Gender And The Future Of Our People In Europe

Gender And The Future Of Our People In Europe
December 4, 2016 Admin

I have been aware of this film ‘The Red Pill’ for the last couple months now. Mike Cernovich financially backed it and has therefore discussed it and promoted it on his website Danger and Play.

One of our esteemed brothers sent me the trailer for it that I am embedding below.

I talk about ‘red-pills’ and becoming ‘red-pilled’ all the time on this site, and while I am talking about something different than the manosphere ‘red-pill’, there is certainly some overlap. Becoming conscious of the truth regarding modern Europe, and conscious of the causes and effects of the situation it finds itself in, entails (among other things) a full embracing of the issue of gender in the modern world, and the way in which Progressivism and Cultural-Marxism have poisoned gender relations, and used feminism to help destroy Western culture.

Thoughts On ‘The Red Pill’ And ‘Men’s Rights’

1. The feminism vs. Men’s Rights stuff seems to accurately reflect the ultimate destination that left-wing Progressive ‘Progress’ leads to, which is the complete atomization of society into smaller and smaller constituent chunks. The force of ‘progress’ turns every group against each other, as each is taught to think of themselves only in relation to their exploitation by other populations or demographics. Men and women even begin to oppose each other as groups. This was predicted in the book Adam’s Curse: A Future Without Men to some extent, and- like so much in liberalism- is a thoroughly distasteful notion.

2. In that regard these arguments and battles between feminists and men’s rights advocates equally summarize our transition to a ‘victimhood culture’. According to authors Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning, America and the West used to have an ‘honor culture’, then transitioned to a ‘dignity culture’, but now have evolved/devolved into a ‘victimhood culture’.

Not what we need.

Not what we need.

In such a culture, all parties and groups and individuals try to define themselves by their status as victims. Watching the trailer for ‘The Red Pill’ suggests this is certainly the case, as one sees the two sides debating and competing to see which one has it tougher in modern America.

3. While this is the case, I do think a fair analysis must accept that the men’s rights activists have good points. We all know that normal, masculine, heterosexual men are the enemy of liberalism and everything our cosmopolitan societies stand for. Young men are taught to act like girls, are taught that masculinity is ‘toxic’, and that strength is bad. Furthermore, many of the things noted in the film by the MRA’s are spot on, such as discrimination in divorce proceedings and child custody, globalists happily sending ‘blue collar’ (masculine) jobs overseas since they view masculinity as evil, the drugging of little boys with Adderal and Ritalin, etc.

4. Therefore I would say my verdict is this: I think its good for men to advocate politically on certain specific issues, such as father’s rights, the right’s of male children not to be drugged, etc, HOWEVER, I think these men would do better finding a more overarching movement to become a part of that would transform gender relations in such a regard not WITHIN the structure of modern society, but by destroying modernism and Cultural-Marxism and recasting our societies into something more noble and healthy.

Definitely not what we need.

Definitely not what we need.

What kind of movement might that be? I would say the same one all of us are basically involved in, which is what I would probably refer to as ‘Traditionalist Identitarianism’ but which is called any number of things by different people (Alt-Right, Far Right, etc, etc.)

Just what would that mean though? What sort of vision of gender roles is this new vast movement we are a part of communicating?

In short, what would gender roles and gender relations look like in a future post-reconquest Europe?

In a homogeneous, proud, traditionalist European country, gender roles would not merely ‘go back in time’, but would rather take the best aspects of historical (normal) gender roles, while at the same time infusing them with the sense of pride, history, perspective, and rebirth found in modern Identitarianism. I think the closest approximation I can find is something like the Mennonites in the United States.

Intriguing but not what we need.

Intriguing but still not right.

In Mennonite families the women are very capable, and they may sometimes work in the family business, or work as a librarian or something when they are older, but for the most part their role is that of wife, and mother. They never gave into the societal brainwashing that says that the highest and best use for womanhood is to be a mid-level manager at a fortune 500 company, and that having a beautiful family and proudly exuding beauty and femininity means being ‘oppressed’.

In Mennonite families children are considered blessings, and they are not raised to be great children, but to grow up to become strong, masterful men who can raise a family, and feminine, capable women who can have children, create a real ‘home’, and provide warmth and love for their families to grow within. Mennonites are certainly not perfect, but they represent a continuation of our ancestor’s wisdom that has survived into modernity.

In future proud European homelands that have been cleansed of the evil of Cultural-Marxism, and saved from Islamization, these are the kinds of gender relations we will have. Our people will be pro-natal, traditionalist, and exultant in the beauty of complimentary gender roles (complimentary as in distinct).

Propagating such a strong, uncompromising vision is- ironically- going to persuade more women than politicking or engaging in protests. I have no criticism for the men in ‘The Red Pill’, I respect them for speaking some of these unpopular truths, but I think that feminism and Cultural-Marxism will ultimately defeated through strength, power, and aggressive masculine action. Its possible some of the MRA’s in the film echo this sentiment- I haven’t seen it- but the bottom line as I see it is this: In modern Europe and the modern West, action, violence, and an uncompromising vision of survival and vengeance will attract more female followers than any kind of ‘dialogue’.

