.

      Some people (the folks on Zero Hedge I believe) were saying he might be a Manchurian candidate or some kind of cyborg or lab creation.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      But then again were that the case why on earth would they have had him marry his 39 year old teacher when he was 15 or whatever it was that happened? I guess they would have turned him to the dark side later. Probably around the time he was working for the Rothschilds.

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Dang… it sounds like she’s hitting every pitch this last week or two. I am impressed with her performance politically. We’ll see if it can make the difference. I noticed the election will coincide wit the ‘Battle of New Orleans’ I am seeing posts about 🙂

    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Yes lol, I would say he went above and beyond her. Interestingly I don’t know if it will have the same negative effect though. Perhaps will alienate more Millenial native French voters, which would be great(!).

      • gris bosque 9 months ago

        Macron is trying to use logic in debates etc., and of course twisted facts. These types of decisions are never based on logic, they are based on emotional reactions.

        As Darwin pointed out humans are wild animals and always will be. animals run mentally off of instinctual emotional reactions…

        Humans do too.

        This is how Trump calmly beat Hillary, knowing how to bring up better emotional responses to leadership. She attempted to manipulate, he turned on people long fed up with BS, and tired of being nicely screwed.

        The pundits and pollsters are also making the same mistakes; and humans are very sensitive to things being over played, most quite capable of picking up spin. And Le Pen is an instinctual leader, Macron is an overgrown nerd, who is a sell out to those long using the French people like pawns….

        No one knows anything until the votes are counted. its all just a wall of BS… and like Trump, Marine has the most fundamentals on her side. The French are very French.

        Macron is more of the same, Le Pen is a risk. but only with risk do you progess and make changes, And humans are risk takers more than we are cowards.

        • Author
          Admin 9 months ago

          Well said Gris Bosque. As crazy and mentally-addled as a majority of native Europeans still are, it is always dangerous to bet against the human spirit.

          I also TOTALLY agree about the French and European elites overplaying their hand. Especially now with these leaks and the fact that the government is saying not to publish them or disseminate them. Its sort of become this out in the open totally transparent spectacle of the mainstream elites being caught as the proverbial emperor with no clothes and them now saying ‘nothing here, nothing to see folks’. Very interesting.

          One of the most fascinating things to is whether Putin indeed is behind these hacking efforts in the US and France. I could see it just being some inside employee of the Macron campaign or even see it being some false flag type situation too. Utterly fascinating times we live in that is for sure!

          • gris bosque 9 months ago

            I’ve been following Le Pen for some time, since before finding this website, And having lived in Europe as a kid for many years, I know what most Americans don’t.

            Europe has never had the freedoms, there have always been entrenched elites, only the names and titles change with the generations.

            Many Americans are astounded by the Blackout and threats of prosecution by the French Government. Probably the dawning of the realization that liberalism has poison fangs.

            They may laugh at “Deplorables”, but we are the last men on earth who are still free by choice.

            And tomorrow we will see which
            path to freedom the French choose? the throw off the yoke path, or more infected sores from their yokes? No one is truly free, until they can rest in the shade of their own vine and fig unafraid.

            Who hacked Macron? could have been anyone from the Americans to the Chinese. there are always factions and interests and truth is such a good weapon.

  8. SteveRogers42 9 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 9 months ago

      Well the doormat Macron just got elected so France has indeed chosen doormathood as a nation.

      Hopefully under one corner of that doormat is a hand grenade marked ‘Identitarian Millenials’ ready to explode!

      • SteveRogers42 9 months ago
        • Author
          Admin 9 months ago

          I have a feeling this guy’s gonna outdo Blair, Cameron, Hollande, and every other one of them in such insanity…

          • gris bosque 9 months ago

            Mac-cronie might just teach the French something? never trust an EU type. The guy is obviously a globalist potted plant.

            Who knows, they might get another chance, but it will be iffy, these crashes always take a bit longer than one expects….
            if not, the French will end up like native americans; a historic has been culture… This guy is their Vichy of the century, Will be officious in following the orders of his EU Fascist owners…

            Fascism by definition is governments and corporations cooperating to screw the common folk… Should seem famiar if you fill in the blank with Macron.

          • Author
            Admin 8 months ago

            I have been searching for epithets for Macron and I think ‘potted plant’ is the best one I’ve heard. Perfectly describes him.

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