Generation Identitaire Invades Calais

Generation Identitaire Invades Calais
March 13, 2016 Admin

In a thrilling piece of agitprop and protest, Generation Identitaire invaded “The Jungle” in Calais.

From RT:

More than a hundred protesters have blocked several routes for migrants, preventing them from gaining access to Calais. The activists’ banners called to “stop the invasion of Europe” and “defend” their city.
GI 1

The protest was initiated by the Facebook community Génération Identitaire, a group which opposes mass migration. According to the group’s estimates, more than 130 people took part in the rally.

The activists, who were carrying banners with the slogans “Go Home,” “Defend Calais” and “No way,” claimed they had taken control of three bridges leading to the city.

At least 12 protesters have been detained by riot police, the group later wrote.

“For months, Calais has been a symbol …of the real invasion confronting our continent,” the group wrote on Facebook, saying that the city has recently seen “attacks against police, against motorists and truck drivers, city riots, the total disintegration of social life and the economy.”

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The group blamed political leaders in France and across Europe for the deteriorating situation in the city.

“Since these governments refuse to protect people by restoring the borders,… they will see people building barricades! As this morning in Calais,” the group added.

Numerous photos and videos on social media show the protesters surrounded by police.

The rally comes a day after a huge blaze ripped through the Calais ‘Jungle’ refugee camp. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

On Friday, Xavier Bertrand, president of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie region, told the Guardian that France wants UK border guards to tell refugees that Britain is tightening asylum rules.

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“What we need now is UK border guards going through the camp at Calais every week telling the people that it is no longer the case that the UK is an El Dorado,” he said.

He added that Calais residents “are exasperated.” “It is not sustainable for the region. I do not want a drama, it’s what I want to avoid, but it’s possible someone will be killed unless we make progress,” he said.

Earlier in March, hundreds of Calais residents arrived in Paris to protest against the deteriorating economic situation in their region, which they say has been caused by the migrant crisis.

Doctors Without Borders have opened a new migrant camp near the town of Grande Synthe, in the Nord-Pas de Calais region. The camp was set up without the approval of the French government.

The new camp project was launched after French authorities ordered the demolition of part of the Calais Jungle camp, which served as a temporary home for over 5,000 asylum seekers. It was the largest makeshift camp in Europe and has gradually turned into a small town with its own social life.

GI 6

In February, a court in Lille authorized the demolition of the Jungle, but commanded police to spare public facilities such as mosques, restaurants and schools that have sprung up on the site.

Most Jungle residents, whose overall numbers likely exceed 4,000, are from the Middle East, Africa, and Afghanistan. Most have traveled to France in the hope of crossing the English Channel to the UK, after having had their applications rejected elsewhere, or in expectation of better prospects in the country.


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  1. Michael 2 years ago

    Several eventful happenings over the weekend only add to the feeling that the ordinary people of Europe are waking up to the tyranny of their situation and are making there feeling of displeasure known. So far the action has been all one sided and negative. Adding to a feeling of dispair and helplessness to the innocent bystanders. Change seems in the wind and things could happen quickly once people start to see the positive result of their actions. If enough people protest at the open borders allowing Muslim invaders to enter Europe, then the Politicans will feel less comfortable about their actions. We all want Law and Order restored to European cities that are now occupied and under attack from outsiders.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Yes one of my most consistent worries is that the war will start before I get over there lol (and despite the ‘lol’ I say this quite seriously. I think I would dishonor my ancestors if I didn’t actively participate in some way.)

  2. Lynda 2 years ago

    Generation Idenitaire engages in street action and street processions across France.

    Their suum cuique (to each his own) procession in Lyon is becoming an annual event. Lugdunum suum VII (Our Lyon) claims ownership of the Roman history and above all the Christian history of the ancient seat of St Irenaeus, bishop of Lyon (2nd century A.D.). Since this was Roman Gaul you would expect to see some Asterix figures but all the banners are from Christian Gaul onwards.

    Lugdunum Suum is a good statement of what Generation Identitaire is about. The banners will tell you a lot about the statements they are making to France and the world.

    It is hard to tell but it looks like they are on the Rue Jeanne d’Arc in Lyon. St Jeanne is the saviour of France and nationalist heroinne. From her battles to throw out the English overlords came the battle cry of Christian and royalist France: “Avant ils sont les notres” – “Forward they are ours”. Undoubtedly this is at the centre of Generation Identitaire thinking and militant action.

    In the US, St Jeanne is memorialised in New Orleans. Her statue is the rallying point for the New Orleans football team. This could change and it could change very fast. Scroll down for the image of the St Jeanne.

    The procession Lugdunum suum is led by Our Lady of Fatima – who made many prophecies over our Apocalyptic era from 1917 onwards. Most of the banners carried in procession are banners of Our Lady, it would seem the official patroness of Generation Identitaire.

    Also carried in procession are the royal Stuart ensigns for the Jacobites: most notably King James II of Scotland and England (unitiing the two crowns) and the last king to govern under the Magna Charta before the War of the Succession in 1688. The Stuart Dynasty of Scotland and St Germain en Laye in N. Central France is related to royal Capetian Dynasty of France. The Stuart monarchy was overthrown in ‘the Glorious Revolution’ for the establishment of The Crown [of Jewry] and its UK. The Capetian monarchy was overthrown in the Great Revolution (inaugurated in France 1789) for the Masonic republic of France in the service of the world empire of The City and The Crown (located on the sq mi of The City of London since the est of the Corporation of the City of London during the War of the Succession)

    During those Revolutions both the Highlands of Scotland (under the Jacobites) and Brittany and the Vendee (under the national army of France) rose against the Revolutionary powers: in England: the Parliamentarians, the Great Synagogue of Mulheim and their front man Prince William of Orange (1688) and in France (1789) : the Jacobin front of Grand Orient Freemasonry loyal to The Crown [of Jewry est in The City].