Much better.

Much better.

Indeed, with the steadily increasing number of women showing attraction to Identitarianism and the Alt-Right (something I will write about soon), I’d say this fact is already clear. Now we just need to retake Europe. More on that after the referendum in Italy and the election in Austria.

Brothers: What think you? Are “Men’s Rights Advocates” doing a good thing? A bad thing? In between? What should gender relations look like in a post-Reconquest Europe?


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  1. ProLepanto 1 year ago

    “Intriguing but still not right.” Haha, I enjoyed that.

    But to your point, I have always felt that men’s rights activists are hardly the embodiment of that last propaganda poster (not to say that obfuscation doesn’t have it’s uses). However better to be that “man’s man” and treat the effeminate males and masculine women with deprecating, and yet good natured, humor. Think of the 13th Warrior “When you die can I give that to my daughter?”

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      I shamefully do not know the 13th Warrior reference.. horrible I know- I need to watch it again its been like 15 years 🙂 but I agree with your sentiments 100%. Now that I think about it, I am actually an unbelievably big supporter of ‘the manosphere’ for how much it has impacted my life and my well-being and confidence and happiness as a man, but only I guess insofar as it is paired with a) self-improvement and b) deeper motivations and meaning for life.

      One’s gotta understand the lie of feminism to be able to reach one’s full potential as a man, but the key is to focus more on the second half of that equation than the first. Similarly with politics- ‘Reconquest’ is only possible with the ‘gender redpill’ as foundation, but it is also far more than that.

      Also: Interesting case in point while I was typing this up I just saw on DS that apparently Hofer lost in Austria because of… you guessed it- the women’s vote. Interesting, interesting. Appreciate the comment PL.

      • ProLepanto 1 year ago

        Women are creatures of hope and empathy, thank God for our sake, but that doesn’t help frequently in the realm of politics. Many are learning the brutal consequences of their votes at the hands of the eastern hoards they pitied, consequences of a choice they never should have been allowed to inflict on themselves…

        “One’s gotta understand the lie of feminism to be able to reach one’s full potential as a man, but the key is to focus more on the second half of that equation than the first.”
        Well Said.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          It would be fascinating to see how the voting patterns or political leanings change after being sexually harassed/raped or having a close female friend or female family member go through it.

          I know New Yorkers used to say in the 80’s that everyone was a democrat until the first time they got mugged.

      • Kadphises 1 year ago

        “Interesting case in point while I was typing this up I just saw on DS that apparently Hofer lost in Austria because of… you guessed it- the women’s vote.”
        Yes, that’s very important to note. And the DS comment is spot-on:
        “Last but not least, the FPO struggled with women voters in the May runoff, in contrast to Donald Trump who did comparatively well with females. The reason for this dissonance is that women respond to manly, dominant figures primarily, but will vote based on emotional appeals typically utilized by finely tuned technocratic globalist democrat campaigns in absence of this.”
        If women can see that we are the ones defending the vulnerable, the children, the elderly, the women themselves, against the aggression of the Muslim invaders, against the expansion of an oppressive Islamist ideology and against the greed of the (((elites))), and if they can see that we fight this fight with full force, for them, not against them, honorably and unapologetically, they will join in, and do whatever they can to support our cause. But if they believe that we are selfish cowards and cucks, they will stick to the socially acceptable and “safe” choice, and also the choice commonly seen as signaling empathy and generosity.
        That’s why we need to make it very clear:
        – We are the ones who will end the conflict in Syria, who will bring back peace and stability to the country and defeat ISIS, not neo-liberal interventionists and pro-Salafist collaborators
        – We are the ones opposing the spread of an ideology whose followers push gays from rooftops, enslave and rape young girls, torture and kill “infidels”
        – We are the ones who want to help more, not less, and who want to help more efficiently, by giving support to refugees as close to their home countries as possible, instead of incentivizing human trafficking with all the associated suffering and injustice

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Yes very good points, I think it was Laguna Beach or Dashui who said that feminism is ‘one big shit test’ for men. I do think Trump’s un-apologetic approach was key to winning more female voters (and voters overall). I am going to be writing more about it soon but I think that alot of these right-wing politicians in Europe are just approaching all the arguments from a position of weakness and trying to argue with the liberals from WITHIN the liberal paradigm. I think you just need to come right at it and approach them from the perspective that liberalism is cancer and that they are pschopathic dangers to law and order themselves.

  2. Nxx 1 year ago

    I think MRAs and the Alt Right in general have failed to properly understand what feminism is. There’s this underlying belief that feminists are pro-woman, misguided, yes, but basically pro-woman.