    Generation Identitaire is streaming all these ‘must knows’ from the history of our Revolutionary Era (formally inaugurated 1789) live from their street processions.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Hey Lynda- that video was great 🙂 Would be incredible to have similar things all across Europe. And America for that matter. Gives me alot of ideas…

      If you ever want to write a short description of it (300-900 words?) of the Lugudunum Suum procession that Generation Identitaire does I would love to use it as a post on the site along with the video.

      And by the way, I LOVE Asterix 🙂 And I love Mark Twain’s book about Joan of Arc 🙂

      • Lynda 2 years ago

        Hi Admin – I have some free time to write over Paschaltide. I could write you a description. Just email me through comment registration (yes its the real one) and post me your requirements. I’d love to help out with your great website.

        PS I have a lot of sock puppet accounts for the trollstorms but the websites like yours which are prepared to do the real work of administering to the Red Pill to the long lines of Whites wandering around in uncharted sociological space I always register under my real name and send them the correct email.

  3. Lynda 2 years ago

    I missed Asterix too. I think Obelix would have made a great balloon. But I think Americans are the ones who go in more for balloons.

    Americans would have to dig a little deeper into the real strengths of America to be able to come together to make the kind of public statements that Generaion Identitaire. Americans would have to get beyond the propositions of the Masonic foundation of the US and all the patriotic mythology around it. They would have to get into European identity and how that works with native identity. Latin America before the Masonic republican revolutions those destroyed those prosperous and happy nations would have been a good example.

    There is a lot of European / American tradition through the area of the Louisianna Purchase (Akkadian French) and the Hispanic traditions of the Southwest.

    In England, The War of the Succession (1688) settled the debt of the Parlimentarians and Scottish Covention to the Amsterdam Wisselbank for Cromwell’s Civil War of 1642. That’s when the Power that today styles itself ‘The Crown’ claimed the collateral on their loans : all estates (in toto) in allodial title of three nations: Ireland, Scotland and England. When their front man King Willie settled the loans – the newly formed Bank of England lost no time in sending the new landlords or Ireland and taxing every implement of trade – even every window on every house. They cleared the Highlands (with fire, musket and sword) to pasture the Cheviot sheep and in England they closed the Commons dumping whole populations into the industrial slums.

    Those who fled out of that conflagration to America are the ones who mounted the resistance to The Crown. They are the ones who fought back and survived – and if they fled to the new world – they became Americans. Forget the pilgrim mythology.

    In America they went under Masonic occupation, but in terms of who their families were they have a lot more in common with the Vendee (1790) and the Mexican patriots and Christeros who fought against the Bolshevik revolution (same war – different phase) than they do with The Crown and its Empire of the City which finally cemented the USA into its pyramid (1913) when they est the Fed Reserve as a subsidiary of that banking empire.

    If you look at the processions of Generation Identitaire you see that they are educating modern, dumbed down France about French traditions esp Christian, history and culture.

    Americans of the former nations of the UK could figure this out and look back to places like Naseby, Boyne, Killiecrankie and Culloden and see this is exactly where they came from. Americans do not come from propositional modern mythologies like ‘all men are created equal’ and its corollorary: and it is the job of the US marines to make them equal.

    • Author
      Admin 2 years ago

      Yes it is very interesting. While most of my interest, attention, and energy is focused on Europe, there are definitely others who are more focused on America (Radix, Occidental Observer, etc, etc, etc) and there are definitely a LOT of young Americans growing past the idea of a ‘proposition nation’ and wanting national identities based more upon heritage, tribe, identity, etc. Some, like me, focus on Europe as an ancestral homeland, and view America as already something far different, which likely cannot be saved anyway, and others still focus on America, and have various dreams of how it might be re-shaped (or broken into parts) more reflective of their tribal urges.

      Certainly though the vast majority of young white Americans have zero interest or knowledge of their heritage or “consciousness”, however I do think in the universities at least there are many right on the cusp of it. They are more likely to define themselves through religion, or through a vague identity of ‘Westernism’, than by heritage, but I deem it likely that that holds true less and less as multiculturalism increases, and especially as war breaks out in Europe.

  4. Lynda 2 years ago

    The European heritage of the nations which were ‘new world’ to Europe has a lot of resources to field to this global movement.

    It was the race of people we call European who circumnavigated the globe in what to us is prehistoric antiquity – the only people who could be designated ‘the sea kings’ to use Tolkien’s phrase.

    The most ancient grave mounds in the Americas predate the Pre-Columbian civilisations of the Mongols who came across the Berring in antiquity. The most ancient grave mounds clearly reveal mummies that are identifiably Caucasian. The Political Correctoids in charge of Pre-Columbian antiquities have always been at pains to withhold this archeological data from public view. And today that great engine for sociological engineering, Hollywood, is attempting to make the masses think that the megalithic architecture of their global settlements is from outerspace.

    Starting with this, the European heritage in the new world has a lot to offer. Megaliths in the new world that were built by the ancient people whose mound burials are the most ancient and who today are identified as European are as interesting as any similar structures in Europe, Asia or their place of origin: the Middle East – sites like Stonehenge, Xi-an or Baalbek.

    The fact that around the 4th century A.D. these diverse ethnicities of the White Race (then spread out all over Europe) began to convert as nations to Christianity is part of their fascinating story. Their saints span history and continents.


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