    Feminists are lesbianists who use women as human shields behind which to advance their lesbianist agenda. I became aware of this back in the 90s when there were two types of feminists; gender feminists who dominated organized feminism and equity feminists who rebelled against them. Gender feminists were childless lesbians who accounted for 100% of the leadership of feminist organizations such as NOW. Equity feminists rejected their anti-male and anti-family agenda. They also resented the complete lack of representation of the mother and wife dimensions of womanhood.

    To cut a long story short the gender feminists wiped out the equity feminists and the result is today’s third wave feminism; lesbians using women as human shields to advance their agenda of anti-male and anti-family hatred. The lesbianist agenda is the product of lesbian psycho-sexual issues that are seldom recognizably logical.

    This is why today’s feminists fabricate “rape culture” and “gender wage gaps”. The lesbianists need some pretext or other with which to mobilize women against men. They can’t quite come out and say women must hate men because it’s so unfair men have dicks that women are attracted to. Penis envy is a real thing among lesbians yet it’s unmentionable. Hence the necessity of pretexts.

    Until recently I thought of feminism as 50% anti-male and 50% pro-woman. Sure lesbians hate men, particularly their sexual market competitors, white men, but surely they also feel for women in general because they’re women too. Right?

    Wrong. Rotherham. Sweden. Cologne. Zero feminist interest. Zero. Women being abused? Red alert! No white males involved? Oh, in that case who cares.

    That’s when I realized the feminist ideological ratio is actually 100% anti-male and 0% pro-woman. Feminists are covert lesbianists intent on pouring out their sexual frustrations onto their sexual market competitors. Period. They are too consumed by this hatred to have time for anything else.

    Understanding the nature of feminism exposes its vulnerability; it’s possible, even easy, to awaken normal women to the reality of feminism and to break them away from it. Yet instead of going for the jugular, MRA complain about how stupid women are, how they shouldn’t vote, how they’re over privileged in divorce courts and so on. None of it harms feminism; it just helps lesbianists consolidate their grip so as to make it even more hysterically anti-male.

    • ProLepanto 1 year ago

      Nicely reasoned, I am inclined to agree.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Nxx appreciate the comment!

      I had never thought about the psychosexual aspects of it that you brought up. I think you are spot on.

      The dichotomy or disconnect you talk about is so obviously illogical that I think it starts out as a point of focus for many at the beginning of their awakening to such issues: the fact that these hardcore feminists who talk ceaselessly about violence against women are literally silent at the industrial scale rape of female women and children in Europe. At first, 10-15 years ago when first introduced to it in Europe and here in the US, I just thought of it as hypocrisy. Then, in recent years as I educated myself about Cultural-Marxism, it made more sense.

      Obviously if Cultural Marxism is all about negation then both rabid feminism and acceptance of Muslim on White violence/rape make sense and are not contradictory, because both work towards the destruction of western civilization, and a negation of all that it embodies.

      I think you are absolutely right though that there is more going on in the minds of the hardcore lesbianists than that. Every legit lesbian or lesbian ‘gender feminist’ I have ever met as an adult man has been very cold/unfriendly/oppositional. I am one of the most ridiculously friendly, ‘people person’ types out there. I legitimately like most other human beings and enjoy meeting them. I am good at ‘building rapport’ with folks and ended up gravitating to various forms of sales-based jobs and income as a result. It even overrides my political instincts. I long to battle Muslims in Europe but could enjoyably spend a whole day talking with Muslim cab drivers. Legit serious ‘gender feminist’ lesbians though- never had one be anything but hostile and unfriendly toward me. Perhaps one or two when I was a child, I think I had a teacher and a principal who were lesbians who were friendly to me as a young child, but since reaching sexual maturity or whatever you want to call it, total opposite.

      • Kadphises 1 year ago

        I agree with Nxx that the sexual psychology of lesbianists plays a strong role in shaping modern “feminism”. But I also agree with Julian that its contradictions and hypocrisy can only be understood in the context of Cultural Marxism and victimhood culture as a whole. Black and Muslim males would also count as sexual competitors for lesbians, but they get a free pass for even the worst crimes against women, because they are categorized as “oppressed groups” who cannot be criticized in the Cultural Marxist religion.
        I also agree that modern “feminism” is not pro-women at all. I would even emphasize that it is not only completely anti-men, but also anti-women. Modern gender feminism is actually anti-feminism, as femininity is denigrated, women who are proud and loving mothers and wives are ridiculed and hated, and girls are pushed to pursue a life which makes them unfulfilled, stressed and depressed.
        That’s why we should reclaim the word feminism for ourselves. We are the ones who value feminine beauty, and the warm and nurturing, life-giving power of women. We are the ones who defend the right of our women and young girls to walk the streets safely and dress in the way which they see fit for themselves.
        We should also understand that young white boys are not feminized in our society, but simply emasculated, neutered. Are they taught how to cook a nourishing meal, how to change diapers etc.? No, they are only guilt-tripped for being male and white. And the destabilizing aspect of male sexuality, the stronger tendency towards promiscuity and casual sex is encouraged in both sexes. The outcome is that young women are at least as confused and suffering as young men, as they are told they should enjoy being sluts, even when they are longing for a stable relationship with a future, that bombarding their bodies with synthetic hormones and killing their children in the womb is an act of self-liberation, that working a boring job to have a career and money is nobler than building up a family.

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          It is another huge tragedy, that is for certain.

          Young ladies are taught that to cook and clean and have children and love their husband is to be ‘oppressed), as their echoey college professors say, and that to truly be ‘free’ and ‘liberated’ they need to work 60 hours a week for a multinational corporation, forego having kids, and pay for college with a combination of student debt and acting in pornographic films. It is disgusting and sad and enraging, but I guess that will make it sweeter when we finally achieve victory..

    • Feminism is a strategy used by bitter women with low SMV to manipulate the SMP and oppress their female competition.

      • Author
        Admin 1 year ago

        I guess I am a bit of a manospherian given I know what those terms mean lol.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Great article Dashui- read the whole thing.

      This quote pretty much sums it up doesn’t it:

      “This right-wing path just seems all too familiar,” she said. “I have to wonder, did they study history at all in school?”

      The entertainment industry and newsmedia get the blame they deserve, but the educational system is just as culpable.

      I can’t bring myself to have high hopes for the Afd’s success, but it does seem promising that at least a few more German’s are moving in their direction.

      At least the Visegrad nations are always there to pvoide a hopeful model. I hope ‘Rebirth of a nation’ ends up being the case!

  3. Rick 1 year ago

    The best thing about the article DaShui posted are the comments, clearly nobody accepts this media narrative anymore the guilt and shame buttons have been pushed too often

    • VivatEuropa 1 year ago


      Yeah, we see you’re concerned solely with the migrants’ ease of access to Germany, and how they’re treated once they get there, to the land of the big, bad, never-to-be-trusted Germans, Ajazeera and Sumi Somaskanda, not with the Germans, screw the Germans, right? And I’m sure your great concern with any perceived “right-wing”-ward tendencies developing among the Germans is due to your great concern for the Germans’ and Europeans’ future, right?

      And I want to thank all the Arab countries for pitching in and doing all they can to help with the refugee crisis, generously taking in so many refugees and easing the burden both on the refugees’ war-torn home countries and on the West.

      • VivatEuropa 1 year ago

        Gee whiz, Julian, one feature I would love to see on this website is an “edit” feature in the comments section, where a commenter could edit his comments after he’s posted them, to correct typos or improve something. I see I have Aljazeera misspelled due to a typo. That’s all I need in a comment like this. “He doesn’t even know how to spell Aljazeera. He’s an idiot.”

        • Author
          Admin 1 year ago

          Lol, there’s no edit button on your end? Didn’t realize that. One of these days I need to pay some bright young Identitarian tech genius to upgrade this website!

  4. VivatEuropa 1 year ago

    Feminism has been a weapon used against us by the enemy, the powers that be, the puppet masters, who want to undermine the pillars of our identity, of our society – family (gender), race/nation, and religion, and destabilize our society. Feminism does not have as its basis any true concern for women, any more than Communism has as its basis any true concern for the working class.

  5. VivatEuropa 1 year ago

    I’m glad to see you address this topic, Julian. It’s vitally important to our future. Some of the guys with our cause seem very one-dimensional, aware of and concerned with only the matter of ethnicity/race. But the attack on us is multi-pronged, and one of those prongs is the attack on gender, thereby an attack on the family.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      I think I am extra cognizant about it from working in education/mental health for a few years, and seeing so many little boys get put on Ritalin (and being a part of the bureaucracy that leads to it myself in my role at the time). Its quite horrible. Eventually I will write a book all about education, as the public education system in America is about as horrific in its own way as most aspects of the invasion in Europe.

  6. Philip 1 year ago

    Like most thoughtful Europeans I was dismayed by the Austrian Presidential election result. After coming so close last time there was reason for genuine optimism that an Identitarian candidate would win through for once in a Western European State, so desperately needed if only for symbolic purposes. Once again not to be. While I have not looked at the figures beyond a superficial perusal (I wonder if there is a statistic for the number of new Austrians created since the first election and given voting rights) it is apparent from the demographic breakdown that an ever widening gulf exists between the sexes as to the future face of European civilisation(your article covers this well) According to some figures published 62% of women voted for the genocidal Marxist as opposed to 44% of men(still to high). Is it that white women (or women in general) for biological and emotional reasons are less able to appreciate that their actions impact on the survival of their species. It follows then that they are less concerned even dismissive of tradition, heritage, loyalty, culture than their male counterparts? Frau Merkel appears to have little empathy with ‘German’ people in her country or its traditions. I also saw a photograph of the make-up of the current Swedish government. Of the 22 cabinet members shown 12 were women! In a country that carries the dismal epithet of the ‘rape capital of the world’ you would have thought these women would be outraged. In fact it seems that the outrage comes more from the menfolk than them, totally amazing. I would appreciate a comment from any of your women readers on this. It is easier to explain why Austrian pensioners, albeit by a smaller majority, voted for the mad Marxist. He promised them economic stability and a continuation of the same State funded largesse to which they had become accustomed, so they voted out of self interest.
    To move away from the negativity and highlight some of the positives occurring there and in the region. The FPO remains, according to the polls, the best supported political party in the country which bodes well for the general elections. Whether that support remains solid and is translated into a FPO government only time will tell. Of more interest is events in neighbouring Slovakia where a law is being introduced effectively banning Islam as a state religion. To qualify for recognition you will need to have 50000 members, Muslims in Slovakia are estimated between 3000/5000 in number. The make-up of Slovakian Parliament also make interesting reading. The Identitarian Parties viz The Slovak National Party and Kotleba, the Peoples Party of Slovakia, with 15 and 14 seats are having decisive influence of the policies of the Social Democratic Government (only 49 seats) of Robert Fico so that he is taking a hard line against Merkel’s redistribution of third world misfits amongst EU nations. I would say he has no choice and is an indication of what a solid phalanx of nationalists can achieve with pressure. I also think Orban in Hungary next door is also being kept honest by Jobbik who are also well represented in the Hungarian assembly. The mills of the Gods grind slowly but they grind.
    I will be travelling in the Salzkammergut and to Salzburg in January. It will be interesting to observe matters as the last time I was there Sound of Music land hadn’t been invaded by the detritus of Africa and the Middle East.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hello Philip-

      Thanks for the insightful comment. I don’t have time to share my thoughts in full but I think you are hitting an important nail with your discussion of women and cultural/group survival.

      In that book ‘Adam’s Curse: A Future Without Men’ that I mention in the post, the author also talks about what kind of evolutionary advantage homosexuality could have. He is talking about male homosexuality, and he also talks about certain female lineages that seem to ONLY give birth to females. The author sort of talked about both and then suggested that women, from an evolutionary standpoint, benefit by having homosexual sons because those sons then end up basically protecting the mother, since they won’t have families of their own. It was very fascinating.

      Your comment made me think about it though and I bet its very possible that women’s evolutionary subsconscious or evolutionary lizard brain or whatever you want to call it IS maybe aligned differently than men’s. Since one man can have thousands of children, and since y chromosones will also be passed down by brothers, cousins, sons, etc, men may have a great biological propensity to work towards cultural or group survival and procreation, whereas women’s evolutionary lizard brain may be tied more into immediate, in the present type reproductive considerations.

      Its all a little over my head, but perhaps we have someone more versed in evolutionary biology who could analyze the implications. Certainly an argument- from our perspective at least- for the primacy of the mannerbunde.

      Appreciate the comment! Austria dismayed me too- going to try to type up an article on it and Italy and some other stuff in the next day or two!


      • Kadphises 1 year ago

        “Since one man can have thousands of children, and since y chromosomes will also be passed down by brothers, cousins, sons, etc, men may have a great biological propensity to work towards cultural or group survival and procreation, whereas women’s evolutionary lizard brain may be tied more into immediate, in the present type reproductive considerations.”
        This goes into the right direction. I would express it in this way:
        – Women have a shorter time-window of fertility, and as main caretakers for the children they are less willing to take social risks in adopting and expressing non-conformist political views. They cannot postpone reproduction to a time when their views will be accepted as mainstream and risk social ostracism. Especially in a situation, where they cannot move from one group to another where their views would be accepted and they would have equally good chances of raising a family.
        – Biologically speaking, men are the ‘expendable sex’. They are the risk-takers, the warriors and revolutionaries, especially if they have many brothers and cousins who carry the same genes. They can expand their reproductive fitness by fighting and defeating hostile groups, killing their men and assimilating their women (this is at least what ‘nationalism’ or tribalism is associated with in the brains of ‘normies’, even if in our case we only want to retake and defend our own traditional territory). For women, this kind of behavior would carry much more risk than possible advantages. Their reproductive possibilities are limited by the costs of pregnancy, and environmental and social stability is what they are instinctively looking for.
        – In chimp groups and with great likelihood also early humans, the females are/were the ones leaving the group when reaching sexual maturity, while the males stayed, lived and died with the group they were born in. As a result, males within those groups were much more closely related to each other than females, and male reproductive success was more strongly linked to the success of the whole group. This is probably one cause why men have a stronger ‘nationalist’ instinct than women, even though these dynamics changed after the adoption of agriculture and the establishment of larger states.
        An interesting read regarding these sex differences is Richard Wrangham’s “Demonic Males”.

    • VivatEuropa 1 year ago

      A comment from women readers? I wonder how many women readers this website has.

      • Author
        Admin 1 year ago

        Lol a good question indeed. We have a few but not too many.

        Our ‘movement’ as a whole however seems to me to have an exponentially increasing number. At the Northwest Forum there were a good number there, and apparently there is a ‘female TRS group’ in Seattle with twelve members! I can’t remember who said it like a year or two ago but they said that ‘once this thing is cool enough and has enough energy, girls and women will be naturally drawn to it on their own’. They were arguing against explicit attempts to get women involved, and I think the rationale is spot on. Once women see the ‘dominance’ and ‘coolness’ and utility of Identitarianism, it is natural for them to get involved. Talking to those TRS girls about their dreams of a large group of people who they can raise their kids among, to protect from societal degeneracy, to have a community, etc was unbelievably inspiring. Very cool times to be sure!

  7. I’m seeing a lot more discussion of civil war in Europe on Twitter and in comments sections. Word is getting out.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Very good… Perhaps out attempts at normalization have paid off 🙂

  8. SteveRogers42 1 year ago

    Here’s a little somethin’ about gender and the future of our people in Europe:

  9. Philip 1 year ago

    Just a brief follow up on the gender discussion with observations on the women in my life. It also came to mind when I read that 53% of white women voted Trump despite the fact that he was allegedly the great groper. It has been stated by psychologists that women gravitate towards dominant men and are influenced by their actions and opinions. Anyway returning to my family – my wife is a ‘kitchen frau’ whose interest in politics is limited to hearing me moan and is influenced by my moaning (not dominance) My daughter is more opinionated but yet to gasp the implications of what is occurring but will. My sisters are conservative traditionalists who were slow to realise the treachery being committed by the old conservative parties in Europe but are now tuning in to the identitarian message. My mother who is no longer with us was product of her age, Irish catholic upbringing and an empire loyalist, she would be appalled with most aspects of modern society. I would be interested again if other readers would share observations on the ‘women in the life’ or on women that surround them in general.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Yes, from my personal experience seems to confirm the same thing.

      Can think of one woman (middle-aged) I know who didn’t like Trump, but it might have been more of an Evangelical type thing than a personality thing. Can think of multiple others who did like and vote for him.

      Interesting too that my own mother, who is also no longer with us, was a hardcore liberal, but politically always the sort of ‘socialist strong man’ ideas (in a half serious way) of Venezuela, Cuba, etc.

      And we have certainly seen other ‘strong man’ regimes throughout history that had massive female support.

  10. Rick 1 year ago

    Women will have a valuable role once they are brought on side, they can play an important part in shaming “cucks” and or beta males that are not active in defending civilization.
    During WW1 in the UK I believe, women would present men not in uniform with a white feather as a symbol of cowardice. This was very effective (and sinister) but any tactic that could encourage a man to run into that bloodbath must be looked at as a 4GW super weapon.

  11. SteveRogers42 1 year ago

    European diversity:

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Its a beautiful thing 🙂

  12. SteveRogers42 1 year ago

    Another meeting of the European/Islamic gender roles debating society:

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      God I could just rip the life out of those filthy animals. Enjoyably. And the liberals that have begat such sickness. That video is such a trigger my god…

  13. SteveRogers42 1 year ago

    Yeah, it really, really is. Even if — and I say “if” — that girl was a pro-migrant libtard, at the moment she was attacked, her safety became the responsibility of all European males. “Mate guarding” is a real thing, for real reasons…

    I am channeling my rage by using that video for some groundfighting training with my (adult) children. Believe it or not, even in that extremely-disadvantageous position, there are things the victim can do to increase his/her chance of survival…

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Right on, if you ever want to compile a short guide to self-defense resources for the site let me know.


  14. SteveRogers42 1 year ago
    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Steve-

      Maybe if you could provide a brief overview of self-defense systems, brief thoughts on the value of each for guys who read this site who want to build a working knowledge of self-defense, and maybe recommendations for how to go about getting such training, how to pick the best venue to get said training, etc, that would be great and then I could incorporate it into a post on the subject.

      I am sure you are a busy guy so if you don’t get to it I understand, if you do though much thanks!

  15. SteveRogers42 1 year ago

    Happy to.

    I have trained and competed in various martial arts for most of my life, and for many years I had a job that allowed me to occasionally apply my experience to real-world problems. With that as background, these are my recommendations:

    The best “building blocks” for self-defense are plain old boxing and wrestling, as well as judo. These sports are conducted in a “no BS” environment, they teach proper body mechanics, and they give the experience of actually struggling against a resisting opponent. The reason they are not complete self-defense systems in and of themselves is that they are sports — they have rules, and they are contested in a safe, pre-determined arena. If any of your readers have significant competitive experience in one of these sports, they simply have to throw out the rule book and practice “dirty boxing” or “dirty judo” and they will be dangerous human beings.

    For the rest of us without this background, a short-cut to effective self-defense comes in the form of the WW2 Combatives schools. They are an outgrowth of the system used by the OSS and SOE to turn journalists, academics, and linguists (many of them women) into behind-the-lines agents in a relatively short period of time. (If you’re interested, google William Fairbairn and Nancy Wake.) Trainees both then and now learn a lot about the knife, stick, and gun, as well as improvised weapons and unarmed defense. There is a highly-regarded Combatives teacher in the Seattle area, but be aware that this type of training is not inexpensive.

    Like Combatives, the Israeli style of Krav Maga avoids sporting competition and focuses on real-world self-defense scenarios. It is certainly a “battlefield-proven” system — as taught and applied in Israel. The caveat would be that the Krav schools in the U.S. are profit-making enterprises and some of them have watered-down the curriculum to ensure student retention. If one could arrange to train Krav Maga in Israel for a year or so with an Israeli police or security unit, I am pretty sure that all your close-combat needs would be taken care of!

    An interesting interface of sport and self-defense is Brazilian Ju-jitsu. BJJ specializes in intricate ground submissions, and ground-survival familiarity should be a secondary tool in everyone’s self-defense toolbox. Many BJJ instructors also have experience in training police and military, both here and in Brazil, and they will have firearms-retention and firearms defenses that are well worth learning. In my experience, the “Latin” flavor of BJJ produces a pleasant and inclusive atmosphere in their dojos that makes the grueling training a pleasure. YMMV. There are several good schools in the Tacoma area. Caveat: This type of training can also be quite expensive.

    All this talk of money brings us back to judo. Most judo schools are non-profit entities run for the love of the sport, and will therefore be more financially accessible. There will typically be twice as many 8-16-year-olds as adults in any given dojo. Judo is a wrestling sport, and it will teach you how to take someone off their feet and put them down…HARD. There is also a significant groundfighting component to the sport, but judo’s ne waza tactics are like a slingshot compared to BJJ’s phaser. Despite the legendary “judo chop”, there is no striking taught in sport judo. Most judo dojos are punctilious about tradition and courtesy, and any type of streetfighting outside the school will be discouraged.

    My own two cents worth about effective personal defense preparation can be summed up as a triangle. The baseline of the figure is mindset (alertness and aggressiveness). Without this foundation, the other two arms of the triangle are useless. If you are serious about defending yourself, you must find a teacher who will inculcate his students with “street smarts” and a ruthless attitude. Some of the early writings of Marc MacYoung (Street E&E and Cheap Shots & Ambushes) are valuable in this regard.

    One of the two “arms” of the triangle is strength/conditioning/athleticism. I once heard Frank Shamrock say at a seminar: “Conditioning is my greatest submission technique”. This is good news, because everyone can improve their raw physicality, no matter what their circumstances. All it takes is will.

    The final “arm” is specific fighting techniques, and IMHO this is the least important. It’s very good to know what to do and how to do it, but without the background of physical and mental conditioning, the finest techniques will fail. (But when you DO begin specific training, you don’t want to study techniques that make you go “Ooooh! That’s pretty”. You want to learn techniques that make you go “Ewww…that’s nasty.”)

    That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it. Bear in mind, I’m not some ultimate guru, I’m just a guy who would like to help Make Europe Great Again.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Excellent- that is very helpful Steve!

      I will be utilizing it within a post sometime soon, potentially within a larger one or something focused on the issue of preparation, or as a standalone ‘mini article’ within my next post updating the ‘best of’ comments.

      For myself (can’t remember if I mentioned this already) I think in about 1-2 years I will sign up my son and I for some form of BJJ or similar classes. Hopefully one where I can do it with him but also go on my own for serious learning with other adults, etc.

  16. SteveRogers42 1 year ago

    Very good plan. I think the two of you will enjoy it, and everything you learn will be a plus. Some kids can take to grappling training as early as 6, and almost all are “up to it” by age 8.

    As a weightlifter, you might want to prepare by incorporating some of these ground-based exercises into your routine. BJJ puts a premium on mobility/flexibility, and guys that haven’t trained this aspect have a hurdle to overcome.

  17. SteveRogers42 1 year ago

    I just have to make a practical comment after following recent events:

    I watched Trump supporters get beaten up at rallies all summer, watched Richard Spencer get sucker-punched at the Inauguration, and now this:

    If any of your readers plan on being near ANY potentially-politicized event from now on, it will be advisable to take concrete steps to promote tactical readiness. To wit: In any large gathering, stay on the outskirts of the crowd, and keep a wall at your back (even if you are being interviewed by the media, like Spencer). While waiting for a light at the corner, stand with your back to a post. Don’t engage verbally with anyone you don’t personally know (The best time to punch someone is when the target person is talking) . If a stranger “gits all up in yo grill”, don’t stand face-to-face…blade your stance at 45 degrees, keep a leg’s-length distance, and “talk with your hands” in stereotypically-Italian fashion. Keep your chin down and don’t try to try to “out-tall” the guy in a dominance display. All these measures will make you a more difficult target for street scum to launch their beloved blind-side overhand right, and should be practiced and employed until they are second nature. Be aware: If Mr. Wrong looks away from you for a second, he is not only checking the position of his allies and witnesses, he is also “loading” his upper torso for some kind of strike with his dominant hand. If he looks away, the attack is under way.

    Just by coincidence, the stance “basics” of angle, range, and hand position actually create a fighting stance, and they transition neatly into a base from which to throw your own kicks, knees, or punches…but that’s a topic for another day.

    In short, cultivate the Art of Suspicion, and try to think like these thugs. This is 4GW — the time for verbally exchanging political opinions has passed. Make yourself a difficult target, and many problems will never materialize. If they do, you will have increased your percentage chances of survival.

    • Author
      Admin 1 year ago

      Hey Steve-

      Great comment! I will include it in my next ‘best of comments’ post but you should post it on one of the newer articles too so everyone sees it- very good advice considering the madness out there!

      You nailed it too with the thing about people looking away right before hitting you. I don’t know if I had ever 100% thought that through or actually said it out loud, but sooo many punches I have seen/taken/thrown in my life came at such a moment.

      Now in Spencer’s case slightly different, but still, you gotta at least be at ‘Code Yellow‘ in such surroundings, if not higher up the scale.

      Appreciate you sharing some wisdom.


  18. SteveRogers42 11 months ago

    Money quote: “By helping their husbands they are making them strong. The State does not want strong, decisive, successful men.”

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Money quote for sure, that is spot on.

      I am VERY proud to have a stay at home wife (and thankful!).

    • Author
      Admin 11 months ago

      Hey very interesting.

      I’m gonna have to actually get into Reddit myself. I follow my analytics there when I get leads from it and I get excellent links from it from you and some of our other brothers, but I don’t think I have ever actually independently explored it on my own before (despite it being the ‘front page of the internet’ as they say).

      I have seen the quote before, it is very interesting. Its by Dr. Uni Wikkan and usually when folks see it they assume she is some hardcore letist progressive, and that is HALF right I would say. In reality though she actually was very much against Muslim immigration in other ways, which would get her the support and respect of Preservationists, but then in others ways- like that quote- she seemed the exact opposite and VERY leftist. I think if I remember reading about it in the Bruce Bawer’s ‘While Europe Slept’ book right that quote was sort of a ‘put your money where your mouth is’ thing directed at leftists. Like “yes, I don’t support Muslim immigration, but if we as a society are going to actually import Muslims and do so in a sincere and intellectually honest manner, then we need to take ownership and realize that they view us sluts for how we dress and we need to stop doing so.”

      Don’t know if she is still alive or if her views have evolved or not… will have to look her up sometime.

  19. Delphi 10 months ago

    I like to think I’m a creature of hope, empathy, love, caring, and unremitting logic, and mindflame, all at the same time. Sometimes it makes my silly giddy little head spin. Maybe someone will give me a baby to hold?

    The truth is you should just let everyone fight in their way, as themselves. Freedom’s the lifeblood of the west, and co-ersion is for chumps.

    Of course, i think modern feminism deprives traditionally feminine women of their natural self, and right to be it, protected in a loving, chivalrous environment. What can I say – underneath my Wonder Woman I’m deeply traditional.

    Let us all fight in our own way. If you met me you’d never know I wasn’t genefemale. Some of my trans friends possess what I’d describe as “advanced combat skills.” I won’t elaborate because I don’t like going too much into detail on this shit -disturbing cite.

    If this war we’re all speaking of is going to come to pass it’s freedom vs. tyranny ultimately.

    What needs to DIE is crackers, Baby Boomer, outdated tactical calculations I sipped too much coolade 1960’s feminism, that is obsessed about every supposed injury western culture inflicted on the world, while TOTALLY ignoring the crimes and /or misdeeds of other cultures. Yes, Victoria. Islam IS a patriarchy. Islam is Arab Imperialism. And if you don’t think so, try being a black guest worker from Kenya.

    That’s the problem.

    Then again I grew up having to learn to fight and deal with shit. But I was told and always believed intellect uber-all. It’s how the west has won wars for the last 500+ years. It’s what differentiates us from them.

    Fuck. I guess i’m just a stupid effeminite elven punk 🙂

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      This is an absolutely fascinating issue I could talk about for hours. I also got the chance to meet Mr. Devlin at Amren, which was extremely cool/a big honor.

      One day I am going to write a book about this issue as well, as it is one of the most interesting and least talked about ones there is.

      On a side note, last year my wife and I travelled to a small town several hours away where there is a gigantic car dealership that sells rigs at below market prices. It was this small town in the mountains where the auto dealership is the biggest employer (almost 500 people), and we walked in and it was literally like stepping back in time. Hundreds of male employees in all directions, all wearing suits. And then like 3 or 4 female secretaries. Was absolutely magical, like going back to 1956.

  20. Vega Hoggitt 7 months ago

    Complementary, not complimentary.

    • Author
      Admin 7 months ago

      Aw, good catch!

  21. SteveRogers42 5 months ago
    • Author
      Admin 5 months ago

      That is probably the best quote I have ever seen on feminism.

      Its totally true too. I remember having female team members under me working 50-60 hours a week back when I was in management, and while at the time I just thought of them as just working really hard and didn’t view it from all angles, in retrospect I cannot imagine what it must have been like (or must be like) to be their husbands, and have their wife doing that. I think it would be hell on earth man. Its really tragic and sick..

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